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Tags: leftism (CLICK HERE FOR MORE LEFTIST 8CHAN BOARDS), politics, activism, news

File: c5e5e23ca669c9e⋯.jpg (34.03 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 2RFPC6p.jpg)


A /leftypol/ made a thread on /Pol/ recently to try and win people over. It ALMOST worked, but he devolved into insults very quick. You are so freaking close. These are a bunch of exploited proles.

1. When you bring up taxing the 1%, and they say the 1% is Jewish, don't fucking correct them. 1/3 is Jewish, and the other 2/3s are not loyal to them. You think Gates, Dorsey, Bezos, and Zuck think they are even the same SPECIES as you, let alone race? Boom, easy win.

2. Their #1 goal is demographic. If you want to push workers issues like Parental leave, draining rich Boomers to help young couples afford to marry early, and Medicare for at least all children that would MASSIVELY help their birth rates, sell it as such. You want to push free abortion? Point out they are mostly Black women who need them. "But dats Ray-Cis." Do you want to win or not?

Honestly the demographic decline of whites is a SYMPTOM of late stage capitalism. People forego all family and community to work until death. Birth rate collapses in ALL first world countries, that's why Porky opens up the borders. Running out of customers and workers.

3. These past are NOT fond of capitalism at least in it's current form. Don't focus on changing their name, focus on changing their policies. They are closer than you think.


anybody still going there in 2019 is going to be too gaslit for you to be very effective



lol was that flag actually in the simpsons? original nazbol flag


You can't win over every TFG (too-far-gones). They're forever stuck in their bubbles. I think there are more productive things to do.


explain to me why we need Puerto Ricans, jews, Palestinians, niggers, pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Egyptians, Lebanese, black people, Salvadorans, africans, niggers, Arabians, Chinese, trannies and Arabs and all other low Autism Level subhuman PoC apes to live in communities built by my white ancestors

you can't


okay thread's over it was good while it lasted


Eh, I do think it can actually work, but do you really want it to work? These people will likely keep their racist beliefs as well as being pro authoritarian. Nazbol is mostly a meme right now, but it could change. If it becomes popular things might get quite scary. Perhaps it is better that /pol/yps stay the delusional racist shits that they are now.



Hush hush, we don't want to call the tard wranglers do we?



Like it or not, this is popular education.



File: 5b1775b9503b8a0⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 302x428, 151:214, Hargrave.jpg)

This is a very silly strategy, by desperately trying to appeal to whatever psychosexual obsession is on a /pol/yps mind at the time you will at best get an utter retard on your team, which btw is a net loss.

Appealing to reactionaries makes no sense whatsoever, the only way to deal with them is to crush them utterly, only shame, embarrassment and a feeling of not being accepted by their peers (the two things they are afraid of most) will make them abandon their imagined aesthetic 'politics' and break them out of viewing the world in terms of trivialities. Only then can they be taught anything and worked up to sensible politics.



sometimes i post sources on /doomer/ regarding socialism and they can't really respond with anything other than "the world sucks anyway it is too good to be true", so i agree



>Appealing to reactionaries makes no sense whatsoever, the only way to deal with them is to crush them utterly, only shame, embarrassment and a feeling of not being accepted by their peers (the two things they are afraid of most) will make them abandon their imagined aesthetic 'politics' and break them out of viewing the world in terms of trivialities.

I don't think that's really true, except in the most general sense. If anything, these methods are more effective on the left, judging by the prolific examples of shame and embarrassment for reinforcing left-liberal mores.



>judging by the prolific examples of shame and embarrassment for reinforcing left-liberal mores.




Because the Koch brothers need union busting scabs.

Seriously though, I would never push for that. It's not helping any of us.


File: 57e197028295130⋯.jpg (813.53 KB, 2620x3782, 1310:1891, george-orwell.jpg)


>left-liberal mores




The Dr. Bones saga is recent and relatively easy to remember, in which the accused victimizer was shamed off the internet by his former supporters on the left. I'm surprised that you'd deny shame and embarrassment are used as tactics by the left and left-liberals.



By "the left," I do mean mainly identitarians, but shame and embarrassment are used.


File: 9aefb3c8e7c033f⋯.jpg (628.73 KB, 1024x519, 1024:519, 1551216977909-1170776426.jpg)


t. Liberal rolling around in red and black paint



It's weird because there are some people on the right that do dislike certain "celebrities" on their side, they just don't band together to kick them out of the group, like a lot of conservatives fucking hate Alex Jones for being a clown but they can't really shame him with anything, that's not how joining/leaving the right works. Hell lots of /pol/yps hate Ben Shapiro too



>It's weird because there are some people on the right that do dislike certain "celebrities" on their side, they just don't band together to kick them out of the group, like a lot of conservatives fucking hate Alex Jones for being a clown but they can't really shame him with anything, that's not how joining/leaving the right works. Hell lots of /pol/yps hate Ben Shapiro too

That is sort of why the original comment mystified me as well. Shame and embarrassment have been used by the right in the past, but these methods are largely not used at the moment. Shame and embarrassment are not effective tactics against the right, by and large, because shame and embarrassment by the left often rely on mores generally accepted by the left and left-liberals, not by the right, so shaming and so on are only effective insofar as they can shame or embarrass powers (e.g. tech corporations) who also follow (or profess to follow) such mores.



I think it's a parody of "bad" guys" in american movies who are either nazis or soviets.



100% hate Ben Shapiro.

He's a whiney hypocrite and his only redeeming quality is a hot sister.



Hey OP, future leader of America and self proclaimed /pol/ack here. We have a lot in common! Point #1 you make is that taxing the 1% should be priority. I absolutely agree. You say that 1/3 of the 1 % is Jewish. That is a gross overrepresentation of our population. Only 2% of our population is Jewish in the U.S. You say that 2/3 of the 1% is not loyal to them. That is where I might have to disagree. That 2/3 is most certainly taking part in capitalism whole heartedly. Greed is not singularly a purview of the Jews. It is just that they have found a way to insulate themselves from much of the backlash that inevitably comes from too much greed by veiling their race as a religion. I digress though. We are trying to find common ground.

Point #2 seems to be about abortion…I think it is criminal the way that abortion is handled in the U.S. currentlty. It is absolutely true that black women are the vast majority of abortion participants and despite what you might think, the vast majority of us don't hate black people. Aborted fetuses (human lives) are used in a wide variety of medical expirements and commercial applications. This is a fact. However, we are talking about common ground between our movements. I absolutely agree that people with genetic defects such as down syndrome, etc. should be aborted. I have no problem with their stem cells being harvested for scientific progress. If anything, I am on your guy's side as far as abortion is concerned. It is the parent's right whether or not to raise a child. I will never raise a child with a birth defect, but will instead opt to abort it. If I were to wait until the third trimester to do so, I would still be comitting a sin though. It would be hypocritical to value the life of animals, but not the life of a developing human after major nervous systems had been formed. A PETA member that is prochoice boggles my mind. It is my hope that in the future, early detection systems could be devised to avoid such suffering. I'm not a bible thumping life begins at conception type. I do believe that life begins at conception, but life is cheap. Death is too. Such is the world we are born into. This is most certainly not heaven.

I'm not sure what you mean by point 3, but I am assuming you mean that /pol/ and /leftypol/ have more in common than what the average poster would think. I absolutely agree with you. I always thought growing up that the U.S. was a unique experiment that blended the best people of the world together into something stronger.

This simply is not true. The people that are immigrating into the U.S. have never been subjected to a merit based system. Initially, it was racially based, but now the floodgates are open to everyone. As a young American man, I think our immigration policy is completely unreasonable. Why are we allowing ANY foreigners in? The price of land in the United States is ridiculous. 100 years ago all a person needed to do was go somewhere that was uninhabited and say, " This is mine." Now for a plot of land large enough to build a house on, I will have to pay thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Everything goes back to money. Who prints our money? The Jews. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank that has been lead by a Jew….forever I think. I know you leftists hate our wars in the middle east. I DO TOO. Fuck Israel. Let them deal with their own problems. Republicans suck. They are the worst. They claim to have my interests in mind, but just give Israel millions of dollars in aid, fund wars and give money to their banker friends. The democrats are no better though from my perspective. They too are all for giving millions of dollars to Israel, but are also willing to tell minorities in America that they are victims and play off that to get votes.. If you look at the top corporate sponsor to both parties, it is the same institution: Goldman Sachs.

Left vs. Right, Democrat vs. Republican, Communism vs. Capitalism. These dichotomies are false. They are two sides to the same coin. It is the coin that ZOG Occupied Government diustributes and collects from all of us.


We are amidst a global war of good vs. evil right now. I am not being melodramtic. Parts of the right are evil and so are parts of the left. We need to come together with our goodness to overcome this evil!

I'm a white person that loves my race! That doesn't make me a racist. White people are the minority of the world. This is a fact. White skin is recessive, so as people intermix, white people become the fastest shrinking demographic of the world. This is also a fact.

The only nation in the world where it is acceptable to discriminate againts people is Israel. Only Jews are allowed to immigrate there and they are systematically exterminating all non Jews in the region to create Greater Israel.

These same Jews have infiltrated every Western nation and subverted it. They have become the leading figures in media, academia, and politics. The United States and most of Europe is completely under their control.

I was given an opportunity to study in Europe during my college years. I was very suprised to find a large number of Turks and Africans living there. Upon investigation, it became clear that massive immigration to Europe didn't begin until after WWII.


It wasn't until 1965 that the "racist" policies of the United States were dismantled and the floodgates opened to foreigners to enter our nation. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and it might have had something to do with his speech in 1961 where he said, " Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. The survival of our friends is in danger. And yet no war has been declared, no borders have been crossed by marching troops, no missiles have been fired.

If the press is awaiting a declaration of war before it imposes the self-discipline of combat conditions, then I can only say that no war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of “clear and present danger,” then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent.

It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions–by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations." Of course in context this speech seems to be about communists, but this excerpt seems especially poignant because this is the way that Jews wage war. The Mossad motto is "By way of deception thou shalt make war."

/pol/ believes that communism is a Jewish invention. Karl Marx was a Jew. This is an undeniable fact. That communism was propagated by Jews in the USSR is harder to prove, but I think there is sufficient evidence to prove a case. In /pol/ fashion I won't provide any links to these claims, but Google is your friend in this case.

If we haven't diverged yet in understanding, it is at this juncture I suspect we will. Capitalism is a flawed system and so is Communism. Both are Jewish creations to control people. I think Not Socialism is the true way of governing that people all over the world are yearning for. Not Socialism requires a unified homogenous population though.


Every white majority nation is plagued by multiculturalism. There are no homogenous white nations anymore. The Jew has seen to it. The end goal is to destroy all white nations. Like it or not, it is a fact that white people are on average smarter than non whites. As light skinned intelligent people, it is in the Jews best interest to destroy their biggest competitor.

The word "racist" was invented by a Jew to undermine white people. White people have been made to feel guilty for a number of crimes that they never committed in the first place. I'm not saying that White people haven't done horrible things. We practically eliminated the American Indians. African slavery however, was completely Jewish dominated.

The Jews never were sent to gas chambers to be executed. They were only sent to gas chambers to be deloused. The "Holocaust" is the biggest lie ever told. It is in the Jew's best interest that it happened. It will always be in their best interest. They play the perpetual victims, while destroying our societies from within.

I've read the Jungle. I've heard of atrocities happening in coal mining in America and Britain. I've also head of the Holomdor and the policy of collectivization. These tragedies are the direct result of Jewish influence.

I know that you hate the modern world. I do too! I spend each day working to fulfill someone else's dream with no thanks and minimal pay. I live in a box with superficial stuff. If I choose, I can get a screen that shouts propaganda at me. The only difference between us is that you think it is because Capitalism has won, but I know it is the Jews who have won.

I used to be a lefty atheist. I voted for Obama in 2008! Now, I don't believe in God. I know that God exists. That is a fundamental difference between your average Christian and myself. I have achieved gnosis, and you can too! God exists within all of us. How can the infinite exist without being pieced together by the infinite?

We are all like cells in the body of God. This is the reason I am reaching out to you! We are one! Just like our bodies can have cancer, so too can the body of God have cancer. That cancer on Earth takes two forms: Zionism and Communism. Don't let your individual manifestation take a demonic, cancerous form!

If you are Jewish and don't wish to subjugate the rest of the world as your slaves, then renounce Judaism! Jesus came to free you 2000 years ago. I'm not even a Christian, but Jesus was a really cool dude. I respect him and emulate him to the best of my ability and you should too. The only time he ever got violent is when he saw what the Jews were doing with money!


As far as right wing e-celebs go: Alex Jones is a Zionist shill. His children are Jews. Ben Shapiro is also a Jew. Donald Trump's Grandchildren are Jews and he's best friends with Israel. I don't outright hate any of these people, but they don't hate my best interests in mind.

If you consider yourself a Jew, don't like Jesus, and adhere to the Torah and Talmud, please just take a deep look inside yourself. Jesus was a Jew and the greatest thing he ever said was to treat other people the way you wanted to be treated whether it be Gentile or Jew. I know that your holy books say that you are better than everyone else and are "God's special people" but maybe you should just stick to Israel and people won't hate you.

WWII is over. No one is going to kick you out of their country unless you want them to. There is a country where you belong and they want you there and no one else. Please leave our countries and stop destroying them from within "Sincerely, the Western countries of the World."

You cannot rule the world even though you have a geographically envious spot on the globe. If you try for much longer, the nations around you will destroy you if your western allies don't first.

This is my message to /leftypol/. I'm a /pol/ack that spends too much time on halfchan, but the Jews have destroyed it. I haven't lurked here for long. I'll check on this thread when I wake up. If you are a minority, white people don't hate you….go back to your country and make it better. You are not really a minority. White people are a minority and the fastest shrinking demographic globally. Every white nation is under attack by the Jews. They are attacking their neighbors and sending the displaced male population to our countries.

I am not a racist btw. I just think it is better for people to live among their own races.Diversity means difference among people. If there are no differences, then there is no diversity. If all races were to intermingle then there would be no diversity. There would be no black people, no white people, etc.

In a small part of the world I think this would be ok. It would be an experiment. Growing up, I always thought that in the U.S. I was part of that experiment. However, the U.S is a huge country and it isn't just happening here.

Every majority white nation is being flooded with non white immigrants.

What we are left with is a world without white people. The only people left with pale skin are Jews. This is the nightmare world that is being created right now with no end in sight. Western Civilization has been hijacked by these parasites.

I talk a lot about the Jews in this post, but it is the truth. In the U.S. capitalism is evil. I do not disagree with you there. It is terrible. There are Atheists, Gentiles, and Jews that will screw you out of a dollar. No one gives a fuck about you.

It all stems from the Jewish religion though. It is evil. Why do you think Jesus said, "Hey, I am starting a new religion!!!"???? I'm not saying that all Jews are bad. Heck, most of them probably aren't, but their religion is rotten to the core. It actively promotes screwing non Jews.

I think that communism is fundamentally flawed because people are inherently unequal. Equality is a lie.


/leftypol/ is just reflavored /pol/. The same people use both forums and aren’t generally very honest in either. Quit trying to regress the Discordian revelation of empathetic fluctuation; every lens is true.



You're right, humanity was a mistake.



>Because the Koch brothers need union busting scabs.

They don't do any of these things, the latinos in the US are the exception, but only due to the fact that their wages are subsidized by welfare like EBT, SNAP, affordable housing acts etc. Americans workers would not have this issues if not the constant and relentless lobbying and legal work jews


>You think Gates, Dorsey, Bezos, and Zuck think they are even the same SPECIES as you, let alone race? Boom, easy win.

no, reactionaries belive every rich person (who is not jewish) is "self-made" and deserve to be rich cuz they so smart and if you just got a job you'd get there too.

even though this is demonstrably false, no amount of data will change their minds.


File: 74b051ddb09da67⋯.jpg (43.65 KB, 600x400, 3:2, large.jpg)


>my white ancestors

explain to my why we need delusional reactionaries

you can't



>The same people use both forums and aren’t generally very honest in either

>every lens is true.

peak radical centrism

leftism is inherently better then any reactionary right-wing ideology



>I think that communism is fundamentally flawed because people are inherently unequal. Equality is a lie.

maybe you should read a single marxist text before coming here and spouting your worthless views



>communism is about equality

typical poltard

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