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File: b450a5c3cc9fae2⋯.jpg (68.08 KB, 894x894, 1:1, kirino_juche_by_comradepep….jpg)


What do you guys think of the Alt-Right further co-opting the identity of artistic mediums like anime? As the media is used an alt right context, this is an entry point for the fans of said media to join the alt right. Left wingers need to be found in media-discussion spheres. A lot of people's first exposure to communism is through Zizek's analysis of They Live. If you communicate to the people through what they already love, that what they love has something to say about communism we can get that audience.




youtube recommendations while i'm watching practically anything has ruined youtube for me.


File: a1c5587fcb471fe⋯.jpeg (259.57 KB, 2000x1499, 2000:1499, 1*58uZVuKlz4bhBJF1BL9qdA.jpeg)



I have seen a few anime, some were good, but the trend of the marketing strategies in tropes like Moe and specificities regarding western consumption make it seem like a very advanced commodity rather than an artistic funnel. The animation typically lacks detail since the animators have to create a new season every year, and I've heard that there is a schedule of 50 new anime series every year in the summer, I'm not sure how true that is, but it seems more mechanical than personal, to me.

What is interesting is how the tone of the 90s show Cowboy Bebop was an absolute criticism of neoliberal society and now anime has become it's own form of consumer culture. On your point about weaponising popular media for propaganda, I think it is an effective idea.




A lot of the classics have political undertones which are pretty anti-capitalist if not outright pro-communist. The FOTM garbage your average anime right cuck watches is completely hollow.


Code Geass basically deals with all the issues involving national liberation and any progressive movement: reactionary vs revolutionary nationalism, collaboration vs impossibilism, reform vs revolution, etc. Considering it comes-down on the side of Progressive Revolutionary Nationalism, I think its creators were decently leftist.

Also apparently there is going to be a sequel series, I bet you it is about LeLouch leading an uprising of the working class since the second series ended with world peace and a OWG that is democratic capitalist. Considering the ending monologue is "things aren't perfect, but there's peace so we can sort other shit out" I think that's where it is going to go.



What Studio Ghibli film is the closest to portraying Miyazaki's views? i've seen Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away so far.



The Wind Also Rises

Dumb nepotist wehraboo




maybe if anime wasn't absolute shit we would care a bit more about some alt right nigger claiming it


Someone needs to make a webmanga or web anime (with extremely limited animation for indie budget purposes) that tells the story of the Russian revolution in a Gainax style.


I hope everyone here has seen this classic.




>What Studio Ghibli film is the closest to portraying Miyazaki's views?

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Grave of the Fireflies. Miyazaki is very anti-war.


File: 1c682b83fffa461⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1280x883, 1280:883, 1546016201713.png)


I very much value cartoons like dragonball, steven universe, my little pony, or K-on. and I think we should be pushing the more left-minded cartoons, or pushing left interpretations of them


Is there even anime that can be analyzed with a political lens? I think you are better pointing out the flaws and degeneration of the industry as anime become more and more cliche and commodified.


Either get a haircut or do a podcast.



>dragonball, steven universe, my little pony, or K-on




If this was drawn when it pretended to be, the lighting on her hair would be significantly thicker. Cringe and bluepilled.



K-ON is okay though.

Tsumugi is Brezhnev gang.

Is patlabour actually leftist or is it more of a Noam Chomsky vibe. Little witch academics had that one scene. A lot of anime that I watch tend to have that anti-war message but some just have that useless nonviolent liberalism just seeping through it. At least I can enjoy the leftist themes unlike in typical western media where it is portrayed as litteraly the Devil and we must stop the plot right now and go on a 40 minute anticommunist tirade about it.



>China produces Karl Marx cartoon series to mark 200th anniversary of his birth

The animation, co-produced by central government’s Marxism office, will be shown by video streaming website Bilibili



>Is patlabour actually leftist or is it more of a Noam Chomsky vibe.

Oshii is soft liberal. I've watched more than a few of his works and he's never made any anti-capitalist stances.




This thread exists on /leftyweebpol/, is this a response to the whole Anti-anime left video thing?






So worst than Chomsky. I don't watch patlabour but if seen it around here. Thanks for the input.


Isn't it suppose to be just a love story? Either way, I like it so far.


File: d1a18274defeac9⋯.jpg (53.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, screaming chan.jpg)

File: 6903cebcec8a920⋯.jpg (621.42 KB, 1581x2762, 1581:2762, calarts style.jpg)


>steven universe

> my little pony

this cal-art liberal F.R.I.E.N.D.S tier shite is garbage that represents capitalist consumerism, id-pol and other idiocy perfectly.



>somehow veering off of the interesting art critique into crying about sjw tumblerinas

lol wat



> interesting art critique

in the picture or in the thread?

>crying about sjw tumblerinas

yes, who seem to be unironically liked by non-sjw tumblerinas. the Cal-arts style was garbage in and of itself but when it got jacked by idpol it became a fucking nightmare.



>in the picture or in the thread?

in the picture, it veers off into sjw/idpol for seemingly no reason

>yes, who seem to be unironically liked by non-sjw tumblerinas. the Cal-arts style was garbage in and of itself but when it got jacked by idpol it became a fucking nightmare.

I have no idea what you're talking about. It's just a garbage art-style dictated by cost-cutting and marketing research. Capitalist "efficiency" at its finest. But, idpol? I have no idea.



Still a good show if you can ignore the fact that they're cops in a show made by a cop fetishist



>it veers off into sjw/idpol for seemingly no reason

Well not quite, The thread I took those screenshots from was quite long, the 2nd part is from far later into the thread.

>t's just a garbage art-style dictated by cost-cutting and marketing research

Cal-arts on its own? Yeah… or at least today it is (originally cal-arts was what they called using the same models in different disney animations; like Baloo and little John in Jungle Book/Robin Hood).

The point is, modern lazy cal-arts; already the embodiment of capitalist consumerism has been the preferred style of SJW tumblerites who basically took the most basic anime design and made their joints noodly and their over-all design rounded and then slapped on a big squat nub-nose. Steven Universe and MLP are used to promote liberal identity politics. ESPECIALLY Steven Universe, as their show is a toxic mess of "1001 genders' and all this other rubbish. MLP is more a generic weak-watered liberal identity politics about acceptance and shit, at least the new one. the original 80s MLP was trippy fantasy shit that didn't apply to any politics TBH.



I was pretty disappointed with MLP, i thought the fact that it made a bunch of 30 year old guys so hype would at least make it worth watching, it's very uninteresting.


File: cebd13863542e4c⋯.jpg (401.56 KB, 2512x1392, 157:87, gangut and hibiki.jpg)



A superior channel with a leftist anime discussion (turn on autotranslate CC)




Even if one was ignorant of its liberal politics the show just lacks anything that would make it cool for anyone who isn't a little kid. it doesn't even have the occasional clever/deep moments that even most garbage anime have.

On that note, I remember shows like Godzilla the series (1999), SWAT cats, Thunder-cats He-man and Transformers being aired with Extreme Ghost busters and MIB also being great. Later in the 2000s shows like Transformers Prime, Ben 10 and Star Wars the Clone Wars appeared and that stuff was fucking amazing; blood, explosions, death, deep plots, conspiracy fighting, etc. I cannot name a single modern western cartoon from this or the past year I would bother even turning on. And the animations and designs… great. Detailed and smooth as heck.



Ben 10 was great, a toy seller but nonetheless it counted with Dwayne Mcduffie(fun fact, when this guy died i was 10 years old and for some reason afraid his ghost would haunt me)


File: 70182aad147813e⋯.png (90.04 KB, 422x316, 211:158, ghostfreak gwen talking.png)


>afraid his ghost would haunt me

>for some reason

… you were diddling yourself to Gwen, weren't you?


File: 922378481efca0d⋯.jpg (117.5 KB, 598x619, 598:619, IMG_20190130_221311.jpg)


damm right


File: d4adcb338fc4ada⋯.jpg (191.53 KB, 1000x788, 250:197, why anon likes this gwen p….jpg)


>>>/gw3n/ is the board for you then lol.

I liked Gwen too



Everything animated from the 2000s was trash except the movies of course.


File: 013b0f114c80839⋯.jpg (42.57 KB, 500x333, 500:333, there's the door get out.jpg)



>Is there even anime that can be analyzed with a political lens?

There are quite a few anime shows that reference or even directly handle political issues like Code Geass, Princess Principal, the Gundam and Macross series, Shinsekai Yori, Un-Go, Concrete Revolutio, etc. so yes. I'm wary of politically analyzing apolitical anime like K-On though, I don't think it's very constructive.

I think these leftist weebs should make an effort at finding these political shows and analyzing them instead of shoehorning politics into everything or they're just following the "whiny leftist" stereotype.




I only watched Z and even then I only watched until Cell got BTFO and then it got boring for me

>Steven Universe

I effort posted about how awful that show is

And it's not fucking "Left" as I pointed out


Anime is at the end of the day from a very very reactionary culture and is quite fascistic in itself so it's easy to see how Natzi's would like it



>Anime is at the end of the day from a very very reactionary culture and is quite fascistic in itself

Anime is just a medium. Can you say that books are leftist or reactionary? Can you explain how is it fascistic?


File: aade43b7e591061⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, saiyan destruction.jpg)


>watched Z

honestly the original Dragon Ball is miles better than Z, though Z was still fun until the Cell saga.

However the Dragon Ball Z abridged version is the best version so i watch that when I want to rewatch Z and watch the original DB in clean format. There is an interesting thread on the original DB in leftyweebpol, though its rather short.


Be prepared for the obvious copy pasta they're going to throw at you. (That or some bullshit about 'society').



K-on is fascist though, it's an escapist fantasy about muh pure maidens ignoring reality.

I still enjoy it tho.



Just end me.



>50% of the comments are ‘He isn’t describing real capitalism!!1!!!!1!’

I’m losing faith lads.



>fun until the Cell saga.

Man, we were almost bros. The Cell saga is fine, it was the Gohan taking his place "in the circle of life" the payoff of what Z was building up to, since Z until the Buu saga was a Gohan story. After the Cell saga is when everything fell apart. Super is only slightly better than GT. The Broly movie is the best addition to Dragon Ball since the end of the Cell Saga.



I do like the cell saga. That's what I meant when with 'until the cell saga'



oh okay then, you're my nigga.



The first video in the reccommended bar after this video was "I escaped from my country"


Fucking youtube.


File: 9afc897c9d9f340⋯.png (189.3 KB, 482x383, 482:383, Annin charging in.png)


>Super is only slightly better than GT.

true, though frankly GT was so trippy that it's pretty fun to watch (also super saiyan 4 wa a much better idea than super saiyan blue and 'ultra-instinct') The tournament part is interesting but it essentially narrows down 12 infinite universes down to these 90 other assholes who are the only guys worth fighting.

BUT Dragon Ball Super's Broly movie was indeed pretty good, though it got a lot of panties in a bunch for liberals.

On the subject of panty twisting, Shield Hero is slowly being ruined for me by the liberal/alt-right bitching. One side is being retarded with the 'misogyny' buzzword and the other side is blowing it out of proportion, pushing politics into an Isekai fantasy anime that frankly should just be enjoyed as the fantasy fiction novel that it is.



late db/early dbz has some damn good albeit some non-canon waifus and the best art style.



>late DB

Launch was a great waifu and she was in it from the beginning.

Annin ought to be canon, and frankly they wasted the potential they had in exploring shit like heaven. Something they did do in the filler Grand Kai tournament (but was kind of damped by the whole 'we're actually alien ape men' thing.


File: e829e3b4137da50⋯.png (352.15 KB, 700x549, 700:549, political anime compass.png)

>we finally got our own anime

>nobody is linking it or talking about it





>libertarian left

Son you're under arrest for being wrong.



Nigga we had 2 separate threads on the chinese marx anime, check the archive. both threads had 100+ posts, that's ignoring the other posts in >>>/leftyweebpol/


File: aef043372f8879c⋯.png (327.87 KB, 1296x450, 72:25, aef043372f8879c93a7bbb62f0….png)




I personally like the anime Youjo Senki. I also found it hilarious how the HARD COPE GANG of the right still calls Tanya a Libertarian on the official Fandom wiki. Meanwhile the author of the series is an evul Commie. Truly hilarious.



Loli Magical girl Communists enslaved by their authoritarian Stalinist dictator Kyubey fight said master to create a new world on their own with freer ideals an one sacrificing herself for the cause to make everyone live in freedom and peace… but eventually it all backfires and the girls find themselves becoming what they swore to destroy (Homura)


This is an anime thread too so why not mention it in here? And if I had wanted to talk about this on a mostly dead board I would have done so already.



Damn I remember being in that thread. A lot of /pol/cucks were getting picked on in that thread too.



>so why not mention it in here

just pointing out how Wewere talking about it for a month in two threads already, which is why it hasn't been mentioned as much. talk about it has burned down a lot.



>Loli Magical girl Communists

These girls never once say anything critical of capitalism because their brains are too underdeveloped to even know where their allowance comes from.

>enslaved by their authoritarian Stalinist dictator Kyubey

Kyuubey is an imperialist, using witch energy to fuel THEIR anti-entropy machine (supposing one exists), this is true. However, we have no evidence to suggest that QB are a communist race, let alone Stalinist.

>fight said master to create a new world on their own with freer ideals an one sacrificing herself for the cause to make everyone live in freedom and peace…

Godoka gains the ability to fundamentally alter the universe, and what does she do? Remove one part of the supply line. Magical girls still randomly explode when their time is up, they're still little girls with superpowers, and their energy is still used to power the QB. Madoka was the Trot all along.

>but eventually it all backfires and the girls find themselves becoming what they swore to destroy (Homura)

A natural result of the systems in place after Madoka completely failed to do anything about anything.



>steven universe

I barely know about the series, but weren't at least two of the big villains redeemed because of idpol reasons?




unironically watch E;R's videos on Steven Universe, they are a good deconstruction.

also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlzl0gUdb3I

Unfortnately they are /pol/yps but they do actually have legit criticisms.




>Shield Hero is slowly being ruined for me by the liberal/alt-right bitching.

That is why i generally only discuss anime with rl friends and people I know through the /leftyweebpol/ discord. I'm done with /a/ and twitter bullshit forever.



>/leftyweebpol/ discord

Why don't you guys actually use /leftyweebpol/?

>done with /a/ and twitter

Oh I don't go there either, it's youtube where i see this shit-show often.



/leftyweebpol/ is not even close to being dead. We have posts daily. I wish you newfags understood how slower boards operate.



>if I had wanted to talk about this on a mostly dead board I would have done so already.

leftyweebpol is slow but hardly dead. It's pretty active actually with over 200 posts in the past 2 months and several new threads.



Kakegurui is pretty critical of capitalism actually


File: df1a861fc8f8f98⋯.jpg (262.63 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, nani police officer-sama.jpg)


One of the few videos that I found that explains the mediocrity of the anime industry. Not a fan of the dudes content but this video hits the nail on the head



good video, the only problem with it i have is the part about pokemon characters. modern pokemon is just as bad the old pokemon but for different reasons.



You probably think that communism is when you are a left-wing sargonite.


File: af8612210f86385⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>muh stale sargon meme

Amusing, also not an argument. steven universe is irredeemable garbage with shitty, lazy animation, inconsistent designs, a toxic fanbase of idpolers who make bronies look sane, tuneless 'songs', ridiculous-plots, anti-revolutionary liberalism, gender fluid rubbish etc. the list of everything wrong with Steven Universe could fill a book if one analyzed the whole show, except that you don't even need to examine the whole show because half the episodes are just the same thing rehashed over again 'steven or one of the gems has a first world problem, they whine about it, then something happens so the gems gather up to do some shit, then steven tags along or otherwise gets shoe-horned into the episode's event then the gems fuse and do whatever and the problem is a averted. No lessons are learned, Steven is special for no reason and gets OP powers for no reason and remains the annoying infantile brat that he was at the beginning.


File: d49cac6c1fa96aa⋯.jpg (39.46 KB, 665x399, 5:3, a mistake of some kind.jpg)




ben 10 gang


File: d918b55fbe419fd⋯.jpg (170.41 KB, 1024x738, 512:369, Ben 10000s.jpg)


Yeah BOI



I know it's a cliche in the fanbase but i actually stopped watching after Ultimate Alien was over, i was 15 at the time and barely watched tv anymore, i hear all sorts of good stuff about Omniverse tho.


File: dfbbb0bec0a2711⋯.jpg (377.04 KB, 977x3243, 977:3243, rage against reboot ben de….jpg)


Nah, omni-verse had good ideas, but its execution was sloppy and the art-style poor.

Also I personally prefer the original series over all of them. The 2 follow ups had problems that were, to me, glaringly obvious, but over-all was still rather fun.

The reboot is trash tho, pic related



The passion this guy has for Omniverse may actually make me watch it.


File: 34cf99e3cf0874d⋯.jpg (374.13 KB, 864x768, 9:8, 864px-Diti_political_compa….jpg)


Can't think of a manga/light novel to go in the top left right now.



Also, I should specify that Naruto is neoliberal and not fashy.



uh evangelion, human instrumentality project wants to fuse everyone or some shit


File: 1fab60e123a5e2d⋯.png (125.14 KB, 1226x1550, 613:775, 23f9f05fadfd65bccce5827138….png)


Fuck off.



ok i watched the anime fully and this was nice, didn't really tell me anything i didn't knew


Kaiji is the closest to class consciousness I've ever seen an anime get. It shows how the bourgeoise really see people and how a total scam the idea of "getting rich is a matter of wit and luck" is. Also how the only way for poor people to ever win is to unite.


File: f67dd24e9d4b580⋯.jpg (242.97 KB, 1024x1334, 512:667, Rei TFing 1.jpg)


Fucking christ, SEELE's Plan is not communism, this is like calling the Borg Communism.

See link related




I was sleepy, i just said whatever came to mind, i'm already aware of all that jizz about Anno being a sad fuck affecting the series and him fucking with everyone's heads.


File: e65a002c109ab44⋯.jpg (75.19 KB, 1058x845, 1058:845, sleeping platypus.jpg)


>Anno being a sad fuck affecting the series and him fucking with everyone's heads.

Well not only that, anyways sleep properly like platypus related.


File: 0f4574ee72ec89d⋯.jpg (132.95 KB, 950x333, 950:333, Post-4-mestus-plangon-PGS-….jpg)


always enter a primitive REM sleep like cuttlefish related



Fuck off evageeks


File: 1f5091a1fbe8609⋯.jpg (820.12 KB, 1585x1732, 1585:1732, Asuka melon.jpg)


2Deep4U brainlet, stay salty




Why is western art so fucking UGLY



My personal idea is that they don't try to make them look cute, i mean that screenshot of SU is intentionally ugly too. I kind of like western cartoons not trying to be have perfect looking characters, i want to see Japan trying to do something like Spongebob.


File: cce8e49fae02781⋯.png (360.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Gwen Deadpan.png)





I get Steven, but that's cal-Arts for you, I already posted about it here >>2803374



>>2809969 is right. Gwen is cute. Also Wakfu girls are good (wakfu is just one letter change from being waifu). But I agree, I don't know why the majority of western cartoon has to be so super deformed. Imagine if all anime was chibi. The only exception seems to be superhero and SH-like shows, in which characters have some semblance of normal anatomy. I'm also fucking tired of western animation for an older audience being solely cynical comedies that don't have any enthusiasm for the medium itself.


File: e9fd6af182cd399⋯.jpeg (142.9 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 0D7FF42B-76C7-4EE2-A4A7-4….jpeg)


>Imagine if all anime was chibi

Even the worst quality chibi shit is more appealing than the art of the average Western cartoon. Funny how the only decent-looking western shows are anime inspired



I agree, but it would get tiresome before long. That said, Japs have top tier aesthetic taste.



It's less Western Animation and more MODERN Western Animation. If you look at shows from the 70s and 80s and 90s their character designs were top notch. animation was poorer however, because of budget limitations and artists trying to stretch them (which is also why many of these shows only got a few short seasons).



I agree with you 100%, and should have mentioned that. And there's at least a bit more variety from french toons. Perhaps some other euro animation too, but IDK. I feel that the old WB DC art style had potential to be a standard bearer for "realistic" animation. Stuff like Batman TAS, Batman Beyond and Gargoyles always felt like it was just one or two steps away from being aimed at adults.



>Anime is at the end of the day from a very very reactionary culture and is quite fascistic in itself so it's easy to see how Natzi's would like it

You know that people who make stuff like Youjo Senki are Communists right?



No really. Youjo Senki which is a disaster fire about an antisocial r/atheism neckbeard turning into a 5edgy nazi loli sociopath is him making fun of Capitalism and Fascism.




I think he might have meant the fixation anime has with rich people and extravagant lifestyles, tales of king and queens in general. Or maybe not, i don't see a lot of anime tbh


The only thing worse than a gamer is a weaboo.


File: 164b3bb85a4558d⋯.jpg (121.12 KB, 1024x358, 512:179, 3hJvxAQh.jpg)


>le Anno hates his fans meme


File: bf56ff9c8b621c3⋯.jpg (484.38 KB, 1400x881, 1400:881, yande.re 57978 sample jomy….jpg)


Terra e…

If you think SD system is the ultimate fascism… But I don't know if the Mu is communalistic or not


File: a68e474f19b3319⋯.jpeg (151.3 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 33C3FEBD-D08F-4005-B6D4-A….jpeg)

pic related has some lefty themes albeit not the focus of the show, one of the side characters was even part of the university demonstrations going on in the 60’s

plus I always appreciate when animators make a point to depict characters realistically without all the weird hair colors and obnoxious uniforms


File: b4fb1db91ebdb9b⋯.png (182.57 KB, 304x325, 304:325, sumika3.PNG)


>plus I always appreciate when animators make a point to depict characters realistically without all the weird hair colors and obnoxious uniforms

Get a load of this faggot


File: 9b6c4a328c13e1e⋯.jpeg (88.12 KB, 1120x700, 8:5, 21381FA7-287C-4A08-9A68-5….jpeg)


These are a hundred times hotter than generic pink haired slut #277014B

Also get better taste in mabu rabu’s.




Both are shit. Anime is of the devil and should be banned post-revolution.


File: 77cb9a314aa39aa⋯.jpg (600.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190209_123103.jpg)


File: 731969db8809667⋯.jpg (11.07 KB, 260x244, 65:61, asuka 2.jpg)


>calls colorful-haired anime girls generic

>posts black haired girls

Top kek, absolute garbage taste


File: 8bd4b19abef4972⋯.jpg (27.8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, smug asuka.jpg)


Just because he doesn't openly call his fans cunts and shit doesn't mean anything. Your screencap literally proves the point, not to mention that Anno contradicts himself at times, previously stating that Otakus are degenerates holding back japan. Also of course he doesn't reject them, he makes good money off of them!


File: c158ec6f2d99557⋯.gif (25.84 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 1486593539718.gif)


dumb evageeksposter

what's next, you gonna death of author me


Umm anime is racist and sexist?



Lad if you think media being racist and sexist means we can't engage with it we're not gonna make any progress.


File: 982fb1b4227e708⋯.mp4 (1.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, go home to your mother.mp4)


Ooof what projection


File: 720f95ec48bbeea⋯.jpg (174.74 KB, 1280x868, 320:217, https___blogs-images.forbe….jpg)



Haven’t watched it but if I had to venture a guess it’s parody being completely lost on reactionaries (see right wingers using imagery from 40k and circlejerking over the imperium despite the fact that it was meant to be an hyperbolic allegory to the ills of fascism).


File: 401e48b3dc174f3⋯.jpg (99.42 KB, 960x720, 4:3, rx1xpcy19sq01.jpg)


LoGH's a pretty standard "democracy is well-meaning but corrupt and inefficient, fascism/monarchy are autocratic but effective" narrative, but the best character is a republican so it's gucci



I've not watch it all but I enjoyed it through one of the characters btfo'ing the space Germans but it didn't get very leftist beyond that to be honest



Don't forget Yang does all he can to avoid collaborating with Job Trunicht, a fascist.



You forgot the part where Reinhard allows for lower scale democratic organization of the empire. If anything, Reinhard is creating the groundwork for socialism by establishing dual power.






File: 7c3431ff8843aa0⋯.jpg (153.77 KB, 700x587, 700:587, kaoru-tanamachi-amagami-ss….jpg)


Kaoru > those sluts



Don't forget the part when Reinhard led a civil war against the Imperial higher nobles.



At what? Being an even bigger slut?


File: 527e0ad4e62baa2⋯.jpeg (109.98 KB, 1198x782, 599:391, 8BD020A4-45D7-4F73-B461-C….jpeg)

This anime had some leftist themes and an awesome soundtrack.



File: 920e717dcd33ae3⋯.jpg (123.96 KB, 640x1440, 4:9, disshonorable politicians.jpg)


not really, it's clear reinhard is a stand in for napoleon, and the free planet alliance is just a stand in for the old kingdoms of europe, it's just that the author is a liberal, and thus an idealist, so he thinks napoleon won just because of better command structures and stuff, and not because the mode of production was a better fir for the material conditions.

or you know reinhard can be read as an allegory for mao, and his overthrowing the kaiser as the chinese revolution against the remanants of the chinese empire, and putting glorious nippon (the fpa) in danger of invasion, think about it these books were written shortly after the cultural revolution, and in both a more ancient empire civilazation coexists with a newer liberal republic spawning from it, and then the more ancient one falls into corruption, only to be brought out by a charismatic figure ruling with an iron fist, only to threaten the liberal democracy, who by then (the 70s) has itself fallen to it's own corruption



of course that last interpretation is only valid from the point of view of a liberal, but the author is a liberal, so he probably made this methaphor real even if unconciously


>all this discussion

Why are you not on >>>/leftyweebpol/ ?



Too slow


File: 907842ca7d60de1⋯.jpg (67.54 KB, 177x219, 59:73, so stupid i can't see stra….jpg)


>Human characters in Pokemon weren't massively popular before Sun/Moon

>And that's because Sun/Moon doesn't have generic anime characters, nevermind that gen 7 has the most generic waifubait characters of any pokemon gen.

I haven't played pokemon since gen 3 and I know that's the biggest load of bullshit I have ever seen.

The rest of the video is the same shit /v/ermin were spouting a decade ago, down to comparing economic boom era OVAs with seasonal animu.

I honestly don't know how the fuck can anime youtubers be so consistently cancerous.



>Human characters in Pokemon weren't massively popular before Sun/Moon

>And that's because Sun/Moon doesn't have generic anime characters,

Did he actually fucking say that? Did he PLAY Sun or Moon?



This is your chance to make it not slow.


File: 160905e9bec3897⋯.jpg (30.8 KB, 220x315, 44:63, 220px-First_Squad_poster.jpg)

"First Squad: The moment of truth" is one anime that is pretty left wing.

The protagonist is literally fighting Nazis.


File: d88a8d53d794692⋯.jpg (34.1 KB, 715x720, 143:144, 697d763.jpg)


File: 188e552b32fcc0e⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1541x1294, 1541:1294, rwby___weiss_schnee_by_bea….jpg)

What do you all think about Vic Mignogna and the sexual harassment allegations?

The #KickVic and #IStandWithVic is pretty funny to watch on Twitter.



The rumors about Vic being a piece of shit have been going around forever and they're most likely true, but I don't really care enough if he ever lands another job or not.




It's kinda depressing because while he isn't a good voice actor, he's had roles where he really fits, like Junpei. But it's okay, because there is no ethical consumption under capitalism.



It was a Russian and Japanese collaboration so no surprise there.


>tfw communism will be created by anime weeaboos


File: d9261a1b084edcf⋯.jpg (256.84 KB, 960x686, 480:343, choices by gorbachev.jpg)

This thread is


File: 2963c8ce5a4e1dc⋯.jpg (30.88 KB, 266x373, 266:373, trotsky tv series.jpg)


Hyperbolic fascism is exactly what they want. The pure id of fascism is a chauvinistic death cult, they fantasize about honorable death and murder of "xenos" for the authority figure etc. Honestly the id for socialists is revenge against the bourgies for their defense of their priviledges, hence commie memes are all about killing Bezos or why they think this kind of pic related shit is funny and "very cool actually".


File: 11800b57dc991b0⋯.png (60.39 KB, 148x227, 148:227, 1356748733090.png)


He should learn to be more like Junpei.



This show treated the revolutionaries as the bad guys and authoritarianism as a necessary evil though



>This thread is

pointless since there is a board for this?






Replace HxH with One Piece tbh

Luffy is egoist gang


File: c405d734002fd0b⋯.png (117.22 KB, 300x267, 100:89, ClipboardImage.png)

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