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File: 0041e31b1871be7⋯.jpg (280.63 KB, 1063x1390, 1063:1390, louis-blanc-portrait-D86PX….jpg)


Has Louis Blanc's brand of socialism, where the government nationalizes certain natural resources and industries and uses the money to set up and subsidize coops, seen any implementation in the 20th century?




That sounds a lot like Venezuela, yes. They did a shit job of it though.



Had the left of the Swedish socdems won the biggest battle they had in the seventies, regarding the wage-labourer funds or however one would translate it, it would have ended up something like this. Honestly it was a pretty ingenious scheme from a reformist perspective, essentially slowly transfering ownership of businesses to the workers over time in a sort of generalized stock option thing. I'm fuzzy on the details, but the whole thing got struck down in parliament anyway.


Would it be an option to transfer ownership to workers by simply increasing mandatory worker representation in the direction of private enterprises? They would not officially become worker cooperatives, but eventually the workers could gain enough power to leverage it during a crisis, enabling them to use it as a starting point for a socialist future.

The obvious obstacle is neoliberal reform, but if we're clear in our ideological purpose this plan should be immune to that. We just need a body of theory adapted to the present conditions.



Idk, my grasp on those issues is not the strongest, but I think a main problem with this approach is that without government assistance, private firms or firms with the least amount of this worker ownership would simply outcompete the coops. They can set wages lower and exploit its workers more in order to be more profitable and competitive.



I'm talking specifically about government interference here. It could be a good incrementalist approach, and follows nicely from political discourse as it exists right now. We already want female and minority representation in executive positions, why not broaden this to representation generally? Make sure that the people controlling the company correspond to the people maintaining it.



You're thinking of the Danes.



Sounds pretty much like Corbyn's plans.



Oh well the Danes had the same idea.



Actually it pretty-much is…

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