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File: ace1431614fee69⋯.png (48.32 KB, 469x304, 469:304, ClipboardImage.png)


What would you say are the dos and don't dos of leftist YouTube and podcasts? I've been thinking of making one but I don't want to become just another channel that appeals exclusively to imageboards and preaches to the choir.

I'd guess you'd have to be

>informative and interesting

>not LARPing


>not bogged down in inter-channel drama

Is it even worth my time? People say I have a "voice for radio" all the time



What's your niche? What do you have to say that other people aren't saying?



I think it is still worthwhile, there should be more channels. But you should attempt to have a good idea of what you want to be. I’m thinking of starting a really broad leftist history channel. Audio and especially video still seem preferable for propaganda because they’re more engaging than written word, but even then unfortunately the most engaging thing is shorter content with high production value or meme potential. That is why channels like contrapoints or hbombergiy really exploded in under a year, the production value is fairly high for what it is. But there are other popular lefty channels like Shaun that just do the slideshow thing and somehow got a decent following.



I was thinking of doing a mix of news and history, probably alone, but I have a friend I could easily get aboard for some sort of podcast format. For history, I was planning on spreading some info about the history of socialism in the US for a general audience (whether that includes more well known figures or the more obscure utopian socialists of the 19th century. There were several former utopian socialist communities in my state I've been planning to visit, anyway). Maybe some stuff like videos of events in my state and stuff like that. It's all kind of nebulous in my head, but I'm well aware that common topics on people like Stalin, the "Holodomor" lie have been well covered.


High quality is definitely something that is important. Just look at Black Pigeon Speaks. Despite being a clueless crypto-fascist the quality lends him an air of legitimacy. I have a bit of experience editing but I'd definitely have to learn more. Good luck with your channel if you decide to go ahead with it.


File: 901e63f5862eb6e⋯.jpeg (353.11 KB, 1242x700, 621:350, 09AC8D72-1099-4F1F-B4AE-E….jpeg)

I have a really small channel and I have found that the best way to grow is by responding to reactionaries or other critics of Marxism in general. I’ll usually find videos by going to youtube, filtering results from about a week old to a month old, and find pretty memey videos filled with mudpie arguments and the general 900 trillion Robert Conquest BS. I’ll then post my video as a response to theirs in their comment section and sometime’s they’ll respond, sometimes they won’t. The good thing about this method is essentially stealing their spotlight (however big it may be) and hopefully picking up some other MLs to my channel. The fact that an already known ML e-celeb can make theory or history videos and get any attention whatsoever is because of their already established authority. Even responding to a simple mudpie or alexandria occasio cortez killed 1917 quadrillion people can encourage growth. Use tags as well.



Another thing that important is not what you say but how you say it. What format are your videos going to be in, vlogs, animations, video essays? It has to be interesting as well as informative and factually correct. Pacing is everything.



>What would you say are the dos and don't dos of leftist YouTube and podcasts?

Aside from podcasts, actually make use of the visual element properly. Always bother with decent audio equipment so you don't sound like shit (video equipment is much less important tbh). Don't retread shit that's already covered, recommend where to find that instead (networking). Definitely do post original thoughts to enrich the discourse, and especially reply to comments and make reply videos to other people.

>I've been thinking of making one but I don't want to become just another channel that appeals exclusively to imageboards and preaches to the choir.

So A) don't even tell people you're from here and B) instead of saying shit people agree with, say more controversial shit that you feel needs to be said. Much more likely to get views that way anyway.


>voice for radio

If you’re even the slightest bit knowledgable, definitely make a channel, there needs to be more leftist channels that don’t have squeeky-voiced stuttering teens behind the mic



>not LARPing

This. Get involved in your community and create a channel around that. Or at the very least comment and report on proper praxis from other organizations. Not enough of that going around from what I've observed.



Exactly. I don't know of any well-known channels with that type of focus. There are enough channels that produce video essays on the past. While the past is important and something I'd still like to focus on to some degree, I want to do something more firmly rooted in the present and forward-looking.



I've thought about starting a channel for a while. Made this one video but it came out sorta trash.

What do you guys think?




I’d quiet down the music and enunciate your speech more. You sound a bit bored too, like you’re reading a school essay. I’d also say that there needs to be more going on on screen to keep people’s attention. Even random footage of something related to socialism (such as Russian revolution, everyday life in the USSR, etc) going on while you talk would keep viewers in longer.

Tbh I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. I would make the points more concise and instead of long quotes condensing them to the core, even bullet-pointing it. Extra information can be gotten by people who are truly interested by leaving links in the description below. This is all just my 2 cents though



We really need some Adam Curtis type identifiable, adult voices. Definitely feels like every late 20 early 30 something YouTube leftist has this funny, pubescent voice.




Flea Market Socialist has some good videos talking to workers about shit.



for the love of god, stay away from cringey cartoon avatars. Being a disembodied voice just doing commentary is better than that.



>cringey cartoon avatars

Don't worry I'll leave that to right-wingers like Sargon. I want it to be taken at least a bit seriously


I know this isn't a popular opinion on this board, but I like a lot of left-wing YouTubers. Breadtube is a good thing.



I want to believe in it, but the first thing on the page is Anita Sarkesians channel


File: 6280eaf14ef643c⋯.png (134.27 KB, 500x743, 500:743, 18F48EF7-013D-40AA-9A9D-31….png)

Are response videos still a good medium? I feel like there is a monopoly over them. I try to keep mine flowing good but sometimes I feel like I talk too fast or put in too much theory




I'd advise you to try to E-mail Three Arrows (send him some of your stuff), and offer to help wright, or spellcheck for them.

It's more helpful than effectively splitting a potential audience, and everything is effectively critique of reactionaries on that channel.



There's only a monopoly because Shaun and Three Arrows are the only ones not too lazy to make them. REACT FAGGOT



youll subdivide though



I didn't tell you to start picking fights. You'll only serve to grow the YouTube left.



Isn't a only couple big youtubers working independently, and quickly pumping out great unique content, better than 1000 micro sects, constantly dabbing on JBP?


File: 1460f43c63555be⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1188x1736, 297:434, 257732E9-18B1-4844-9C86-6E….png)


Three arrows is kinda sus though, considering one of the three arrows is against communism. While he has a good audience it’s mainly radlibs and utopians. It’s good if we move anarchists and general radlibs into a Marxist line, it’ll be for the better (I think of badmouse who went from a syndicalist through baby steps of Philosophy Tube’s into a Marxist).


How do you mean ‘react’? Make more videos? Reaction videos like that one I made are incredibly easy to make, especially when it’s all theory.



Are you the Hoxhaposter who has been on a hiatus for a bit here and who was known for a some effortposts before the split? Then I'd recommend you to go ahead.

What's important I think is the following:

>don't just talk over a picture, it's a video, not a podcast

>don't make response videos to low hanging fruits like Peterson, you already have the radlibs covering that one

>instead make response videos to more unknown YouTuber who cover a specific niche, but still have more subscribers then you

>get a good mic! Seriously, just get one

>source your videos! And use proper sources and try to maintain a somewhat academic standard. Don't use Grover Furr if possible or stuff like globalresearch.ca. It will give you a lot more credibility



1000s of people dabbing on jordan peterson is no subdivision



It's a great way to rake in views though. IMO finding a new way to dab on JBP should be what writing a novel disproof of astrology was for the greek philosophers.


File: a06296c096fc453⋯.jpg (125.11 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 5ae87617dda4c870448b4625.jpg)


>Syndicalism, and Anarchism reject Marxism

pic related, I'm only a Wobbly because of optics btw


The channels are divided(i.e small), and YouTube doesn't favor small channels at all. Dabbing on JBP is still cool in moderation, btw.



>Despite being a clueless crypto-fascist

Crypto lol. He's a 1488 gas the kikes type.



I made a video dabbing on JBP if anyone is interested.




rip the dream, I can't get around the copyright block


Search for James Lucrative and Adolf Stalin


File: 6c390694d7ed401⋯.png (1017.19 KB, 665x663, 665:663, 6c390694d7ed40163690849970….png)


Do: Actually make videos

Don't: Abandon your channel for 6+ months at a time due to crippling depression




Its blocked in my country


I toyed with the idea of creating a YouTube channel to defend Pol Pot and maybe make some TGSNT-type video on Democratic Kampuchea but since I want to try to get involved in IRL politics one day, it's probably not worth the butthurt it would generate on YouTube. Sad. Maybe I'll find a way to do it without my voice



This, also watch the old Jim Profit videos under his abandoned channels like JimProfitCommunist




Yeahh I'm working on it. There was a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo in the outro music so it was blocks. Leave Jimi alone FFS, he's dead already.


File: 260f549cc2ec830⋯.png (84.55 KB, 235x352, 235:352, Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 8….png)


>God didn't intend for your estate to own your intellectual property rights for 70 years after your death

Ahahahaha you moron




it also got monetized by MBIYAD for having the fucking NAZBOL anthem in it

This is the kinda shit that makes me want to bomb US patent and copyright offices



Holy shit Adolf Stalin is still uploading. I used to cyberbully him like 2 years ago. Found his reddit account and replied to all of his posts just dunking on his theory. He got all salty and started threatening my family. Love that guy.



He's one of the prime people behind the shitting-up of /leftpol/ too other than myself



cmon, why torment our comrades? I was on leftpol til last month when it got too bad, it's not like moderation on this board is fixed even if it is better.



Alright, reuploaded without the copyrighted content







A video titled "The Revolutionary Party According To Lenin" next to bunch of other videos on piano improv is funny for some reason.



Don't forget the one on hallucinogenic mushrooms


File: ebbd9009df4e64d⋯.mp4 (3.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Cali Smackdown - Dup BTFO.mp4)

Is Nobody in Cali a leftist?



Dab on Kermit, focus strongly on one or two marxist positions, have one or two videos explaining said Marxist positions, upload them all together and link to them in video so people will be more likely to watch them immediately. Keep shit short, the main goal is to get the public aware of the most basic principles of socialism, eventually radicals will emerge from the conglomeration of casual socialists.

Long form videos are good for educating people who already understand the basic principles but are perhaps intimidated by making a big leap to activism. Always try and pressure people to read Marx, I regret not reading for myself sooner.



>fake $45 trump bill

y tho



thanks for the twentieth shillpost, jim


File: fbb0fc098f2c2bf⋯.png (739.61 KB, 1617x1131, 539:377, 45DEB2AD-6C7D-4490-970C-7C….png)


>is nobody in Cali a leftist

you’d be surprised



dup btfo


step 1: be british

step 2: make all the same easy arguments instead of ever covering actual theory like TRPF

step 3: ???

step 4: profit :D




i actually really enjoyed that video anon, gj!

I really don't feel that there's a monopoly for react channels especially leftist ones. There's shaun three arrows and who else?

Also If you want to see some fat views you should dunk on jbp like some anons suggested, that always works. cheers


File: ab8773311b15883⋯.jpeg (144.89 KB, 838x752, 419:376, 875F94EC-CAA4-495D-824E-C….jpeg)


thanks a lot anon. I’m definitely gonna start doing easy view videos like ben shapiro, yordon beterson etc. Although I won’t amass an audience like easy to digest lib three arrows and shaun, I’m sure they’ll pay off. cheers


I wanted to transition my channel into more of a leftist gaming channel but it's a bit contradictory.



File: 81f7290beedb1be⋯.webm (2.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, How Many People Did Stali….webm)




Holy shit lmao



Video games, like all media from music to TV shows, is the panem et circenses of capitalist society. Don't attempt to synthesize leftist thought with shallow consumerism.




ok, i like vidya tho



You "like" video games because you are influenced by consumer, liberal ideology. Video games, like all media, push a class-message. Consuming this garbage disassociates you from reality, pushes bourgeois values (sometimes with a revolutionary tinge, but never legitimately anti-status quo) and is legitimately bad for human health. You think video games are harmless because you grew up in a milieu where these activities are seen as "normal", where in reality they are positively un-normal and antisocial. Just like how porn is often seen as normal when in reality it warps your mind. Consumerism and leftism do not and cannot mix. Unplug and live in reality


File: d3c452f31b3b01a⋯.png (75.12 KB, 345x322, 15:14, Not nice.png)


>capitalism magically transsubstantiates all art into something that is necessarily bad for you



There is no such thing as "art for the sake of art".




Lol the first comment

"Progressives can't handle a Classical Liberal is a more fitting title"



What does that even mean? I can't understand liberals, it's like they have their own way of constructing sentences



They think JBP is a "classical liberal" and the "lefty" news media are "progressives." Just a complete misunderstanding of what they're looking at.



Sure, but the purpose of art must be untangled on a case-by-case basis. There are identifiable ways in which consumer media embodies reactionary capitalist ethics, but occasionally someone with some personal artistic insight gets the chance to materialize their vision inside the culture industry.


File: 7b47ef51d9b3864⋯.png (739.57 KB, 900x900, 1:1, coffi.png)

Anybody else find this guy completely intolerable? Idk what it is. His politics seem pretty typical radlib but something about him makes me really uncomfortable. Like I can't get more than 20 seconds into his videos without wanting to vomit.


File: 075bbcebdf31c46⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 46786417_10210107097752402….jpg)


>Unplug and live in reality



He's fundamentally a dishonest person who goes with whatever ideas he thinks are going to go over well. Also he's a sex creep who made up a fake girlfriend (which involved racism) and later a fake wife (which involved a sex doll he brought to life with stop-motion animation). He even made a video about that recently because he wants to get in front of it and steer people away from learning the truth.



File: d614be3e279a644⋯.gif (2.52 MB, 498x278, 249:139, spidey.gif)


Oh shit. I thought he was just another sjw nutuber. Do I have spidey senses?



There are a whole lot of people on the lefty/feminist bandwagon who have a fucked up history they're trying to atone for.



Other examples?



I want to know what kiwi farms digged up about contrapoints, could you give me a small resume on that? i don't feel like reading the apparently long ass thread they have about her. Did she do shady things?



Just watched the video he made about it. He is clearly lying about the fake girlfriend being a catfish and not a sockpuppet. Just look at the way his eyes move about 23:30 in. What a fucking jew.



Sarah Butts is still pretty popular among these people, and she's taken creepshots of toddlers and published them online.

Mostly this happens with minor people on twitter. Just watch those communities for a while. Happens every few months or so.


I don't know anything about Contra specifically. She comes across to me more like someone who self-harms than someone who hurts other people.


File: 152cd778914b925⋯.jpg (793.93 KB, 1032x1400, 129:175, chad.jpg)


>2.5 billion

>literally the entire population of earth at the time

What a fucking chad.



Trying to integrate radlibs will literally destroy the chances of a successful socialist movement. Let them have their circlejerk, they're doing more damage than right wingers could ever dream of doing themselves as it is.



IIRC he opens the video adamantly saying that the allegations can't be proven, which is the least suspicious thing you can do lmao.


File: 26f3cf84e71976f⋯.jpg (78.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No_Trend_-_Too_Many_Humans….jpg)


>tfw when you wish this was true



it's good advice boomer sentiment aside

just pull your head out for a little while and breathe



>stop-motion animation


That's some pretty convincing stop motion. Peter much be a real master of animatronics.



prolly trying to be ironic "hey look at me. I'm a the big gay sjw liberal menace you altrighters hate so much. JK lol" sorta thing. I dislike it all the same.



Trying to dispel alt-right propaganda by leaning into it by way of irony has always proved to be a massive cringeworthy fucking failure and I despise anyone who does it. Like that youtube guy who calls himself Cuck Philosophy. Or just look at the massive misstep Bad Religion did with their "ironic" limpwristed "takedown" of the alt-right that just comes across as praise.


This is what happens when you try to use the same ironic propaganda that used to work on Bush era evangelical neocons against the modern neofash alt right. Given that this iteration reactionary politics was basically born from ironic (non-ironic) praise of fascism you just play into their fucking hands if you try to use irony against them. Honestly the best propaganda tactics against neofash of this type is to just go full earnest and just call them out for the bunch of skinnyfat dweeb incel faggots that they are.



What is wrong with cuck philosophy? His name is sorta cringy I guess but his content is pretty damn good. He doesn't really engage with the alt right either so idk what you're talking about



He’s a college student pseud


File: 9cdf2f692a5620f⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 240x240, 1:1, MAGA_NPC.jpg)

Should we stop making response videos? It will attract many retards who don't even bother to watch it and it will dislike it to death.

And what is up with the high dislikes in every lefty-themed content on Youtube. Are there bots or are they're that fucking mad?



youtube is the most reactionary social media platform



The right absolutely use bots yeah. It's not a coincidence that so much vacuous and just generally garbage right wing content is so popular. But at the same time they really are that mad. But so what? If someone watches your video the concepts will probably at least stick in their heads a bit, and considering how many YT viewers are zoomers, they're probably pretty impressionable too.



That's why so many leftist channel's most watched content are their videos on lobster daddy. Sure it gets a swarm of angry JP fanboys who just go there to click the dislike button, but it still increases the visibility of the channel.



Dislikes are just counted as 'engagement' anyway.




These ironic DESTROYED with FACTS and LOGIC titles need to die

bretty gud videos tho



>muh alt-right 4chan russian hackerbots

Right wingers don't use bots, they ARE bots



How about "The Lord of Lobsters and his Lies: A Critique of Jordan Peterson" ?


File: 79101575f600d20⋯.jpg (22.71 KB, 474x258, 79:43, cute.jpg)


Well why does he, anon?


File: 7c56e0443d9c3c1⋯.gif (693.94 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Peter_Coffin_Real_Doll_Com….gif)

File: add43b498ceef17⋯.jpg (12.69 KB, 200x300, 2:3, Peter_Coffin_doll_model.jpg)


Obviously that's a real human, but she has only the barest resemblance to the fuck doll.



Dislikes = engagement = algorithm likes you. The right wing has done this for years. Response videos are super easy to do even if they're often shitty. Instead of talking about major arguments they usually nitpick the details.



I mean both are true most likely but nah, they definitely use bots at least to an extent, I proved this many years ago in the heyday of r/thedonald, you could post a thread saying something like TRUMP IS A LIYING SHILL etc and it would start to accumulate dozens of upvotes before it got deleted, they clearly had some kind of system set up to 'snowball' posts and create the illusion of this massive groundswell of support.



Probably because of his Koch/Prager/etc shill botnet.



The solution is of course to drop irony altogether and be genuine about our ideas and what we're fighting for. The need for irony is totally absent with us because what we advocate isn't horrible and doesn't need to be disguised. We're not trying to sneak "murder the jews" into people's heads. We're trying to explain how the economy works and how it could work. Cleverness and subtlety are for when you're trying to fool people.



The Peter Coffin Saga was bizarre. Only funny thing to come out of gamergate.



It's hard to tell if that the girl because of the really heavy sweater she's wearing. However he really weird voice in that vid makes me think it's her because iirc Mr. Coffin said something weird about her needing surgery to take care of some cosmetic issue affecting her teeth? Or mouth? Or something.



I think it would be too fucking much if she was an actual doll, like that's some fucked up shit, i doubt he went that far.



The theory that I saw was that he knew the real woman and bought a sex doll that resembled her. There was supposed circumstantial evidence that he was living with a couple (including her) and he became obsessed with them.



I'm pretty sure she's not a doll. I believe him about her being incredible self conscious about something mouth-related I forgot. The rude tiddies were just too suspect and I, and a few other people, just really wanted the sex doll story to be true because gamergate was just so painfully pathetic and unfunny and I hated hearing about it.




You can see photos of her before the mouth surgery and she has like big teeth or something. Her mouth is totally different from the doll's.


File: e6735263ffa3b16⋯.jpg (27.93 KB, 640x360, 16:9, z1gb622nfuc21.jpg)

You will hate me for this but i like unruhe



File: c5aaad72d100ce1⋯.png (368.88 KB, 590x575, 118:115, upload_2018-9-5_8-43-20.png)


I think he's hilarious, also he is one of the few marxists that's not afraid to openly criticize radlib reactionary garbage and fascist right wing retards alike.



I kinda have a love/cringe relationship with him.

I bought his book on the economics of the Fallout universe.



Funny that he'd start using that Women's March hat now considering the mainstream accusations of antisemitism against it, and Peter is a self-identifying Jew (which is probably not true).

Also, he calls himself "agender" now, lol. When will be come out as a women? I mean, come on, if there is a typical white straight dude it's Peter Coffin.


File: 53f45e27b42fca2⋯.jpg (83.63 KB, 512x512, 1:1, FaceApp_1550860924128.jpg)



I mean we can all agree he is dumb as shit, he completely lost any credibility in his debates with Muke and Spencer that I still had for him. He's absolutely illiterate.

That being said, he's a good meme and consistently anti-IdPol and somewhat consistent in his stupid ideology either. He never flip-flopped on an issue or pandered to a certain type of leftoid crowd. He also never backstabbed people or was behaving dishonest or shittily. I'd drink a beer with him but I wouldn't let him anywhere near a debate panel again.






The thing, even if there was a doll or not, there is undoubtly something really genuinely fucked up happening with "Ashleigh". She doesn't even have a Twitter anymore which was managed by Coffin himself, which was easy to figure out by the writing style that resembled nothing about her way of talking.

I could easily imagine her being mentally unstable and Peter having a predatory relationship with her.



Watched the video and now I remember why I always thought something is wrong with Ashleigh. She has slurred speech, never moves and absolutely dead eyes. It's almost as if she's mentally deficient or infantile, or on Valium. This is not how an average adult behaves, who even is a mother, not even for some artificial antics in a YouTube video.



Oh yeah, no doubt. If you look at the earliest videos of them together it's totally stilted. Some people are awkward in front of a camera, but the two of them "interacting" is downright surreal, and they have no chemistry for people who are supposedly married with a kid together.



>Also didn't he call Egoism "reactionary"?

He thinks it's when you are the most hedonistic asshole possible, consume lolicon and inject Krokodil.



Is the debate worth watching? I don't want to waste two hours on it if nothing happens.



Which one? The one with Muke is just 20 minutes, with Muke and Jason yelling at each other while both making fallacious and bad faith arguments and Jason eventually rage-quitting.

The one with Spencer is more calm but Jason seemed to be less read than Spencer who lectures him on communist history (for example, Jason thinks the Communist Manifesto was a reaction to the Paris Commune and other raw mistakes) and tries to "outleft" Jason by going full NutSac.

I'd recommend to watch Jason vs. Sargon as that is at least a bit entertaining and Jason actually ends up coming out on top.



>Anybody else find this guy completely intolerable?

Who doesn't?





He's a CIAnigger. I'm on to him.



i felt that.

ive abandoned my projects like 6 times now. Inter-personal and personal horror



Dos: Engaging in the socialist movement

Don't dos: Making a "leftist YouTube channel"



This is a surprisingly good video. The content and the arguments are good.

Here is some constructive criticism though:

Focus on pacing and lenght. Usually people want stuff that's fast paced and no longer than 20min.

Work on summing up JPs points so we don't have to watch long clips of the guy. It kills pacing.

Be a little more jovial and entertaining. People want entertainment with their information.

Thank you, good work, I'll definitely look out for more content.



can you outline what your thesis was about? Do you need any help with getting it done?

Let me hear about it, I'm sure we can all help each other out.



He thinks Egoism is nihilist and upholds Capitalism.



I think that doing both is fine, especially if the youtube videos are well-made and not Unruhe-tier


Anarchopac is an anarist-marxist YouTuber.

Although she still "sounds male" in her videos, she's a transgender female.

Just good to know if you comment on her videos or something.



>we should be trying to sell papers on the street corner and not cornering the number one medium of creative expression and media consumption in the 21st century



Most of the Fash discords co-ordinate bots to run up on videos; they're not as advanced as intelligence agency bots insofar as they can't leave comments that aren't just c/p or find content themselves but they exist. Generally it's just a script that runs to make a bunch of sockpuppets mass flag or vote on a video and then someone might use a handful of those sockpuppets to write comments. It's pretty funny when you see them obviously samefag themselves, especially on Youtube.



Anarchopac is a Petit-Bourgeois Radical Liberal and also isn't trans; but hey maybe they've changed their mind again about whatever identity they scooped out of the primordial soup for money from gimps on the internet.



Well, it might be funnier if it didn't work.



I think his point is more akin to "Leftist Youtube" or "Breadtube" or whatever you want to call it is fundamentally subcultural and is a well oiled machine that encourages one at multiple points to be a grifter or at best, pander to an audience that is increasingly less socialist the larger you become, and also more entitled. Structurally, if you combine the "content creator" pipeline with the "Leftist Aesthetic" you end up with an audience of confused "Radicals" and are pretty alienating to the average person, both in content & form. If you're relying on a donation model it exacerbates that because you're essentially forced into the same marketing methods and strategies that any other niche content creator does, whereby you're supplying a "Brand" because you have to wholesale buy into the internal logic in order to be successful. There's rarely a way whereby you can commodify yourself as someone with Patronage in the literal sense without compromising on principles as Communists insofar as to how you disseminate your ideas. I'd argue that some other kind of apolitical lowest common denominator content would be the best approach if you purely wanted numbers to expose leftist ideas to, you'd just make political videos once in a while. That or just avoid all aspect of the "content creator" persona wholesale.



Generally it doesn't. Most people don't read comments, and the majority of people that do on politically inclined videos won't scour them, the ones remaining are those which are generally pretty politically decided. I have more arguments in Youtube comments when I bother with other "Leftists" than I do Nazis, because we're actually interested in engaging with each other rather than parroting propaganda into a void of people who aren't listening.



Well, yeah spamming 0 likes comments is pointless but it does make a difference to slam a video up with 100ks of views, and to make sure the top comments on political videos are far right reactionary shit with 100s of likes.


File: 1e2b28dbb4aca8f⋯.jpg (19.04 KB, 288x288, 1:1, cc.jpg)



So what is our excuse, anon? As the left why are we not organizing efforts to bot content, etc? I wonder this a lot and have put out calls here for interested people, but to no avail.


File: 62044ce4013c1d2⋯.jpg (301.46 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, lockdown.jpg)

perhaps working together rather than individual accounts would be beneficiary in growing the audience?

i'm a noob, i don't know



>That or just avoid all aspect of the "content creator" persona wholesale

Do you mean to treat the content impersonally and just push it out instead of building some closed community? I agree



‎ je syrija


Let's say I'm in the process of starting my own left-leaning channel.

Any tips on what to do, what not to do? I know what my skills are.

Also I'm thinking, about the channel name, there are yt channels going around with names like "cuck philosophy" etc trying to bait right-wingers into watching them. What do you think of this? I think an explicitely left-wing name will scare people away.



>pander to an audience that is increasingly less socialist the larger you become, and also more entitled.

I guess it depends on how they leverage their size, whether to entice them as a form of gateway drug to actual theory and shit.



DON'T DO IDPOL SHIT, focus on history, economics or social issues that are connected to class.



I think you might want to attract the rational sceptic crowd by naming yourself empiric materialist or some leftist philosophical name.



I know what I'm doing on the theoretical aspect, dw.


I already have a placeholder name for the english channel that kind of passes of as rightwingy/petersonish but actually is a very left-wing reference.



You're right, we should be, but I don't how how the hell that stuff works, we need CS people.



don't make edgy jokes or your fanbase of people from /r/LSC will eat you alive


Should we have a general leftist Youtube(/r) thread now? We're getting sidetracked here



Thanks for the feedback!

A lot of people have told me to work on less monotone delivery. It's something I struggle with so my next few videos will probably just be shorter, bullshit excuses to practice speaking into the microphone. Like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLj_D2r8lwo

If you have any ideas for random stuff to read for videos so I can work on this send them my way!



whats this from?


you guys ever heard of this noncompete guy? he's fairly new to leftism and even used to be a capitalist himself.




He's part of the "breadtube" group. Even though he seems to be correct on basic technical points, he has copious idpol in his videos and is a shitty face/voice to represent us. He's a walking stereotype and his involvement in the left seems to begin and end with youtube videos.



Well, it depends on what you're passionate about and where you are politically.

I'm always ready to help out a fellow creator, but without knowing what makes you tick, I can only say that you need to try and develop new perspectives and methods to help others, to broaden the discussion - sure, you may be wrong in some regards, but the leftist movement need to be vital and organic and have a lot of different voices in order to succeed. Perhaps look at the news, or current event, or perhaps approach old works from a new perspective. Provoke, be bold and get yourself out there.



He's okay. His IdPol is usually limited to basic recognition of acknowledging that things like racism/sexism/homophobia are real things that exist within society, but as far as I can tell he believes that capitalism mobilize these thiings to divide the working class.

I have many problems with him, but I have many problems with most thinkers, and Non-Compete is no more "problematic" than any other traditional workerist leftist thinker.


Hakim and Tovarishch Endymion are two good straight forward ones, though Hakim has been getting distracted by Peterson lately.


why not leave from the conforts of youtube and find a better platform where we can say and do all the shit we want?


why be bitches to the old system when we can move to the new?


File: 58fe838750beed1⋯.webm (2.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, leftist_memes.webm)



He's also really really dumb.



It'll be dead in 6 months tops. Just like Vidme


All leftist YouTubers are all talk no substance.



What the fuck do you expect a Youtuber to do other than talk to the camera.



this is obviously ironic



What page??



Do people who still spread this shit do it knowing their incorrect? Or are they actually dumb enough to still believe it? I can't tell if this is ebic trolling :DD or people being actually retarded.

Also that fucking source lmao



Looking at his comment section there were a ton of people asking him to start "naming the jew"


I'll release a vid tomorrow, most likely.



Cant wait to see it:)



What are more substantial things you'd like YouTubers to be doing?


File: fac5b47c1717fe9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 280.14 KB, 1360x883, 1360:883, sneak peek.PNG)



Can you link your channel please?



I will when it's up. There's nothing on my channel atm. I'm making a french & english youtube channel and eventually will have every video translated on each side.


Apparently Armoured Skeptic made an hour long video called 'No More Compromise With The Left' with Hbomber's face on the thumbnail, I watch him sometimes for his psuedoscience videos and I kinda wanna hear his shitty takes but at the same time I don't want to give it clicks, alas.


File: b3389747eabe065⋯.png (61.98 KB, 190x288, 95:144, hey peter.png)


Hey Peter.



I don't think its wise to keep these "rational skeptic centrist" guys up with more views. They contribute nothing and there audience are a bunch of 13 year old atheists.



I think they need to be rebuked and ridiculed for what they are, sophists.



Fuck. Last I saw of that guy he still seemed genuinely moderate.


Despite how bad it might be for your psyche, it is still good to keep in touch with the zeitgeist there.



Retards who think they're rational/objective are on a slippery slope that will lead them to FACTS AND LOGIC-powered liberal fascism.


donoteat1 seems pretty good



I saw the video and it is PATHETIC..

He addresses Hbomberguys criticism in the worst way, and I'm not even a fan of Hbomb.

He responds to Hbomb's point taht biological sex also exists on a spectrum, because there are plenty of "males" and "females" that have chromosomes and hormone balances that are not typically associated with their designated reproductive role, but are still quite capable of having children and often do, and Armored Sceptic basically goes "yeah, but those don't count because they're basically mutuants".

So rather than admitting that even biological sex is more complicated than a strict binary, he'd rather dismiss a whole bunch of people as essentially "not proper human beings".

He's an idiot. He's the result of what happens when you fancy yourself smart just because you can beat up creationists in a debate. Philosophers on easy-mode.



don't do the 80s aesthetic thing; all of lefttube is doing it and it's getting played out



Meh, it's mostly just Contra and Non-Compete.

The rest usually take other aesthetics.



Oh shit, and PhilosophyTube, but he's a mong


>/pol/ wants people to focus on the pewdiepie thing to make the argument against them seem ridiculous

>Proceed to make a whole video about the pewdiepie thing


Getting real tired of breadtubers doing this tbh



Was just about to post this video. The whole argument seems like a textbook example of a slippery slope fallacy to me. You start with edgy jokes have a chance to make people have more racist attitudes and then more racist politics. Finally they have a chance from going to a typical conservatard to full blown Nazi.


File: 7082bd26cb61a7d⋯.jpg (87.95 KB, 1214x403, 1214:403, pol 4chan45.jpg)


Honestly it probably has a lot to do with the fact that any video with pewdiepie's name in it gets tons of engagement from his retard fans.

The "edgy jokes to racist pipeline" is a meme btw. 4chan is a good example. Its users didn't "become" right wing activists due to memes. Rather the site became flooded with right wingers who then changed the overall culture.



>The "edgy jokes to racist pipeline" is a meme btw.

I really don't agree, it normalises that shit, there's way more Nazis now than a few years ago even, they didn't all come from nowhere.



>I really don't agree, it normalises that shit, there's way more Nazis now than a few years ago even, they didn't all come from nowhere.

Might have something to do with the illusion of liberalism collapsing. Also, before the term alt-right was even a glimmer in dickies eye, it was the "liberals" and pinkos like Bill Hicks calling him a pinko seems like a disservice though tbh who were making the "edgy" jokes and pushing boundaries. All that changed was those people either died or were subsumed into the mainstream, leaving a huge decade long gap for the right to exploit. Also, right-wing groups, websites, and redditors literally astroturfed 4chan, so there is that too.


Philosophy Tube has an entire series on Marx and does various other Antifascist videos.


File: 5057828eec2d7fd⋯.png (422.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, splash-color.png)

I've just made this, the editing is probably rustic and the voice acting mediocre but this is my first vid.





I'm also making subtitles for videos featuring french economist frederic lordon because i think he's extremely relevant and unfortunately there's little material from him in english



>Also, right-wing groups, websites, and redditors literally astroturfed 4chan, so there is that too.

I don't doubt it. We were probably all there when we started seeing the culture go unironically right.

I still find it hard to not believe one can't easily fall into the alt-right from the edgy gateways. Major figures (Richard Spencer, some closet alt-right e-celebs) all seriously acknowledge how using edgy humor can coax people into becoming a full reactionary.

Just remember this really isn't a surprise given the material conditions. Liberalism is failing. Disaffected, nihilistic youth is growing in size. Perfect opportunity for the right/reactionaries to jump in and insert their ideology. Their requirements are so lax; you don't even need to be "100% white", just tow the line on "the west" and "jews/immigrants". They provide easy community, something which their demographic craves.


File: 3b1134dddda620c⋯.jpg (143.83 KB, 750x740, 75:74, apolitical memes.jpg)




This is fuggen great!

The editing and visual design is very engaging and looks great! You found a good style and worked well with it.

Constructive criticism; edit the audio more, making it more flowing and quicker.

Otherwise great. Subscribed.



Pretty damn good for a first video.


cartman did more for antisemitism than turner's diaries and siege put together



Why did you take it down?



Does anyone here like/have thoughts on Vaush? I only just started kinda watching him and I gotta admit that I'm amused and interested.



Sound was too quiet, it's back here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLsdXC7vrvk&t=1s

I have more planned in the future, expect theory, economics, history, philosophy



What kind of audio equipment are you using?


File: 9418d06fd3fdd7a⋯.jpg (32 KB, 640x706, 320:353, 1439927883953.jpg)

File: 128c73853f5c88e⋯.jpg (63.55 KB, 605x558, 605:558, 0e0093d81d398c12a8d55ab0d1….jpg)

File: 2d1a0c9a89d1c2a⋯.png (476.7 KB, 600x655, 120:131, 1451947052317-0.png)

File: 8dd41765a1a9604⋯.jpg (190.1 KB, 750x592, 375:296, 1451947052318-1.jpg)


It's not just about "edgy gateways" but propaganda disguising itself as mere edgy jokes. There is an actual difference between just an edgy joke and something that is clearly propaganda. Let me illustrate that gradient.

>Pic 1

The punchline here is Hitler and a shitty pun. Nazism itself is pretty much incidental. You could do a similar joke with any offensive thing like this.

>Pic 2

The joke here is actually based on specific stereotypes and helps to spread them, even though in an ironic context. Irony can be removed alter, and to people who already unironically subscribe to these ideas, this will just reinforce them. The humor comes from the absurdity/exaggeration of the stereotype, but the inclusion of "vile" is unnecessary and excessive for that purpose, suggesting that the creator of the meme is unironically anti-Semitic.

>Pic 3

There's still an actual joke here, which is the absurdity of applying Holocaust denier logic to the real world. To a nazi, though, it can also be read as "haha relatable" instead of "haha funny" and reinforce the existing ideology. It's halfway in between.

>Pic 4

The joke (which is barely here) is again pure edginess but it also clearly carries a Holocaust denier message. Nothing here is mocking or subverting the idea, and the actual content of the joke is suggesting (in a meta way) that maybe you shouldn't disregard the messages of these memes and think about them seriously.

The final stage (straight up nazi propaganda) is where they integrate nazi talking points like shitty math about how concentration camps would have to incinerate X jews per hour or the like.



Jon Stewart talked about Chris Cantwell, Comedy Central and MTV honestly have more to do with the creation of the Alt-Right than any skinhead.



Is it because it's bad?

It's a blue yeti usb mic



File: ec75b5b7f8287a5⋯.jpg (342.54 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Holocauster.jpg)


Get a better mic. Talk evenly. Don't do live, cut up the audio. Cut the parts where you stumble with words or start a thought and then go um uhhh. Don't repeat yourself. This video could have been 10 minutes if you picked like 5 30 second segments from his video and then organized your rebuttals to flow towards your conclusion.

You sound a little exasperated and explain-ey. "This is literally the x" "this doesn't make any sense" "Marx says" You might come off as a complainer and a know it all to the uninformed. Demonstrate instead of explain. Don't play defense see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmVkJvieaOA


>>2849199But this vid is good though.




Thanks for the feedback. As I was making the french version of this video, I think I actually corrected most of the flaws you were highlighting but I'll try to make sure I'll keep your feedback in mind.


>informative and interesting

>not LARPing


>not bogged down in inter-channel drama

yes you have to be all those things, but i do think it's worth your time and effort and since you have a good voice that's a plus.

It's going to be a lot of effort but i say you go for it.


File: 019d0f3b064beeb⋯.mp4 (9.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 019d0f3b064beeb15281d74ac8….mp4)


It's not just the allure of edgy humor. Don't underestimate your enemies.

This video, for instance, is highly divisive: under the humor is a deep seated disagreement based on moral grounds.



She lies about an important fact though.

The German economy in the 20's was fine, indeed reparations being devastating to the German economy is largely a Nazi myth. The economy went South in '32, but at that point they had already paid off their debt.

The narrative of economical, societal and moral decay being linked is not true.


I made an image guide a while back that had video/audio editing tips as well as resources for free software, but I don't know where it is. In a nutshell though, my biggest gripe with any video is terrible audio quality and bad video quality when they do use video.

Here's a useful video just for the audio recording shit.




>From a liberal shithole to a nazi shithole

Bleh, why can't Germany keep their shit together?


File: ff9c6eec8e6423f⋯.jpg (627.21 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, GER-132-Reichsbanknote-10_….jpg)


checked, but… what?



Hyperinflation wasn't a mistake. It was a deliberate strategy used in a few years of Weimar Germany to fuck over the British and French.

Since reparations were required to be repaid in hard currency, not the paper mark, one strategy that Germany used was the mass printing of bank notes to buy foreign currency, which was then used to pay reparations, greatly exacerbating the inflation of the paper mark.

Late in 1922, Germany failed to pay France an installment of reparations on time, and France responded in January 1923 by sending troops to occupy the Ruhr, Germany's main industrial region. The German government ordered a policy of passive resistance in the Ruhr. Workers were told to do nothing which helped the invaders in any way. What this meant in practice was a general strike. But all the workers on strike had to be given financial support. The government paid its way by printing more and more banknotes.

On November 16, 1923, the new Rentenmark was introduced to replace the worthless paper marks issued by the Reichsbank. Twelve zeros were cut from prices, and the prices quoted in the new currency remained stable.


File: 3f69c90f9fdbfc5⋯.jpg (72.22 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 3f69c90f9fdbfc57e17a362b2c….jpg)


…The nazis may have lied about how bad the economy was, but you are doing apologetics for the imperialist reparations demanded by the victors of WWI.



What I am doing is pointing out that Germany's "moral decline" is in no coupled to their material decline, just as it wasn't in rome.

It's just a part of a conservative narrative of liberal moralism making civilization end, which isn't true.

That's not to say that the English or French were good guys.



So, the republic causes inflation by essentially attempting currency fraud, France even invades, and it's all just roses: the citizens totally don't care that they lost all their savings because the old currency became useless.


Correlation isn't causation, you mean… but then there must be a common cause to both trends. so, what's your theory?

I'd lay it all on a corrupt government that encouraged distractions while the population was fleeced.




This one was made when he was still new to the internet.



Im saying that there isnt really correlation either. Rome was more prudish in the decline period Than og was in it's period of growth. Likewise decadence in Germany didnt really correlate with decline.

Sure, decadence is bad and can be used to distract the masses, but thats not to Say that decadence neccesitates decline.



The vast majority of the population lives month to month. That was fairly normal. Sure Rich plutocrats may have been miffed, but to the average man it ptobably didnt Change much.



>the citizens totally don't care that they lost all their savings because the old currency became useless.

That only affected the middles and upper middles which were less than 20% of the population. Also WWI destroyed savings too when German govt took out loans and racked up tons of debt it was expecting to repay with conquered territories and reparations seized from the other side.



>That only affected the middles and upper middles which were less than 20% of the population

So the people who became Nazis then



>What I am doing is pointing out that Germany's "moral decline" is in no coupled to their material decline, just as it wasn't in rome.

>It's just a part of a conservative narrative of liberal moralism making civilization end, which isn't true.

Uh, you got that backward. The material decline of Rome and Germany is what led to the social decline.


File: 61904d214ae4a61⋯.jpg (341.26 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 61904d214ae4a61a2f0302a1dd….jpg)

Como todos pueden saber si hablan español, cada tendencia cultural llega a nosotros mas tarde, eso paso con los youtubers /pol/, ya que el fenomeno es lo suficientemente viejo,asumo que eso tambien pasara con youtubers de izquierda tarde o temprano, hasta ahora no ha sucedido, ya que el fenomeno no tiene la edad suficiente para haber hecho la transicion.

Mi pregunta es hay algun camarada hispano dispuesto a crear un video, por aqui, para ayudar al fenomeno a popularizar el fenomeno mas rapido y acelerar el proceso



La comunidad hispana es un chiste, una copia burda sin identidad, no gracias, mientras más lejos estemos de ese circulo de estiércol, mejor, mira a la propia /pol/, ya ni siquiera son nazis, son solo niños rata que van de guays porque, joder soy fascista y tercer posicionistas, no quiero eso para la izquierda, tan solo hay que ver los memes, siempre que los sudacas roban un meme bueno, lo vuelven mierda, Ricardo Milos es un ejemplo, años siendo un meme junto a Anikki y Van, pero los panchitos tuvieron que joder el meme hasta que sea irreconocible, no gracias.



Well, that not true either.

Neither Rome or Germany faced social decline after their material declines.

That's what I'm pointing out. The two things don't correlate.


They became nazis WAY later, after the hyper-inflation of the early 20's had ended.

Indeed, it's important that the hyper-inflation in the early post-war period was seperate and independent from the decline that was the result of the international crash that was the Great Depression.



I'm trying to understand your argument. Are you saying that the Nazis rise to power was not caused by the material conditions or that it was just caused by conditions other than hyper-inflation and the huge debt imposed by WW1




I'm claiming it was because of material conditions, but not those that resulted from the Great War, but the ones that resulted from the Great Depression.



So you're saying the material conditions of Germany post-WWI just… vanished into the aether? Even if they "recovered", how good they were doing was still set back by the WWI reparations they were forced to pay and rebound from.


Avoid Shaun, Contrapoints, and '3 arrows'.

They're basically radlibs pushing for pet issues backed by capitalism rather than any real class talk.

Unruhe is definitely a step up from the cringe skeptic types



Hbomber is idpol as fuck too with hordes of twitter-tier "YAAS QUEEN SLAY" type libs backing him.


File: 5c38b854fa88fcc⋯.webm (11.39 MB, 853x480, 853:480, Proletarian Revolution.webm)

what do you guys think of train man?






I've only seen his video on the hyperloop and thought it was pretty good.



In the way that prohibition "affected" the Great Suppression then perhaps.

I mean certainly it wasn't irrelevant, but there were much bigger factors at play.



They have done a lot to mainstreat leftism though. I don't think we can just lean back on dogmatism and expect results anymore.




>avoid anyone who has a smidgeon of success

lmao great plan




a small gag near the end of the video, whole series is worth watching, especially his video on unions


File: cb9ab5bab16d3c2⋯.jpg (131.93 KB, 1200x711, 400:237, D3pr3oWWwAEHZn8.jpg)

What the fuck is this channel and why didn't one of you fags tell me about it earlier




i got my youtube account suspended for having an anti-israel thing.

also my profile image was of lenin.

had 4 thousand subscribers and a vid with 8 mil views. no warning, just deleted.

meanwhile right wingers calling for the death of muslims and blacks still have their shit



They've done a lot to mainstream a bullshit, theory-less "free stuff" version of leftism. At times they read like the antagonists in a right wing fantasy.




What the hell


Based Comrade Denis Dennis Prager the father of soviet union.




This lutenant actually believes blowing up the middle east would be enough to stop us.



speaks multitudes that a prevalent face of the internet right wing is a 12 year old girl. first as tragedy, then as farce?


Not exactly YouTube channels but these two old videos from Rathergood are nice:

Communist Christmas


Laika Rocket Dog




what was your youtube called?


File: 90803c50d19bf2e⋯.jpeg (23.41 KB, 225x225, 1:1, stažený soubor.jpeg)



I don't know if there are any real leftists in California, but there are real Not Socialists.



Contrapoints literally points back to how capitalism is behind every left/right concern in the modern day.

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