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File: e5e757daed4a741⋯.jpg (134.34 KB, 1890x945, 2:1, Dw4o5WOXQAYoRW_.jpg large.jpg)


Lads we hit bump limit.For those who don't know today is the day for May's shit deal to be voted on in parliament. Its pretty much universally unpopular with Remainers and Leavers and is expected to fail some suggest it could be the worse government defeat in history. It could lead to is Labour calling a no confidence motion and triggering a snap general election



Literally what and who?


File: 9beebab7e84d5d3⋯.png (497.56 KB, 1024x656, 64:41, 1546374718372.png)





File: 4e42bf89facf691⋯.png (436.87 KB, 472x472, 1:1, bert.png)

lefty bert pol


Today decades will happen, get hyped.


What's the point of all this?

Just so the CuckDems can seize power and do the same deal but with a smiley face on it?



No it's so we can enact DIRECT RULE FROM LONDON.



>When your flatmates always steal your food


File: c72fc5ded800189⋯.png (185.89 KB, 480x536, 60:67, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 5d6a4be1c0af042⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_20190115_101133682.jpg)



The Daily Mail is an interesting beast now tbh.

Also that song is kinda funny





This is now an anti-Daily Mail song thread.



I just find it funny they're willing to back a non-exit deal just because another referendum or government is looking so likely now. IT'S AFRAID!

I recommend the /v/ the musical albums to everyone (even if some of the songs cross the line into extremist anti-SJW a little much most of them are good)






File: f8f79dfa10f349c⋯.png (413.63 KB, 497x526, 497:526, daily mail reader.png)

File: d249ce68e7408fb⋯.jpg (26.12 KB, 450x189, 50:21, daily mail the agony of be….jpg)

File: e3202b580cea5fb⋯.jpg (87.27 KB, 600x554, 300:277, brass eye daily mail.jpg)

File: d08c1726350b579⋯.jpg (87.07 KB, 516x463, 516:463, daily mail fascist 3.jpg)

File: 2e294f779afec3d⋯.jpg (94.34 KB, 595x392, 85:56, daily mail fascist.jpg)



File: 21f6f68bf76cc25⋯.png (4.33 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


So what happens when the vote fails? Hard Brexit with the Tories eating shit? Another round of negotiations?



The fall of the government almost certainly, then likely another election as due course: which would require an article 50 extension. If Labour win, I imagine they will negotiate a deal and put it to a referendum.



I doubt they will put it to a referendum there is pretty much no support for this (7% in a recent poll) and by that point people would be too fed up to care



Where are you getting the 7% from?


^Shows narrow support for it.

A Corbyn-proposed deal at a referendum would be beneficial to the party because the leadership could go all-in on supporting it, letting the backbenchers oppose it, and Corbyn would likely win it (as he'd swing the Corbynite demographic over to leave itself).


File: e6ba399408fbb31⋯.jpg (179.78 KB, 2048x1684, 512:421, Dw427KBXgAE6Um_.jpg large.jpg)


This one has more options rather than just "support" or "don't support" but it shows that most people a second ref isn't important



Wasn't the Daily Mail also a major supporter of the Falangists during the Spanish Civil War? I feel like I read it in one of the books I read about the civil war


How long until the actual vote and shitstorm of an aftermath take place? Am not British but wanna know when to tune in.



the debate is meant to have the last speech at around 1830 and then the voting on amendments and the bill itself afterwards which could take a while so its expected around 20:00 for the results



That's stupid, if you ask people whether or not they should have a referendum, or whether we should just do what they want, they're obviously going to say we should just do what they want.



I don't know but considering it was owned by a fascist it's pretty likely.



The owner of Spoons is quite literally part of the 'metropolitan elite'.

Just porky power play.


File: 53d3e9f7eb0d657⋯.jpg (75.5 KB, 620x413, 620:413, farage rekt.jpg)


That's exactly what I was thinking. Brexit is basically a tale of ultra rich financiers competing to tell the poor they're more of a working class hero that somehow happens to have millions of pounds and they need to fight back against the damn Euros.


At this point I'm just so apethetic to brexit stuff.


Last time I went to spoons they had shit like this and a "free trade means lower prices" thing above the urinals so you're looking at it when you're taking a piss.



I think the goal might be to break down relations with Europe so that we totally regress culturally and Wetherspoons is actually considered a nice place to be with good food.



The choice is yours, British Bureaucrat or Eurocrats.

Love our "democracy" I really do.



>and Wetherspoons is actually considered a nice place to be with good food.

That's now.



oh no the decay is happening already



>How the metropolitan elite tried to con the British public about the need for a 'deal' with the EU

Where's the lie?


[!] "If the general economic situation turned out to be a lot worse after Brexit, should the UK consider re-joining the EU?"

Yes: 32%

No: 36%

via Kantar TNS

Same survey has 9pt lead for Remain.





>Last time I went to spoons they had shit like this and a "free trade means lower prices" thing above the urinals so you're looking at it when you're taking a piss.

Yeah I've seen that shit too (I only go spoons back in my hometown): however they've stopped selling Jaegerbombs now because they come from Europe.


File: ddb72517e067af2⋯.png (636.19 KB, 750x513, 250:171, ClipboardImage.png)


>Paul Sweeny attacking neoliberalism

I like this bloke, I like him alot.




Wow, the tories are surprisingly quiet for him.


And now she has stood up. She looked kinda annoyed at the fake cheers she was getting.



No idea who those anglos are, but that horror dude on the right looks straight out of some Junji Ito manga.



Left, John Major (Tory PM 1991-1997)

Right, Tony Blair (if you are in this thread, you should know who he is).

The reference is to the Iraq war.


May just looks she's getting bullied lmao, is this how the house of commons works



Depends on the day, but yeah Nigel Dodds just shat on her wig.




It's been like that since she got elected tbh


File: f23b8567f523964⋯.png (1.2 MB, 820x1130, 82:113, ClipboardImage.png)

Amendment F currently being voted on.



The other amendments (2 Lab, 1 SNP) were withdrawn, allegedly because they want a "clean vote" on May's deal so if/when it is reject it is reject in its original form.


Amendment F fails 600-24.

Division on the official brexit deal occuring now.


Apparently we should get the result in like 10mins



Looks about right, from the MPs returning to the house.


File: 2ba2cd7189c5b8c⋯.png (377.47 KB, 1600x902, 800:451, le tory face.png)

tfw addicted to gmil edits


Ayes 202

Noes 432


SNP MP tweeted that the "no" lobby is mobbed and the deal is dead. not declared officially yet though.


Biggest government defeat ever


Theresa May’s plan has been rejected by votes to 432 votes to 202 - a majority of 230.


>The absolute STATE of Theresa "mummy" May


May says she will accept a confidence vote tomorrow.


May is denying she is pushing towards a no deal.


>And if he does not, the government will allow other opposition parties to table a motion.

has she given up, or is she just confident she can win a confidence vote?



She is donezo.


Corbyn announces he is launching a no confidence motion, that will be voted on tomorrow.



She's confident she will win.


Brainlet here, if no confidence happens does the 'new government' (assuming they dont delay it for 14 days to make it a general election) consist of conservatives


File: 55ab5633766cb91⋯.jpg (35.91 KB, 246x207, 82:69, d4f4a57e2c13fe830336640d23….jpg)



File: ad0f133dbd52f2f⋯.png (91.18 KB, 230x380, 23:38, Katyusha checks 'em.png)


>Those digits


So…. what happens now lads?


File: 9053c4999654bd7⋯.png (55.64 KB, 606x325, 606:325, ClipboardImage.png)



She'll more than likely cruise through tomorrow, make a cross party committee, consult on priorities for new deal, try to get something together before exit day, not have time, then…. see who blinks first on final night of negotiations



Can't wait for the Neon-Nazis to give the FBPE crowd two black eyes tbqh




Pretty based



Nobody fucking knows mate. Tomorrow there will be a vote of no confidence, we'll go from there.


File: 95dc6182106c142⋯.jpeg (73.46 KB, 256x244, 64:61, 95dc6182106c142ddb010c26d….jpeg)

File: 67c4d5d932124f8⋯.png (127.23 KB, 226x273, 226:273, smug corbachev.png)


>no one wants no deal


level 1 wet

*reads A Journey*

level 10 blairite

*reads The Labour Government, 1964-1970: A personal record.*

level 25 social democrat

*reads The Benn Diaries*

level 50 socialist

that's how labour party works



>>2788450 again. when she passes the VoNC, Corbyn then has his pass to call for 2nd ref without losing face on his side…


File: db0671adcc4d213⋯.png (50.28 KB, 803x688, 803:688, 1422183675810.png)


File: ef2b04dc5fc6157⋯.png (744.8 KB, 1200x1022, 600:511, ClipboardImage.png)


File: d180c453f1e5a8d⋯.jpg (34.37 KB, 620x515, 124:103, d180c453f1e5a8d580ffe6fee9….jpg)


File: 7a714e87da508fb⋯.jpg (12.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1348708271307.jpg)


File: 4d2608f5f978fc4⋯.jpg (23.57 KB, 358x450, 179:225, OliverCromwell.jpg)

Why didn’t you listen?



>Firearms (Variation of fees) order

Which one's that?



Reminder no deal is the only anti imperialist option.



Don't forget to pay the exit fees in UGM-133A Trident II missiles sent at the highest speed to Brussels.



No idea, I think it was a minor vote that was lost to fuck over sunny Jim.


File: 1d4446812865240⋯.png (61.07 KB, 496x231, 496:231, mao.PNG)


its coming home lads


File: 6f88bd24209dd47⋯.jpg (16.22 KB, 570x249, 190:83, here we fucking go.jpg)


File: bdb641f750d45ac⋯.png (35.58 KB, 607x242, 607:242, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d10b6f07ad40c67⋯.png (96.29 KB, 543x574, 543:574, ClipboardImage.png)

Daily reminder.


Dude's may speaking after he vote is literally on tier with Thatcher not accepting the fact she was fucked in her last speech in parliament




Does this mean theresa may is viewed as a maternal figure? or an undead corpse from millenia past that has awoken in our time to wreak it's vengeance?



File: c1a0f7f8d09e923⋯.png (720.32 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, gagarin.png)

Cheers to you Brits, if only things weren't so fucked here in Burgerland


File: 7ce6251cd828e1b⋯.jpg (34.9 KB, 315x445, 63:89, a very british coup.jpg)


They've been fucked here for a long time too, I still find it hard to believe Corbyn might actually take office without being assassinated.



>Making Callaghan look competent


You know you need Brexit in order to be Actually Socialist right.



Such is Corbyn's position but it seems way more likely that it will simply send us further down the right wing austerity hellhole.



I think that would open a can of worms that's far more unpredictable than a Corbyn government, so they like to have the enemy they know in play.


Pretty much everyone here does, remainers are either engaging in tribalism to own the leavers + in denial about it/don't want socialism anyway.


How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?



It will destroy whatever party delivers it, the short term fallout from brexit will be very painful

Better to let the Tories deliver a stillborn exit, then labour can come in and kick it to life again



(another americanon)

tbh I think now's not the time to trigger a new election. If Labour wins, they'll just grab the Brexit hot-potato and also get hit with the crash in 2019/2020. The best-case scenario would be allowing the Tories to fuck up Brexit, then a crash happens, THEN Labour sweeps and election with all the political capital they need to implement fundamental changes.





Corbyn has to do certain things due to the membership being packed with pants shitting retarded liberals. Forcing a VONC and a peoples' vote are the two things he has to do because a majority of the members are filthy socdems and EU reformists. The VONC was going to be called by SNP very shortly so his hand was forced, so if the VONC fails he has to push for a PV.

Fingers crossed both motions fail.



>How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

Tcha, it doesn't matter what I think anyway, I'll still support Corbyn, if he thinks he has a master plan I'll trust him to deliver it.


I don't like this idea because that would most likely just lead to the idiot sheep that are the electorate electing a hardline hard-right Tory instead who claims they can make Britain great again. By attacking now he can sort of cruise on the support of all remainers (even if he's being cryptic it's a better option than the Tories)



I'm just messing, but I can't see austerity being on the cards for much longer no matter what happens at this point, beyond the stars aligning for the Tories that is (and they seem to be too incompetent and divided to capitalise on it even if the opportunity presented itself).



>likely just lead to the idiot sheep that are the electorate electing a hardline hard-right Tory instead who claims they can make Britain great again.

But that will surely happen if Brexit and the next great crash happen under Labour. Here in the US the situation that led to Trump being elected can be greatly attributed to the lingering effects of the Great Recession on the working class.



If Labour get in they will probably crack down on the media, so they wouldn't be able to pull the old "Labour has literally destroyed the whole of the global economy" card.



I know people are dumb but they're not going to literally blame Labour for 1 year of bad economy when we've had 9 years of Tory austerity, and besides whatever happens Corbyn will have 5 years to reverse it - with how radical his plan is I think he can actually deliver results for working people so the same old fascist appeal to populism that always works against useless liberals won't work against him.



>I know people are dumb but they're not going to literally blame Labour for 1 year of bad economy

Yes, yes they will

They will also turn round and shout at labour for not reversing brexit, we need to leave fully before moving



When a socialist government is elected and the army is right wing how do you deal with this situation without leaving yourself open to invasion. Is their any left-leaning generals in the British Army?



Let's say liberals are mad at Corbyn for not reversing Brexit, what are they going to do about it? Vote Tory instead? The Lib Dems aren't going to whitewash themselves so easily after the coalition either. They're irrelevant.


That's the beauty of democratic socialism and why I spit at anyone here who debases it, Corbyn is radical but not radical enough for the army in a first world country with strong institutions to overcome their inbuilt drive to obey 'rightful' authority of the government, if he got in by a coup that would be one thing but I don't think the army will be brave enough to topple a massively popular elected leader - again as I say this only works in the first world where coups and assassinations aren't an acceptable part of the political arena, and it isn't so easy for the US et al to incite a counter-revolution.



You deal with a right-wing army by trying to convert some and purging the rest. I'm sure even in the army it's not totally right wing, probably more like 60% 40%. That's a significant minority to work with.



Officers were born with a silver spoon I their mouth, squaddies tend to be working class or aristo's sons, tetras tend to be middle class or rural libertarians. It's a mixed bag, nobody knows tbh.



False the Majority of Labor's MP's position Would be to cancel the exit altogether if they could

Only Corbyn and his circle are even want to accept the referendum results and even then want a foot in foot out deal


Jeremy Corbyn slides in approval ratings in spite of Tory schisms


Only 25% of voters thinks Jeremy Corbyn is decisive, according to a survey, down from 31% in October. The Labour leader’s fall to his lowest score at any point since the 2017 general election came despite most voters seeing the Tory party as divided following a week of Brexit infighting.

Corbyn also recorded his lowest score for being trustworthy and someone that sticks to his principles, according to an Opinium poll of 2,016 adults online on 13 and 14 December, falling below the prime minister.

The poll found that more than two-thirds of voters regarded the Tory party as divided following a week of infighting that included an attempt to topple Theresa May. Some 69% of voters saw the party as split, up significantly from 54% in October. In contrast, less than half of voters (47%) now see Labour as divided – the lowest proportion for a year.

Almost half (47%) see May as someone who sticks to their principles, the highest figure recorded for her and the first time she has overtaken Corbyn on the measure. Approval for the way the prime minister has handled Brexit is low, but slightly higher than last month, with 53% disapproving and 28% approving.

Meanwhile, with Labour divided over its Brexit policy and as pressure grows from MPs to back a second referendum, support for the way Corbyn is responding to Brexit is low and falling. This month only 16% approve of his handling of the issue, against 55% who disapprove. Last month, 19% approved and 50% disapproved.

Campaigners for a second referendum pointed to polling that they said showed Labour would lose the next election if it backed a compromise Brexit deal. It said that, according to a YouGov poll of more than 5,000 people conducted last week, Labour support would sink from 36% to 22% if it backed a compromise deal with the Tories.



>15 Dec 2018

Reported tbh



File: 9ef10ccfa6d08c5⋯.png (102.13 KB, 539x498, 539:498, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 44c4974d847a769⋯.png (266.85 KB, 1122x808, 561:404, ClipboardImage.png)


Alright all is forgiven but there are other companies. The Graun in general is total shit too.



Plugging Acid Womble because he doesn't get any love here.


So will we see Corbyngrad in our lifetime?



Okay this shit is fucking quality good find anon.



Question is which city gets the honour of such a title.


File: 8897ad4a3bd35b0⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 296x296, 1:1, hat in time.gif)

History is late, but it is about time for two of the most developed capitalist countries (France and the UK) to go socialist instead of peripheral semi-feudal backwaters.


File: 574354c38d7950a⋯.png (545.97 KB, 1089x722, 1089:722, ClipboardImage.png)



Liverpool for sure


Really hope Labour wins tomorrow just to see the liberals wipe that smugness off their face.



The vote's tonight mate.



It would be nice but unlikely, some Torys might abstain out of spite though so could be closer than expected


File: c86e3ee65dbcca8⋯.png (1.21 MB, 804x1024, 201:256, ClipboardImage.png)



Tbf the government's majority is only 7: "closer than expected" would be pretty fucking tight,



isn't it a case that in practice its higher because of Sinn Féin not taking seats and the speakers not voting ect



Would be funny if Sinn Fein decided to show up just this once to stick it to the DUP.



Nah that's the correct figure once you remove Sinn Féin, the three speakers, and the two tellers.

A Majority is 320, the government has 327 (317 tory and 10 DUP MPs).


File: cf15205823aec17⋯.gif (139.87 KB, 379x440, 379:440, 1544653871842.gif)

we're never leaving are we?



But we're never remaining anon: we are doing the most British thing imaginable, staying half-in-half-out.


>why doesn't May just say fuck you guys and not leave

I don't think my collegue quite gets politics.


So a gov minister is going to say that the PM should talk with Corbyn to get a deal, which Moggite backbenchers said they would react drastically to.

What a time to be alive.


File: 4ede2c0f4d7673b⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 701x959, 701:959, 1545769904877.jpg)


Who doesn't understand politics?


So it appears the former Labour MP turned Blairite independent John Woodcock will not vote against the government in the no confidence motion.



..to absolutely no one's surprise.



not a big fan of this image, it oversimplifies. For the devil's advocate position:

>Denmark, 1992

Lead to them negotiating opt-outs to the Euro, common defence and security policy, justice and home affairs, and a clarification on European citizenship via the Edinburgh Agreement



>Ireland 2001

34% turnout, but nonetheless lead to the Seville Declarations which clarified Irish neutrality would be maintained

>Sweden 2003


>France & Netherlands 2005

The EU constitution died on it's arse, even if some provisions were later copypasted into the Lisbon treaty. Also, I'm convinced by doing this - and so letting Blair avoid holding his own referendum and giving the British people a chance to harmlessly say "screw the EU", this was probably one of the last serious opportunities to defuse the march of Euroskepticism in the UK.

>Ireland 2008

this is probably the most dubious one tbh since the concessions and clarifications seem the most tokenistic.

>Greece 2015

glad this is the last one because it lets me end on this note: In most cases when they were "made" to vote again, national governments made the decision to have another vote rather than the EU towering over them and saying they had to. Similarly, while the EU ignoring the Greek referendum was a-bad-thing for them to do, ultimately it was Syriza who accepted the bailout rather than taking the Sampson option.

not to say I'm necessarily pro-EU. I'm kind of in the view the current state - monetary union without fiscal union - is the worst of all possible worlds. Either de-integrating by scrapping the Euro, or integrating further with common fiscal policy would both be preferable.


So Juncker has put a maximum of a 2 month extension to the deal: this makes a referendum logistically impossible.


May really does remind me of John Major, the grey man is reborn as the grey women


File: b2f1ac3a53e6393⋯.jpg (36.29 KB, 560x960, 7:12, DxDJgOjXQAIo1Cj.jpg)

[some snide comment about the impending porn ban]



8/10, like dislike ratio should have been 202/432



Tbf Major at-least had an interesting childhood.

Also May has to be one of the few MPs raised by a vicar that didn't become a socialist.




File: d043afdc2ef48f5⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1200x851, 1200:851, ClipboardImage.png)


Interesting article with some pictures from the Liverpool school strike 1985. Big fan of this one where some kid has written "slag" on maggies forehead.


File: 2b814192bc6bdf1⋯.png (7.56 KB, 491x349, 491:349, Votes_by_party_in_the_1979….png)

the 1979 confidence vote was probably the most kino vote in the history of parliament, change my mind.

the only possible contender i can think of since WW1 is the ousting of chamberlain.


like, the consequences of the vote were basically null because the government had already run down the clock into the final year, but the vote itself was kino. one vote. they lost by one in a parliament with a few opportunities to find one, from a dying labour MP, to an irish nationalist who showed up to abstain in person, to asking a liberal to miss the train, to a gentleman's agreement between whips over pairing. If you presented that as a script for a movie, they'd tell you it was too contrived.


We can truly say that once the Leader of the Opposition discovered what the Liberals and the SNP would do, she found the courage of their convictions. So, tonight, the Conservative Party, which wants the Act repealed and opposes even devolution, will march through the Lobby with the SNP, which wants independence for Scotland, and with the Liberals, who want to keep the Act. What a massive display of unsullied principle! The minority parties have walked into a trap. If they win, there will be a general election. I am told that the current joke going around the House is that it is the first time in recorded history that turkeys have been known to vote for an early Christmas!


why is my man gove such a cuckold






I honestly cannot put into words the complete and utter disdain I feel for Michael Gove.


Ayes: 306

Noes: 325


Bloody hell that was closer than I thought it would be


Imagine being such a waste of space as an MP that you abstain on a confidence vote.


And thus it truly begins…


On behalf of the Irish people I would just like to thank the conservative and unionist party for their services to the republican cause, they're our greatest ally in these trying times

Remember, England's difficulty is forever Ireland's opportunity



Wait a second:

>the deal was sabotaged by Jacob Rees-Mogg, a catholic



Oh man the commentariat and liberals are demanding for him to resign



Pretty sure that isn't how a vote of no confidence works. Link?



Just checking the twitter feeds. Articles should be made soon


>Extending Article 50 must not be ruled out, he says, and MPs should be able to decide their own business over the coming days.

<t. Corbyn

This is a reference to the Grieve plan to end government timetabling in the Commons. Shit is about to get real.



Answering here because might-as-well keep it in the britpol thread.

Basically the reason May is still around is for a few:

1) tories are spineless fucks

2) the DUP love their pork barrel

3) people are scared of THE BOLSHEVIK MENACE, so a few centrist MPs refused to vote

4) in a commons vote MPs never, NEVER vote against their own party (see reason 2 for the only way she could fall)

5) the tories have literally nobody better than her to stump-up that isn't a Scots Bird called Ruth.



explain to non-bong plz



The timetabling (what is voted on and how) of our lower house could fall into the hands of regular, non-government MPs rather than being decided by the government. It would mean the government wouldn't be able to pass anything and the ordinary MPs could prepose what legislation they like when they like (within reason).


File: 65b88176bd6c8ae⋯.jpg (373.2 KB, 1200x1582, 600:791, 1200px-Yukiya_Amano_with_B….jpg)


>the tories have literally nobody better than her to stump-up



Ah yes, Boris "I have enough lovechildren to form my own Arab dynasty" Johnson.


File: c87b9a0dd4b5d91⋯.png (49.24 KB, 800x575, 32:23, ClipboardImage.png)




>implying that anyone would want his sad hog



I say this all the time, though remember for SF, hard brexit is nearly the ideal, since a hard British border on the island of Ireland would get people talking about reunification again…



>implying Corbyn wouldn't be the best British leader for the Irish





Nice try FBI, I'm not touching whatever that is



what is this lad?


This is just showing how shit the Labour Party is tbh considering they can't even depose May after all this shit going down


File: 6b63504f9134f21⋯.jpg (58.7 KB, 620x413, 620:413, beer-handjob-joke-john-woo….jpg)

Imagine Being one of John Woodcock's constituents right now.

Doesn't bear thinking about really.


If the UK doesn't leave the EU will continue being America's bitch. Brexit needs to happen bros. All remainers should be shamed and ruined.



t. burger




>captcha: zhrmay



Tbf if we leave the EU, the tories want to make us an American vassal state.


>PM will make a statement live in Downing Street at 10pm

Inb4 deal with the SNP for another indyref: just for pure banter.



>implying you aren't already an American vassal state



If we were the EU wouldn't be busting its balls to ensure we don't leave.



Yeah but can you prove me wrong though? :D:D:D



Referendum mega round. Every county gets a vote for it's own independence.



Simple: Corbyn couldn't have won without the DUP (Read Northern Irish Protestant Nazbol party) and the DUP are being paid-off by the tories.



Nah, the tories want to "negotiate" but have ruled out even a customs union. They aren't willing to give on shit.


10 minutes to go bois, predictions?



60% a "NOTHING HAS CHANGED" speech

30% She's gonna head back to Brussels for a new deal

5% A second referendum

5% She is gonna declare war on Spain



jonas sjöstedt ska fan dö


What a fucking damp squib of a speech.


The awkward looking definitely not a soldier in the fleece who was out testing the mic was the best part of this speech, certainly he was more eloquent than may was




Are they though?



If we leave the EU im pretty sure we'd actually be even more of Americas bitch, its not the the Tories are gonna buddy up with Russia or China post Brexit.

Meet the new boss, literally just the old boss.



Guessing it was a 'nothing has changed' then.



It was "nothing has changed".



How can she still say that at this point? The Tories are obviously not going to vote for a non-Brexit, and Labour isn't going to vote for it either, she's out of options at this point. The only thing she can do is extend the process again which will be rightfully mocked to hell and back but there's no sense denying reality.



May is secretly an accelerationist

She's going to keep this clusterfuck going until Ireland crosses the river Finn, Spain invades Gibraltar and we go to war with egypt for the suez canal again



Nah mate we're gonna go full Juche with Lucas Plan characteristics.



Shitposting flag




She thinks she can "have talks" with the parties and offer absolutely nothing. Like she expects to buy them off like the DUP (and she didn't even do that properly). Honestly she is utterly braindead.




>Tomorrows daily mail calls corbyn a wrecker

>Independent compares May to a nokia 5210

What even is the mainstream press?



Tbf one thing that gives me hope about this country is that everyone agrees our media is fucking dogshite.



You say that but the tabloids still have massive circulation, I think it's the 'shy Tory' effect


File: 1e39111eba3c05d⋯.png (631.77 KB, 1200x877, 1200:877, ClipboardImage.png)


They don't even that that tbh lad.



There's a few missing from that, and even if we discount those, most people just get their news from osmosis from other people, so 6 million reactionaries will lead to the dissemination of much more reactionary views to people, whereas the Guardian has like 100k at best. Fine, 500k if we add in the Mirror. Obviously not all left wingers read a paper but still.



You already are America's bitch. That's then issue.


So May is refusing to accept a customs deal or a second referendum: so the fuck is she even offering?



Nothing now. There will be a no deal Brexit and that's that. Tbh it will hurt the EU far more than the UK at this point, the EU is alreaady burning in France and Italy elected a populist far right anti EU colaition all those countries that are economically linked to the UK like France, Spain, Norway, Ireland etc will have no choice but to sign separate trade deals with the UK within weeks if there is no agreement with the entire EU


File: 915bdcc84bff6ef⋯.jpeg (116.12 KB, 1130x548, 565:274, DxHKPS7X4AAzfkW.jpeg)



>all those countries that are economically linked to the UK like France, Spain, Norway, Ireland etc

You overstate the UK's importance.


The UK doesn't provide anything to the EU countries that they cannot get elsewhere. 40% of UK exports are services. UK has a massive trade deficit with the EU, meaning the UK imports more than it exports. Those other countries, mainly France, Germany and Spain will find other markets or pressure UK into accepting poor deals, increasing the prices of goods in the UK. Coupled by a falling pound post-Brexit, leaving of people and money, there will be a crisis for the people in the UK.



The UK should just say no to trade if there’s a trade deficit. It will stimulate industry in their own country if they were to reduce imports. However I doubt May is smart enough to realize that free trade isn’t good.



The UK is the financial center of Yurop all of Yurop's major companies do financial transactions and take loans from London's banks . And yes it imports far more than it exports therefore all those countries actually need them to buy their shit Germany needs the UK market to buy their cars France and Spain need the UK to buy their fruits and shit if there is a disruption with the UK market the EU is also fucked European companies are rapidly running out of foreign markets to dump their shit into they are losing market share in China in the emerging markets they cucked to America's foreign policy with Russia and their share dwindled there as well and with America itself Drumpf is bent on reducing their market share as well, there is no economic growth in the EU and it never fully recovered from the recession despite interest rates being below 0% if recession happens soon they are quite litteraly fucked since America can lower it's interest rate back to 0% the EU can't do shit because they exhausted all their options already.


What does everyone here think of this?



So Chancellor Hammond just made a speech to a bunch of porkies basically saying Tory backbenchers are gonna prevent a no deal…

He seemed pretty fucking sure of himself, some shit is about to go down.



>Both victims were "notorious" criminals, and were murdered as a result of a feud between rival gangs in Salford.

I feel the government doesn't have a right to interfere or sentence these people to prison. The government perpetuates the system of exchange, currency and private property that makes these crime organisations along with everything that comes with them possible.

Abolish private property and system of exchange and these kinds of people and organisations magically go away. If they survive they survive as militant organisations and can be dealt with accordingly.




>Detectives had a "light-bulb moment" when they seized Fellows' Garmin Forerunner watch, which had a GPS function.

What a fucking retard lmao. How is this a light-bulb moment? It's stumbling upon fucking logs.



Thats like saying I had a lightbulb moment when I went to work and did it as usual.


Telegraph is breaking that the government is now handing out its guidance on a 2nd referendum which shows it would take at least a year to set up

Meanwhile the fucking MOD just published a new order saying reservists can be made available to help with no deal

The absolute state of this country



Got my first arrest the other day, saw a young man reported for drug dealing, but I couldn't prove it, it would take some good old fashioned detected work. Then I had a light-bulb moment, I decided to check his pockets and found the drugs.



>Telegraph is breaking that the government is now handing out its guidance on a 2nd referendum which shows it would take at least a year to set up

While this would be on the upper end of it, this is logistically reasonable.

>Meanwhile the fucking MOD just published a new order saying reservists can be made available to help with no deal



File: 9cfc2eaca55bd39⋯.png (54.49 KB, 500x521, 500:521, brainlet jellyfish.png)


>be a professional hitman

>wear a flashed out twat watch that logs all your movements



Tbf they are working for British "gangs". They aren't the brightest of criminal syndicates.



Christ, I know the guardian isn't big but it really is insane how far it's overshadowed by reactionary tabloids.



Well the thing is that it's on the verge of being wrapped-up all together in physical form. It downsided to a tabloid size about 5-6 years back, and it only really sells in London now and trains feeding London.


File: 2bb695f5e6db0cd⋯.jpg (105.09 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ee010bba604e2f075bfdf695f2….jpg)


Criminals generally aren't yeah. I doubt gangs in the rest of the world are much better.

But I just find it funny how his lust for status symbols undid him.


Yeah like I said this is why I'm NOT optimistic about the future of Britain.


They don't even deliver outside of London anymore, and their yearly subscription is like £600 or something.



Irish people are already talking about re-unification and SF are firmly anti-Brexit



Tbf without no-deal a second border poll is not going to be that simple. I remember from 2014 that there are always a load of questions nobody bothered to think about that get brought-up and people go "oh shit, might vote for the status quo then". RE Norn I imagine this will be "well do we keep Stormont?" and "What happens to the NHS?".



Reunification will NOT happen this decade, or the next either, the war went on too long and it took too long to sort out, it's not worth it to stir up again when at best a bare majority would support unification.



Sinn Fein say they are anti brexit because their electorate voted remain, but an ultra hard brexit that fucks the NI economy is what's best for their end game

They say they're anti brexit but because they don't take their seats they don't have to actually do anything anti brexit in parliament. A hard border would tank the NI economy and would also have a huge psychological shock, both of which would be needed to get the necessary pressure built up for the government to even think about acquiescing to a second border poll, which realistically would need to happen at least 5-10 years from now, it would at best return a razor thin majority for reunification if taken before 2020

People that are talking about it happening overnight are missing bits of the maths, PUL turnout in elections is typically rather low but would be extremely strong in any border poll, they need a few years of properly brutal poverty to bring some of the softer loyalists around to reunification or at least to get them dejected enough to not bother voting either way





I don't even like the Guardian that much, it has a very slimy liberal slant but it's high quality nonetheless.



And this only occurs in the case of a no deal brexit, one with an FTA, or CU, or even the Single market changes sod-all.

One thing I can see happening (which according to polling, is happening) is the DUP getting absolutely fucked over in the polls.



So I just found this from Yes, Prime Minister: which seems to imply that the UK going with the American line on Israel is somehow the moral thing to do…



=-France activates no-deal planning==



The UK pretty much created Israel.



By extension it also created Palestine tbf.



I think in that case the Israeli and Palestinian positions are kind of interchangeable. Like, even though Hacker takes a "moral" stance everyone is interpreting it between "Sucking up to the Americans" and "The power of Islam - oil supplies." - you could flip the roles so that the civil service and foreign office back Israel and Hacker backs Palestine and the situation would be identical.

I can't remember the details of the full episode though.



Ulster Scots Juche Nazbol NI would be good praxis though


“May focused her address to parliament on denouncing Corbyn as a threat to national security, a dupe of Russian President Vladimir Putin, an opponent of the military and war in Syria, etc.

Corbyn replied by complaining pathetically that despite her talk of reaching out across parliament, “There has been no offer of all-party talks, there has been no communication on all-party talks—all the prime minister said was she might talk to some members of the House… That isn’t reaching out, that isn’t discussing it, that is not recognising the scale of the defeat they suffered last night.”

What should have been a day of reckoning for May therefore turned out to be a humiliating verdict on every capitulation made by Corbyn to his party’s right wing since he became leader in September 2015.”


The world socialist website getting it absolutely right once again. Corbyn is just a pathetic tool.



They do some good reporting but yeah it's a shame about their Blairism.

In my opinion the major problem is that they devote way too much time to middle-class lifestyle shit which is why the paper has ballooned to like 70 pages or something, and most of it is shit nobody would care about like high art and pretentious fashion news and so on. If they stuck to just the news they could lower the price significantly surely. It's currently at £2.50 or more I think which is flat out ridiculous.



Whut? He's a tool because he says May needs to accept reality and see that she isn't going to be able to pass her deal and needs to try negotiate? It's just being practical.



He was perfectly right to ignore those accusations. They were a baseless and pathetic attempt at deflecting away from her own incompetence, and anyone with half a brain could see that. He could have perhaps been more confrontational, but to call his response a "pathetic complaint" is ridiculous.



“Negotiate”. You can’t negotiate with the bourgeoisie. You tap into the massive power of the working class and push for massive strikes independent of the trade unions and bourgeois parties like the Yellow Vests. If Corbyn was a real socialist rather than a socdem shill he would call on the UK working class to revolt



When has WSWS ever praised anyone? Seems like they always shit on every and anyone.



So you're complaining that Corbyn is a Bennite and not some insignificant Trot?



>If he isn't going to storm the winter palace tomorrow with the red guards what's the point of him even existing?

How does someone become this armchair? Surely anyone that's actually paying attention to the political situation would see that he's simply not in a position to gain power that way

I suppose its easy to complain about others not doing things by the one specific manual you subscribe to when you belong to some insignificant group with six members




Trots are free to do whatever the fuck it is they're implying Corbyn do with their own 40 parties.




Why isn't Corbyn calling for the working class to follow the Yellow Vests in the UK? Why?


You need to read our pieces on Fredreick Douglas, Lincoln, James P. Cannon among many others. The WSWS stands for the working class, which is why they're the only ones consitently reporting on the wildcat strike in the US Mexico Border, the LA teachers strike, etc, etc.


Speaking of which, why does this board, which claims to be socialist not have any threads about the LA teachers strike or the 70K wildcat Maquiladora strike?



>Ignores the point made in favour of a non sequitur argument

I would imagine he hasn't said much about the yellow vests as he's a parliamentary politician with an extremely poor relationship with the bourgeois media who's smart enough not to waste time commenting on an amorphous grass roots movement with participants from every political spectrum from the far left to actual neo nazis that is stumping politicians and commentators in the country its happening in

Especially as he's currently grappling with the massive political clusterfuck with huge implications for the future which is currently happening in the nuclear power he is a hairs breadth from gaining control over

Now answer my fucking question, how do you become so detached from reality?



>Why isn't Corbyn calling for the working class to follow the Yellow Vests in the UK? Why?

I can understand you're Trots but please attempt to contain your excitement at the prospect of flooding the streets with liberals and fascists.



>Why isn't Corbyn calling for the working class to follow the Yellow Vests in the UK? Why?

For starters, the Yellow Vests can't just be "called upon", they were an organic movement born out of rural proletarian resentment that gave birth to themselves, begotten, not made to steal from verse. Corbyn could call upon the creation of a Yellow Vest like movement but it would not occur. It has to been born from the rural proletariat by their own hands: sure Corbyn can then come-out and support it but it will not occur by brute-forcing it.

Besides, A) there is no direct triggering factor for such a movement that is easy to rally people behind, and B) the Yellow Vests as a symbol have been pretty thoroughly hijacked by TommyThugs.


Because the yanks on this board are pure cancer.




>Demands against austerity is fascist and liberal

And thus you have revealed yourselves. Its through protests and agitation against the state that socialist revolution is possible. Of course it most likely will not result in revolution but the effect will be to radicalize the working class.


>Because the yanks on this board are pure cancer.

That is not a good reason at all to ignore huge working class movements in the heart of global capital



>Conveniently skirts by why calling for a Yellow Vest movement wouldn't work

Nice work there anon, but no cigar.



>Continually ignoring the actual arguments in favour of spouting pure ideological crap that has no basis in current British politics

Neck yourself trot, or better yet get to work thinking up a name for your groups next split, I'm sure your two brothers in arms are waiting with bated breadth for it so they can get to work on the new newspaper header



>And thus you have revealed yourselves.

This gave me a laugh so thanks.

>Its through protests and agitation against the state that socialist revolution is possible. Of course it most likely will not result in revolution but the effect will be to radicalize the working class.

If Labour were to call on GJ now, even though the Tory party has been endgamed into self destruction, if it did anything beyond make Labour look silly it would manifest as a bunch of limp wristed liberal remainers fighting with Zionist nationalist retards. It would be a shitshow.



>Corbyn could call upon the creation of a Yellow Vest like movement but it would not occur. It has to been born from the rural proletariat by their own hands: sure Corbyn can then come-out and support it but it will not occur by brute-forcing it.

Corbyn hasn't even supported the strike. The bourgeoisie is frightened by the prospect of a working class revolt in the UK. Which is why they are lucky that Corbyn is conveniently diverting working class resentment towards bourgeois politics. Yellow Vest type struggles has not "organically" arose in the UK because Corbyn and his ilk stand directly in the way.



McDonnell calls for a wave of strikes every year and nothing comes of it. Labour will allow sympathy strikes when in office.



>"The strike"

To which piece of industrial action are you referring?

>The bourgeoisie is frightened by the prospect of a working class revolt in the UK. Which is why they are lucky that Corbyn is conveniently diverting working class resentment towards bourgeois politics.

The bourgeoisie are as fucking balls-to-the-wall scared of a Corbyn premiership.

>Yellow Vest type struggles has not "organically" arose in the UK because Corbyn and his ilk stand directly in the way.

Highly doubt considering the section of the proletariat responsible for the rising in France is pretty anti-Corbyn.



>the section of the proletariat responsible for the rising in France is pretty anti-Corbyn.

What? Don't go crazy trying to BTFO the Trot lad.



If Americans aren't telling us about it, how the fuck are we supposed to know? Why don't you make a thread about it.



I'm talking about the kinda of rural areas that vote consistently conservative but get shagged by neoliberalism: like Sommerset.


ITT: Delusional Trot thinks the conditions in France magically apply to the UK as well.



>ancom handwringing over a radlib shitrag

The Guardian is the worst paper in Britain



Ah I understand now. There was actually some success with lorry drivers blocking our fuel refineries some years ago that was similar to GJ. Would be interesting to see if the RMT could use lorry drivers to expand their power.



Let's not go overboard, it's truly fucking awful mind.



Yeah the oil crisis of 2000: Blair almost introduced martial law.

Regardless, I don't think a Yellow Vest movement will emerge in Britain in a similar manner directly mostly because the nature of France's rural insurrection is not really the same in the UK. I mean a major part of it is a lack of accountable local government; which we have in the UK.

RMT moving in on lorry drivers, especially in a post-brexit world where their jobs get quite a bit harder crossing borders and that, could work mind.


Nah that belongs to The S*N.



>The Guardian is the worst paper in Britain

The Mail and the Sun exist comrade



>Regardless, I don't think a Yellow Vest movement will emerge in Britain in a similar manner directly mostly because the nature of France's rural insurrection is not really the same in the UK. I mean a major part of it is a lack of accountable local government; which we have in the UK.

Oh yeah, I had no delusions of being able to will a GJ into existence here. People have put up with austerity for nearly a decade now. France is the real exceptional country tbh and expecting Anglo countries to just do the same by declaration from upon high is crazy talk. You can't have something like the GJ without a culture of rioting, and only the French have that.

>RMT moving in on lorry drivers, especially in a post-brexit world where their jobs get quite a bit harder crossing borders and that, could work mind.

I think in the future we'll be blessed that the only union comparable in radical tendencies with the IWW is the one with enough people behind it to always get its demands and controls the entirety of UK logistics (the GJ's main strangehold, despite what spectacular footage of inner city rioting would make you think).

Veering away from the WSWS performance article: Does anyone ever find it funny the same EDL Ziobots that wish that the people had the power of the French proletariat but cheer on Thatcher for crushing our unions?



>but cheer on Thatcher for crushing our unions?

Not really a surprise tbh, the EDL got most of it's funding from right wing think tanks and the owner of Pacific Capital Investment Management.



> Does anyone ever find it funny the same EDL Ziobots that wish that the people had the power of the French proletariat but cheer on Thatcher for crushing our unions?

Eh you are ascribing too much coherent ideology to them. They aren't zionists, they just like Israel because "muh muslamics" and "DEY R STRONG". As for Thatcher, I imagine most of them don't even remember the miners' strike and just like Maggie "because she dun killed dem Argies!!!".



I mean, most EDL wanks tend to be pretty anti-Tory too tbh.



I guess a lot of it is from right wing anti-unionism combining with the hooligan urge to want to run riot too.

Were you around for Nick Griffin? That guy is quality nowadays, he's constantly calling out the modern right for all sorts of hypocritical shit the left would never think of looking into.


They're funded by Zionists chief, Nicky G covered it. I agree it's hard to spot what they actually sincerely believe and what they're paid to believe though. In fact, they get a lot of their funding from Israel purely for being anti-Islam.



Ahh old Nick "one eye on the street one eye on the pakis" Griffin

He's quite active on facebook isn't he? Or at least that's what i've assumed from Joe Owens ramblings.

I do quite miss him as a political figure purely for the shit storm it would throw up everywhere he went. I wonder if the BNP is still the most searched political party website.



>I wonder if the BNP is still the most searched political party website

Doubt it, the internet exploded since then. Beyond the EDL-Zionist ties he's even woke on Atomwaffen's pagan infestation, so he's definitely keeping himself very informed. He's a Labour supporter now haha.

>Joe Owens

Heard a bit about this guy from watching Master Brew vids, can you give me the quick rundown?



Former BNP candidate for Liverpool. He got into a bunch of trouble for sending razor blades to some random jewish person I think.

These days he makes videos calling groups like the EDL, Identity Europa and the like "dafties" with connections to M15.

I must admit he has some good things to say about community organisation and the best way to get out the vote.

His videos are very addicting.




I wouldn't ascribe any rhyme nor reason to EDL; they're lumpens led by a few petit-bourg psychos who'll do whatever their paymasters tell them, and whose hatred of non-whites is a mixture of having to compete with them in black markets and small businesses mixed with a misty eyed nostalgia for empire. The majority of the EDLs "activism" at it's peak was legitimately attacking communists, trade unions and socialist book shops and the like, contrary to the narrative of them being racist football hooligans.


>Nick Griffin is a labour supporter now

Christ lmfao, I know he was never as much of a dark triad thug as most of them in the BNP but is he just being opportunist here or does he actually have principles now?


File: df994915be649c8⋯.png (7.35 KB, 31x128, 31:128, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ce91c12737e7bdd⋯.png (4.18 KB, 21x103, 21:103, ClipboardImage.png)


>Former BNP candidate for Liverpool

Oof, that must be a tough sell. They got a lot of ground near me because I'm from NW myself and even though "the economy" grows the wages don't and people start connecting the dots.

I'm struggling watching his vids because I'm gawking at his bookcase constantly. Beyond Mao etc he's got a full fucking book on SMERSH and this Nazbol looking book.


>contrary to the narrative of them being racist football hooligans.

They're descendants of hooliganism who formed when they were banned from football games and realised radicals were always fighting.

>is he just being opportunist here or does he actually have principles now?

I think it's borne out of a hatred of globalisation and being savvy enough to know when to take what's on the table. Lots of what the BNP wanted is in the Labour manifesto, it's just the applications of said manifesto that matter, but it seems he did actually want his manifesto and it wasn't just a grift for ethnonationalism under the guise of popular policies.

Shit like deporting people who immigrated here within nth generations was never going to fly in Britain, the way I see it is if you have a British accent (immigrant derivatives included) then you're British. Not really a scientific approach, mind.

Never got this obsession with whiteness from a country that was so apathetic to race it helped kickstart black GI's into beginning the American civil rights movement.



Oh yeah lad no ofc they're originally from firms, what I meant was that they're covered as being racist (which they are to be fair, most of the top lads were all former BNP thugs), yet you'll never hear that the majority of their attacks were against leftists.

Interesting about Griffin, but yeah, idk it's pretty embarrassing just how Americanized the far-right over here is so I can imagine how it would rub him up the wrong way if a Communist thinks the same.



What were the lefties up to, can you remember? Was it just turning up to their marches and expecting antifa to show or were they actively counter protesting ours?


He actually made an 88 (lol) page pdf about how the EDL are funded by Zionists, the right has been infiltrated by homosexuals, the radicals are being controlled by security services and pagans, etc. No arguments from me there.

His manifesto would have been based as fuck if it wasn't drenched in potential for ethnic violence. "Militias?" "Guns for everyone?" Hell yeah! "Alright but it's for being racist" <- this is the part where the concern comes in


Reminder Griffin started off as a high-up in the National Front: where he was a part of a hardline "Legionary" faction (as in the Romanian Iron Guard).



iirc most of what I read about was just protest and counter protest clashes, but there were a bunch of incidents of them just outright attacking trade unions and I think even one where they essentially tried to break a strike. There were also a few incidents where they'd smash up left political spaces & stuff, the one that stuck out to me was a Socialist Bookshop getting trashed because it happened again recently and reminded me of it. There are a few articles online detailing some of this and you might even be able to find local news reports but I wouldn't know where to look for them. I know Jakkkobin wrote some piece on the EDL a while back, idk if any of it's in there.


So who's starting to stockpile?

I've got a decent little stash of tinned food, basic first aid stuff, some booze and about 40litres of petrol saved up

Probably a bit tinfoil hat like but I'm right on the border with the republic and things are going to be beyond fucked for a while if no deal does come to pass



>40L of petrol

That was a bad move anon, petrol goes off.



>That guy is quality nowadays, he's constantly calling out the modern right for all sorts of hypocritical shit the left would never think of looking into.

Wait, what?

THAT Nick Griffin?



I'm not expecting to have to keep it for literally years, petrol is perfectly fine if kept in the proper conditions for a couple of years without stabilizer, decades with it

I'm expecting disruption to last for about half a year to a year at the most, but I'm not really interested in sinking most of my savings into fucking petrol, just got enough to fill my scoot up 3 or 4 times



Aye, Nick "Question Time is a landmine" Griffin.



>So who's starting to stockpile?

I've got shitloads of food in tins, a well sharpened machete, and a Luty books compilation. Marxism-Bennism-Lutyism soon.


Yeah, the right has become a farce in the last ten years here and he wants none of it.





It must be so frustrating, you spend years trying to build a viable, properly racist political organisation, put in the leg work, go door to door, write leaflets, spend hours cutting up and distributing stickers, getting email systems set up etc. and one poor showing on question time and a few antifascist bois ruin everything with barely any effort

Fast forward 10 years and the movement you worked toward furthering has degraded into anime watching middle class weirdos and people that unironically think that anyone overweight can look good in tweed screaming about vegan sausage rolls



In a nutshell, that's why he's NazLab gang.


To you Nick Griffen guys. Can you post shit like links and pdfs?


File: 0e23223fba8c65e⋯.png (390.21 KB, 579x600, 193:200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 777d537e79560e9⋯.png (193.59 KB, 574x497, 82:71, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 47cae91b9534783⋯.png (13.82 KB, 475x131, 475:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ac026bfd162a4dd⋯.png (262.93 KB, 582x477, 194:159, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 78942efe102e366⋯.png (17.45 KB, 576x112, 36:7, ClipboardImage.png)


Griffin is irrelevant and he's only likely coming up for discussion because he was a better far right than the that replaced him.


Here's the manifesto (I think)

>no mention of based Luty

How to spot a fascist.


File: 3ee44c6474a5ea6⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 832x359, 832:359, nickyg1.JPG)


File: 81073c358412213⋯.jpg (66.13 KB, 543x777, 181:259, bnp2.JPG)



this is an 88 page document he just calls out the alt-right for being gay and funded mossad



What timeline are we in?

Whatever one it is this can't bode well for us as a species


File: 0e53b4e671bce12⋯.jpg (77.47 KB, 601x698, 601:698, bnp3.JPG)


haha it's fine! Maybe he is slowly turning around now the movement he built up has forsaken him




Tbh by the time he ends his tour as speaker there will be no such thing as a peerage…

Also from the Daily Mail: Civil Service preparing for an election.



Labour will probably give him one.



tbf he's going to have a stress induced stroke before this is all over, they can hand him the peerage posthumously


Mate, Griffin is a meme, but it's kind of just lamenting the fact that at least the "enemy" 10 years ago wasn't as much of one as we have now.


yeah this pretty much, like you can at least have an inkling of respect for an adversary like Griffin no matter how much you think his politics are dogshit, in a similar vein as to how even if you disagree with the french new right and everything that came out of that they were at least better than the Amerimutt infested shite we have to contend with now.


File: 29bfce90e33ac72⋯.png (940.15 KB, 624x804, 52:67, ClipboardImage.png)

You can't kill that which is already dead. Either that or they really are lizard people.



>the heart of global capital

Trot detected. Holy shit why is it so easy to spot them?




No, but anyone trying to apply outdated theory to contemporary issues is.

> The enormous growth of industry and the remarkably rapid concentration of production in ever-larger enterprises are one of the most characteristic features of capitalism. Modern production censuses give most complete and most exact data on this process.

This isn't true any more. Production is in the 'developing' world, while the 'developed' world is mostly services, R&D and design. Capitalism has spread to every part of the world, there is no longer a 'centre' of capitalism, but 'centres'. If the US was to go communist today, the capitalist world would fight their influence. The US military seems impressive against goat herders in deserts with dilapidated Soviet equipment, but couldn't bully the EU, Russia, China, hell it would even struggle in South America due to the terrain and probably have a bigger Vietnam.

Trots are delusional.


File: d1ac619688d79ef⋯.jpg (25.69 KB, 750x512, 375:256, IMG-20190118-WA0002.jpg)



>Tory ministers telling their associations that they expect an election on the 24th of Feb


>Whitehall told its civil servants to prepare for an election

It's happening



Diana's revenge, stupid parasite never could do anything right


File: 48f3c160049d8d5⋯.png (3.25 MB, 1590x1536, 265:256, ClipboardImage.png)

Purple Aki is back squeezing muscles. What does this mean for the current political landscape?



Kek I know exactly where that is, how have I not heard of this bloke before?


File: 1be3a9617b3e70d⋯.png (765.1 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


He's a local legend around Merseyside but the further away the less likely you've heard of him. He has had stuff made on him by the BBC so it has spread wider in recent years though. It does appear he has moved his base of operations to Manchester though.



My god I can't believe this story, it just doesn't seem real.

Also yeah, I know that exact spot: it's the Bus Depot at Piccadilly Gardens, facing northwards.



>Page 50

>That picture DeWitt likes to use as his avatar




>The pic of the dude in page 58

Oh god, it's getting even better XD


File: 8b15408dc4ed305⋯.jpg (114.83 KB, 1080x1414, 540:707, IMG-20190118-WA0000.jpg)




The largest multinational corporations are all headquarters in the USA. Of course capitalism would survive even if the us were to turn red but you can’t deny that the impact of a red USA would far surpass that of any other nation state



Top kek. Gotta love swamp-German.


What the fuck is May's endgame? She's got to have one, she's a terrible pm but she's not actually stupid, she knows running down the clock isn't going to work at this point

What's she going to do now that her backs against the wall?



I think she considers herself a kind of Roman Dictator that has been called to the task of delivering brexit and she will do everything in her power to deliver her brexit: THE ONLY ONE THAT DELIVERS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Now what does she do know? Fuck knows mate: some tory ministers are revving up for an election so maybe that again?



>Locals oust Blairites and start to introduce Municipal Socialism with Preston Characteristics

The terror!


File: 192e9b595e7b67d⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 295x418, 295:418, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


>Preston characteristics



Oi don't diss Preston lad it's the vanguard of the Benninite revolution I'd have you know.



Also the group that ousted the Blairites were the fucking Fabians…




why do they still exist again?



I dunno but hey they're on our side so why not?



>on our side

not really they support the EU a lot. They're just soft left really


File: 38eb4c1f5b3773a⋯.png (168.24 KB, 269x350, 269:350, ddb72517e067af2bacb26e54e2….png)






Yeah exactly, that's why said even more of Americas bitch, our American bitch level will increase


File: bca50f7bd828a34⋯.jpg (51.96 KB, 736x503, 736:503, margaret-thatcher.jpg)



Gamer's: We live in a society!

Thatcher: 'There's no such thing as society



Jesus how retarded are you?


Meanwhile banter


Obviously getting practice in for No deal



Is that a Prod or Fenian street?

Also is Fenian like offensive? I've heard like really mixed shit about it



Its directly outside the court house, right in the centre of town

Nobody actually lives on that street

Fenian is typically offensive in its modern usage but can be positive or neutral depending on context



Oh I keep forgetting there's a hotel right beside the court house now so there could theoretically be dead depending on where exactly the van was on the road



>Heathrow drone: Man charged with incident near airport just days after Gatwick chaos

Press F to pay respects.


File: d0882b8cc12d754⋯.png (928.55 KB, 623x974, 623:974, ClipboardImage.png)



Link to the story from the front page?



Who forgot to give the gentlemen in the house of lords their pills?


>When you save a baby ray by putting it in a sandwich bag

Kek, but still, it's a pretty nice thing to do



File: 537349951101506⋯.png (1.29 MB, 730x1200, 73:120, ClipboardImage.png)


<Rewrite the GFA



>tfw brummie

I guess I should avoid going to pubs then?



Or the post office lad.

My dad grew-up in Coventry during the '70s, the cocking RA used to call in bomb threats at his school.

I fucking hate this government



>That spoiler

Kek, I think I remember you mentioning something like that to me in a previous thread



Thing I love about leftybrit pol is we all basically know each other.



trans rights


File: 4421ddf4f1f0ccb⋯.png (746 KB, 1052x609, 1052:609, ClipboardImage.png)

@SocDem Poster.



LMAO, I would have expected even Socdems to be better than picking up ex-UKIPpers.


File: f0671a5390c9215⋯.jpg (250.08 KB, 962x810, 481:405, Concorde is Socdem.jpg)




mein gott the ideology

>Free from vested interests, the SDP seeks the common good in Britain’s national interest. We represent neither capital nor labour, not private industry nor the public sector, but only the welfare of the British people and residents of these islands. We seek a path where all the constituent elements of our society can grow and prosper.

>First and foremost, we are democrats. The scale and vehemence of the reaction against the result of the 2016 EU referendum by Britain’s cultural and political elites was striking. The evident disdain of the Westminster class for, among others, many elderly and low income voters revealed that the powerful only tolerate democracy when their view prevails. The authority of the establishment to decide what happens has been challenged and the SDP stands behind the referendum mandate. Respect for all voters implies respect for the result.

>We consider the nation-state to be the upper limit of democracy. Along with the family, we regard it as indispensable to the solidarity of our society and concern for our fellow citizens.

>We are unionist, patriotic and internationalist.

>We are committed to maintaining strong, independent Armed Forces and Intelligence Services to protect our country against external military and nuclear threats as well as from terrorism and cyber-warfare.

>We consider the progressive desire for people to shed their national identities and unite in a pan-European or universal civilisation to be a recipe for conflict and hopelessly utopian – as unrealistic and harmful as the dismal communist project.

>We believe that pro-public sector and pro-market policy can beneficially coexist within a balanced programme – provided each inhabits its correct domain, and neither is allowed to distort our country’s economy in the service of ideology. This is the SDP’s distinct Social Market position.

>The public and private sectors are complementary parts of our society and should not be regarded as opponents. We believe that open, competitive, free markets are the best and most efficient system for providing general goods and services, the ordinary matters of trade which are our nation’s lifeblood. We believe that free markets make a vital contribution to a successful economy through investment, by creating employment and by raising living standards. Government must ensure such markets thrive. However, successive governments of both Right and Left have forgotten that markets are justified by their social function. The power of the market has over-reached, fraying the social bonds which bind us together.

>Britain’s increasing inequality and the tendency for markets to be dominated by fewer but larger corporations is troubling – as is the avoidance of taxes morally owed to society. This must be corrected. Businesses, the wealthy and all other members of society must behave responsibly and pay their taxes – although in a geographically mobile world, tax rates should not be set so high as to be self-defeating.

they can't decide whether they're third wayists, or the other third wayists



Yeah they're basically nationalist conservative social democrats.

Ironically they are more left-wing that Blair though, and their platform is like soft-left os they could be useful.



they come across as being conservatives of a sort of peter-hitchenist bent. like, they're definitely not blairite third way (which would basically argue democracy is dead at the nation-state level too) - and they're not outright fascist yet either.

>We consider the nation-state to be the upper limit of democracy.

is basically the calling card of the old labour anti-europeans. (which is hilarious when you remember the SDP were founded by the old-labour pro europeans.) it's not necessarily nationalist, but that international co-operation is best secured by national governments working together, rather than through an organisation like the EU which has some power outwith governments.

they do seem to have/be drifting right though. it's a really pedantic thing to pick up on, but they credit the private sector with investment - rather than emphasising the government's role in organising investment for full employment. not that i'm surprised, someone seems to have given them more money for a new website design. if they this rightwards drift up i'm definitely voting for the liberals instead. http://liberal.org.uk/ (real liberals (not the lib dems) fighting for liberalism)

i'm kind of amused by the idea that they're still a million miles from power but have decided to "moderate" their policy platform anyway in the hopes of increasing electability.



Well one of the things is they are trying to get ex-UKIPers and ONC onboard too now. Regardless, they are in favour of labour-style nationalisations which is pretty kek.



You say that but their typical rightist rhetoric about 'massive government overspending' makes me assured they're just Tories deep down.


>they come across as being conservatives of a sort of peter-hitchenist bent.

Right, so the worst kind then, Hitchens has never been anything but a contrarian twat


File: 9371ca60c133310⋯.jpg (181.77 KB, 1180x788, 295:197, jeremey-corbyn.jpg)

>born too early to travel to the People's Republic of Mars

>born too late to stop Thatcher

>born just on time to see a Labour/SDP coalition implement actually existing social democracy in one country.


nah hitchenism is way better than economic liberalism. there is literally no reason for liberal-conservatism to exist.



>born just on time to see a Labour/SDP coalition implement actually existing social democracy in one country.

This but unironically.

Also yeah, Morality Man is a seekrit comrade.



Coalition with rebranded UKIP? Not in my Labour Party. When I was at uni the local UKIP MEP said that gays caused natural disasters.



They aren't rebrand UKIP, although Farage is set to launch a party soon enough.



britain needs an economically left socially bigoted party tbh. it would lead to much greater lock-in of left-wing economic policy in the public mind while the simple passage of time will take care of bigotry.

imagine a world in which everyone who wanted the trains nationalised and didn't like immigration refused to vote tory, but instead voted for a party that would either force the tories to nationalise the trains, or drop the racism in exchange for labour upping pensions.



Pfff… I think reactionaries will always be reactionaries deep down - think SocDems are bad for betraying working people? Imagine how closet reactionaries will betray their stated left wing policies while in office. It's easy to say the elites are all corrupt while you're a guy with 1000 follow for follows on Twitter. They'll sell out in a second.


File: edcba7eb5228586⋯.jpg (14.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


these are British reactionaries, Bernard!

though the twitter reference did make me wonder if the problem with the idea of a reactionary-left party is that, while functional in the pre-2016 coalition-building world, it doesn't really work in the context of post-2016 conspiracy nonsense where they can say they weren't going to nationalise the trains because actually all of british railwaydom is infested by pizzagaters since jimmy saville did those adverts for BR in the 80s. the only hope to get away from that is assuming British boomers aren't as weird as American boomers, and that's not a gamble i'd like to make.


I would like to add they are also pro-trade union: their Chairman is a Unite activist who I've seen bitch about Blairite compromisers.

That's the kind of thing that gives me hope they won't defect: I mean apart from Labour no party really takes an openly pro-TU stance (the Greens never mention them and the SNP did for a bit but basically abandoned that as a load of their base are centre-right petit-booj now). Having another party that works within the unions would certainly be something, could breathe some life into them as-long-as they aren't compromisers.




Well there is Blue Labour


So there is a disso group called the "New IRA" that is carrying out attacks.




Is Blue Labour necessarily socialism with conservative characteristics?



It is pretty-much exactly that: they are well known for shitting on Blair during his tenancy and a few Blue Labour members supported Corbyn's leadership bid.




>blue Labour

Now they basically are the main voice in the party supporting Brexit. They are very pro-trade union, working class and Brexit, fairly supportive of Corbyn but don't like the fact nearly everyone in the shadow cabinet is from London and mostly middle class. They are probably more supportive of Corbyn's policies then the man himself. They dislike Blairites which is good but some of their "social conservative" stances are a bit shit but still they give a voice of the working class that is still lacking in the labour party



Yeah I kinda like them, but they tend to buy into culture-war bullshit (but from the other side) and also "muh trots taking-over".

Still, I hope a Blue Labour figure gets on the ballot next leadership election: might drive some more people into getting involved.






>Muh socially reactionary economically socialist voting bloc that the party has been chasing for the past 80 years

This is an eternal strain of thought in Labour and its always been stupid, Blue labour are OK but the idea that they've found the secret to electoral success is stupid, its the party of people that grew up holding socially and economically radical lines, and have lived to see the social side of things progress past their radicalism

They 're basically economically literate gammons


File: 560bab6d76e1f8a⋯.mp4 (4.78 MB, 408x720, 17:30, Travellodge.mp4)

Local workman drove a digger into a newly finished Travellodge because they hadn't paid him his wages. What a hero.



>they tried to fuck-over scousers

Fucking dolts.



Killdozer reborn



e's not arsed lad!



excellent footage

googled this and the headlines are fascinating

sky: Man smahes up new hotel with digger 'because he hadn't been paid', Daily Mail: Digger Driver smashes his way into new Travelodge hotel in bizarre rampage / Bizarre moment furious digger driver smashes his way into new Travelodge hotel in rampage 'over a £600 unpaid wage bill' - on the day builders had finished their work, Express: Liverpool Travelodge digger rampage: Digger is driven into new hotel in 'row over workman's pay', ITV: 'There were loads of workers outside all gobsmacked': Man on digger smashes up new Travelodge in Liverpool, AOL.co.uk: Man on digger smashes up new Travelodge 'on day of completion', Sun: 'Shocking moment digger driver destroys brand new Travelodge hotel' (cut off) 'because he's owed £600 wages', Mirror: Digger driver ploughs into Travelodge in rampage (cut off) 'because he hadn't been paid'

i dunno partially it's probably just hack writers but something irks me about the way the first DM headline makes it sound spontaneous and insane rather than "someone with a legitimate grievance took unconventional means to respond to said grievance", then flips around to a tone i'd kind of place as "oh no he broke the thing" rather than simply "he was not paid, the building was unmade." I wouldn't normally be suspicious but differing headlines on Google and on the site itself is dodgy.

Of all the headlines Sky is probably my favourite. The Express is impressively non-reactionary (And non hyperbolic. wtf, the paper of IMPENDING MEGA SOLAR FLARE "OF DEATH" GOOD NEWS FOR BITCOIN HOLDERS can't even capitalize RAMPAGE?) in their headline for some reason.


So there is going to be a vote on a Second Referendum in parliament. Apparently Corbyn may personally support it but is allowing dissent on the issue: 23 Labour MPs have already declared against it. I imagine it will fail.



Lol exactly what I was going to say, slightly less impressive but at least this guy didn't end up getting stuck in a hole and suiciding


Why the fuck were there people in the lobby just standing there as he's trying to plow through though? Fucking hell, death wish or what.



So it appears the Second Referendum lot are absolutely shitting the bed.




One of them came to a Young labour party meeting and get disappointed when 50% of the room back Brexit now



That must be nice, one problem with my branch is that most of the major figures (despite being Corbynites) are pretty pro EU. To add to that, the old fucks are really pro Europe.



The old ones tend to be fairly pro-EU with the left oldies tend to be more neutral. My CLP is full of Blairites still even in the student groups so everything is an up hill battle still



Ah, you're the Exeter lad aren't ya?



>The gov could ask The Fucking Queen to veto legislation from Grieve and/or Boles




I thought she couldn't do that anymore? Even if she could it would be a constitutional crisis, she's not going to risk her children's cushy existence for this government or this country.



What a shit article.

I'm pretty sure the last time the Queen blocked Parliament was when they tried to get the power to declare war purely to fuck Iraq up in 1999.


File: 3ef61ecf652f70e⋯.jpg (142.13 KB, 907x439, 907:439, Screenshot_20190123-104219….jpg)

Critically support the Guardian and Buzzfeed in their struggle against blairite-wet machinations.


File: d9d0ece098d1a40⋯.png (23.17 KB, 261x61, 261:61, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 9359b28450ef70f⋯.jpg (300.66 KB, 1448x1080, 181:135, 1547864492272.jpg)


He's changed


File: 7fcd280c5b9dd42⋯.png (390.38 KB, 616x702, 308:351, weareallsinners.png)


File: c698d9c062de28c⋯.jpg (69.37 KB, 613x1024, 613:1024, pFto7Yo.jpg)


File: b6583fec1557649⋯.png (662.87 KB, 697x967, 697:967, ClipboardImage.png)


So as it appears as the Yanks are gonna invade another oil-rich nation, how do we stop more squaddies dying for BP & Shell?


File: 2916429e5f80c72⋯.jpeg (56.56 KB, 596x425, 596:425, Dxr2AHeVAAUX-gL.jpeg)

Look at all of Salmond's charges…



>attempted rape

Being charged with that is just embarassing. Not only are you a shithead for trying to rape someone you weren't even sucessfull.



>There's a film about the murder of James Bulger




>The detective who brought James Bulger's killers to justice has also said Lambe made a "grave mistake" in putting the film forward for an Oscar and called on him to show "decency" by withdrawing it.

>Albert Kirby said the film misrepresents the investigation into the toddler's death.

>Describing Detainment as "insensitive", he said the film depicted "an awful lot of aggression" during police interviews.

>Mrs Fergus told This Morning there should be regulation on dramatisations, saying: "If it's a documentary the families should be contacted beforehand.

>"He's even said that he never got in contact because 'he knows I'd say no'.

>"How does he know I'd say no? He's never met me, he doesn't know me. I wouldn't have said 'no' straight away. I'd have said, 'show me or tell me what your plans are and we'll take it from there'.

>"No, I wouldn't have agreed with the way he's done it but I would have told him to do it a different way."

>Mrs Fergus has been a vocal campaigner over the years, pressing for longer sentences for her son's murderers, who were sentenced to a minimum of eight years, and publishing her recent book, I Let Him Go.





File: a189d795090c1e9⋯.png (244.46 KB, 306x416, 153:208, ClipboardImage.png)


>tfw you want to make maximum cash monitising your childs crimes but some other nerds keep doing it better than you



he was the victim but I still find it vulgar and reactionary

either way

>He added: "The film was not made for financial gain and nobody involved in the making of the film intends to profit from it."



Oh yeah, I thought I corrected myself but obviously not. It's still stupid. The dad wrote one as well a few years ago.




I'll be honest, the loss of a child, especially in such a horrific way is horrible to think about.

The director's an absolute cunt for not asking for the Mother's consent before making the film. The loss of your child being turned into 'Art' without your consent is disgusting.

But equally, the mother has obviously already profited from the Son's death.



The US won't invade Venezuela. A war right now would be disastrous, and there isn't really a need to. Maduro's fucked either way.



Nah, I don't agree, when it has become such a huge and public news story that helped to define modern Britain commenting on it is in the public interest. Her son is dead and she thinks whipping up a tabloid fury about some arthouse movie is gonna make it better? She obviously wouldn't have let the director make the film he wanted to make, which I assume is not going to be so gauche as 'these evil kids shoulda been hanged!' like the media at the time.



>when it has become such a huge and public news story that helped to define modern Britain commenting on it is in the public interest

I just don't think that really means the parents should just accept having a film made about their son's murder. There comes a point where art has to give way to sympathy.

Ultimately, I'm critical of the Mother for kicking up such a storm and think she's a hypocrite. But the principle of her complaint isn't the problem for me.


File: db32b25492a9b72⋯.png (163.13 KB, 760x876, 190:219, For the love of everything.png)


File: 7ffda021a1406f0⋯.jpg (71.22 KB, 288x499, 288:499, 1344290461117.jpg)



Yo, has anyone got a stream of that film the BBC did on Reg Keys? I was reading into the anti-Iraq movement and he seems like a solid lad.

His son gets killed by a mob when he was ordered to enter a town the British government had promised they would not enter to the local Iraqis, and his dad effectively tried to take-down Blair himself. What a lad.



>Bilbo the Cat





File: 1a8196da598a084⋯.png (746.85 KB, 650x430, 65:43, ClipboardImage.png)


You know it

I'm actually a wool don't tell anyone though


File: be25fa3b5911da4⋯.jpg (188.89 KB, 1007x1459, 1007:1459, 3b80fde38b828e5ee8521e1843….jpg)

I have a question for the reformists who want to use Labour to build socialism: how do you plan to keep moving public opinion to the left after a Labour government starts making conditions better? Don't you need things to get worse in order to radicalise people? Don't social democratic governments (which is what Labour would be if it won the next election) always get less radical over time? And if you have an economic crisis under a Labour government, how do you hope to capitalise on that when everyone will be blaming Labour for it?



Dem Soc fags don't realize they'll be purged from the government.

That purging will result in radicalization though.



In terms of pushing public opinion further left I feel like its more important to focus on pushing the Labour party left. You have the vast majority of young people who will always vote Labour regardless of how left wing they are. The idea of voting Tory or voting Lib-dem is just so unpopular among anyone who has grown up in the recession years. So the focus should be on progressively dragging the Labour party left wing, which is kind of what momentum is trying to do with reading groups ect. Tbh not much effort has been put into long term plan, there are a few decent replacements for Corbyn but none for McDonnell and it doesn't feel like the party has any solid economic plans post the first 5 years in office.



FBPE reaching new depths of disingenuity. As if Maugham or any of the organisers of that campaign are 'just bored'.


I agree that a left-wing Labour government would be a good thing even if it fails in its objectives.


>The idea of voting Tory or voting Lib-dem is just so unpopular

That was already true in 2015 though, and Labour lost that one. Young people won't vote Tory or Lib Dem but they won't necessarily vote for Labour either, they might stay at home. 2017 was a weird election in a lot of ways and a lot of the enthusiasm young people had was based on a desire to show their support for a party and a leader that had been slandered and disrespected by its opponents. The Tories were pre-emptively celebrating the imminent destruction of Corbyn's project, and that got people angry. You can't replicate those circumstances.

Not to mention that Labour can't win elections just because they're popular among the young, who are a small proportion of the electorate.

>So the focus should be on progressively dragging the Labour party left wing

But how do you do that when you have a Labour government which is making conditions better? Radicalisation doesn't happen because of reading groups, it happens because people can't afford their rent, they can't get a job, they can't see a doctor etc. It's the same for Labour members as it is for the general population. We can see from the Brexit debate that most of the people who support current Labour policies balk at any real systemic change that might cause economic disruption. They're too comfortable.



How exactly are Demsocs going to get purged when Corbyn is one?



Corbyns facing pushback from Blairite cucks, and the UK looks like it might go Fascist, due to Queen Elzibeth dying inevitably, and Charles consolidating power.

The monarchy is the only stable thing in the goverment right now due to Brexit, and I wouldn't be suprised if this ends up like Kaisserreich, with Brits getting sick of the royals shit after they try to crush workers (that's what the fash does), and going syndie while striking, while they flee to wherever the fuck



>Charles consolidating power

Fucking what? Charles is a damp squib, even if he wanted to be supreme autocrat he wouldn't purely because he is actually a bit of a liberal fop: I mean I bet the man would vote Green if he could.


File: 275806babbab15e⋯.png (910.35 KB, 1200x592, 75:37, ClipboardImage.png)




He's just a bourgeoisie puppet


File: 5731590e933cdc7⋯.png (282.17 KB, 375x468, 125:156, h56wb0gweduy.png)





>Direct rule from London under MUMMY MAY

God save us all.







File: 35a9e0df0497582⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 35a9e0df049758208a00c797e4….png)



Oh I'll be wanking to MUMMY MAY tonight


File: a97b28e4542bfe9⋯.jpg (78.58 KB, 1011x421, 1011:421, DyFTxE3W0AIKUOU.jpg)

The Bradey amendment might go through and


What happens now lads?! Give me your takes because i'm shit out of 'em.

flag is literal politics rn



How does that guy feel about having WANKING ADDICTS written above his head lol.



I got 92% in British politics at a-level, political science is my degree, and I like to think I am well versed in this entire situation: I have no fucking idea what is happening or what will happen.


>>2802000 (me)

Are we going to head into general election or no deal? What are our other options rn?


Well. Fuck.


File: a16e17372c861e7⋯.mp4 (2.35 MB, 640x800, 4:5, ChaosElmo.mp4)




Parliamentary chaos though… gib me fires an shit.





Most likely situation is either an extension to the negotiations of another 2 years or a general election IMO.


Anyone else going to be watching this?


>House of Commons Meltdown with Ash Sarkar and Grace Blakeley

I really rate both of them. The new gen of popular leftists kinda has me hopeful for this country if they are the ones pushing/reflecting opinion in the youth/student/establishment left.



> Grace Blakeley

She is a solid comrade, Ash comes across too middle class and metropolitan, then again she has gotten better the past few years



> Grace Blakeley

Agreed. I am very happy that she's around and doing her thing. smart af. Based defender of Lexit.


Is habbening?



Ash's ability to easily rinse people on twitter is fun, but every time she's on Novara it's like she's at a uni seminar. Even more perplexing is that she comes off more relaxed on the sofa with Piers Morgan than she does on Novara.



I haven't actually read/seen any Novara stuff. I like the fact right wing "journalist"/S*n readers get so triggered by her simply existing. Grace seems to know her shit far more, I think she works for IPPR which seems to be one of the few actually semi-decent major left wing think tanks (the other seems to be CLASS)


File: 59205f3c1b5b769⋯.jpg (236.55 KB, 1200x1035, 80:69, DyG0MV6WsAIxajB.jpg)

Kek EU.



she is our girl. Beautifully eloquent when it comes to disseminating left wing ideas.

Curious about her upbringing,presumably not working class?



989 watching now - let's make this 1k!


File: 348ac7e29af7c68⋯.jpg (96.97 KB, 550x512, 275:256, 1475447925994.jpg)


So an amendment rejecting no deal, and one saying the backstop must be removed from the deal passed…

What a fucking time to be alive.



she said on the stream she's from Hampshire



Not everyone from the South is posh you know.



She literally explained how she was posh. tbf.


the more time i spend around blairites the more arrogant i get

none of these people hold a coherent ideology. it's not "oh, they've got an ideology i disagree with", it's almost inevitably incredibly petty factional crap that has more to do with personalities and presentation than politics.

like, i could come up with better and more defensible arguments for blairism (and defences of the blair governments and their achievements) than the ones constantly trotted out, but somehow this ideologically satisfies the current blairite group. it baffles me, it truly baffles me. i think it's because for all my ideological complacency and simple-mindedness, the one thing that bores me to tears is to think in cliche.

sadly not a trait selected for in positions of power so we get to sit here watching people who oppose a 50% rate of income tax because it puts off middle class voters whining about how free uni is a massively popular middle class subsidy, rather than embracing it as part of a centre-left (i.e. labour right) program as an actually-effective means of combatting the left and getting all the kids dancing to "things can only get better" again.



Well that's sort of it isn't it, I think anyone with a real ideology has a long term plan, Blairites are just thinking about winning the next election so they can cash in, or if I'm giving them the absolute most credit, they just respond to what their electorate writes to them. They're not trying to push society in one way or another, they let the waves wash over and push them.


File: 2dd0bdb503d4069⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1082x1698, 541:849, cum.png)


got bored




Tbf the blairites at-least now have one solid policy platform: staying in the EU OH MY FUCKING GOD WE NEED TO STAY IN THE EU. Kinda funny watch them try to post-haste justify everything good on it. Like they say the minimum wage was because of the EU, and I'm sitting here thinking "wait a second I thought that was meant to be one of Blair's great achievements?". Actually writing this I have started to realise they are transposing Blair onto the EU itself as an institution, like everything they loved about him they love about the EU and that's how they are reorientation. It's gonna be kinda interesting watching that ngl.


File: 2549f7d11a0e396⋯.png (79.18 KB, 286x182, 11:7, 20190130_111755.png)



File: 9cc927e29a9946e⋯.jpg (36.1 KB, 460x377, 460:377, asdlaskj.jpg)

Lol, Corbyn sold out even more by letting immigration bill pass and you cucks are just slurping this shit up



about 0% care about your idpol lad, workers of the world are all comrades of mine


File: 314c308b1201fc9⋯.png (459.15 KB, 674x752, 337:376, Jewdoo magiks.png)



> In a speech in January 2017, Corbyn declared, “Labour is not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens as a point of principle…” The Labour manifesto for the general election that year reads “Freedom of movement will end when we leave the European Union” and commits the party to supporting “management of migration”. In other words, allowing only that migration which contributes to the bottom line of UK businesses.


Workers of the world are clearly not your comrades.



simple, universal minimum wage plus the nationalization of businesses.


broke: we need free movement so workers can move around between capitalist countries and have their labour exploited

joke: we need immigration controls because it's like a bloody foreign country round here nowadays

woke: we need immigration controls so that the rest of Europe can be spared a torrential flow of 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Anglo Imperialists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 infesting their country



Until the world socialist republic is formed there’s no reason to support Open Boarders.



Pack it up guys, Corbyn is done for.



>Until the world socialist republic is formed there’s no reason to support Open Boarders

Except the fact that the world economy has now entered a stage where productive capital is international in scope and workers are interconnected like never before. A single product requires production from several different countries which is why the workers struggle can no longer be done through the framework of a nation-state because corporations can simply move production elsewhere. Breaking up with the trade unions and bourgeois political parties and calling for open borders and linking up workers internationally is the only way any progress can be made. The Yellow Vests and Maquiladora workers in Mexico have unconsiously moved towards this direct through their rejection of the trade unions and by striking independently of them. The Matamaros workers literally said "Gringos, wake up!" and because of the internet, it is now extremely easy to connect workers worldwide.

Corbyn is fooling the working class of Britain by giving them hope in the parliamentary system, wheras the correct perspective is for workers to revolt independently of the trade unions by form rank-and-file committees and linking up with workers world-wide.



Britain has to leave the EU because without the UK the EU isn't as wedded to American foreign policy goals. Also it would free future british governments from EU imposed austerity. Those are the only good reasons to support Brexit. Immigration controls for the first world are incredibly chauvinist and reactionary.



Thanks, Socialist Equality Party.


RIP Jeremy "BNP members and supporters should be shot in the back of the head" Hardy.



>The Matamaros workers literally said "Gringos, wake up!" and because of the internet, it is now extremely easy to connect workers worldwide.

>Mexico and America have open boarders




Nice, now EU will follow french and german imperial goals.



>simply move production elsewhere

or you know the state could stop that



you dont have rights to a story because it happened to you



Which is what the capitalist states are trying to do now….however this leads to World War as a rejection of internationalized capitalism will cause a financial and economic collapse paving the way for war. We already see evidence of this by the remilitarization of all of the major capitalist powers as well as several congressional reports by the USA which outlines China and Russia as a primary military threat.





James Randi/Corbyn socialist alliance when?



Keke, imagine if the "rational skeptic" community filed behind Corbyn.


File: d0b0dab7a196c31⋯.jpeg (62.47 KB, 1172x486, 586:243, DyWTdX3WwAUJfGl.jpeg)

The eternal yank strikes again.




Lol, soon I hope.


File: b2fc0c9fda8bc19⋯.jpg (116.88 KB, 811x889, 811:889, a4da25176f0f5921177dfecf8c….jpg)





File: 4b974d45aa755e0⋯.png (71.17 KB, 619x385, 619:385, lmao.png)


Besides retarded larpers (alt-right, ancaps), the youth has NOTHING to expect from the right besides healthcare being damaged, the environmental apocalypse and global wars.



the right in this country just seem to copy everything from the yanks


File: 2a090dd021a4dab⋯.jpg (43.06 KB, 501x767, 501:767, TurningPointVenezuela.jpg)


As long as we get a turning point Venezuela it’s all fine.



The whole mainstream political spectrum does that, even while sneering at Americans.


>calling for open borders and linking up workers internationally

How does that actually work though? Open borders weakens movements in the first world because migrant workers are less able to be militant, and because it creates reactionary sentiment in native workers. And I don't see how it would help movements in the third world. And how does shuffling populations around help with 'linking up workers internationally'? Not to mention that porky will not allow true open borders any more than closed borders.

>rank-and-file committees

How do these avoid ending up like the trade unions, with the same old problems?



>How does that actually work though? Open borders weakens movements in the first world because migrant workers are less able to be militant, and because it creates reactionary sentiment in native workers. And I don't see how it would help movements in the third world. And how does shuffling populations around help with 'linking up workers internationally'? Not to mention that porky will not allow true open borders any more than closed borders.

Your first two statements are false. It’s not open borders that creates reactionary sentiment. It’s the lowering of wages and working conditions and it’s blame on migrants by the ruling class that does. Workers in different countries regardless of “first world” or “third world” status are all going through the same struggle and are fighting against the same transnational corporations. Unlike in the past, workers internationally are all involved in the production of a single product and thus are all fighting against the same corporations. In order to defeat capitalism, which is now able to produce anywhere(transcending the nation-state boundaries irreversibly), it requires the collective struggle of the international proletariat. Efforts to break up workers struggles into the nation state framework paves the way for escalation of tariffs and trade wars which will cripple the economy and lead to preparations for world war.

As for the rank and file committees…..Rank-and-file committees are proto-unions and thus can be molded into having a revolutionary perspective. The rank and file committees will need to form deep ties with the revolutionary vanguard for it to be successful which the SEP is already moving towards with rank and file auto workers rally in February 9 in Detroit.



>Your first two statements are false

How is it false that migrant workers have less revolutionary potential, when they're grateful just to allowed in, and in some cases afraid of being deported?

>It’s not open borders that creates reactionary sentiment. It’s the lowering of wages and working conditions and it’s blame on migrants by the ruling class that does

There are all sorts of reasons why immigration is unpopular. And immigration is one of the tools which gives the ruling class the ability to cut wages and attack working conditions.

> it requires the collective struggle of the international proletariat

That still doesn't explain how open borders helps workers in different countries co-operate with each other. And again, how are you going to achieve open borders in capitalism when capitalism has an interest in stopping that? This is no more realistic than the reactionaries who want to go in the other direction.



>how are you going to achieve open borders in capitalism

You're not. We fight for socialism. We're not reformists because capitalism can no longer be reformed. The SEP aims to channel the immense power of the international working class to overthrow the capitalist states and establish socialism. Real socialism which has an international perspective.



>You're not

You've been talking about using open borders to aid the struggle for socialism, which means you think you can have open borders before socialism.



>You've been talking about using open borders to aid the struggle for socialism

We call for open borders simply because this demand cannot be accomplished in a capitalist economy tied to a nation-state. Only socialism can allow workers to live whereever they please.




They ve been saying this for 3 years now. Just fucking do it already.


File: c9c351ebb656b8b⋯.png (1.11 MB, 733x1042, 733:1042, 5828_48000647b315f6f00f913….png)

Continental here, what are your takes on Lexit?

A good idea? Will it happen? Should it happen? Is it Corbyn's goal?



I support it, the main problem tbh is that there is no proper intellectual backing for it outside of clips of Tony Benn (RIP) from about 10 years ago.


Yo Scotanons, is the SSP still around as a thing or is it basically dead?



it has covered edinburgh in posters but i'd consider it practically dead but less LARP than RISE



Wait what on earth is RISE then?




So, like what tendency are they?

Regardless was just asking because it looks like the SNP is cutting it a little fine all things considered.



It was doing well years ago, but Tommy Sheridan became far too horny and ruined everything. It still has members though.



Rise is (or was) made up of different groups, there were some good elements to it. They had a class Fred Hampton banner.



What is it with trots and sexual assault jheeze.


>Fred Hampton banner

Sounds dank, but do they actually do anything though?



Sheridan went to a swingers club, done some cocaine and managed to perjure himself in court when allegations were made.

Not seen them in over 6 months, even back then they weren't doing much anymore, at least not in Glasgow.


So apparently Batten wants Tommy Robinson to run in the Peterborough by-election…


>Sheridan went to a swingers club, done some cocaine and managed to perjure himself in court when allegations were made.

Fucking hell.


File: e6d7e1f3102f366⋯.png (143.89 KB, 730x350, 73:35, ClipboardImage.png)

Lamo, great launch there lads.


File: c981bdd1b5adc75⋯.png (518.7 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



Well, clearly it is Corbyn's goal, but he's done fuck all to try convince the public about it because he's trying to pretend he just valiantly failed to stop Brexit. IMO it's dishonest and his opinion ratings are way down, his perceived trustworthyness alone has been halved.



>Well, clearly it is Corbyn's goal

I'd like to believe that but all his efforts have been to promote a soft-as-fuck Brexit with continued subscription to neoliberal EU regulations. That isn't enough for the People's Vote crowd, of course, which is why he's in hot water, but it isn't Lexit either.


lmao turning point UK is a complete clusterfuck

they didn't verify their accounts or anything so it's nearly impossible to figure out which ones are the real ones.

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