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Tags: leftism (CLICK HERE FOR MORE LEFTIST 8CHAN BOARDS), politics, activism, news

File: 050bc7f998c00aa⋯.jpg (237.82 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 050.jpg)

File: 050bc7f998c00aa⋯.jpg (237.82 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 050.jpg)


>friend is a muh reparations muh Obama black liberal

>slowly becomes a succdem

>invite him to local org

>is as close to a model comrade a socdem can be

>helps with community support programs, helps raise money

>goes to jail for a serious theft charge

>Gets out three months early

>Not out an entire day he's blowing me up asking what's going on with the org, when the next meeting is

>Meeting comes, we have him speak to welcome him back

> idpol is cranked up to 100%

>recommends kicking the whites out of the org because working class whites are actually bourgeoisie in disguise

>objects to plan to help the homeless because it doesn't give special treatment to black homeless kings

>cracker organizers afraid to do anything about it because they don't want to "silence black voices"

>am working on a leftist gun club project

>he's hyped to join

>tell him he can't because he's a felon and if someone informed on us that we were arming felons we'd be fucked

>Gets irrationally angry, accuses me of calling him a snitch

>accuses black cofounder of being a tool of the white bourgeoisie for dating a white guy once and confounding with a white devil

Is he a snitch? Or did being locked up exacerbate his hatred of the white man? Either way he's a huge liability. How do I make the accusation that someone is a snitch without causing widespread paranoia among the group? How do we get rid of him and minimize the damage he can cause.


I forgot the most damning bit.

>has been going around asking members individually if we've been conducting any direct action

>is very interested in an ambush of a local outspoken Neonazi that occured when he was locked up


File: 3f2e58b346a7bcf⋯.png (139.23 KB, 401x316, 401:316, 3f2e58b346a7bcf9191c16e847….png)


Before you mentioned this I assumed he was just IdPol and was a bit sympathetic because prison is fucked and many good revolutionaries have gone through phases of irrational resentment after traumatic shit like that. But with this addition, that absolutely sounds damning and like he took some kind of deal to be a snitch. That's a shitty situation to have a former friend in, idk how to go from there but definitely warn people that he's suspicious and not to tell him any details like that. The bit about getting angry for not wanting to arm felons is also pretty telling, many of the guys I've organized with have been felons and have been explicitly very careful about not doing or being party to anything illegal.



it all sounds too convienient


One thing is making me doubt my assumptions. If he wanted to dig up dirt why would he make such a huge stink on his first day back?


While I haven't had any direct personal contact with snitches, this definitely seems like a possibility. How serious was the theft? Because, in general, getting out of jail MUCH shorter than one would expect can be a dead giveaway. For example, there was some guy who went to my highschool that recently got busted with an illegal gun and drugs. He got out in very little time, and the general consensus is that he certainly snitched on someone.

What are the limits for what a snitch can do? You might be able to bait your friend in some way. Additionally, tell people you trust in your organization/people more involved in direct action your concerns, so that they do not incriminate themselves or your organization.


Get everybody in the org to cut ties


File: ae2b5871856d630⋯.jpg (30.33 KB, 500x408, 125:102, pol pot.jpg)


Him being a snitch is frankly more redeemable than if he became idpozzed in prison since at least he probably doesn't mean it and is just doing as he's told because he wants to avoid going back to jail which is totally understandable. Don't really know how to deal with this, i'd try to confront him privately about it and be sympathetic in the hope he'd confess what the deal with his erratic behaviour is and you'd be able to work around it, but its up to your better judgement whether he's a close enough friend of yours to be amenable to a frank conversation or whether its better to assume the worst and try to softly purge him since that way you're just cutting your losses either way.



Speak to him privately. Grill him and tell him every single one of your worries. If he answers your questions suspiciously without talking to you as a friend like a person should when confronted by another friend, ask him to leave the org.

If that doesn't work, hold a private meeting with the leaders of your org. Tell them everything, and mention that he's dangerous to the rest of you. If they mention that they can't do it because he's a minority or some idpol bullshit, tell them you were the one who invited him and they have your permission to kick him out.



He might just be a shitty snitch. Or more likely, he's being pressured to come up with information quickly. If part of the reason he got out of jail quickly is being willing to work as an informant, he certainly doesn't want to go back there.




These. I’d try to sympathize with him and get him to confess, and promise that you won’t fuck him over if he does. If you can get him to confess than you can come up with an arrangement, like having him give false info to the feds to avoid going back to jail. If he doesn’t confess then I’d say take steps to gradually isolate him.



Yeh I’d say before that maybe he’s just pent up having been in prison. I’ve been in prison and you come out pissed. However if he got out early, is sensitive about being called a snitch, is actively disrupting the organisation AND appears to be gathering info, you’ve probably got yourself a snitch sounds like he cut himself a deal



Is the black cofounder a man


Ok, so now my plan is

1. Confront friend one on one

Does anyone know if he'll be wearing a wire or something? Or is that just movie nonsense?

2. Warn comrades

3. Attempt to help him

4. If that fails avoid him

It's all so tiresome, we didn't even do the nazi guy. The dipshit got mugged and cried Antifa.


Nope, a woman.



There's easier places to look for interracial gay porn my d00d


>Does anyone know if he'll be wearing a wire or something? Or is that just movie nonsense?

Very unlikely and even if he were he'd have it on at meetings and the like maybe, not at all times so if you confront him privately there shouldn't be any more surveillance on you than there is in your regular daily life.


Get rid of them asap.

They sound too lumpen to ever be a comrade.


File: bbdb4bcecbef913⋯.jpg (18.32 KB, 540x320, 27:16, a5688a6e3a40f017395e524058….jpg)


>socdem friend

>WONDERING if he is a snitch

come on dude, it should be clear right now that stabbing the left in the back is inherent to soccems.



>If you went to jail or commit crimes, you can't be a communist

This sounds pretty liberal, tbh. All we know is that they went to jail for a "serious theft charge." This isn't inherently lumpen. Besides, I have friends who have been to jail from crimes like dealing, theft, or possession of counterfeit money who are (relatively) class conscious, at least compared to white middle-class liberals.

I mean, Stalin was a fucking bank robber.



I'm speaking in terms of class consciousness, not just the fact he's a criminal.

This persons disposition doesn't sound conducive towards class conscious, in general.



Yeah, I'd agree then. Not sure lumpen would be the right term though, as they do seem interested in political movements, just buying into idpol. Active involvement with a leftist organization shows at least the potential for developing class consciousness, I'd imagine. Liberal would probably a better fit.

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