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File: 3a1a7c3541840f2⋯.jpg (48.94 KB, 640x400, 8:5, Screen-Shot-2017-08-25-at-….jpg)


Trump recognizes US-backed head of Venezuela’s opposition Juan Guaido as country’s interim president


US President Donald Trump has recognized Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president in a provocative move against the elected government of Nicolas Maduro.

"Today, I am officially recognizing the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela," Trump said in statement.

He added he would use "the full weight of United States economic and diplomatic power to press for the restoration of Venezuelan democracy" and encouraged other governments in the Western Hemisphere to also recognize Guaido.



I'm responding to the guy asking what is the Guaido stream saying



he's just saying what the guy talking at the stream is saying dude.


Top 10 anime crossovers


File: 3303b440f5f402d⋯.jpg (583.33 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190223-191006….jpg)


Fugg forgot pic


Fug I was gonna vote Bernie but now I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth. Fuck pseudo-socialists




oh, well fuck me sideways




Tulsi was doing a town hall at the same time Guaido was talking, speaking against intervention and asking for donations to get in the debates.



Gabbard has a lot of flaws but this probably makes her my number one now. Thanks for the link.


File: 14b7d65ddbda38d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.4 KB, 720x543, 240:181, f29.jpg)


>fuck me sideways

ko :DDDD




>le hindutva woman

That's gonna be a "no" from me



That's kind of unexpected from him. I've seen Pink Floyd having liberal "anti authoritan" themes



Imagine supporting Bernard “Bomb Yugoslavia and Let the Aid in” Sanders



Imagine still voting in the US Presidential election



it was supposed to be bloodless, allegedly/rumor was that Guiado convinced Rubio/Bolton/Trump that the Venezuelan military would turn on Maduro if the US openly backed Guiado as president


like clockwork Rubio is calling for intervention now

>muh multilateral operations that weren't on the table 24 hours ago


File: cde25e6569f48f7⋯.png (415.67 KB, 592x746, 296:373, ClipboardImage.png)



>like clockwork Rubio is calling for intervention now

He's my Senator, if I call and tell his offices "fuck you stop calling for war" they won't give a shit, so any way I can troll instead?



Say you're venezuelan and that youd like then to know your story.

Then tell them something crazy, like Maduro personally came to your home, stole all your food and killed your cat


File: 31b7b0335bb31f4⋯.png (64.54 KB, 414x245, 414:245, 77.png)


What if they bring some dude to the phone to speak Spanish to me or some shit



i will translate, not a venezuelan but a mexican so same shit



>i will translate

Why don't you call him then instead of me and say you're diaspora? I doubt they'll only care if it's someone from Florida, but idk they might only take calls from people here.



diaspora means someone who left their homecountry, right? well i don't have a venezuelan accent so it would be a shitty attempt



Sooo edgy…



It seems like the Gusano's on Rogers twitter have thinned out a bit at least :)


See u lads for the announcement of the invasion on Monday. Death to America.



what a hideous man


File: 704fc0795c252b2⋯.webm (15.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, market in El Valle, Carac….webm)



Realistically if you are a Venezuelan who speaks English and lives abroad you probably hate chavistas



Well of course, who else is driving this coup but some bourgies that lost some privileges under Chavismo. This coup is driven from Miami and Spain particularly, but you got the French and the Dutch and the Germans therer too, and of course all the cuck countries around Venezuela. It will really be a heroic feat if Maduro can withsntand it.



Russia delivers aid in a 'civilized manner' to Venezuela through the WHO. Says assistance needs to be depoliticized through international organizations



Pretty shrewd of Putin to show he can get his aid through, while the U.S. cant. Id be surprised if the msm even covers because it conflicts with multiple narratives being pushed.




The sanctions the US are enforcing are essentially impossible to withstand, but it's unlikely that things will end once Maduro is gone. The support he has in Venezula is not really about him in particular, Guaido and his supporters are clearly disconnected from this reality.



No there will not be any coverage of it. The aid shipments are a media spectacle meant to serve as a pretext for war. This is understood by everybody, the only ones deluded by it are USians.



I think most Venezuelan people living in Venezuela are against military intervention by the US. Personally I think is just unnaceptable, knowing what happens to any country once the US military or the CIA get involved.



The class divide in Venezula has been reveled to be deeper than thought the last few weeks and the upper classes have no idea what the rest of the country actually believes or supports. I see now why they thought the elections must have been fraudulent despite all the evidence to the contrary. Many of those people who support Maduro lack ways to boost their point of view into the US media sphere, but that doesn't mean they don't exist or lack a political will in their own country.



It´s just so much astro-turfing, I´ve been following all this on Twitter and finally the Military Intervention NOW has been bumped down. But just seeing all the lies and the bots, it´s really overwhelming how easily the people swallow so much propaganda about Venezuela.


File: c3b322a26418b87⋯.png (46.08 KB, 639x480, 213:160, Bots.PNG)

File: ae969be75ccbb2b⋯.png (64.94 KB, 626x489, 626:489, Rubio.PNG)

File: aea80311a73de4d⋯.png (54.8 KB, 620x414, 310:207, Bernie.PNG)


Yup Twitter is infested. I'm not sure anyone could effectively use Twitter to protest the calls for U.S. intervention. The anti-interventionist tweets are drowned out by the thousands of CIA and Oil funded bots calling for force.



>UPDATE: Please Pray.

I am kekking so hard I can't tip my fedora.


wtf is happening, bots and shills aside why anybody in their sane mind will ask on an intervention?, they are seriously so desperate?



Well, yeah. They left for a reason.


>they are seriously so desperate?

What do you think? Have you been following this?


File: 7c9587b40aa052a⋯.png (10.22 KB, 302x450, 151:225, tiwttertredns.png)




María Gabriela (Cuba)

Bill Clinton

Los Samanes ("we have no electricity, put it back on you fucks")

Superlano (opposition deputy hospitalized, was allegedly poisoned at a restaurant in Cucuta. His cousin, who was with him, died)

Cliver Alcalá (retired military general)

Tachira River (Venezuelans educating retards from Colombia and other countries on where the Colombia-Venezuela border actually is, since they keep saying that the trucks were burned on the Colombian side when they were clearly over the Tachira River, which is in Venezuela)

Felix Hernandez (a Venezuelan baseball player that is currently doing well)



Maria Gabriela Chávez, actually. Forgot that the first tweets are usually unrelated shit.



That bitch is white as snow and probably doesn't even speak one word of spanish.




I don't know how many people are affected by this, but I know a couple of Venezuelan professionals who are living in the US and get monthly $1K gibs by the government to get college education abroad. Really makes you think.

Anyone knows more about this program btw? they just told me that they got money from the government for studying and that they bought a house in the US (so they wont likely return to venezuela after graduating).



That program has been unavailable for normal people for ages, if they're still on it their families probably have some kind of ties to Maduro's government.


File: 4530c84ce5dfde2⋯.jpg (157.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

The real humanitarian aid: Max Blumenthal tours Venezuela’s state-subsidized communal markets




She does actually speak Spanish tbf. She has a big youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/dannaalquati/videos


File: b907d18e09a3f3b⋯.png (516.61 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Untitled.png)

File: 776646f6c236e2e⋯.png (119.6 KB, 320x320, 1:1, Open_Eye_Laugh_Crying_Emoj….png)

>Venezuela is socialist because they fulfill the 10 commandments of Marx who HE HIMSELF WROTE IN THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO

If anyone is feeling like they could go for some brain damage, here's where it's from




>I'm crying.

Wtf I love military intervention now



Is it this one?


It had a lot of people but it didn't amount to anything.



If you listen to CNN they'll say 10 million people showed up to protest against Maduro. In otherwords, although I'm sure a protest against Maduro failed miserably I doubt you'll find an MSM source to confirm that.


>R*bio's twitter




>Shows a video of 1000s of Venezuelans dressed in nice clean clothes looking healthy and well fed

I thought they were resorting to cannibalism?


File: f8f8283ba4a3afd⋯.jpg (4.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ro-khanna.jpg)

"Progressive" "anti-interventionist" DemocRAT Hoe Cunta (aka Ro Khanna), adored by TYT, Justice Democrats, American progressives/social democrats et al., brands Maduro a "failed dictator who violates human rights"




people that live abroad are the bourgeosie. No poor person can afford to trot around the globe.



This post was brought to you by the




Why are they talking about when they say they expropriated foreign companies? I have never heard of this.


File: ac49930f352143b⋯.png (969.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190224-150006.png)

File: c338f6c9fe2ec9e⋯.png (815.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190224-145957.png)

File: 4f2981c66995063⋯.png (861.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190224-150010.png)

File: ee656bd92172d3a⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190224-145949.png)

File: 5c392dd2a235c29⋯.png (713.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190224-145952.png)


Boy, for people who are starving to death they sure look well fed and well dressed. I wonder how they all could afford those matching hats, and patriotic accessories like the flag umbrellas with all that crippling hyperinflation. They must have cost them a years salary.


File: b16a37ee8ffa367⋯.jpg (135.81 KB, 768x512, 3:2, Moses-and-the-Ten-Commandm….jpg)


>10 commandments

Fuck yes



You mean to tell me social democrat politicians are suddenly siding with fascist imperialists. Shocking!


File: 0a89ad42ed0e6ff⋯.jpg (45.44 KB, 448x327, 448:327, 1527109463387.jpg)

Rubio's tweet about gaddafi. Jesus christ, fucking psycopaths.

This kind of people are always the one with "muh civility" before pulling shit like this.



Why is it that you're allowed to tweet advocating murdering Maduro, but if you tweet advocating murdering any US government official you would get banned from Twitter, your IP address would be handed over to the CIA/FBI if you're in the US and you would get your ass hauled in gitmo and tortured by the US military?



Would Bolsonaro and Trump make Rock finally break the first law of robotics?



is the first law of robotics to not vomit?



>top image is normal

>bottom image with contrast set to 150%

I hope you aren't this blind.


File: c01a64b0adce30e⋯.jpg (194 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 23094n23094.jpg)

File: b776dbc06586e6d⋯.jpg (59.28 KB, 624x351, 16:9, asamblea-venezuela.jpg)


Original images, for that guy who can't afford eyeglasses. Delcy Rodriguez looks a lot darker than usual in the first image, so I'm assuming that it has shit indoor lighting.


File: e23359c30abb8e8⋯.jpg (101.95 KB, 694x380, 347:190, asambleanacional.jpg)


Here's an image where the sunlight shines only on some people, so you can see how much of a difference lighting makes here.



lmfao they're all still white you dumbass

the chavista group is a mix but looks majority brownish even when the opposition is in total shadow they're still white as fuck

kys I hope you get banned for being such an obvious shill



nah, they still look lighter skinned and more of them have european features over indigenous american features.



>the chavista group is a mix but looks majority brownish

Try looking at literally anyone that isn't at the front.




tfw white people are just a product of bad lighting

racism ENDED



The shit shills, gusanos and bots are saying on twitter is fucking astounding dude. People literally saying inane shit like they make $8 a month. You'd be fucking dead, you can't live in a market economy on $8 a month anywhere. How are you even posting on twitter. You'd live in a shack in a slum. You wouldn't have internet. You'd be a hunter gatherer or a medieval peasant. Thats fucking 25c a day. I'm pissed that people are either gullible enough to fall for that, or so cocky that they could even say such lies.



Also, in case you haven't noticed, it's the same damn place. By just looking at the shield, you can notice that the pictures were taken at a different time with different lighting.



>People literally saying inane shit like they make $8 a month. You'd be fucking dead, you can't live in a market economy on $8 a month anywhere.

What do you think Venezuela's minimum monthly salary is? Even at the official rate of 3300 Bs/USD, it's 18000/3300 = $5.45 a month.




Is this actually considered white in Venezuela? They look like Mestizos (admittedly lighter than the Chavistas).




18000 bolivares converts to 4.81 euros, 387.73 Indian rupees, 356.79 Russian rubles or 36.61 Chinese yuan at the official rate.






Adding: Don't assume shit, if you can't understand something just shut up and do your own research instead of saying "it must be false" with literally nothing backing you up.



It makes it easier to spot the colonialist.



I’m saying without context that can’t be true. The Empire Files/Grayzone reports in venezuela said that a gallon of gas was subsidized to something like pennies there (I can’t remember the exact amount). People are saying that on twitter like “imagine trying to live on $8 a month” when that is literally impossible unless you’re actually something like a Mexican below subsistence land holder that grows some of their own food. Essentials are subsidized in Venezuela, you couldn’t survive on $8 a month otherwise. That would make Venezuela’s minimum wage lower than Haiti’s by nearly a factor of 8.



And to add to that it’s useless to just point at the official exchange rate, Venezuela has multiple exchange rates that serve different purposes. A dollar in the hands of a foreign or domestic business is not the same as a dollar in the hands of a normal Venezuelan. Currency doesn’t just have a flat $8 value in that way, a dollar can buy X amount of bolivars and then X amount of investment in capital from a foreign entity, whereas the same conversion for a “dollar” for a Venezuelan here could buy X amount of food, gasoline, rent etc.


File: 37a703be620a66d⋯.png (37.33 KB, 1025x687, 1025:687, image.png)

File: 153b81d82067f70⋯.png (38.6 KB, 1042x706, 521:353, image2.png)


wtf happened in beginning of 2016 and beginning of 2018?

wtf happened in December?




>people look darker in the dark

Based and redpilled high Autism Level post



You're looking at the official rate.


Get with the times, grandpa. Private companies aren't being subsidized anymore, there is only one exchange rate now. DirecTV, for example, operates at a loss since CONATEL hasn't allowed a price raise.



1kg of tomatoes costs $0.50, 1kg of potatoes costs $1.40, 1kg of rice costs $1.20 and 1kg of maize flour costs $1.70.

Services: Water, gas and electricity are almost free, I can't even find a place to pay my bills. Running water is only available for about 12 hours every two weeks (those without water tanks get fucked) in Maracaibo.

Gasoline is also very cheap, there are long lines but you can get it. If something ever breaks in your car, you'll have to pay a lot for imported shit-tier products. Those selling tires don't even take bolivares, just US dollars in cash.

Home internet: A 10Mbps ADSL connection costs $0.30 a month. Most lines don't support 10Mbps, and neither CANTV nor Inter have accepted new clients in years.

Mobile internet: 1GB costs $1.50.

TV: No plan goes over $0.50 a month. No new clients in years.




>Let's not fall for these rhetoric shortcuts akin to "global warming isn't real because it's snowing right now", shall we?

Which this is literally not, and is a legitimate question. If they are starving to death and only making 8 dollars a month then why do they look well fed and healthy? How did they afford all their matching gear and accessories for this protest?

>Posts idpol

>Says their economy is in shambles and the country is extremely polarized




Those who earn <$6 a month can't afford the transportation to go to the Colombia-Venezuela border, so it's obvious that you won't see those there.



And those who can afford the tickets could be people who receive remittances, freelancers, runescape players, etc.



The opposition is funded by foreigners. Buying matching t-shirts from Colombia and distributing them would be no big deal or, of course, they could just have a bigger income than the average Venezuelan and buy them with that extra money.


Sounds like Cuba.


File: 9bd543d66399abe⋯.png (344.95 KB, 599x600, 599:600, 1_pGXq83ORia3r94UPmQVKug.png)

File: 9bd543d66399abe⋯.png (344.95 KB, 599x600, 599:600, 1_pGXq83ORia3r94UPmQVKug.png)

File: 9bd543d66399abe⋯.png (344.95 KB, 599x600, 599:600, 1_pGXq83ORia3r94UPmQVKug.png)

File: 9bd543d66399abe⋯.png (344.95 KB, 599x600, 599:600, 1_pGXq83ORia3r94UPmQVKug.png)

File: 9bd543d66399abe⋯.png (344.95 KB, 599x600, 599:600, 1_pGXq83ORia3r94UPmQVKug.png)


Oh so 50,000 people who are

making significantly more money than <$6 a month, who are well fed and thriving in Venezuela bought tickets to go across the country to the border and demand humanitarian aid. Sounds legit, almost as legit as the claim they make less 6 dollars a month. Well I guess living in Venezuela is like hell, and it wasn't MSM propaganda after all… How does it feel to shill for the CIA?



Yes, I think it's safe to assume that at least 0.17% of the population of Venezuela can afford to do that.



Food seems to have the same price as in the U.S.


Where are the food riots?



why dont venezuelans just print more money lol



It's the one that forbids killing a human being.


File: 6f98f3270ff3092⋯.png (558.39 KB, 595x591, 595:591, venezuela invasion.PNG)

I'm confused why this doesn't seem to be getting talked about much. The Trump admin is saying they're going to have a big announcement on Monday and then the VP of Venezuela says that Lima is going to approve an invasion tomorrow. Is it just disbelief?


File: ce9659361e0db54⋯.jpg (141.6 KB, 1080x629, 1080:629, Screenshot_20190224-191526….jpg)

Why do people take this guy seriously?


It's been obvious that they'll invade since the coup failed and they tried the aid thing.


File: 64607a47e41d56a⋯.jpg (13.8 KB, 255x213, 85:71, d7e15b38ee111357dbf0fa892c….jpg)


I'm deeply worried that there's going to be a fucking invasion of a South American country that refuses to bow down to the West. I'm really hoping that this will change the opinion of the U.S and people will get angry of it. Or Russia and China would fight back.



>I'm really hoping that this will change the opinion of the U.S

Seeing liberals online go from "nobody wants intervention" to "maybe it is better than the slow, continued suffering under the tyrant Maduro" is just fucked. Does nobody fucking remember Iraq? Or Syria for that matter? Libya? This shit happened a couple of years ago, and the last full-scale invasion of a country we had was the biggest blunder since Vietnam. WHY isn't this obvious at this point? Military invasions are humanitarian disasters. They don't help people, they kill hundreds of thousands and destroy entire nation's productive forces.



>Maduro fucked everything up to the point that the damage he has done really is on the same level as some pro-America tinpot dictator. At this juncture, the only thing making Maduro the lesser evil is Murka's involvement, which will always be a doombringer. Maduro deserves unyielding support right now, but if he's still there when this blows over, I can but hope the far left stages an October.

Lmao enjoy your impending ban


File: a1ce921d2d6931a⋯.jpg (55.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 52971427_326480857976134_5….jpg)

>Anons actually believing the average monthly pay in Venezuela is less than 6 dollars a month

>Unironically thinking that despite 99% of the population suffering from mass starvation that the less than 1% of the upper class Venezuelan population whom could afford cool matching Venezuela flag hats, umbrellas, shades and backpacks… bought cool protesting gear and tickets to go across the country to demand humanitarian aid for themselves.

>Believing Venezuela's economy is in complete shambles and that they are highly politically polarized

>Not believing that any economic or polarization problems Venezuela might have is a product of CIA efforts

>Believing Maduro is an evil dictator who stole the election and refused humanitarian aid for his starving population

People who think there is a good case to invade Venezuela are at least 10 times stupider than the people who wanted to invade Iraq. It’s as if Trump has turned people into brainless dipshits (even liberals). CNN is reporting that Maduro is a super villain (without really giving an answer as to why). Their correspondents are making wild claims about people starving to death, people eating rats, making less than 6 dollars a month, mothers selling their kids for food and Maduro refusing to allow them aid. None of this is believable, but yet every MSM outlet is copying and pasting CNN reports without so much as sending their own correspondents to Venezuela. Even if all this were true, which it's not. CNN expects us to think this is a legit reason to invade. They're not even trying to sell it and think just because some people will believe anything Trump says that their reporters can just say "Herp a derp Venezuela president bad people starve we must invade" that it's a convincing argument for war that Americans should consent to. At least with Iraq they said Saddam was somehow tied into 9/11, had WMDs, wanted to drop sarin gas on San Francisco, were actively working with Al Qaeda to build nuclear bombs, starved their people, tortured their people and gassed the kurds. They worked hard to sell that war, but now that Trump is President, and has turned his bases brains into mush, they aren't even trying. Maybe it’s because they have been reassured there is an army of astroturfing bots to promote it. People who are falling for this Venezuela intervention propaganda are probably the stupidest devolution of humanity in 10,000 years.

Also of note there have been plans to invade Venezuela for years



File: fd73f6b405af2f7⋯.jpg (66.6 KB, 1200x637, 1200:637, gop-socialism-fundraiser.jpg)


possible, but i doubt an invasion. i think trump would prefer to slowly bleed and strangle VZ with sanctions, blockade and destabilization, worsening all the problems through 2020, so he can use Venezuelan suffering as a re-election prop against the "socialist" Democrats. I doubt he'd want to just let that go now. He wants slow death to play out through the next election, not a quick fix.



Not Zizek too! Is he really shilling a soft green light on Maduro? It's like the reptilian invasion has begun, and we are surrounded by pod people.



That would allow him to still play the anti interventionist card for 2020.




If he invades and wins it will undoubtedly boost his approval rating. His retarded base will support anything he does if it looks impressive.



yeah, it would. but he'd also have to ensure it doesn't turn to shit between now and 2020. Iraq raised W's approval rating at first too, but a year later it had turned to shit and was more of a liability. He managed to still win, but it then turned to still further shit after and the Dems wiped them in the next mid-term. They'd have to not just win but keep it from becoming a shit show in the months and years after.



Hey, maybe '08 will repeat again then. Vnzl would drag the US down with it in a way.




Big if true. He may be an idiot, but Trump is probably the best used car salesman in the game. Not only will he get to play the anti-interventionist card or cause an anti-socialist panic across the political spectrum… But he also has craftily led the liberals, the progressive philosophers (like Zizek), Democrat Cops of America and the 2020 democrat presidential pool to jump the gun in their condemnations of Maduro in support of a coup. Trump basically revealed them to be puppets, shills and talent whom readily provide service to the oil oligarchs.



The WSWS is the only organization with the correct platform. Agitate in strikes and urge workers to from rank and file comittees and use this involvement to educate them on the dangers of opportunists like Sanders, AOC, etc. The demonization of socialism will cause the "progressives" to proclaim their love for capitalism and then cause the Democrat Cops of America to denounce the gains of the Russian Revolution.

As the class struggle intensifies the lines in the sand will be clearer and clearer.



I would like them more if they weren't Trots that shit on the Soviet Union at any given opportunity. However, I do like their articles and I think they are generally a positive force.



>Vice President of #Venezuela @DrodriguezVen announces that tomorrow, the Lima Group will approve an international coalition to invade Venezuela.

Can anyone find anything else on this?


File: 4986a0e3bd4a494⋯.png (156.45 KB, 480x338, 240:169, ClipboardImage.png)

uuuh time to pack it up sweeties



nigger woman should listen to pink haired girl, she has a point there



I love how reactionaries lambaste standpoint theory when it's used to criticize racism but employ it themselves to shill for imperialism. Gutless husks, the lot of them.



Notice how they make the "Venezuelan" girl black and the Chavista white, even though the reality is literally the opposite of that.



>"Huh you don't want to like invade sovereign countries and sheit? Hah hah Muh pink hair essjaydubya xD"

I fucking hate this nightmare reality



why are you pretending the bolivar is anything like a stable currency? hyperinflation does weird shit to exchange rates.

I have the feeling someone found this thread and is doing some media control, in leftypol of all places.



The black market exchange rate took a hike in the firsts weeks of January. From like 800 or 900 Bs per Dollar to 3000 Bs per Dollar



>"Maduro is Muh Authoritarian because he didn't hold a recount for an election with no fucking evidence of rigging"

>"Maduro is Muh Authoritarian for suppressing the protesters those guys starting shit were just some bad egg's!"

>"I don't care about them burning Social-Services down im looking at Maduro's behaviour"

>"I don't like Maduro at all really"

>"I don't really care about Rioters cuz you know what's much more dangerous? Da stayte!!!!"

<"Oh but I like totally oppose the intervention tee hee XD"


File: d8aef0513e28c7a⋯.jpg (578.06 KB, 1199x1587, 1199:1587, Nicolás_Maduro,_president_….jpg)

>My life is completely devoted to the defense of the country. In any circumstance: I will never bend. I will never give up. I will always defend our country, WITH MY LIFE ITSELF

>If one day you find out that they did something to me, go out into the street and make a socialist and proletarian revolution.




(Spanish) Venezuelan minister shows proof of false flags operations on the border (burning trucks, hijacked truck, attempted murder of a chilean journalist, punching of opposition senator, poisoning of opposition senator) while taunting Guaido, the presidents of chile, colombia, and the OAS

Videos for the people who only speak Imperialist:





That's not inconsistent.



Feel bad for having doubted this guy.




I wish






I doubt he'll do it.

Invading would he doesnt get to use Maduro as a boogie man against Bernie.


File: fc9d1f8c5a3478a⋯.jpg (40.36 KB, 640x360, 16:9, maduronicolas_011019getty.jpg)



I got it from this tweet, it seems legit. There is a video and everything. In Spanish, he said:

>Mi vida está consagrada completamente a la defensa de la patria. En cualquier circunstancia: jamás me doblegaré. Jamás me rendiré. Siempre defenderé de nuestra patria, CON MI VIDA MISMA

>Es una orden que le doy al pueblo… que le doy a los militares patriotas, a todas las FANB… Si algún día uds. amanecieran con la noticia que le han hecho algo a Nicolás Maduro: SALGAN A LAS CALLES EN UNA UNIÓN CIVICO-MILITAR A HACER UNA GRAN REVOLUCIÓN PROLETARIA, SOCIALISTA







>/pol/ thinks South Americans are MS-13, rapist, drug dealing Antifas

>/pol/ thinks the MSM lies about everything

>/pol/ believes the U.S. needs to pull out of the forever wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan because we shouldn't have been there in the first place

Donald Trump: Did you see the news about Maduro? We need to save those poor Venezuelans, and might need to invade them!

/pol/: Hehe, you think Maduro is the good guy. You cucks are just going to let the Venezuelans starve like they are talking about on CNN instead of invading.

The cognitive dissonance is real.



"Cognitive dissonance" implies there is any psychological distress caused by the contradiction. The problem is that they don't feel any cognitive dissonance from the hypocrisy.



>Can anyone find anything else on this?

no but I won't be surprised if it's true

the meeting is tomorrow and there's supposed to be "major announcements"




Any potential cognitive dissonance is subsumed by their jew conspiracy mind virus. They probably already tied maduro to the jews.

Remember, "jewish man, bad"



I mean besides the smear campaign against Maduro taken as the gospel truth of him, and dubious claims about the conditions in Venezuela… It's basically a soft green light for intervention. I mean someone is going to take the time to outline how the Venezuelans are so hungry they are resorting to cannibalism, and that Maduro is like literally a latin Hitler when they know damn well the neocons got their fingers on the trigger then not expect them to drop some freedumb bombs. That's very naive, and that line of thinking about the evil Venezuelan dictator and his communist country with no food on their plates is /pol/ tier.

It's like they don't remember the news and hype preceding the Iraq war. Where everyone was in agreement that there were WMDs.The people were all starving there, and the conditions for them were awful. The Iraqis were like practically begging us to invade and overthrow Saddam who practically was the head of Al Qaeda too. Then we got there, and after we had our bloodbath all the propaganda turned out to be bullshit. I mean we only killed a few hundred thousand civilians, destabilized the nation and sunk the U.S. economy while enriching it's arms dealers but it's totally forgettable and understandable if you don't remember.

I swear America is fucking doomed.


File: 4fb50f0571a72b8⋯.mp4 (3.46 MB, 360x640, 9:16, African-Americans standing….mp4)




It does not mean shit when there is hyperinflation that can cause money to lose 90% of its USD value in a few months.



I fucking love these people, whoever they are.



I'm glad trump is someone the libtards and leftists both oppose wholly.




File: a1a7e0c0bb50de9⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 750x537, 250:179, 6523419687496879.jpg)


>That video



>The Geneva convention isn't applicable to Venezuela, it only applies in armed conflicts.

Well shit.

You know what's next.




This Wikipedia article collects data about the venezuelan minimum salary: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anexo:Salario_m%C3%ADnimo_en_Venezuela#Cono_monetario_(VEF)

The value in dollars at the end of the month hits the single digits in november 2017.


File: 7547fca05f0eeea⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 890x656, 445:328, something so ignorant I ha….jpg)


>The Geneva convention isn't applicable to Venezuela, it only applies in armed conflicts.

How the fuck does that work when they are literally going to start a war for oil? Are they just going to say it isn't a war?



Using a hypothetical example:

There's a country with 2 million people. One side has 1,000,000 armed people and the other side has 1,000,000 unarmed people. If the armed side kills 500,000 people from the unarmed side and the unarmed side doesn't take up arms, there's no armed conflict.



Does it represent the cost of life?

With 1.53 USD, you can merely buy 1kg of rice in the U.S., but with 3 000 000 VEF, can you feed yourself for a month in Venezuela?


File: 6d81b820bfb8dc4⋯.mp4 (15.3 MB, 592x1280, 37:80, AOC-venezuela.mp4)

AOC brands Venezuela as "authoritarian", a "failure of democracy" and a "failed state



File: 1f18699a788ebdb⋯.mp4 (368.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, it don't matter.mp4)


nuclear first strike on m*ttistan when






Jesus Christ her voice is awful.



Not really an indictment against Maduro per se…


File: b5266607bdbf33d⋯.png (676.99 KB, 575x767, 575:767, b5266607bdbf33de61f53159b7….png)


Living in this stupid country makes me feel like im in some shitty made-for-tv dystopian film. I already told my friends and family that Venezuela is a legitimate democracy and they look at me like i came out as a satanist. Now the most "progressive politicians" wont even tell the truth, and its not even lying because they bought the propaganda.

Fuck everything


File: 306d76da7162852⋯.mp4 (3.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sen. Elizabeth Warren on V….mp4)

Elizabeth Warren: "Maduro is a dictator [who] does not have our support, and we join our allies in supporting the opposition. I think right now we [should] provide humanitarian aid [to Venezuela]."



File: 09a314816151c99⋯.jpg (75.32 KB, 540x567, 20:21, 09a314816151c9922d8dadd8a6….jpg)



This "Maduro is a dictator"-line has been repeated so often that everyone just takes it as fact, despite 0 proof.

Crazy how it be like that sometimes.


File: 37849000c76368a⋯.png (389.13 KB, 720x653, 720:653, 20190225_141647.png)

File: 5fd2e1b50c30c14⋯.png (95.78 KB, 720x442, 360:221, 20190225_141623.png)

File: 18e72bbc6d2a749⋯.png (97.34 KB, 720x618, 120:103, 20190225_141600.png)

File: 0a2918a7e25076e⋯.png (195.61 KB, 719x725, 719:725, 20190225_141501.png)

File: b5097abc778f065⋯.png (276.63 KB, 720x726, 120:121, 20190225_141431.png)

There is about a 65% chance they're going to milk this for the elections judging by their big announcement today. If you ignore Rubio who is just a bloodthirsty bitch it sounds like they are going to try to starve as many Venezuelans as possible with even more sanctions. Then force Venezuela into open it's borders to CIA agents by sneaking them in with humanitarian aid (who will reak more death, destruction and chaos). While playing Dems into conceding he's in the right with sanctions and forced humanitarian aid. Then finally play the non interventionist card, and still be able to use Venezuela as a boogey man against a progressive candidate in 2020. This might scare the moderates, centrists and swing voters into voting for him.

Makes me wonder if the establishment Dems aren't in on the act to scare Democrats into voting for a centrist during primaries.



They're going in within a matter of months, if not weeks. Bolton wants his war and Trump is a retard who thinks "RARRR ME TAKE OIL". Globally, the clock is running against the West and the regime here in Burgerland needs to kill or at least maim some other country soon.



>There is about a 65% chance they're going to milk this for the elections judging by their big announcement today.

Bernie is an absolute fool for falling for it.

He should have given complete and utter support to Maduro and pulled back the curtain on U.S. foreign policy in Latin America, but instead he cucked out.

Fucking socdems



tbf his information is probably provided by us govt departments


File: 9fc2c1c84dc318e⋯.png (805.41 KB, 1440x1548, 40:43, Screenshot_20190225-150910….png)

The Onion still drops fire sometimes. Unironically a better source than the NYT on American foreign policy or Israel.


why is venezuela burning aid trucks



because it has aids

or because the protesters put gasoline in the trucks to burn them and blame the police as a false flag



File: 6a65f2806cbb41e⋯.mp4 (7.1 MB, 360x778, 180:389, R4Obl99W1UEqvfCB.mp4)

AOC weighs in



Wow hope and change amiright fellow american leftists?


File: 2c8845ff6d4e81b⋯.png (158.25 KB, 444x417, 148:139, 1547578676325.png)


>it's not about socialism guys

>let me defend the poor from my luxury apartment while cutting expensive fruit


File: 6ad97debb9883f7⋯.png (15.69 KB, 633x758, 633:758, a.png)


s-shut up third worldist


File: 5b4f764bbe4a2d1⋯.jpg (52.66 KB, 600x642, 100:107, 1547586494050.jpg)


I literally stop listening to anyone when they say "authoritarian" or "totalitarian".



I want to save her from the coming fire and help her gain class consciousness.



Fucking blow your brains out dumb horny cunt. Fucking stop people below 25 from entering politics.



"totalitarian" is a descriptor of the present society, tho. ALL nation-states in the modern world are totalitarian, because totalizing institutions are necessary for capitalism (or socialism for that matter) to exist in any viable form.

"Authoritarian" is a bullshit scare word though, and "totalitarian" is often used as such to deflect from the reality that America's totalizing institutions are the most invasive and pervasive in the world (evidenced by the absolutely insane narratives that Americans accept as normal and accepted, that no one else in the world would believe for a second). When Americans denounce an enemy state as "totalitarian", it's pure projection, such as the bullshit we're all probably familiar with in school where they say the USSR told students what they would be in school (which is a defining feature of the Burger education system, from cradle to graduation and increasingly, right to the grave). The only people who have any sort of freedom are the people at the bottom who are allowed freedom because their work is deemed worthless or interchangeable with any other prole, and the people at the top who are free to do whatever the fuck they want. Freedom is a lie, always was and especially is now when you're being told to constantly sacrifice before the altar of corporate profits and some asinine pseudo-religion for "the environment" where the ruling class is associated with Nature itself.



I'm probably older than you angry faggot, same for AOC. You think I would ever vote (for her)? Her stance is garbage and she is a watered down "soc"dem.

Doesn't matter, I would smash and if you wouldn't also hate fuck the shit out of those dumb right wing blondes you are no comrade of mine



The reason I stop listening is because it's not used in the way you describe 99.999% of the time.



yeah, even socialists and Communists can be guilty of using the word "totalitarian" improperly, because it's been normalized and there isn't a coherent theory of just how totalitarian capitalism had to become after the OG Great Depression (for the capitalists, because it would interfere with the narrative that muh markers = freedumb, and for socialists because of a lack of meaningful theory on what capitalism exactly is today, and some LARPing like we're still living in the Gilded Age and they're going to do a Lenin). I mean, the information is out there if people want to connect the dots, but strangely Communists don't explain this because of rigid adherence to Marxist and later Soviet/Maoist orthodoxies, and then there was simply no Communist movement left after 1990 or so.



>Doesn't matter, I would smash and if you wouldn't also hate fuck the shit out of those dumb right wing blondes you are no comrade of mine

>I'm probably older than you angry faggot, same for AOC.

spot the lie



The point of smashing the blondes is to dilute the violent wh*te """""human""""" genes. No point in doing AOC.



she still got dat white ass just gimme an hour alone with her and i will finish her mexicanization process



that's fucking retarded. Maduro is based AND there is no justification for a US INVASION, proxy war, etc no matter what.

Also, Zizcuck literally said he doesn't support Maduro, so he deserves gulag.



she gets the wall



he's not a fool, he is a backstabbing SOCDEM



Doesn't he still not support invasion though and is against Guaido as well?



>tee hee silly commies, Maduro eats babies BUT we shouldn't stop him~~




You guys know Bernie has voted for imperialist policies for decades, right? He's not being tricked, his supporters are.



Was just about to comment that, it's insane how here in Latin America the easiest way to know to someone's socioeconomic status is (and by that who they support obviously) is by looking at their skin color. Not venezuelan but I'd imagine it's especially true there.



Not necessarily. I'm Venezuelan, I'm chavista and I would be considered white, but of course, not so white compared to a person of clearly germanic or aglo-saxon descent. There are a bunch of "brown" people who are not class conscious so they operate against their interest, they would be considered a temporarily embarrassed entrepreneur…


File: 7acc7eb643013ba⋯.jpg (157.38 KB, 795x1280, 159:256, D0A_J1BWkAcz7yU.jpg orig.jpg)

The omen of Empire's coming.



>temporarily embarrassed entrepreneur…

South American society in a nutshell.


File: 036f5bd00303f3c⋯.webm (7.58 MB, 360x360, 1:1, Jimmy 'One-man war' Dore ….webm)




The "VEB/VEF de enero de 1999 en VEF/VES" column has the value adjusted to inflation instead of the US dollar. The value of the salary stays around 200 "VEF" until late 2014.


File: 840acfa01fb6e53⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 496x331, 496:331, file-20180313-30994-1d202l….jpg)


I would willing to bet that the Democrat donors and their establishment noticed that well over half of Ocasio's supporters were arguing against interventionism and even defending Venezuela. So Nancy Pelosi and Dem leadership pulled her aside, and said:

"Ocasio, your supporters are supporting an indisputable kleptocrat dictator. This is going to look bad… on you… and on all of us. Donald Trump is going to use this against us all in the upcoming election, and maybe win back all 3 houses because of it. I bet you want to be a senator or president one day right? How about a tit for tat? I'll get a couple of senators and congress people to support that little New Green Deal pet project you got. I'll also get a couple T.V. personalities and magazines to give you some more sympathy. I'll even have the DNC throw in funding for a senatorial run. All you have to do is tell your 3 million Twitter followers that Maduro is an indisputable kleptocratic dictator starving his people, and that just because he says he's a socialist doesn't mean that he's cool. I'll help you if you help me."

I'm sure Nancy and the Dem leaders said this while hiding butcher knives behind their backs with malicious intent knowing full well this hurts Ocasio more than helps her. Bernie already knows the game, and may have been promised some funds. Both Bernie and Ocasio know full well that a huge portion of their constituents aren't into interventionism or the demonization of American adversaries (i.e. Jimmy Dore)… But narcissism and some recent refreshing gains may have dulled their wits. This level of error makes Trump look like a brilliant political strategist next to them. For all his optical blunders he always knows his base, and what brings them to the polls.



Considered white by venezuelan standards? I'm chilean and have light brown skin but live in a pretty well off area where almost everyone's white.




>temporarily embarrassed entrepreneur

Don’t those people only exist in the first world?



Idk, do you consider Chile first world? Plenty of those people here.


File: 5d180f13cdd4d62⋯.jpg (219.04 KB, 750x440, 75:44, yuria.jpg)


Based Jimmy "Porky I Abhor" Dore confirmed for the next Lenin


File: d0b9d2b5b0bd77c⋯.jpg (116.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Nu "ISRAELITES HEADQUARTERS" black israelite video, fuckers





Lol, no, I know for a fact anglophone west africa has a ton of that, peddlers living in slums that are always going for some wild business scheme and sincerely expecting to become millionaires for coercing dumber guys to work for them



Jimmy "No War But Class War" Dore

Jimmy "Let the Bourgeoisie Hit the Floor" Dore

Jimmy "Red to the Core" Dore

And now, Jimmy "Viva el Trabajador" Dore


File: b4c6c18f5919747⋯.png (288.62 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Dore.png)



*sniff* But the choice between the blue and the red pill is not really a choice between illusion and reality. Of course Matrix is a machine for fictions, but these are fictions which already structure our reality! If you take away from our reality the symbolic fictions that regulate it, you lose reality itself!


Remember when trumpets claimed to support him because he wasn't interested in getting in wars?


File: 76bce2dc330de06⋯.jpg (98.34 KB, 960x708, 80:59, bolton.jpg)

File: bb5022c7d1962ed⋯.jpg (121.73 KB, 960x946, 480:473, trojan-horse.jpg)

File: f2b1359770d2080⋯.jpg (75.98 KB, 851x503, 851:503, trump-miguel-bose.jpg)



Did Trump say that at one point? I don't remember tbh, all I remember hearing was how Trump would have trouble bonding with Putin considering his relationship with Maduro.



this. we are controlled in ways that Hitler and other "totalitarians" like mussolini could have only DREAMED of in the early 20th century. The state has never been more powerful than it is today, and it will only become more powerful as time goes on. States until the 1930s were absolutely parsimonious and pathetic until the 1930s, which actually makes historical states even more marvelous for what they achieved with what little resources they had



>it's not about ideology like capitalism or socialism… it's 'very much' about authoritarianism vs democracy which are NOT ideologies because…we need to EMPOWER the bourgeoisie public


Jorge Ramos, influential latin Liberal journalist with Univision, detained for almost three hours after interview with Maduro; footage and equipment confiscated.


Video is an interview with him having a bitchfit about it.

Post last edited at



No surprise. Hugo Chavez practiced a "hearts and minds" softpower outreach campaign in inner city populations across the American East Coast by offering free/subsidized winter heating to low-income blacks and Hispanics through PDVSA/Citgo's natural gas division. But that was in the good old days when PDVSA was raking in the dough hand over foot, now I don't think they even own the iconic Citgo building in Boston.



>This doesn't look good on Maduro of course

Lol they make everything look bad on Maduro, even when it's not, anyway, it's an interview Maduro is not obligated to give permission to release it or not, I believe it's his prerogative. It's not a real time event ocurring in the streets so whatever… F… Univision.



Trump hates Univision which is kind of funny cause they’re not a left wing outlet by any means.



>This doesn't look good on Maduro of course,

Shut up bitch, if Maduro sent him to the GULAG it would be great.



>Hugo Chavez practiced a "hearts and minds" softpower outreach campaign in inner city populations

It's called international solidarity idiot



What was the interview even about?


The trucks were full of nails, wires, masks, etc. for sabotage.





Why the fuck was Black Panther nominated? i have to admit i haven't seen it or any superhero movie ever since i went with my mom to see the first Avengers movie but holy shit is it seriouly just another superhero movie that got nominated just for idpol shit?


File: ea44c7ded9d2ba3⋯.jpg (86.13 KB, 689x514, 689:514, jamahiriya.jpg)


>green book

>has nothing to do with Qaddafi or the Jamahiriya

I'm pissed too and i just learned about this movie.


File: 4ef26d23d38a425⋯.jpg (87.45 KB, 447x304, 447:304, porky.jpg)


>Jorge Ramos is captured by the Maduros who is absolutely indisputably an ebil baby eating dictator after Jorge Ramos barges into Maduros office past his indisputably totalitarian military and gives an impromptu interview

>After Jorge Ramos asks hard hitting questions to the indisputably kleptocratic dictator who is indisputably like a Hitler muppet on crack asking questions like "Why you gommunists have no food on plate and not give legitimate president guido humanitarian aid" jorge is sent to Venezuelan death camp

> After spending THREE WHOLE HOURS in the Venezuelan death camp (almost as time as getting caught with a crack pipe in America) the indisputable indisputably irrefutable undeniably authoritarian dictator who drives to childrens houses takes their food and tells them to eat rats Maduro bows to international pressure and release Jorge Ramos

>Beaten and bruised Jorge Ramos tells his horrifying tale of his heroic interview and subsequent brutal persecution

ThAt LoOkS BaD!!!


I can't bring myself to watch it. She looks like a bourgeouis stepford wife preparing a 40 dollar meal getting ready to give me the talking point du jour about how Maduro is indisputably a dictator. What does she even say?



The capeshit was best picture or really deserved 7 nominations because Disney should be sweeping the oscars with the MCU every year.



It’s exactly as good as all other MCU entries.



You really ought to watch it.


Anybody following Boots Riley on Twitter? Guy has been tweeting about Venezuela non-stop since days now, has lost many followers due to his anti-imperialist stance, with tons of hate in the comments included "Venezuelans" posting NYT and WaPo articles in a rage.



He's been curb-stomping Twizzler imperialists for weeks, pretty based. He's good at it.




>"Other of it is simply Maduro&his govt doing fucked up shit."

-Bootlicker Riley


If you challenge this fucking idiot on anything he says, he just rants about how famous he is so you need to stfu. Boots Riley is fucking scum.



That was back in January.

He's reposting a lot of Abby Martin videos saying he's not a dictator and stuff like that since then.

He seems much more suspicious of people claiming he's a tyrant.






I believe that, if Guaido comes into power, he will make the U.S. dollar the Venezuelan currency, thus ending the hyperinflation crisis.

Then /pol/tards will say "socialism rekt by capitalism once more".





>In the entirety of American media there is just a B-list actor, a retired rocker and Jimmy Dore who notice this whole Venezuela narrative sounds like complete bullshit

And I was told the reptilians weren't putting mind control drugs in soy!



The rose strikes once more




for some reason i missed this on my local news cast



>Boots Riley

Did anyone post this yet?



File: 5241dc456699d81⋯.png (243.66 KB, 461x545, 461:545, gothic_marx.png)

US amasses specials ops in Puerto Rico, army in Colombia to oust Maduro – Russian Security Council


>The relocation of American special forces’ units to Puerto Rico, the deployment of the US Army units to Colombia and other facts evidently show that Pentagon is enhancing its military in the region in order to use it in ousting… President [Nicolas] Maduro.



>b-list actor

Idk, Sorry to Bother You was actually kinda cool. It also got critical praise. It's not a B-Movie.



Even if a black ops is able to kill Maduro, there will just be another PSUV candidate. Chavismo is a mass movement, killing Maduro won't achieve shit.



I doubt they would just assassinate him and move on, after all what would that accomplish as you are rightly pointing out. An armed solution is the only way forward if the Americans and their lackeys intend to press their point, and should they succeed they will surely repress their class enemies (in this case the Chavistas, PSUV and other leftists), just as we communists would.

Venezuela to me shows that you endanger the gains of the revolution by not properly addressing the internal threats. Have the fight on your terms instead of letting the enemy dictate when and how, as they are now doing.


Bernie Repeats CIA Talking Points On Venezuela




Honestly, dont even have an "opposition" party till capitalism is defeated. Its pointless.

They always do this shit.



> Sorry to Bother You was actually kinda cool

As far as I'm concerned Boots Riley is the best actor in Hollywood right now. It's just mindblowing how many people in the media are getting hooked into what is clearly American propaganda.



Of course not. The key electoral strategy today is to avoid making promises, which would inevitably be broken, and instead use the media to foster a vague aura of "positiveness", so that voters can project whatever they want on them.


After becoming history's first "self-proclaimed president", Guaidó now is literally asking other countries to invade his nation.

I don't know what's more stunning, whether it's that this was the best stooge the international establishment managed to summon, or whether they managed to make it stick.


File: 2b92a295ff3b130⋯.jpg (74.2 KB, 600x512, 75:64, 52729346_10157413865089467….jpg)


>Self proclaimed president guido begging other countries to invade his nation

I'm the President of the U.S.A. please invade us!

>Best stooge the international establishment managed to summon

b-b-b-but it's not out of thin air.. He was democratically elected as opposition in an election that was rigged for Maduro


Comrade Boots Riley is noticing a discrepancy



I'm looking forward to watching Sorry to Bother. Watching Boots Riley talk about class conciousness and the CIA dirty wars is making me root for this guy's continued success.


>I doubt they would just assassinate him and move on, after all what would that accomplish as you are rightly pointing out

Somehow I suspect Trump and the neocons are winging this



>GREENE: And so what is the mood on the streets? I mean, are they still with the opposition and hoping that they continue forward?

>PERALTA: Yeah. I think people are definitely still in on this fight. But they're really frustrated, and they're tired. And a lot of them this weekend picked up and went to the beach, so I drove out there.

>I find Carolina (ph), Miriam (ph) and Maria (ph) eating some chips, taking some sun. They work for the government, so they didn't want me to use their full names because they fear losing their jobs.

>PERALTA: Miriam called everyone last night and planned a beach outing to de-stress. Carolina had one request - no one talks politics.





Speaking of which, do we even know how many votes he got in his last election?


File: b87de922a11edf8⋯.jpg (157.5 KB, 564x530, 282:265, liberals.jpg)

these people…



scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds


File: c6bafc26217e5c3⋯.jpeg (66.51 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, B5E8D1A7-EC7E-4E1F-BE3E-B….jpeg)


What’s funny is that these people assume that the US, or any capitalist country has good movies when they intervene in another country. No matter how bad or “authoritatian” a country might be, it will always get worse when an imperialist country interferes. History has proven this time and time again. These people aren’t actually interested in helping the Venezuelan people. If they were, they would be advocating an end to sanctions and a return of Venezuela’s gold. That would be something that would ACTUALLY help them.



also, a government that

- spends more on military and weapons than any other by far

- imprisons more of its own people than any other by far

- starts unprovoked wars pathologically every couple years

- runs a surveillance state that records all the communications of its citizens

- uses starvation (sanctions) as a weapon of war against those it defines as adversaries

- runs a global network of prisons where people from all over the world are held indefinitely without charge or trial

- does not actually elect any of its federal leaders democratically

etc. etc. etc.

is not any sort of "authoritarian" and can seemingly be "tolerated" in all manner of ways.



There's a difference between actual reactionary cunts, and the vast majority of people around the world who can't even spell "imperialism", let alone know how military interventions are always a disaster. Class consciousness is ded. F



> Watching Boots Riley talk about class conciousness and the CIA dirty wars is making me root for this guy's continued success.




UN independent expert in human rights creates petition to support UN mediation in Venezuelan crisis to de-escalate threatening rhetoric. The expert also shares a lot of UN reports showcasing how Maduro has been collaborating with the international community to solve crisis and how the mainstream media has ignored his efforts for a long time. I remember such reports also existed on pre-war Lybia, showcasing Gaddafi's achievements on gender equality, fighting poverty, and education.


Opinions? worth sharing?


File: 36c2de09cc56602⋯.png (508.41 KB, 1200x808, 150:101, Screenshot_2019-02-26-20-1….png)


That thread is gold.

Boots is doing gods work



Venezuelan here, 97.492 votes, 26% of the total ballot.

Source: http://www.cne.gob.ve/resultado_asamblea2015/r/0/reg_240000.html



97,492 votes out of 190,796 valid votes represent 51.09% of votes. Remember that you're using the results of one state, and that there are more seats in the National Assembly than states in Venezuela.


File: 3922cab9b9bf5f6⋯.png (11.37 KB, 503x240, 503:240, votoscaaaaaaaaaa.png)


Wait, I used the wrong number. Still, people had two votes, and that's why there are twice as many votes than voters counted. Dividing the valid votes by two[1] then dividing Guaidó's votes by that gives me 52.03%

[1] Sometimes, one of the votes is invalid while the other one isn't. 374,773 divided by 2 is 187,386.50, and as far as I know Venezuela's voting system doesn't count half a person.



Well yeah they had two votes, they selected two candidates. One person chose two deputies in that particular state, Vargas state. That 52.03% is just the opposition votes in general that gets divided between the two candidates . The other half are chavistas votes, PSUV mostly.

Anyway the fact is only 97,492 people voted for the guy…dó



Yeah. The vast majority of people just voted for "the opposition candidate" or "the pro-Maduro candidate" instead of "Juan Guaidó" or "Elías Jaua", as usual.


File: 8c66fc1491a27a6⋯.jpg (221.76 KB, 1060x985, 212:197, Screenshot_20190226-221000….jpg)

So we have

>Boots Riley

>Roger Waters


>Pamela Anderson

Who else will join anti-imperialist gang?



hopefully my man bob dylan


was just passing by my grandpa's room and he was watching the news, it was a video of a shooting in Buena Vista or some shit, i didn't manage to hear it all but the reporter said they are getting their sources from breitbart, i live in México btw


File: 14f756cd282d086⋯.jpg (69.95 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 14f.jpg)





lack of chavizmo flag: detected



Actually we have Roger Waters going AGAINST Backstabbin' Bernie:



File: 8f2e6f59b7d19e3⋯.jpg (139.96 KB, 730x1024, 365:512, 1510006727313.jpg)




>Rwanda!!! Hitler!!!!

There's no reason for an either/or. No reason to accept exaggerated or untrue shit about Maduro or whoever is the enemy of the month. It's designed to inflame and underpin their premise. We should both reject their lies about reality and the insanity of their proposed "solutions", not one or the other.

Also, "tolerate" and "authoritarianism" are fuzzy buzzwords that aren't defined and don't really mean anything in that argument. All dude is really saying is "Your views can never, ever be anything that i don't like." What exactly is "authoritarianism", and what exactly constitutes "tolerating" it here? Does this guy think declaring some guy named Juan the president and demanding the elected president step down under threat of force is "authoritarianism" or not? And for that matter, why is "authoritarianism" the thing we can't "tolerate", as opposed to a hundred other vaguely "bad" sounding things? The argument is liberal twaddle and we should not organize our positions on its terms.


File: 5b7c2a70c81af07⋯.jpg (152 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 296.jpg)


Order 227 in full effect.


File: a9679ded1794cf8⋯.jpg (78.79 KB, 508x458, 254:229, marx_arrives.jpg)

I've been getting weird stuff through the grapewine.

Does anyone know about IPA conference that happened yesterday in Caracas? Apparently, Maduro called himself Marxist-Leninist. I need to know if this is true.



We should invade the U.S.A. in order to restore democracy.


File: cd5b219e9ae0ae5⋯.png (253.85 KB, 720x755, 144:151, 20190227_123238.png)


Susan Sarandon retweeted an excerpt of Glenn Greenwald noticing how #TheResistance unite behind John Bolton. She's never been scared to trigger other liberals.


File: 8da430eaec1a44f⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 612x246, 102:41, 012409.jpg)

>Mutty literally believes that




I think you're complicating it. There were 410342 votes cast, with almost all voters casting 2 ballots, and the two most voted ones got in. My only question is, can a person cast both ballots to the same person or not?

Other than that, the NA has part of its membership elected via party list, and the other half via direct vote, is that it? How many votes did each person have for the list? Is there even a pratical reason for bothering with this mix-up? And how is the CA elected?



I beg to differ. Killing definitely isn't the only way. A big factor – the biggest, I would say – that explains why the American sham democracy never lost legitimacy is in the extremely dissimulated and creative ways with which people are disenfranchised. Gerrymandering is probably the most peculiar, but there are plenty of others, like federal and state laws denying the vote for perps of certain crimes, good ol' disappeearing ballots, court rulings against this or that area having its votes counted and sho on and sho on. And if I'm going to be honest, if we are to ever build proper socialism geared towards a Stateless society, it will be absolutely vital to come up with a way to, at least, discourage the uninformed, reactionary etc. people from participating in the political process. Simple force, as I have implied, beyond being clearly unethical, it's absurdly visible and severely undermines the system's legitimacy. Not to mention the biggest issue is identifying who are the nitwits in question in the first place.



Was he watching a right-wing show, or is that just what the Mexican media are pushing?



>And if I'm going to be honest, if we are to ever build proper socialism geared towards a Stateless society, it will be absolutely vital to come up with a way to, at least, discourage the uninformed, reactionary etc. people from participating in the political process.

Except direct democracy, statelessness and ownership of the means of production means empowering people politically, economically and socially. You cannot empower people at the same time as you're trying to shit on them. It would work fantastically in a hierarchy, where you need to shit on the lower classes to get them from being uppity, but in a stateless society, it just invites resistance. Disabuse yourself of any notion of "moderation". Cull the reactionaries. Use the words "final solution", if you have to.



I'm unsure if there are any right wing channels in México tbh, i don't think socialism it's an alternative in the mind of most people, also we never really had military governments(or at least not since 1940), or nostalgia towards the military boot to have any strong nationalism. I would say it was a neoliberal news channel.



Just want to add that in the beginning, a centralized direct democratic state can still function in the transition period, but since it’s in the hands of ordinary people rather then party or career bureaucrats the state can easily dissolve itself (unlike the nomenklature hammering for capitalism and Gorby and Yeltsin destroying it against the referendum of the people).



>My only question is, can a person cast both ballots to the same person or not?

No, that's why the first two and the next two have almost the same number of votes between themselves.


I haven't seen someone actually do this >>2825467

What do you think about the Venezuela subreddit?



Full of retarded opposition shills who have been shilling for neoliberalism ever since Chavez came in back in 1999.



What is funny that the guy who basically committed high treason is still left alone. In any other country, including the US, asking foreign powers to literally invade your country, is an offence that is punished with years of prison.


File: 6f4ae13c9903365⋯.png (312.14 KB, 549x755, 549:755, ClipboardImage.png)


File: df1a4e3d4c1ebb9⋯.png (25.7 KB, 861x758, 861:758, cccp groyper.png)


>that one Y*PG flag in the likes/retweets



File: f344c01cbecc051⋯.jpeg (17.2 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 200px-The_logo_of_the_leo….jpeg)


Guaranteed to be a stinky confused Trot



I disagree. I think that the US can make pretty good movies about this.



Sometimes you gotta do things you don’t like to get money.


Alright, so you're a Chavista minister with Maduro's ear, what are your policy prescriptions?


File: ddc0f3085ed276b⋯.png (113.58 KB, 837x803, 837:803, fd4c7b6add79947eefd1015b68….png)


File: 4a01e3542807970⋯.jpg (40.14 KB, 557x595, 557:595, 1455753223129.jpg)


>He may be in Venezuela…?

God lord.






free associating again?


So is it all over? Are we going back to slowly choking them with sanctions?



Last I checked Guiado was allegedly threatened with arrest if he returns to Vuvuzela (he's visiting Brazil right now). If it's true and they arrest him upon return it could trigger something.



He was also threatened with arrest if he left. I don't think they will actually arrest him.



If he tried to leave*

Because obviously they can't do much if he's already outside.



The real question is: what will the deep state do now when T is countering their installed puppetry?



rape him to death


File: 9a34a2659c43222⋯.jpg (111.09 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 5c792107dda4c836668b45de.jpg)

Maduro orders European HQ of Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA to be moved to Moscow


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the European headquarters of state oil company PDVSA be relocated to Russia, Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez has said.

“President Maduro ordered to close the Lisbon office of PDVSA and move it to Moscow,” Rodriguez said on Friday at the joint news conference with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, during her visit to the Russian capital.

The decision comes as Venezuela expands energy cooperation with Russia’s oil and gas giants Gazprom and Rosneft, according to the official.

“It’s the perfect time, as we are reshaping our relations,” said Rodriguez.

Over recent months, there has been a battle over Venezuela’s oil industry, which contributes greatly to the country’s budget. The United States has sanctioned PDVSA in an attempt to cut off funds to the Maduro-led government while giving support to the opposition led by Juan Guaido. President Maduro broke diplomatic ties with the US after President Trump recognized Guaido as interim president.

In late January, the US froze $7 billion of assets belonging to PDVSA and its US subsidiary Citgo. Guaido pledged to appoint an alternative board of directors for both PDVSA itself and Citgo as well.



Based, EUcucks haven't earned it


File: b7857dca5c02fce⋯.png (15.15 KB, 292x201, 292:201, ClipboardImage.png)


el gusano diabolico


File: b74c1dd98a8e55a⋯.jpg (13.5 KB, 378x300, 63:50, Venezuela-MichaelHudson.jpg)

Michael Hudson interview [in text] on Venezuela

Michael Hudson: I cannot think of anything that President Maduro can do that he is not doing. At best, he can seek foreign support – and demonstrate to the world the need for an alternative international financial and economic system.

http://www.unz.com/tsaker/saker-interview-with-michael-hudson-on-venezuela/ February 7, 2019


File: 19505ed91d4580f⋯.png (191.89 KB, 480x483, 160:161, cebola vanguarda.png)


Forced industrialization with cybernetic characteristics.

Also a shitload of nukes.


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's defiant interview with Tom Llamas: TRANSCRIPT




When did Maduro become such a good speaker? he is much better than when he started, no offense but he didn't give me a good first impression when he said Chavez visited him in the form of a bird or when he was seen dancing on live tv during a protest.



sounds like you were reading bullshit western news. the only reason the article in that link isn't bullshit is that it's mostly the raw transcript.



i found the bird one


can't find the dancing one, i just remember vaguely a video of a guy in his home watching him dance salsa in tv and then the camera pans to the streets with protesters.

again, i'm glad he is becoming a more "respected" figure, i just think he used to say a lot of stupid shit, mostly blunders so i don't blame him.



So I guess that this point M-L is just "le wrong generation" for leftists.



He is a president and was a sindycalist before, Not some dude that magically get to power without eloquence. Well, he also gets some mistakes (that the western press uses to diminish his legitimacy)



>le wrong generation



Video From Venezuelan Supermarket Exposes CNN Lies


Twitter Invents Russian Bots - Then Says They’re Venezuelan



Elliot Abrams brings the best AIDS



*Humanitarian AIDS


File: 682ccabc1759c26⋯.png (427.47 KB, 922x798, 461:399, venezuela fox news.png)

Trish Regan of Fox Business: Hezbollah and Russia are taking over Venezuela… they are starving and intimidating opposition, and it is DISGUSTING that there are people who oppose "humanitarian aid" and don't recognize Juan Guiado as president of Venezuela





Danny Glover IS IN


File: 33b5b7d26c43463⋯.jpg (5.49 KB, 236x141, 236:141, haha.jpg)

pence blamed and scolded guido for the failed coup. he misled them about how much support he'd have and the diaspora millionaires didn't come through with enough money for bribes.


they believed their own bullshit lol



Is there any way to compete with the Neocon Organ of Propaganda's Twitter astroturf army? Good lord the replies on that tweet… Everyone is from fucking Venezuela begging for U.S troops to invade and murder them.


>Most foreign and independent observers noted this pluralism in debunking the Reagan administration charge—ubiquitous in the US media—that it was a "Soviet-style sham" election.[50] Some opposition parties boycotted the election, allegedly under pressure from US embassy officials, and so it was denounced as being unfair by the Reagan administration.[51][52] Reagan thus maintained that he was justified to continue supporting what he referred to as the Contras' "democratic resistance".[53]


Looks like history is repeating itself.


So it appears with Pence shitting on Gaudio and Bolsonaro saying "I could talk with Maduro" they're all backing off. Did VZ just cuck the eternal yank?



>diaspora millionaires didn't come through with enough money for bribes

Gusanons are only good at shitting over the internet about being oppressed half the world away




There's no other source that confirms that information independently. La Política Online says "Fuentes al tanto de lo ocurrido confirmaron a LPO" which means that those same sources could have told anyone else, and not only the Mexican version of a small Argentinian news site. I wouldn't trust it.



You know, the type of people who bemoan the present by wishing they were born in an idealized past. "Born too late to X" type shit.



File: 2809cc74d9382e2⋯.jpeg (375.5 KB, 1160x967, 1160:967, download.jpeg)



*Posting this all I saw was the Elliot Abrams dropping in, and the bottom speech bubble. I didn't see the ignorant shit about a food line or the top speech bubble. God damn liberals can't even make a good point when they have a good point about Elliot Abrams. Sorry BO I would delete but my password key got screwed up.



It's definitely concerning that Abrams was put in charge. To put him in there at such a delicate time was a freaking disaster and I believe it harmed the "bloodless" coup effort. I never read a good explanation from anyone about why it was Elliot Abrams instead of someone with cleaner hands, or a fresher face, that was charged with being the US figurehead in the handover of the government to Guaido. It's like the US took a shit in the well.



These idiots think no one has been paying attention, because tbh, a lot of older Americans probably are not. Most boomers I know have no idea who Abrams is.



>Most boomers I know have no idea who Abrams is

It seems like none of the progress minded New York liberals seemed to know who Abrams is either despite their haughty literary and scholarly self image. I didn't see any liberals consider Elliot Abrams coordinating role while denouncing Maduro's efforts to keep out his U.S. humanitarian AIDS (or they didn't care enough to mention it). This, despite being the perfect opportunity for them to bolster their anti-Trump platform; which if I'm not mistaken is their Platform's priority. AOC comes to mind. It was as Glenn Greenwald described quite a spectacle to see these self advertised progressives rushing to assist Bolton. Tulsi Gabbard showed some chops, and I heard that Rep. Omar Ilhan called it for a coup (am not sure if she marched the Maduro is le evil bad man line though). Every other American politician seemed to be down with instigating a bloody coup.




Maybe but it also looked very bad outside of America. It looked bad in Venezuela.



When the fuck is Danny giving Venezuela their 18 million dollars back?




tfw no movie about Toussaint Louverture



Orban's government is simultaneously trolling the EU and the global communist movement by making an exception in their anti-refugee policy for Venezuelans with Hungarian ancestry. So far some 350 Venezuelans have been brought to Hungary and successfully reintegrated through language and culture courses, with plans to bring in another +750. Apparently a small population of Hungarian Fascists and anti-Communists had emigrated to Venezuela after WW2 and the Budapest Uprising in order to avoid Allied war crimes tribunal and Soviet secret police respectively.




>the global communist movement



>Russia guarantees Venezuela that there will be no US military intervention

Can we breath a sigh of relief?






but the us invades if Maduro arrests guaido


Venezuela needs a Cheka.



File: 051540ad6ec8271⋯.jpg (84.86 KB, 640x482, 320:241, guaido1.jpg)

Here's the Venezuelan Obama at the Alfredo Sadel plaza, he had no issues with leaving or entering the country, and entered through the Maiquetía (CCS) International Airport.



hahaha sebin :DDDDD


Boots Riley just got into a bit of a debate with Libcom and Libcom just quits



Wat. He already left?



Holy shit, where have you been?



Did he just walk in turn around and leave? Literally did not pay attention for just 1 day.



so are we ok with Bernie now or what



Boots might be way more of a comrade than I gave him credit for.



I thought this was the USA thread because of the American Flag. Drunk



ok if you are drunk tell us your real name



No. >>2830145 is saying that he had no issues leaving the country on February 22 or entering the country yesterday (March 4).

He left on a private flight from a place near the Colombia-Venezuela border to Cucuta in February, and when he returned he went from Panama to Caracas on a regular commercial flight (Copa Airlines)

The media says that he arrived on a COPA CM 222 flight, but that's a Caracas>Panama flight from 1pm to 2:30pm. The time matches with COPA CM 224 instead (9:00am to 12:08pm yesterday).



Also, while I was looking for an english source, I found this:

> “I always supported Chávez, but I never voted for him," she said. "Today, I’m here because I’ve had enough. Our situation is so bad, so dire, that we need a change.”

So if you see low votes, a part of them may be "I support Chavez, but the USA's harassment is weighing me too much".

With Venezuela I'm still between "there isn't really that much misery, inspite of the USA" and "there is misery, but it's the fault of the USA". So not knowing if there is or not misery in the end.



This was the link: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2015/12/06/venezuela-election-national-assembly-maduro-voting/76883170/

Also, there are actually high recent votes in number of municipalities gained I think.

Maybe those "I'm annoyed by USA but support Chavez" votes, backtracked and voted Maduro again.


>>2831104 (You)

Also see this quote from Maduro:

"President Maduro made this tuesday a call to oposition to go to elections, "to let the people be the one who decides", between bolivarian revolution and the model of the right."




these are senate elections, not presidential like some imperialist shills want to spin it



National Assembly bro, not senate or congress those forms don't exist in our constitution.

But yeah the next elections are for the National Assembly.



It's just mourning the dead leaders and calling for new movements to arise wtf


File: 1c745aaf18007c4⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 442x693, 442:693, IMG_0116.JPG)


>Literally inviting in Muh spic subhumans to your ethnoState to give you the chance to guzzle mutt cum a bit harder


File: ad2a466ab650d02⋯.jpg (59.74 KB, 600x400, 3:2, mexicanos-felices.jpg)


i'm a spic what do you have against us mane

pic related is me and my wife



There is hyperinflation in Venezuela. There is no "real" misery like lack of food, but rather the monetary Venezuelan system stopped working properly, and the Bolivar (the currency) is losing its value exponentially. It's as if the average Venezuelan get paid one trillion Zimbabwean dollars at the beginning of the month, but it does not matter anyway because no one accept this currency anymore.

Middle class people who had a few thousands Bolivars on their bank account, which corresponded to a few thousands dollars before the crisis, still have these few thousands Bolivars, but now it is worth less than a dollar. All your savings (in Bolivar) are gone, and your monthly salary is not even worth one meal, because the Bolivar can lose 90% of its value in less than a month. There is food in the markets, people still have nice clothes and nice houses, but they have some difficulties exchanging goods and services because of the lack of a reliable currency.

I have tried to understand how Venezuelans can live their daily lives in this situation, the only things I have found is that some rely on their family abroad to give them money, and that you can exchange Bolivars for US dollars in the black market (at indecent prices).

The reason for the hyperinflation is that Maduro printed a lot of Bolivars while artificially locking the US-Bolivar exchange value in order to pay its debt, but people in the black market decided the Bolivar was unreliable and started to sell it for US dollars, so in order to prevent people from selling all their Bolivar in the black market, Venezuela changed its official exchange value for something more realist, and people thought the Bolivar was even more unreliable, and so on.

The reason Maduro printed a lot of Bolivars is that he had to pay debts and US sanctions prevented him from borrowing money abroad (which is the standard way for a state to repay debts when it does not have the money). And US sanctions worsen hyperinflation anyway, because US investors are forbidden to buy Venezuelan debt. That is at least how I understand the crisis, but this is a complicated subject.

When Germany had to face hyperinflation in the 1920s, Hitler blamed the Jews.



One thing to take into consideration, is the fact that the private sector does not invest their own dollars in the country but instead they just used the public sectors dollars that were being given to them at a lower exchange rate in order to keep the economy going with the hope that a they wouldn't increase prices because they claimed that the price of the dollar was the reason why they had to up the prices



>trusting private sector instead of abolishing it



File: adaa36de7c4cd8d⋯.jpg (26.22 KB, 650x365, 130:73, a32e5b6b-b181-4998-82c9-d5….jpg)

US military threats empty, Venezuela army kept nervous, Russian pranksters find out


US threats of military intervention in Venezuela are empty, suggests special representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams in prank calls.

Abrams, however, asserted that the US wants to keep the Venezuela military “nervous about a US invasion.”

The revelations came in two prank calls by Vovan and Lexus, Russian telephone pranksters known for their trolling of politicians from around the world, posing as Swiss President Ueli Maurer, Sputnik reported Wednesday.

The pranksters reportedly spoke with Abrams for over 23 minutes in mid-February and early March, elaborating on Swiss policy towards the situation in Venezuela.

Venezuela has been in political turmoil with the opposition holding widespread anti-government protests, blaming President Nicolas Maduro for an ailing economy, hyperinflation, power cuts, and shortages of basic items.

Opposition figure Juan Guaido, 35, further plunged the country into political chaos on January 23, when he proclaimed himself the “interim president” of Venezuela, a bizarre move met with US President Donald Trump’s immediate support.

Ever since, the US has been escalating its rhetoric against the oil-rich nation, at times threatening to invade the country.



Unfortunately that has been the case. Before Chavez the only enterprise/company/corporation that mattered that produced under the state management was PDVSA. In the middle of Chavez administration efforts were spent into changing that correlation between private and public firms/corporations. Nevertheless they failed mostly because of five factors. 1. Internal and external sabotage; 2. Relentless and agressive competition from the monopolized private corporations; 3. Corruption; 4. Inexperience in the sector: 5. Impossibility to import raw materials/inputs from foreign companies.



Would you really trust a prank caller's word?

Is there a recording of that call that we can hear?



What if the pranksters were being pranked themselves by Abrams. He wouldn't disclose those plans to Switzerland that explicitly.


Still no power in Venezuela after 16 hours and a half (not what it says there, but I'm in Venezuela using what's left of my phone's battery to post this)



File: b05b2f0814a25ee⋯.jpg (96.63 KB, 1024x578, 512:289, venezuela.jpg)


>"President Nicolas Maduro has suspended work and school activities on Friday so as to facilitate the necessary repair works on the country's electrical service, which was victim of an imperial war. United Venezuelans will win! The coup plotters will not pass," Rodriguez wrote on her Twitter account.

>In a press conference, the Vice President denounced that Venezuela's blackout was caused by far-right groups encouraged by U.S. politicians. Among these, she referred to Marco Rubio, a Republican Senator from Florida hostile to the Venezuelan government, who posted a tweet just 3 minutes after the blackout began.

>"We want to send a message to the international community: just three minutes after the attack, Marco Rubio, once again, as a crime reporter, reported on the event that was happening in our country," Rodriguez said and added "Mr. Rubio, I want to inform you that, in a few hours, the Venezuelan people and the international community will know the truth. We'll know that your rotten hands - supported by your lackeys who permanently attack the Venezuelan people - are involved in this event."




Is that written like dogshit on purpose or am I missing something?









Americans are the most retarded braindead population on the entire planet. you can tell them that Mozambique is developing a hydrogen bomb with enough power to wipe the american continent and they will believe that shit

i don't have a word that describes what is the government and america for an american. worship is not strong enough.

they literally view some shit written by some bourgeois faggots in the 1700s as the untouchable uncriticizable perfect holy words of a visible god that all "different" political sides agree on



big Bnis :DDDDDD



Jesus created the U.S.A. and wrote the 2nd amendment, which states "the right of the people to hoard Guns is the definition freedom".

Then the Republican Party abolished slavery, which is good because it means the Democrats are the real racists, but it is bad because abolishing slavery is against freedom.



Someone on twitter pointed out that a blackout at night is a good time for the CIA to sneak in some weapons and mercenaries.



and muhamed wrote the communist manifasto to spread izlam in americah and europe


What's up with these power cuts? Guarimberos acting out again?


Is the power back?



>tweets 3 minutes after black out

>"I dindu nuttin!"

Little Marco is at it again.

Why does every Gusano always look so punchable?



They used the same tactic in Chile.

I suspect something similar is happening



Stay safe out there



I confess I haven't seen a source. Sorry. In any case, there's this: >>2831760

Also, the Brazilian veep has been repeating loudly and clearly that there won't be foreign military involvement.


>There is no "real" misery like lack of food

I wouldn't be too sure of that. Price controls in a capitalist market, outside of very specific situations, always leads to decreased production, because Porky sabotages his own shit in order to raise the prices of his goods.


Chavez was schooled in geopolitics by people who were interested in breaking apart Pax America that was formed after World War 2. All of this is intentional. Which might be worse because then you might have smaller wars breaking out or big wars happening similar to when UK's Pax started falling. And all of this is a big violation of the Monroe Doctrine and in order to maintain it there will be a War.

You're gonna have War…or War. Peace was never an option.



File: ba628ad4ea6d375⋯.png (247.17 KB, 652x574, 326:287, image.png)

File: fe14897947c36c3⋯.png (211.4 KB, 575x576, 575:576, image2.png)

File: 1afe998e03f2d4c⋯.png (47.7 KB, 738x328, 9:4, image3.png)


File: a5f61bbe0717adb⋯.jpg (8.04 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)

Good luck Chavista anons


File: 73e1e93605836e8⋯.png (348.38 KB, 666x570, 111:95, surprise-the-us-lies.png)

the NYT has finally acknowledged that the "aid" was burned by the opposition/Colombian goons, not by Maduro or the Venezuelan troops. They define it as an "accident" but this seems still unclear. Some think it was done on purpose to blame Maduro as a plan B after it was clear it wouldn't get across the border.

So since a US establishment media has now acknowledged this, we're no longer "conspiracy theorists" or "apologists" for saying it. How long will it take them to acknowledge that the recent dam explosion and electricity outage was sabotage (terrorism) and not "Maduro's incompetence"?



The defence I've see was "Oh it is just a misunderstanding".

Honestly nice to see Kuwaiti incubators get called-out in real time.


File: 6426d028628d794⋯.jpg (84.24 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1113956_1.jpg)


>I get to act smug around people I know




Lil' Marco is such an idiot.

He's not even a decent propagandist.



bump because this is actually quite huge. Here is Glenn Greenwald's article about it:


Despite the media crisis, this shows how much power an outlet like NYT still has around normies. Even on reddits liberals are slowly waking up and while you still see a lot of "Maduro is awful, BUT…" posts people are frankly quite pissed at this open attempt of manipulation that was pulled by the opposition.

Always remember that the opposition in Venezuela is dumb as a rock and hilariously incompetent. It is very likely that their ops go up in a dumpsterfire like this, which will discredit them even more. Pro-Maduro protests yesterday were even much much bigger than opposition protests and even the MSM is silent about opposition protests because there is no way to spin this around at this point. Trump's Venezuelan adventure seems to be completely stopped before it even departed.



The coup failed but VZ is still under huge amounts of pressure. International institutions aligned with the US are determined to destroy the country and oust Maduro. I predict something like “Maduro must go” will be adopted as the unchallenged stance of all US government and media people. “The Lima group”, which was created to destroy VZ, will still work to isolate it. Sanctions will redouble and be enforced efficiently across Europe. Other international implements such as the World Bank and IMF will extort VZ.


File: 543a86555cd3d62⋯.jpg (156.72 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 5c85a899fc7e9388398b45b2.jpg)

India must stop buying Venezuela’s oil, says Elliott Abrams


The US is “urging” and “cajoling” countries around the globe –especially India– to stop buying Venezuelan oil, as Washington continues choking the country financially, hoping this will “motivate” people to topple President Maduro.

“We say [India] should not be helping this regime. You should be on the side of the Venezuelan people,” US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams told Reuters in an interview, noting that the same tactic of “arguing, cajoling, urging” is being used in similar interactions with other countries.

Oil revenues remain at about 98 percent of the country’s export profits and are crucial for Venezuela to keep the economy afloat, after the US slapped virtually every possible sanction against Nicolas Maduro and his government. Cutting Caracas from oil markets would cause more discontent in the Latin American country and lead to a massive popular uprising which would then spur regime change, Washington hopes.

Even before the self-proclaimed ‘interim president’, US-backed Juan Guaido, announced his intention to oust Maduro on January 23, Washington had been pursuing aggressive market policies against Venezuela. Faced with increased isolation following US sanctions against Petroleos de Venezuela SA, Venezuela turned its attention to New Delhi.

India’s third largest supplier of crude, Venezuela said last month that it seeking to double the current oil exports of 340,000 barrels per day to the South Asia country. According to Bloomberg, India became the leading buyer of Venezuelan crude during the first half of February.



I don't think it's over, if this black out is any indication.

I expect another drone attack that totally has nothing to do with the U.S.


File: 04f97289d64efac⋯.png (180.89 KB, 967x473, 967:473, Bush.png)


I feel like mentioning that literally all the things that the Neocons wanted concerning foreign policy have been done.


Literally ALL OF IT


>And advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool"


>why is the U.S. Air Force looking for synovial tissue and RNA samples collected specifically from Caucasian people in Russia?



The USA is so hyped up on Q shit believing that everyone is against Trump and so strong on hating Venezuela and Muslims and Liberals hate Russia for taking people's Freedums and Trump said that the USA would never be Socialist, enjoy getting built in Concentration Camps for supporting the enemy.


Does anyone else feel like the "I'm from Venezuela and we're eating from trash cans" posts that were literally everywhere suddenly all stopped showing up, almost simultaneously? Am I imagining this? Moving to the U.S. has made me doubt my own sanity, I don't even know what the fuck is real anymore, the amount of lies and deception is unbelievable. Coming here, and living here for an extended period of time, made me understand why Americans are the way they are in such a fundamentally different way than before, like something clicked in an almost literal sense.



I think you're right. It looks like the US gave up on any immediate coup or intervention, so they cut off most of the propaganda oriented toward short-term gains.



You are not wrong, the propaganda ramped up fast after Trump "recognized" Juan Guaidó as the interim president. I would not be surprised if all those posts were astroturfed. We already know that Israel does something similar, so it would make sense if the US does it as well.


So apparently electric stations are being outright sabotaged. Looks like military action indeed has been avoided, but now it's a dirty war.


File: 4aa85a384c68927⋯.jpg (88.1 KB, 720x910, 72:91, D1WSlUIWsAAJo1L.jpg orig.jpg)



Not in the least. Just yesterday, the world's media seems to have simultaneously reported that one of the "aid" trucks was torched by the opposition.

It seems undeniable that the establishment has suddenly shifted gears, but I can't possibly see what they stand to gain from it. Everyone outside of the far left ate up the "they expropriated my grandma's ponies" bullshit and asked for seconds. They stand to gain no new audience by changing gears now.



>why Americans are the way they are in such a fundamentally different way than before

Welcome to the capitalist hellscape that's attempted to brainwash me my entire.



The post are still around.

I lurk Boots Riley's twitter, and they're constantly tweeting at him.

Their outrage is almost hilarious sometimes, especially since most of them don't even live in the country.

One woman was living in the Ukraine and doing shopping haul videos on youtube.




>Coming here, and living here for an extended period of time, made me understand why Americans are the way they are in such a fundamentally different way than before, like something clicked in an almost literal sense.

I've had the same experience.

I once had to stay overnight at the Dallas airport, right after a terrorist attack in Europe. There were TVs on all night, one TV after the other, with 10 meters between each. All of them were on the same news channel, repeating the same phrases over and over by different hosts. They also tried to glorify the lives of the random Americans that were killed in the attack. Meanwhile I was trying to sleep in a wing dedicated to the veterans. Very surreal experience.

When Trump won, am email was sent company wide that you could take the day off if you felt overwhelmed. People were crying and shit. Very surreal as well, coming from a third world where we elect douchebags and we just accept it as fact.

When North Korea was the threat of the month, people were parroting shit straight from Reddit stories. My coworkers literally sometimes just mention comments they read on Reddit and others say they read the same comment. I felt my sanity slip when I heard one of my friends repeat a hot take on North Korea that was exactly like my coworker's which were both like something I read on Reddit. I've avoided Reddit like the plague since then. Discussing Venezuela with friends also sucks because they all hold the same opinion which I'm pretty sure is largely influenced by reddit.

Interactions with many are very superficial as well, and a lot of them act like they are protagonist of their own movie.




People roll their eyes when you say it but we 100% live in a totalitarian system of complete control. Only more like America under the Patriots from Metal Gear solid 2 and less like 1984.


Oh look they found some Gusano "comedian" to do another AMA on reddit:


Call me a tinfoil hat, but at this point I believe that all these subs like r/worldnews, r/AMA, r/vzla etc. are completely controlled by state department interests and astroturfered beyond shit



>I don't love Trump, but I'm in favor of his sanctions against Maduro's government and officials. We need that pressure.




Just recently this video showing an almost empty allegedly Venezuelan supermarket showed up on the front page of reddit with over 12,000 votes: https://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/duplicates/b07mg5/supermarkets_in_venezuela_these_days/

Of course all comments mentioning videos that show stocked grocery stores in Venezuela are downvoted and buried.

It's nigh impossible to find reasonable, nuanced and honest analysis of Venezuela in this fucking noise of garbage. It's all just people parroting NY times editorials or literal government propaganda from Marco Rubio's asshole. Where can I find somebody who 1) has been to Venezuela, especially during the present crisis, 2) is honest, non-dogmatic and analyzes the situation with nuance? Does anyone know of any authors or journalists or youtube channels or anything that I could turn to? This is driving me up the fucking wall, I can't get an unbiased analysis anywhere. All that I can find is drenched in ideology or otherwise vague. It wasn't like this outside America. Or was it? I don't even know anymore.



"Completely controlled" is an exggeration, but they really are stuffed to the bring with spooks from many governments, especially the US of course. not to mention shills for every corporation and think tank under the sun.



Holy FUCK those comments

There's no hope for the US, you guys were a fucking mistake



From the comments:

>But let's be real here advocating for socialist governments is a ridiculous viewpoint

This is how delusional Americans are. Nowhere else in the world is it seen similarly, and least of all in almost all formerly socialist countries.


File: 0d3bb3df6abd0a6⋯.mp4 (6.33 MB, 256x140, 64:35, Red Box - For America.144p.mp4)


Living here is like being in a terribly dystopian made for T.V. film where everyone around you is brainwashed.

I fucking hate it.



File: fd38d9439782f3e⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 1024x742, 512:371, US_Empire.jpg)





There's also the basic dynamic that people who are exempt from military service are more likely to be hawkish and advocate for war. That's how the US became an empire. If theUS presidents, senators or their children were forced to enlist and fight during war time, we wouldn't even have this thread.



>If theUS presidents, senators or their children were forced to enlist and fight during war time, we wouldn't even have this thread.

John McCain was tortured as a PoW and was still a warhawk. Aside from being specifically against torture, he loved war.

US presidents, senators, and their children are psychopaths that love to murder people. All requiring them to enlist would do is filter out the cowards, but the true blood thirsty murderers would continue to support the empire and serve its interests.



John McCain became a warmonger after leaving the military and even when he was stationed in Vietnam, he did not fight, he was in the air force, dropping Napalm on people without an air force and without anti-aircraft defenses. Psychopathy and cowardess are not mutually exclusive.



Wasn't he part of PNAC and help start a civil war in the Ukraine?



>John McCain was tortured as a PoW

false, he was a lying bitch



File: de573ae86cef91d⋯.jpg (89.33 KB, 827x819, 827:819, uth6wv72cml21.jpg)

File: 56e65a1a5f9b1ed⋯.jpg (102 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 46401247_722443744785121_6….jpg)


What did he mean by this ?


File: 767dcd4f4d9361f⋯.webm (3.58 MB, 320x240, 4:3, USmilitary.webm)


My guess is that having people in the country that can be taken hostage prevents the CIAniggers from escalating the situation.



They're gonna do something, something big.

Also reports are that the transformer has been fixed. Feel sorry for the Venezuelans though: thing going down knocked out Carcas' water.



The diplomats getting taken or dying is literally their wet dream.

They'll be able to storm the place while crying how they're saving them


My previous post: >>2832998

I live in Maracaibo, got power a few hours ago. People have looted fucking everything, even a mall:



Over 100 hours without power. It's the first time I've seen people buy near-rotten meat with my own eyes (because, obviously, there was nowhere to refrigerate it), and also people buying bags of ice with US dollar bills. I think my city got it worse than most other places.



Because of the lootings, most places were closed so I saw people who lived 4km from me on a line at my local supermarket. If you didn't buy food ~3 days ago then you're fucked.



holy shit, dude. welcome back. what was it like? what is the current sentiment of the people around you? do you feel safe? What are news agencies saying? Has support for chavismo significantly changed recently? What has life been like recently?



Not that guy but i went to another city from Caracas to visit my parents to pass the holidays and things here were pretty quiet, lots of solidarity yeah people were charging like the the other Venezuelan said 15$ for a bag of ice something crazy, even charging people like 2$ for lending an outlet or socket to charge phones. The cities I know that had it bad were Maracaibo, Guarenas and Caracas. The city I am was one of the last to had power. Most places had it by Sunday we had it in Monday's night




Jesus. It's bizarre how the social situation is degrading, yet there's still a State operating, without an organized contending force. The opposition's support is a farce, yet there's nothing an average person can do to help the government get things back in order. It seems to follow the trend of depoliticization of politics.




NGL I'm worried the only solution for the Chavistas is to retreat like the FSLN did after the peace treaty




I'm still trying to figure out what all this is about myself.

The opposition claims they cut out part of it, but I can't figure out what.

In it. he supposedly talks about damaging the power grid or something.



It's a video from El Mazo Dando (Diosdado's show) trying to link people to Venezuela's power outage.

The reporter guy uses "blackout" as a loanword, and everything indicates that he's using it as "media blackout", except the last line "hasta que vuelva la luz" which could even be a metaphor. That evidence is very weak, and it even cuts out half of a word a few times (obviously edited by someone who can't edit for shit, whether he meant to shorten the video or do something else),

Looking into it more closely, he talks about a "lesson from the Arab Spring", which had media blackouts, not power outages.

First tweet: A tweet from Nelson Bocaranda saying that people have told him that they've lost signal, internet connection and stuff, and he thinks that the government might be preparing for an internet blackout

Second tweet: You can read this one, but I'll copy it here anyway. From @MarcoRubio:

>WARNING: Recent harassment of journalists shows #MaduroRegime feels threatened by news & information.

>With help from #China, we should expect that soon they will isolate the people of #Venezuela from the world by intensifying the blockage of social media,cell phones & internet.

None of content that they present before the outage mentions grid power.

Third tweet (from Juan Guaidó): TL;DR: Electricity will come back with the end of Maduro's usurpation of power.

"X, Y, Z problems will end if Maduro goes" is what Guaidó says all day every day, so I don't see the point in showing this either.



>Jesus. It's bizarre how the social situation is degrading, yet there's still a State operating, without an organized contending force.

Reading about the Caracazo really makes you think about this. How does Maduro survive?



Is that Louis Carlos Diaz guy normally a legitimate journalist, or a dishonest actor?


Venezuela is genuine Not Socialism state it's what actually what Asserist and Non-marxist socialist want.



Nice Censor, duh.



I know, right? I mean, it was during the Cold War so popular protests still carried some threat to whomever was in power, but to go from that level of restiveness to its almost complete absence isn't right. There must be a psychological factor. Argentina is in the same boat, tho Macri is managing to do in a couple of years what it took about 6 in Venezuela. France seems to be another example, tho obviously in a much smaller scale. Even after all this time, despite unceasing efforts by the far right to take control, they're still scattered and disorganized, and somehow, come back next week to do it all over again. It's almost like a weekly party or ritual, nearly devoid of actual politics. There's also May, with a short career filled with failure but who somehow keeps on keeping on. Merkel's career has been declared dead a million times over, only for her to win yet another election. It's like the "end of history" was delayed but arrived now. Porky is out of ideas, fascists fail at everything they try, and the far left is still catatonic, so the people, disillusioned with the vanishing promise of liberal-bougie prosperity, just shrug and accept whatever is already there.



This is such an obvious shitpost it's not even meant to make anyone mad it's kind of a self-own tbh why was he banned?



When you know something is going to happen, are part of the conspiracy but you can't help yourself to keep quiet. They all mention blackouts in Twitter and other social networks. There were twit s talking about how they (the government) were going to do this by cutting the electrical power supply. To possibly say the power outage was caused deliberately by the government in case it happened before it happened.



Why would the government cut the power if they already knew it they were planning an attack?

Seems silly.


Trump sort of just threatened leftists again. He said something like the police, military and bikers support him and they been playing nice but but it could be very bad if they decided to get tough on the left. He said the same thing at a rally not that long ago. What's do you think his angle is? Is this guy trying to rally support to usurp a throne or something?

I mean like the police, military and bikers haven't been tough on leftists for a long time?! lol




i'm shaking on my sidewalk



His primary concern is avoiding prison, and he only does that if he either remains president for life or if he sets up enough dominoes so that he's too troublesome to arrest. He wants to be in a position where he can threaten to sick his supporters on the country if they come after him, his family, or his businesses. Basically mobster politics.




The US doesn't have any sidewalks, another example of American exceptionism



Ya, I've got the feeling this is the take. I hope his ass bleeds black cock in a gulag some day. I fucking despise kulaks.


File: 6ce4f7a88fa5665⋯.png (34.07 KB, 579x265, 579:265, FireShot Screen Capture #6….png)


I absolutely love Trump's public presence, it provides an incredible insight into the mind of the demented right. Following police and military up with fucking bikers of all people is almost poetry. Let's be frank, if you had to attribute that quote to anyone, your first choice would be someone like pic related. The character played by that guy is in charge of America. Fiction writes reality.



>There were twit s talking about how they (the government) were going to do this by cutting the electrical power supply.

Why didn't the video show any of those, then?



there's two sides to trump; nicest president you'll ever meet, and twisted fucking psychopatch



he does seem like a good guy, like a big dumb idiot that's really nice



I'm pretty sure he said that after watching Sons of Anarchy or something. I remember some months ago he tweeted something political by making an analogy to Star Trek Discovery.



Honestly Trump always comes over as the typical American - nice to you up front with a big smile while sharpening the knife behind his back.


File: 91e45097fbb889d⋯.mp4 (9.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, @ajtata on Maduro refusing….mp4)

Fmr. Bill Clinton advisor on Maduro: "He needs to understand that a bullet to the forehead may be his way out of Venezuela. That’s just the bottom line, and we have that capability."



Is situation in Venezuela that bad or it's just media cherry picking?




also fat and retarded



America is a terrorist country and deserves the inevitable scourging it will receive during ww3.


File: 4e5e864678c705e⋯.mp4 (11.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, A group of former Venezuel….mp4)

>A group of former Venezuelan soldiers who abandoned their posts and deserted to Colombia are now being evicted from their shelter, as they make calls for Guaido to fulfill the many promises he made to them.


>Bolton & US puppet Guaido urged Venezuela’s military to defect w/ promises of amnesty. After they were no longer useful, they’ve been kicked out, given maps w/ nowhere to go




It's pretty bad, but I hate how the media exaggerates certain aspects of it, which lets other people downplay the situation.

If you get sick and need a certain medicine to not die, then you're fucked (not even the ghost of a pharmaceutical industry is left, and even people with a lot of money have to go through a million hoops to smuggle medicine inside the country). If you have a chronic illness, then you should consider taking the easy way out as a serious option.


File: b798e6a87213c5b⋯.jpg (90.26 KB, 504x566, 252:283, b79.jpg)


Let's not forget that this was caused by U.S sanctions fucking everybody over (this applies to Korea too)



The medicine problem is old as shit, much older than the sanctions.


File: c4181acfe040aad⋯.jpg (64.36 KB, 1024x507, 1024:507, this-doesnt-sound-right.jpg)


Source me anon.



What would you say were Chavez and Maduro's biggest mistakes?




>25 feb. 2017

>Venezuela vive una aguda crisis de desabastecimiento en materia de medicinas desde hace más de dos años y la situación no parece mejorar. Efe hizo un recorrido por unas 15 farmacias ubicadas tanto en el este como en el oeste de la capital venezolana y constató la ausencia de antibióticos, hipertensivos, anticoagulantes y otros.


>Los trabajadores y dueños de farmacias consultados por Efe coincidieron en que llevan semanas e incluso meses sin recibir los medicamentos ya mencionados, tal es el caso de la Farmacia España -ubicada en el oeste de Caracas- que, según uno de sus trabajadores identificado como Euricles, llevan "ocho meses en situación grave".

Executive Order of August 24, 2017:

>Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this general license, all transactions related to,

the provision of financing for, and other dealings in new debt related to the exportation or

reexportation, from the United States or by a U.S. person, wherever located, of agricultural

commodities, medicine, medical devices, or replacement pmis and components for medical

devices to Venezuela



Depending on only oil caused this >>2844958



The economy slow down after chavez dead.Like some anon said, it was coming for geopolitics (the oil boom wasn't going to last forever, and the hit was harder that something the gov was expecting). So without foreign currency..something was going to burn.










"Impact of the Economic War against the People of Venezuela" (Chronology of the coercive measures against the Venezuelan people)


"Impacto de la guerra económica contra el pueblo de Venezuela"


"Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014’’


The US has been meddling and imposing "sanctions" and implementing coercive measures to companies, individuals, countries and what not behind the curtain since the beginning.



>PUBLIC LAW 113–278—DEC. 18, 2014



>(3) EXCEPTION RELATING TO IMPORTATION OF GOODS.—The requirement to block and prohibit all transactions in all prop-erty and interests in property under paragraph (1)(A) shall not include the authority to impose sanctions on the importation of goods.

You may argue that this paragraph is an exception that doesn't affect much, regarding the "importation of goods" because it only deals with particular individuals in government and their properties, nevertheless, those individuals are the ones that sign any act or order to buy or to direct resources to buy stuff for the functioning of the economy. Frankly I don't think there were International or US Legal Institutions at the time supervising that this specific paragraph wasn't violated and was fulfilled entirely.


File: 3cbeeaf4baeb68f⋯.gif (564.42 KB, 800x430, 80:43, 1486353308256.gif)

File: 4dd8a7037b2bc6a⋯.png (674.97 KB, 578x705, 578:705, 1539673749056.png)


>Defectors to capitalist country left homeless with no job


File: 8a682f0d3f7caab⋯.jpg (180.19 KB, 1080x698, 540:349, D2Nr9AwXgAAYJ4e.jpg)

File: 63a7c1d1a8c2bf4⋯.jpg (172 KB, 1080x698, 540:349, D2Nr-AeXgAUDAcy.jpg)

Guaido’s aide arrested for plotting terrorist attacks on Venezuelan officials – interior minister


Venezuela’s Interior Minister has confirmed the arrest of self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido’s chief of staff. The opposition claims he was ‘kidnapped’ while authorities say he was the leader of a ‘terrorist cell.’

Roberto Marrero was taken into custody on Thursday as part of the government raid against a “terrorist cell” that plotted to carry out attacks against top Venezuelan politicians, the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, said in a statement.

“Together with the Public Prosecutor's Office, the investigations led to the detention of the citizen, Roberto Eugenio Marrero Borgas, who is directly responsible for the organization of criminal groups,” he said.

The government also released images of two rifles allegedly seized by the Venezuelan Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) during the raid on Marrero’s house.

Guaido had earlier accused the Venezuelan security forces of ‘planting’ weapons at Marrero's house, while John Bolton, US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, immediately denounced Marrero’s arrest as “illegitimate” and stressed that the move will “not go unanswered.”



How hard would it be for us to use blackouts to our advantage in the US?


File: 301663aa4710d3d⋯.png (77.25 KB, 792x329, 792:329, ClipboardImage.png)

Did Boots Riley's Twitter get deleted or something?



File: 3cc3ebb54229367⋯.png (140.09 KB, 449x401, 449:401, 3cc3ebb542293670bbc3ba5acc….png)


Maybe there is a god after all


File: 9b8acd10d6af362⋯.jpg (62.84 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, trump81128.jpg)

Russia must get out of Venezuela, all options open - Trump


US President Donald Trump has warned that Russia must get out of Venezuela. Two planeloads of Russian troops are currently in the Latin American country under the terms of a 2001 cooperation treaty.

Speaking at the White House, Trump also warned that “all options are open” when it comes to getting Russia out of Venezuela.

Around 100 Russian troops touched down in Caracas on Saturday, a show of support for President Nicolas Maduro’s government. The move caused consternation in Washington, however, with Vice President Mike Pence calling the deployment an “unnecessary provocation.”

Pence also called on Russia to withdraw its support of Maduro and “stand with Juan Guaido,” the Washington-sponsored opposition leader who declared himself interim president in January.

Trump met with Guaido’s wife, Fabiana Rosales, on Wednesday, and pledged his support to her husband. After the momentum behind his play for the presidency fizzled out, Guaido has continued to criticize Maduro’s government, on Tuesday accusing the Venezuelan leader of violating the country’s constitution by welcoming the Russian troops.

US officials have repeatedly warned Russia against intervening in the Guaido/Maduro power struggle. National Security Adviser John Bolton tweeted on Monday that the “United States will not tolerate hostile foreign military powers meddling with the Western Hemisphere’s shared goals of democracy, security, and the rule of law.”



I mean what is Trump going to do to Russia if they don't leave?



Shake his fist really hard and throw a tantrum on twitter, but also move nukes into the Baltics


File: 5f122d9e6aa23a7⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 380x500, 19:25, ay lmao.gif)


>Go to capitalist country expecting gibs

lmao idiots


The PLA is in Venezuela now too apparently. Based Xi is at it again.




No idea how reliable this site is.

It's worth noting that, historically, China has almost never projected force beyond its immediate neighbors, 4 of which are currently annexed today. On the other hand, military deployments in times of crisis are often included in arms deals, and Venezuela bought plenty from China.




Good tbh. Whenever anyone criticized his opportunism he'd just scream "shut up I'm famous."



Venezuela new autonomous province of china.(just joking)

Let's hope that the CPC continues to help easing that economic crisis.





What is to be done with cucks like these should we get our hands on them?



tar and feather them


File: 15f93e62f27e5b5⋯.png (209.82 KB, 584x392, 73:49, joannagusano.png)

Seriously tho, fuck this bitch.

The NYT gave her a platform to spew horseshit because her daddy works for the IMF.




Her daddy was in part responsible for the Caracazo in 1989 and for the 90's debacle.



why is some Kraut chick talking about Venezuela as "her country".





why is she such a gusano

why does she look like a man

why does she make idpol "humour"

why is /pol/ right




>implying that Russia made the US sponsor ISIS and other "moderate rebels"

Shut up liberal.


File: ab62b782ad54613⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 385x215, 77:43, dozens_of_us_arrested_deve….gif)


>Backed by dozens of countries



RT is good though




Jesus christ the things these fucking gusanos say. Sometimes I don't understand my fellow latinamericans. How are they so willing to bend over for americans?



File: d4c3fcd33d9446c⋯.jpg (66 KB, 1200x777, 400:259, The-Alex-Jones-Channel.jpg)

Alex Jones calls for an invasion of Venezuela


>Alex Jones officially calls for an invasion of Venezuela to end the humanitarian crisis for the starving Venezuelan people while saving the entire western hemisphere from collapsing into a communist hell hole by direct design of the UN-run illegal immigrant invasion of Central and North America.



I tought that inmigrants of central america went north, not south and the border with colombia is closed.


File: 613077d0327a5df⋯.jpg (124.01 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 5cae2876dda4c88e648b45fe.jpg)

Pence evokes Nazi Germany in Venezuela debate


US Vice President Mike Pence compared Venezuela’s government with that of Nazi Germany, arguing that the failure of the international community to take the US’ side could lead to genocide.

“When a brutal dictatorship arose in Europe, the world failed to respond,” Pence told a UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday. “Millions of lives were lost in the Second World War. So the United States is calling on the United Nations to live up to its very purpose. Reject the failed leadership of Nicolas Maduro.”

In a now-routine show of support for Venezuelan opposition leader and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido, Pence called on the UN Security Council to revoke UN credentials of President Nicolas Maduro’s government and recognize Guaido as the country’s legitimate leader.

The vice president then echoed a threat oft-repeated by Trump administration officials: “All options are on the table” when it comes to removing Maduro from power.

Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, shot back at Pence.

“We are witnessing yet another episode of a tragedy with several acts in the attempt to change the regime in Venezuela,” Nebenzya said, calling “external players” like the US “a direct threat” to Venezuelan peace.

Nebenzya slammed US sanctions on Venezuela, which he said have exacerbated the country’s precarious economic condition, and accused Pence of “artificially provoking” a crisis to overthrow the country’s legitimate government.



>AJ going full neo-con

So much for the anti-globalist right.



Jones realizes that the only way he is going to get back on Youtube is to completely subjugate himself to the US federal government.


File: e792299d68630ca⋯.jpg (31.64 KB, 371x366, 371:366, DhQO_0DW4AAHpO5.jpg)

I don't understand how far-right groups now (especially the latin-american ones) suddenly love Israel so much. They used to hate them because "Muh kalergi" "Muh jews promoting inmigration" or similar shit but now? They wave the israel flag.



Far right were infused with alt-right and right libertarians. Not anymore


File: 01daed088770c5a⋯.jpg (15.13 KB, 335x315, 67:63, 01daed088770c5afe1c27284ea….jpg)


>mfw the socdems were the real nazis all along



Pentagon/CIA push Venezuela regime-change propaganda in video games




File: de18ddff407ef5b⋯.jpg (34.73 KB, 568x740, 142:185, car face.jpg)


Is this supposed to be news? I thought everyone knew COD was neocon propaganda aside from /pol/yps that think not racist = left wing. The lumpen pandering is genuinely hilarious at points, like how they used a still-living person as one of the antagonists in BO2.



I don't think this has been translated yet, but it seems The Intercept BR got ahold of internal IADB documents detailing their plans for post-Maduro Venezuela. It boils down to, of course, privatizing every fucking thing in sight, especially oil. A whopping 48+ billion dollars worth of "investments", such as loans with which porkies can buy everything off. Ye olde free money. China refused entry to Guaidó's representative to a porky mega-event in Changdu, one Ricardo Hausmann, an economist graduated in America (of course) and a Chicago school cunt. Also was once a finance minister in the pre-Chávez days.


It also led me to these lovely quotes:

<Then Trump brought up Venezuela: “That’s the country we should be going to war with,” Trump said, according to McCabe’s recounting. “They have all that oil and they’re right on our back door.”

<McCabe expanded on this during a Tuesday night interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: “The president’s remarks to the room were along the lines of ‘I don’t understand why we’re not looking at Venezuela. Why are we not at war with Venezuela?’”

Remember when the media derided "no blood for oil" protests? "Capitalism bears within it war as a sleeping cloud bears the storm".

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