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File: 6efa7e3a64e0c43⋯.jpeg (179.15 KB, 800x555, 160:111, C1C80A99-A686-4DF2-812F-9….jpeg)


For those that remember him, he was unironically the best poster to ever grace this board.



He was here like a few weeks ago lol


File: 849c530273b9cd1⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 997x1077, 997:1077, stickerette_009.jpg)


Forever uphold anti Baboonist thought



not baboon poster, someone who namefagged as naziposter, but was not in fact a nazi. idk if he wast the best poster ever, but he's a pretty good board contributer.



Why does he call himself a nazi?



>he was unironically the best poster to ever grace this board



Namefags are invariably cancer


File: 5678c7a4a8fe5b3⋯.jpg (137.95 KB, 543x285, 181:95, 4a080b3532c6ed8270718d4563….jpg)


My god, I still remember when Hoochie would start fighting nazis for hundreds of posts



embarrassing sycophancy like this is bourgeois. never post a thread again.

(also he was mediocre at best.)




is he dead?


>some faggot actually reads beyond maybe three pamphlets of Lenin

>Automatically becomes the best poster of all time




He was a nazi when he started coming here as naziposter, but he read more than three pamphlets of Lenin and became a sage.


I remember he posted that he wasn't a Nazi, but felt obligated to post under the flag because he was a reactionary Maurrassian Integralist at the time. I also recall seeing him posting in favor of Deng in recent times. Strange fellow, he is.




Naziposter never said he was a leftist. If I remember correctly he said he was some sort of monarchist/reactionary


File: 0997e22c150ec95⋯.png (160.17 KB, 500x369, 500:369, rAxzmud.png)


The second best era of /leftypol/ (mid to late 2017) had a ton of entertaining, for right and wrong reasons, namefags. Naziposter, Hoochie Minh, Afroplasm, Howard Scott, all of them were inescapable parts of the /leftypol/ experience and it was a great place to be. The best era of /leftypol/ was late 2015 to mid 2016. It sucks that you can only appreciate these moments in hindsight.



He clearly became a communist later. His logic became entirely rooted in Marxism.



you don't have to say it to show it.



Trivial aside

Howard Scott was a veteran from best era


File: ad3d8eeb7f3fcd1⋯.jpg (132.96 KB, 960x707, 960:707, kx1ufkucngf21.jpg)



Can we stop this circle jerking, and acknowledge that those posters had a shit load of comedic material to work with?



Ok then.

The dialectics were in full swing during the so called "golden era", and we currently happen to be in a period of building tension in capitalism, wher it's just laying the foundations for a greater movement.

This is evidenced by shit like Brazil electing Bolsonaro, the Democrat Cops of America, and socdems geting cucked, and radicalizing after Bernie was dunked on, and even the fucking Irish republicans resuming marches, and shit.

This is going to make the Charlottsesville auto show look like peanuts, when the depression hits


File: d082ac06a41dd8c⋯.webm (4.68 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Bernie Sanders reign of t….webm)


>The best era of /leftypol/ was late 2015 to mid 2016

actually the worst in retrospect. there was lots of OC, but at least half of it was bernie dicksucking.



>tfw you were there to experience it all

>tfw it will NEVER return and the board will likely not see 2020

The board has lost so much of its subculture that it's painful. That being said, I think it's preferable now compared to the point of about 300ish unique posters, where Twitterfags and really retarded tripfags (yuiposter, reddit obesity, A.W) would constantly defend and circlejerk over one another and use the board solely as a grounds to lie about their knowledge.



Yeah, sure but the traffic on the board is much slower and I can’t say the user base is much better now than it was then. Early leftypol was funny and creative as hell but the theoretical knowledge was low tbh. There was never really a true golden era—even the times that were the most fun were filled with out of control shitposting. We only briefly managed a period before things really blew up where you could balance fun, free speech and in-depth dialogue. I think your right tho, this board is limping along until it’s almost inevitable death. If it does survive till 2020 then I think there could be a potential revival.

t. Hoxhaposter


Didn't he become a Dengist though?



yes he came out of the deng closet recently and said china is socialist



So did Ismael didn't he?

It seems to have been where the hardcore theory lifters have been exploring recently



Howard Scott is the only tripfag I do not miss. His meme-tier opinions changed monthly and he was terrible at defining and debating them. One week he claimed he was in favour of delegation from the grassroots, the next he was basically claiming to support a totalitarian state where only "smart people" can rule. Dude was a fucking tard.


Hoochie was a great meatshield against /pol/, she would constantly counter-bait with race and gender - considering she was really just a Vietnamese ethno-nationalist embracing second wave feminism.

Naziposter had some cool but unsourced rants and brought back some genuine old image board culture. Him coming out as a Dengist was probably an act of desperation, considering his own ideology doesn't exist (NRx) and communism has a bleak outlook these days.

Howard Scott was a retard autist on A.W. tier. His application for BO was the most cringey shit I've seen.

Afroplasm was a genuine nice guy and I miss him even if his content was lacking. He still shitposts on Twitter and YouTube by dissing Muke, under the name or "Pridetoons" if I believe.


Oh and someone remembering Chaya and the eventual Chaya/Aiden gate? Good times.


I honestly can't remember 2015 anymore. Hoochie is the only old poster I remember aside from people who moved onto twitter.


Satanposter was pretty funny too.



2015 wasn't that notable tbf, NaziPoster was last around in like Dec 2018 so it's hilarious that hardly anyone in this thread remembers him.



>literally a poster of a baboon


that pirate guy was still the funniest thing i've seen on the board



Yarrr ye talk bad about the Marxist Mateys you'll walk the plank!



Wasn't that a /pol/ false flag? The meme "pirates of /leftypol/" is used primarily by /pol/yps or people making fun of Bat'ko, Pierre, Muke who were all depicted on there.



Pretty sure it was some local autismo but it's become a source of joy for both boards.


File: fee2ecb299c81ac⋯.png (2.98 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, castoff.png)


File: 32bc2952e37a6fa⋯.jpg (37.7 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, rHpl0QqC7SWc7fqoXroktZWfba….jpg)

File: 0dea21d361a1c21⋯.jpg (175.8 KB, 1010x421, 1010:421, YARRR.jpg)


Ahoy matey



This still kills me every time I see it. Truly a golden age of posting.


File: 6c97389e2eb5450⋯.jpg (102.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, m80.jpg)

File: 68789dc0a88d5b5⋯.png (497.61 KB, 800x886, 400:443, gangs.png)

File: 3b5b1dcd516f1eb⋯.png (517.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, pirates!.png)

File: 84de0d9a01e7403⋯.jpg (587.53 KB, 2611x1690, 2611:1690, pirates.jpg)


>you will never go back to the ~2 weeks when this was happening

yarr… ;-;



We've had our ups and downs, but the continuous sperging about people needing to read on this board is what actually got my ass into gear reading theory. No other socialist internet space really pushed me to that before, and I used to hang out on Revleft as far back as 2008.

So thanks leftypol, for saving me from wikipedia tier theory. For that reason alone I consider this the best socialist internet space, even with its ups and downs.



Weird, I thought it happened at least a few months earlier than that. I'm really unreliable with the timeframes of various 8chan events for some reason.

In my head I write off everything after April 2017 as that's when BO shit the bed, but they did spend literally months sperging out.



Is it really that long since the great purge? Shit, time really flies


>For those that remember him, he was unironically the best poster to ever grace this board.

t. been here for about a year

naziposter was a quality effortposter but by no means some paragon or the best the board had. Just off the top of my head we had a Stalinstache and even a trot who wrote high-quality effortposts debunking anti-soviet myths and about soviet agriculture and trade unionism back two year ago. Naziposter did some good holocaust-denial debunking and made /pol/yps mad but that's it tbh



Yeah that and the election day thread are the only two events I can reliably pin down because the hack was thought of as an April fool at first, and I only bothered coming here a few times in 2018.


What happened to naziposter?




I must thank you comrades for making me read. Since elementary I was a brainlet who couldn't keep attention on a paper for more than 3 seconds. It was impossible for me to read a book and I never did before I visited leftypol. Cockshott gang made me even a bit interested in math.

So thanks leftypol for curing my brainletism to an extent and reading my blogpost.



/leftypol/ rescued me in 2015 from becoming a fucking sargonite. Prior to lp, I'd been nothing but an edgy mouthed socdem since 2008, now I'm reading Marx and unironically want to put capitalists in a gulag.


File: 15a71ee5e24b81e⋯.jpg (2.72 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 1480086850278.jpg)



The best era of /leftypol/ was the first six months of its existence.

They were by far the most academic and productive months of this boards existence as the benevolent M-L majority (typified by posters such as Ismail back before he went off the deep end) of that time was both relatively well read and open to debate and discussion with those of other anti-capitalist ideologies (hence why this board even has a Technocrat user flag).

Unfortunately this was not an acceptable state of affairs for the left-coms and especially the anarchists who went on a self serving campaign to 'grow the influence' of this board.

This was done by essentially advertising this place to other left-coms and anarchists on reddit, revleft and other such places.

This resulted in a flood of left-com and anarchists posters that drove off much of the original M-Ls (hence the existence of /marx/) and introduced the dual spectres of id-pol and anti-intellectualism that this board is still fighting a losing battle against.

Ever since this 'anarchist invasion' as I have come to regard it, this board has been on an overall downward trajectory.

The golden age of namefags back during 2015-2016 was a welcome reprieve from the decline and gave newer users an all too brief glimpse at a shadow of what this board was once like.

That is all over now however.

At this point I doubt this place will see 2020.

It has fully succumb to the eternal September of unassimilable reprobates and user turnover.


Towards the end of my time actively posting here.

I had made at-least two turbo autists mad enough to impersonate me.

As few here bothered to check the trips, these posts were accepted as genuine regardless of the fact they were not my own.

Despite being the last user standing from the golden age of namefags, this general lack of awareness from amongst what had become of this boards population is what finally killed off my interest in posting here.

Over the years that I have been posting here, my positions have seldom changed.

With the largest change being an aesthetic shift from using the term 'Technocrat' to now using the term 'Stratocrat'.

To be perfectly clear.

I am a Totalitarian and Stratocracy is a proudly Totalitarian ideology.

The appointment system used by Stratocracy does empower those on the 'shop floor' to some degree however I would never describe such empowerment as from the 'grassroots'.

In my time here I have also been militantly against the misconception that Technocracy was an ideology that advocated for a state ruled by engineers, scientists or the otherwise highly educated; The post you read that suggested this was likely by an imposter.


>Howard Scott was a retard autist on A.W. tier

Nobody could be a retarded autist on the level of A.W.

>His application for BO was the most cringey shit I've seen

At no point did I ever apply for a moderator or BO position with any degree of seriousness.

Short of the scant and obvious joke posts on such matters, I have always advocated for Space_ to be elevated to such positions.

>Afroplasm was a genuine nice guy

He is/was a black nationalist.

Regardless of anything else, the fact that he is a racial nationalist is reason enough to hate him.

The /leftypol/ of old would have rejected him outright for such retarded id-pol.



Shut up retard.



>that drove off much of the original M-Ls (hence the existence of /marx/)

The only regular poster on /marx/ is Ismail. It's more of a place to ask questions about Marxism. The rest of your post is equally stupid.



I would pay to see a fight between boonposter and hoochie


>Best poster

>Not Checkers

Newrades get out



/marx/ is a never ending Q&E session.

Ismail will transfer his consciousnesses to the internet and continue into the next century as the digital embodiment of ML thought.



your history of the board is a complete fabrication lmao



hi fellow newfag

(June 2018)


Haven't posted in /leftypol/ as much as I use to. The user base and the quality have really declined. It's kinda upsetting considering this is one of the few chan boards I still lurk.



Lot of namefag worship tho



Why did he stop? Did he die from tuberculosis that he contracted in some public housing complex?



>He is/was a black nationalist.

What, because he posted under that flag? He was from Britain and made fun if IdPol retards all the time.


I wish I could have been Hoochie's friend irl.


File: aed7a6bc53bcd4b⋯.jpg (105.19 KB, 1085x509, 1085:509, d2c8cc0cf6a9ece0180d69a3d8….jpg)


I remember a thread where he declared that he realized that he had already won because the Left was discrediting itself and that we were really doing his work by just being ourselves.

I miss him and the other Norwegian cuckposter though…

Even Milo. He was a good laugh. I enjoyed all the Stirnerposters who triggered him constantly. He started posting bullsharks for a while and then he left not long after that.

Nazi Satan poster was quite a ride as well, although I suspect that she was some kind of Schizo. The accusations of being jewish magicians was fun, and pretending to be her in threads and posting tits would rile her up like nothing else.

Those were the days…


File: 702bdf40f609598⋯.png (688.96 KB, 520x693, 520:693, 89e30fe1efed7faeb8a1361410….png)

File: 9de3390dd500db1⋯.png (515.33 KB, 1256x1244, 314:311, 4193b9b71ab9a9cd67c55a0c67….png)

File: aa4db397c8fce6d⋯.png (379.55 KB, 700x1315, 140:263, 3ebc036c0d3110613276e15f01….png)


Fuck it, this is now a /leftypol/ ostalgia thread.



Posting so hard you own someone for nearly half a decade.



>I'm really unreliable with the timeframes of various 8chan events for some reason.

For me it's because this site doesn't seem to be as well archived as halfchan for instance.



You are all outlandishly stupid if you believe that namefags made /leftypol/ great.

Howard Scott and co. are just an example of crystalized human dumbassery. In a normal person, they hide their disgusting proclivities until they are acted upon by outside forces like a leader or a natural disaster. In a namefag, you have a dumbass who has been acted upon by the internet. They have a functionally limitless ability to delude themselves, and they have a functionally endless amount of people to egg them on.

Every stupid ideology inevitably creates these ideological supersoldiers that are so hopped up on fucked up ideas and a need for something unobtainable that they can not help but attempt to express the farthest, most extreme, utmost, progressed form of ideology. By sheer unreplicable probability, they are the vessels for every fetid drop of an idea that has ever spilled from some idiots skull. They are a funhouse mirror of everything wrong with the human mind.




Faux-cryillic should be an automatic permaban tbh. Worst shit honestly.


Tbh the dying of leftypol is a double edged sword.

Hypothetically, it means less commies on the internet and more IRL but also less centralized anti-idpol sentiment.

Idk though.


File: 859dc50d1d1c83b⋯.jpg (29.96 KB, 640x659, 640:659, zxbr27as308z.jpg)


Leftypol is going to live as long as I fucking want it to



>less commies on the internet and more IRL

Are you implying that when someone stops using /leftypol/ they start being an activist? That makes no sense.



Those were better times, I used to do the same. It was good training



It was true of me I stopped having so much time to effort post when I got irl active



This is total bullshit, the board was thriving and then the one big US military base in Syria ban and subsequent ban and anchor happy mid stage killed all the momentum. Having g anarchists and reactionaries here was good, good for honing ideology


Daily reminder the Board Owner has ruined this board and we should all work to return the board to the golden era of 2016-2017.



why are we talking about him like he's our recently deceased grandmother? did I miss something?



he's not your recently deceased grandmother?







It is not, I was there also

What are your recollections of the golden era?



How? Its impossible to reverse /leftpol/ now


File: a7f25fb94246572⋯.webm (7.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pol visits.webm)

File: 5d7c5269b00574d⋯.png (247.31 KB, 929x623, 929:623, cucked on the astral plane.png)

File: b3a6f13c91b1521⋯.png (152.64 KB, 695x825, 139:165, The Dream.png)

File: f1fdb6e93ebeade⋯.png (197.46 KB, 762x604, 381:302, Zizekyan platform.png)


Can someone actually explain the baboon meme to me? Was he trying to get past a wordfilter or something?


File: 64be85d5f826d19⋯.png (371.75 KB, 796x1058, 398:529, 9082f87c872b5db773aa8f6d19….png)

a classic


File: 3bc9d2026f6c611⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 1709x1553, 1709:1553, boon.jpg)


FUCK OFF BABOON! GO BACK TO YOUR ZOOS! We do not want any more boons to society! NO MORE!









he said "bye bye ba.boons" a lot and if you say something a lot then it's funny and a meme


File: ce3e76a5ab32d10⋯.jpg (9.48 KB, 240x240, 1:1, mc ride.jpg)

>tfw it will never be 2015

>tfw it will never be a time when this board was just turd positionists, communists and anarchists all in a circle calling each other nigger

it was a simpler time, a better time



remember anfemposting?

remember Afroplasm?

remember the original nazbol stuff?

it truly was the golden age





Why does /leftypol/ have a fetish for bois?



because that is what those faggots looked like



No that was Checkers


No, Anal Water was.



I can't believe I really miss Afro and Hoochie



Does anybody know if Rebel is even still alive? I know about the Nasu shit, but what the fuck happened since?



afaik this is something that has infected chans and imageboards in general



remeber satannazi?


Naziposter here sup



At the rate that he was going to do you really think he hasn’t OD’d or died in some weird fetish sex incident?



>he was unironically the best poster to ever grace this board

no, that would be hoochie


File: 7f1eb6607cc267f⋯.jpg (15.12 KB, 249x203, 249:203, 7f1eb6607cc267f2d17afc4b60….jpg)

Have you ever had that weird feeling where you read your own obituary?

>Best poster on the board

Hardly. It mostly just started of as a joke, and because no one at the time (other than hoochie) seemed to understand how to make pol/yp/s mad.

That said, I've been gone mostly because I was fed up with BO. Trigger-hair bans for 'imperialism' what? are one thing, but if even a track record of consistent anti-imperialism doesn't protect you from that, then what is the point?

Besides. There just aren't a lot of nazis around these days anymore. And it's an old shtick at this point.



>Trigger-hair bans for 'imperialism'

This seems to have eased off after the somewhat recent polite well mannered board revolt



They still happen all the time, but only in the cursed Venezuela/Russia/etc. geopolitics threads. I guess the guy is too lazy to police the rest of the board.




BO just only ever comes on once or twice a week, hands out several bans to anyone who even mentions maduro or venezuela and leaves again. The moderation hasn't so much eased off as become sparser, from the BO at least.


File: 61e8e76503c67c0⋯.png (504.86 KB, 960x876, 80:73, 61e8e76503c67c0b53c8caaff3….png)


All of you missed the drawfag. Her oc was just to good.


Remember those few fights between Howard and afroplasm. That shit was entertaining. Personally I never had that much of a problem with howard. My autism looks negligible next to his, and there was usually some effort put into his posts.


We don´t miss these personalities because they made this board great. We miss the times they used to post here because we miss the general state of the board back then. To be fully nostalgic means that you miss a thing, every aspect/ side of it. Whether it was good or bad doesn´t matter to you anymore. Most people here dont idolize the people they miss, whether they actually liked them isn´t important. They whish for that time to return, so they miss the people they encounterd ind that time and experienced with them. Usually Namefags are disliked, because they give up on their anonymity. But since they aren´t anonymous, you kind of know them as person after a while (or atleast a certain aspect or side of their personality.). They were part of the board when it was at that state, miss that state, people get somewhat nostalgic, people end up missing them. Man I wish it was 2015 again… good night everyone.


File: 3fa3a0912c7ea57⋯.jpg (533.58 KB, 1152x1197, 128:133, me1.jpg)


How dare anyone compare me to Howard Scott (npc).

That aside, I agree with this history of this board. Anyone denying it literally must not have been here then or they're just plain retarded and having false memory syndrome.


Why tf don't people like Ismail



because muh dengism or people who still think he's an autistic hoxhaist



>"For those who remember"

>Not Catgril Drawfag

>Not Hoochie

>Not even Afroplasm

What are you doing here, newfriend?


>The best era was when we had Rebel and Muke fighting over who would get to "represent" the board on twitter and youtube

kek, that shit was gay



>Afroplasm was a black nationalist

Wrong. He just used the flag you fool.


lol literally no one could be more autistic then A.W. Does he still make youtube videos?

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