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File: 429af7edbb3b5c5⋯.png (440.86 KB, 540x304, 135:76, Screenshot_2019-02-10 VIDE….png)

File: 81d51fe55ea1fb5⋯.png (339.25 KB, 540x301, 540:301, Screenshot_2019-02-10 Work….png)

File: 03790b455234887⋯.png (378.82 KB, 540x354, 90:59, Screenshot_2019-02-10 Work….png)


<Workers World Party (WWP) and the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) attempted to hold a protest at the intersection of East Riverside Drive and South Pleasant Valley in Southeast Austin this past Saturday. But the area is home to revolutionary forces, the enemies of revisionists. Masked militants descended on the revisionist protestors almost immediately.

<Both the WWP and PSL are nearly identical “Marcyite” revisionist organizations that trace their origin to the late American former Trotskyite and revisionist Sam Marcy who founded the WWP. Marcy’s revisionist politics defended social-imperialism and all revisionist governments.

<A reader leaked information to Incendiary from a WWP chat group in the Signal app.

<“Anytime PSL or Eno[ch] are involved, [the militants] are going to come. They smashed the mega[phone], tore up signs and were very intimidating,” a Marcyite said in the chat.

VIDEO of the confrontation: https://incendiarynews.com/2019/02/05/video-militants-confront-workers-world-party-party-for-socialism-and-liberation/

WRITE up: https://incendiarynews.com/2019/02/04/workers-world-party-confronted-in-southeast-austin/


I've got a new idea for a Battle Royale game where you play as a member of one of the 30 tiny, irrelevant US Trot ML sects

You and your teammates must eliminate all others to cleanse the Real Movement from the evils of revisionism

At the end the winners get shot by the cops


File: 84d8bd07aed3a30⋯.webm (381.72 KB, 226x210, 113:105, oh-holy-shitballs.webm)

Back to your basement for mommy's milk and cookies, faggot!





Fuckin idiots. You can be critical and oppose other leftist groups. But what these "maoists" do, is totally stupid and a waste of energy. The socialfascism theory brought us a good pile of shit, but they simply ignore history.


It's the fucking feds doing cointelpro.


You may not like it, but this is what peak leftism looks like.


So much for leftist unity. Also, why do I get the feeling the Maoist, once the masks are removed, are going to look like a bunch of college edgelords.


File: aef98bea7cf640d⋯.mp4 (181.98 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Che laughing.mp4)


is trotskyist maoism a thing


cripple-fight of the century



Are you one of the 'militants'? :D


If MLMs aren’t cops they might as well be.



>the revolutionaries of the barrio

who the fuck writes this shit


File: d6a70f3ed2faf23⋯.jpg (39.72 KB, 424x379, 424:379, maoism.jpg)

when you read settlers



>Gay Adam holding up a picture of his nemesis, Cool Adam


>TFW cops engage in better praxis and leftism than you


Imagine being this much of a bunch of sectarian, LARPish retards



They're cops. Or Gonzaloists, there's honestly no difference.


File: a44b0bafe282beb⋯.jpeg (121.89 KB, 1200x773, 1200:773, F318864A-3AB1-4FE3-9CDD-C….jpeg)

with every passing day i despise Maoism even more.



Left-unity is retarded. If you decide to work together for certain limited goals it can work but with significant theoretical differences it is impossible and will likely make you compromise theoretically. It's like anarchists, they are impossible to deal with.


I understand despising marcyites, but there's got to be better times to be militant in opposition to them than when they're actively protesting against US intervention in venezuela. Acting like this just makes you look like ultraleft retards at best and cops/feds at worst, and with maotists you can never tell which it is.



Okay, but dedicating resources to sabotaging other leftists is equally retarded.



Red Guards Austin are gonzaloists, meaning they think Venezuela, NK and Cuba are all just as bad as the USA.



why dont they attack some stormfags instead



Because they are FBI agents LARPing as leftists


Is this group descended from Red Guards Austin? I fucking hate that group of LARPers so much. When i used to live in Austin they were so fucking annoying at protests, it made me embarrassed to be seen with them


>Government shuts down

>Red Guards Austin dissolves

>Government opens again

>these guys come back

Really activates your almonds



Damn that really makes you think



What they are doing is the opposite of larping. They are actually organizing on the streets. Condemning those who do in an imageboard is larping at its finest.


File: 68dbc6c720afd9a⋯.jpg (84.66 KB, 646x518, 323:259, 41034353_1897130967045395_….jpg)



>Enoch, visibly shook, stumbled back and turned around to lift his shirt, flashing a previously concealed sidearm in an attempt to menace the Chicano militant. This kind of threat is typical of white men who come into the barrio from Northwest Austin. These types quickly morph from activist do-gooders, degenerating into racist stand-your-ground types the moment their ego is bruised by people of the oppressed nations.

So it's fine for them to confront him and start pushing him around, but when he tries to assert himself he's a racist bully?


Larping is when you act out a fantasy. It isn't the same thing as being an armchair whatever.


File: 4c9e30bc99bd54f⋯.png (265.33 KB, 526x690, 263:345, 1549634913753.png)


Really makes you think.



No, larping is not the new edgy.



Larp stands for Live Action Role Play



They're doing the opposite of organizing. They're wrecking.


If it smells like a cop and acts like a cop…


>Taking down useless revisionist sects is now LARPing

wew lad

I knew /leftypol/ was filling up with Trot astroturfing but this just takes the cake



Explain to me what this accomplished.



>openly breaking up an anti-imperialist protest

I see MLMs are continuing the tradition of the Shining Path, in that they are destroying worker’s movements with a zeal and effectiveness that rivals the CIA. Criticism of revisionism is fine, but straight up attacking people who are demonstrating against imperialism is cop-tier.



How exactly are we meant to fight reactionaries if we're too busy fighting each other?

Fuck LARPing autists regardless of sect



>I see MLMs are continuing the tradition of the Shining Path

I know that Shining Path committed atrocities that even they later admitted were unjustifiable but explain how they sabotaged anti-imperialist and workers movements



I've got a new idea for a battle royale game.

One unlucky player is cursed to never be able to justify immoral actions because of "the current state of things" or any other relativism. (Everyone else just buttfucks eachother convinced that they are all good.)

That one player will wage a war doomed to fail against all other players, and when he inevitably perishes one of his very killers- or perhaps their children- will one day be cursed.



yeah no marcyism isn't good but neither is puttin on your little pretend PLA getup to flip tables at a bake sale for a video you're making



They went around attacking the Soviet and Chinese embassies and murdered trade union leaders and leaders of leftist parties that participated in elections.


What hurts the most is the arguing/LARPing about dead slavs, and Spaniards



>It's like anarchists, they are impossible to deal with.


What got you so scared?


File: d9d82a0512edf63⋯.png (934.42 KB, 1357x739, 1357:739, 55889.png)

At like 1:28 in the video there's a person crossing the street towards them carrying what looks like a postal box and they (the "masked militants") snatch it from their hands, what was that about?


File: 5d8d5906959a490⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 277x182, 277:182, cheka.jpg)


> Trot ML sects

Hello, fellow leftist.


> who the fuck writes this shit


They think this is how we talk with each other.


> is trotskyist maoism a thing

In theory, it is impossible. In practice we have American "Left" which might've already bred such a monstrosity.



> Gonzaloists

Do they have a site somewhere? I am not persuaded that they exist beyond meme-tier level.


> dedicating resources to sabotaging other leftists

Let's be honest. Most of self-proclaimed "leftists" aren't and deserve to be taken out of the picture. Like those adherents of Shining Path.


> Trot astroturfing

It's not "Trot", it's "SocDem". Though, you wouldn't know, fellow leftist.



Doesn’t sound very Maoist. What kind of Maoist doesn’t support Cuba’s national liberation struggle



Most Maoists always thought or the Cuban Revolution to be a national liberation struggle, but not as a socialist revolution. This is sort of the "centrist" position between classic MLs and Hoxhaists, who think the Cuban Revolution was a Soviet imperialist regime change to secure new markets and condemn it all-together. Maoists think that Cuba should be defended against US aggression but don't think socialism exists there.



You’ve got to distinguish between MZT, MTW and MLM though.




They're Gonzaloites. They think the Shining Path is the highest form of Marxist science.



>Let's be honest. Most of self-proclaimed "leftists" aren't and deserve to be taken out of the picture. Like those adherents of Shining Path.

Whether they deserve it or not is actually irrelevant. The only things that matter are if it's an efficient use of limited resources to literally brawl in the streets with "leftists", and if it's actually an effective tactic to take those "leftists" out of the picture. I'd say no on both those counts under these material conditions.



You and your teammate must eliminate all others to cleanse the Real Movement from the evils of revisionism




Gonzaloists are Maoists that follow everything Mao said, even after he became reactionary toward the end of his life.


File: 97a4c91c07a8730⋯.jpg (159.91 KB, 960x960, 1:1, autists.jpg)


File: 708a66eae0dc06f⋯.png (207.48 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 708a66eae0dc06fb545629cd90….png)

>tfw when Terry A Davis is no longer around so he can't deal with RGA


File: 8ec1038aa304bc1⋯.gif (152.09 KB, 178x188, 89:94, 8ec1038aa304bc1c433aac0101….gif)



The olive green BDUs they're wearing also perk my curiosity.



CIA niggers



Could you gimme a source for the screencap pls?


File: cdfde8c13c3f04a⋯.jpg (81.17 KB, 800x578, 400:289, DGIJemPWsAAqwPS.jpg)

revisionists owned



File: cdc350744108082⋯.jpg (90.33 KB, 500x394, 250:197, yb8eg1wadqg21.jpg)


>Anti Revisionism

>somehow, also being a Dengist

Truly nourishes my neurons



olive milsurp jackets are fucking sexy tbh

I have a german one from the early 90s



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