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Tags: leftism (CLICK HERE FOR MORE LEFTIST 8CHAN BOARDS), politics, activism, news

File: a6e14782c1e7882⋯.png (676.23 KB, 861x633, 287:211, hitler.png)


Anyone else look at all these Nazis running around and think "There but for the grace of God go I"?



>college student



>bad at socializing

>bad at dating

>from a blood red part of my state

>STEM related field of study

>internet heavy life


It was luck at best that I turned out on the left


File: 5ec39ee18aaade6⋯.png (171.49 KB, 680x680, 1:1, commiedoomer.png)


Sounds like similar circumstances to me, although my story is probably more tragic.






>imposter syndrome

>never dated

>from a blood red part of state

>internet heavy life


>was /pol/ only 2-3 years ago

>was ancap when i was young (because idealism, "businesses do everything better")

>was spooked by wh*te genocide (still oppose things that seem genocidal, but it's more of an anti-racist thing now)

let me guess, you're a doomer too? i made pic related based on myself, after all.


Not white and dropped out of school but i was lucky to not be intercepted by some pick up artist bullshit, at some point i realized if i'm lonely is because i wasn't trying to meet people. I mean i wouldn't become a nazi anyway since i'm not white, maybe a nationalist but that would be silly, my family is very clueless and reactionary too but not in a political way, just commenting about how all the protesters in any protest ever should get beaten by the police.



your meme is so narcissistic it almost gives me hope even the most useless defeatists can be herded into greater cause so long as I keep them away from stronger drugs .

Do you also consider yourself to be analytic? I don't know why but best of engineers usually turn out to be uber-reactionary trad-con XOR schizophrenic commie who actually think he is lolbert . There's no middle ground



I actually don't know what describes me anymore. I wouldn't dare to call myself analytic. Sure, i analyze a lot of things, but i never find meaning in it like i used to.



Not quite that far down the rabbit hole but it's only a matter of time. Definitely feel the imposter syndrome, dated a little but seemingly attract crazy people looking for something that's not me. Heavy on the depression. Well on the downward spiral of alcoholism despite only getting my first kiss like a week ago. Fun fun fun fun fun




i have a job



I had a girlfriend when i was 13, we did all sorts of dirty shit for our age, blowjobs and masturbating each other, the only thing we never did was actually have sex, i don't know if that counts as being virgin. I feel like it wouldn't affect my life very much considering i have already masturbated to the most disgusting, fucked up shit imaginable, mentally and physically i'm definitely not clean.



Not all doomers are virgins, although to be a doomer you have to be truly suicidal. That's what separates us from /r9k/.




>last semester of uni

>two jobs


>never had a ltr but been laid


>awful socially

>sad all the time

>live at home, father voted for Trump mother racist af

>played video games a lot, especially mw2 in high school, was super toxic

I definitely could have been sucked into the right wing mentality but for some reason it never was able to click. Even though I've always been surrounded by right wingers and going to high school in the suburbs is extremely conformist, something about it was always in the back of my head saying "nah that's bullshit," so for a long time I was just a liberal, then radicalized once I worked full time at a warehouse one summer and started reading economics books when I got back to school. Sometimes I look at the people around me and think it's a miracle that I turned out the way I did, I totally empathize with this post.


What is it about experiencing these conditions that comrades are listing, as a white man, that turns them towards Nazism, fascism and other reactionary garbage? I am myself not white, so it is difficult for me understand and picture this, whereas it seems like it's almost self-evident for you.


Is this thread ironic?

>haha nazis think their special

>look I’m more special

Please be a falseflag Please be a falseflag Please be a falseflag







>superiority complex when I was a kid

>socially alienated

>debilitating social anxiety


>kissless virgin

>basically a NEET

>used to be gamer

>got sucked into gamergate

>like math and science

I was raised in a pretty nonconformist and somewhat left-wing household though. That might have something to do with it.


No one said anything about being "special." We just have every reason to have turned out differently. That doesn't make us extraordinary, just weird anomalies.



It's not even whiteness, it's more that they are american, as far as i see. only the burgers i know seem to go full nazi for little to no reason.


File: 1a1726ca7b1b67f⋯.jpg (110.1 KB, 756x945, 4:5, 1a1726ca7b1b67fe4debf2b355….jpg)




>most people I get along with are mentally ill




>listen to a ton black metal a lot of extreme metal in general but that subgenre is the most attributed to the political right


>still don't get along with most women


>collage drop out

>diagnosed assburger

>have been in relationships but they were mostly with other men, despite being bisexual and being somewhat more attracted to girls

>love history as a field of study

>interested in the occult including the order of nine angles

How'd I do?




>late millennial


>no friends

>bipolar and anxiety

>one gf in entire life

>unhealthy online usage

>was into vidya circa GamerGate

>was personal friends with one of the more prominent Gaters, years before GG

>le rational atheist

>on-again/of-again NEET

>obnoxiously pro-Clinton family

>STEM degree

I am so lucky I didn't become right-wing. I attribute it to three things: I thought gamergate was bullshit from the start because games "journalism" was always a sham of bribery and glorified advertisement; I couldn't believe it was a new concept to so many. The other thing is that I tend to avoid meme culture as much as someone as online as me possibly can. And I'm Jewish, so kinda weary of Nazis.


>not white

>not american

>was never rightwing

Lmao get on my level cuckaroos



this. wtf is even wrong with yanks?


File: 0efb8533fa6a9d7⋯.png (188.83 KB, 850x400, 17:8, image.png)

Who left the narcissists out of their discords?

>wahh I'm a labor aristocrat with a STEM job and I haven't had sex in two months so I'm practically a virgin

>tfw oppressed gamer



>avoids memes

typical jew



I'd also like to know what these people understand by gamer. What is a gamer to you guys? Is playing one game less than 10 hours a week being a gamer? Can you be a gamer if you don't have a proper gaming PC? If you are bad/mediocre at a game are you a gamer? It's such a broad definition, I'd go as far as saying the only people which I consider gamers are the ones that play games for a living or gaming is their only hobby and literally all they do all day.



Why would study in STEM, make you a Nazi? You mentioned other things that shouldn't be related too but I'm most curious about that.


I feel that way sometimes. In the first year of uni I was getting really into anti-SJW shit on YouTube and elsewhere. I thought they were so retarded, and while my economics were still pretty socdem I started watching shit like Dave Rubin. Then the 2016 primaries happened, and the emergence of the Bernie camp made me realize that you can be on the left, and not be an idpolled retard. Then I discovered Marxism, and everything started making sense. If the timing had worked out differently, if I hadn’t been exposed to the old school left at that time, I could have wound up as some kind of alt-light idiot.



I wonder how history will look at the American mentality and condition, 200-300 years from now. There is something so fundamentally wrong with them.


I more just roll my eyes at how they think triggering liberals on the internet = muh rope day. can someone explain this mentality to me?


I'm a doomer but not nearly as faggy as the other blogposters in this thread. I do suffer from social anxiety but booze always was a good treatment for that.

Organizing on the left seems futile from my experience. The American left is too idpoled for them to be united or effective. Sectarianism is a huge problem and racial segregation still affects American society in a multitude of cultural and economic ways.

Just wait for climate change to fuck up capitalism, that be the coup de grace that'll end neoliberalism.

Try to enjoy life until then and try to find comrades who you can LARP inna woods with until SHTF.


File: ceeeffcfe12c6a4⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 225x350, 9:14, rei kirei.jpg)


So this is just a confessional thread now? k.

>white ethnic


>late millenial/early zoomer (like the nintendo ds generation)

>antisocial butterfly (as in I don't like other people that much but pretend to because I'm bored and have to hide assburgers)


>have a waifu (see pic), don't wanna have a girlfriend because too much work

>new jersey

>almost went full fedora when I was like 12

>also used to be big into feminism being bad, gamergate and stuff

>now a doomer who yells about the bourgies and the fash every chance I get

>still believe that this economy/society is not long for this world - plan to start stockpiling grain and ammo

>always been conflicted about electoralism

>have practically every fetish

>hobbies are being a sadboi, pop and idm music, politics

>ketchup is the devil's condiment, ranch gang gang gang gang gang

What would I have been w/out leftypol?



Yes. When I see fascists/nazis, I often think of how easily I could have ended up like that. It's only due to random parts of my life trajectory that I ended up not falling for these memes.




It's not that STEM makes you nazi, it's that STEMlords are typically very uneducated on history/philosophy/politics and mostly end up somewhere between ancap and full blown nazi. While being convinced they're some kind of supremely intelligent bigbrain elite.



I'm doomer too, but

>born in commie shithole


>during the era when government reformed the economy, market #1, private good, public bad

>childhood full of optimism, believe in the future of the country and world

>redpill at 10, when reading Engels condition of working class, seeing the future of myself as wagecuck

>became more and more bitter overtime

>fast forward 16 years later, have no hope anymore

>middle class, but hate middle class for their philistine outlook, so loner life.

>no drug but video game as only way to vent

>curse ancestors for their sins

>think what would my life be if cccp still socialism

>wait for eventually collapse




>basically have every fetish

Tell me about her feet, anon.


File: 34b160cd9eebb59⋯.jpg (8.24 KB, 213x255, 71:85, wojak lewd.jpg)


Because she's a clone she never had to use her feet until she got out of the reiquarium so I would imagine they're extremely silky soft. Goddamn now this is what I'm gonna be thinking about for the next hour



So uhhh can anyone tell me why radical ideologies despite being left or right always attract weird degenerate freaks?






Normies just adopt the dominant ideology and opinions, and this applies to sex and politics but it also applies to food, music, art, literally everything. Only freaks actually think for themselves. It's why they're freaks.



Because radical ideologies guarantee change, and one of the reasons people want change is because they are not succeeding under current status quo, i.e. they are losers by the definition.



This mostly. But if the system wastes talent on an industrial scale, manufactures pain for no reason rather than its own self-perpetuation, it will created a lot of disguntled talented losers. See the excess of academics in some countries who can operate the cash register at a macdonalds despite having a Ph.D or something.



>considered myself straight and male but nowadays i give 0 shits about gender, "soft" queer culture annoys me (idpol nerds who love focusing on cuddly femininity)

>diagnosed depression and moderate to severe anxiety disorder

>grew up in an extremely catholic conservative environment, parents still this way

>was a lolbert nerd growing up, after i realized how much private corporations were to blame for my problems i became communist

>middle class but fucking hate middle class culture

>have had a couple short relationships, hooked up a couple times, and had sex once, but i felt no attachment for the person and i hated it. Havent had any other intimate/sexual interaction like that in years

>most of my time growing up had extremely few friends

>awkward social skills due to anxiety disorders

>at a certain point i learned to compensate for my lack of social skills by getting into punk qnd forming an identity around being a cross between degenerate extreme chain punk and avant-garde music asshole

>in uni rn, barely scraped by constantly and now im in my senior year and am horribly behind in my senior project and its probably gonna fuck me over and stop me from graduating this semester

>fucking myself over in debt and student loans

>hating most of the liberal normies in this school, have a better time and social life when im interacting with punks in the city at small music shows


Weirdly, even though I've been on 4chan since like 2004, I've never gotten into racism and misogyny. Maybe I've saved like 3 or 4 racist memes over 15 years but mostly I've just ignored the "hate" threads.

Some people just "are" racist. 4chan doesn't turn people into racists, it just doesn't ban them.


this is me except without debt lol


same thing. Maybe the difference between the weird Right and the weird Left is that we all get laid? I lost my virginity at 14 and never had a hard time finding a decent gf when I get lonely. (one night stands are easy to set up, but unsatisfying & annoying)


You're not covered with self harm scars? Guess bourgeois society didn't trample you much.



I wish I knew lmao. I'm pretty vanilla, despite my radical politics.

For the most part, I don't give a shit about people's fetishes. That said, the liberal "anti- kink-shaming" crowd can go fuck themselves. Fetishes reinforce people's perception of sex and gender, as well as normalize behavior. Do they really expect me to believe that pedophiles/people with rape fetishes/sadists/etc can "blow off steam" or whatever by consuming material depicting their fetish? A pedos not gonna want to rape some kids, go jerk off to some cp, and feel sexually satisfied, thus not rape kids. He's gonna jerk off to cp, which is just going to further reinforce his paraphilia. Dopamine's a hell of a drug.


File: cb6a4c5786bc4f3⋯.jpg (71.81 KB, 548x470, 274:235, 1407022208231.jpg)

File: 63de96069032465⋯.jpg (91.69 KB, 249x303, 83:101, 1485833334781.jpg)


>Do they really expect me to believe that pedophiles/people with rape fetishes/sadists/etc can "blow off steam" or whatever by consuming material depicting their fetish?


>Milton Diamond, from the University of Hawaii, presented evidence that "[l]egalizing child pornography is linked to lower rates of child sex abuse". Results from the Czech Republic indicated, as seen everywhere else studied (Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sweden, USA), that rape and other sex crimes "decreased or essentially remained stable" following the legalization and wide availability of pornography. His research also indicated that the incidence of child sex abuse has fallen considerably since 1989, when child pornography became readily accessible – a phenomenon also seen in Denmark and Japan. The findings support the theory that potential sexual offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex crimes against children.

Now's the time to hide behind "more research plz".



I'm pretty fucked up in my fetishes but honestly it wasn't the idea of "communism will make people accept me" that made me far left, i don't want people to accept me, i masturbate to disgusting shit. I at least became leftist because i saw the results of socialism in 20th century countries and i think it will genuinely improve the world.


File: 076b5bc68b9c923⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 794x530, 397:265, il_794xN.1535924123_3kkl.jpg)


How did this thread arrive at this point?

This is caused by alienation from adults and not understanding kids are retards who need protection.



people who are predisposed to antithetical views in terms of moral hegemony have tendency towards radicalization since they have already disposed of acceptable ethics. Desperation,alienation and other factors play their part too in this process.



>How did this thread arrive at this point?

Discussing freaks attracted to extremism. It's inevitable.



Sounds a hell of a lot like me. I'm easily the most radical person (left and rightwing included) I know irl but I'm vanilla as fuck. Also I'm not really buying that whole thing about alienation, I suppose I'm definitely not as alienated as some people here but still. How these guys manage to have the weirdest most fucked up fetishes I will never understand.




normies like you are quick to throw anyone under the bus who isn't exactly like you. A form of class reinforcement that perpetuates hierarchical societies. keep adopting the cloak of radicalism for cool points.



Stfu nigger



don't kink shame the kink shamers, that's their kink!


File: 2d01296f5d163f8⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 405x344, 405:344, what.jpg)


Were you here for that thread a year ago where a fascist came in posting porn of futanari Nazi's fucking Soviets to which some anons responded by posting futanari Soviets fucking Nazi's with the whole thing turning into a "legitimate" discussion about links to collections of political futanari porn with the fascist trading/requesting political oriented futanari porn with other anons?

Fun times


File: 082df8a8d4e0d8a⋯.gif (6.54 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 130802412800120110725-2204….gif)


Happens every two months



I never see those threads now and I browse often, is it the same anon from before? I really hope it is.



Fortunately not, but nice story regardless.



rninek and pol are just cancerous boards that rope in the emotional saps and the impressionable tweens. wish more people pushed back against all that silly stormfront and feely wheely shit when it mattered




Futa is goofy and shit tier, get a better fetish.



idk, sometimes it looks good to see a hanging meat log hanging between some thick thighs



Futa is Juche-approved



ikr? very realist, a woman with a huge cock



Maybe good as a joke. It's the goofiest shit ever, like something someone would draw for giggles.


as a young teen i was into neo-nazi shit back before pol was really established, when the only forums were like stormfront and glorious uprising. it was a gradual process of learning more about hitler's fuckups and the context of the NSDAP's formation and membership. once i got into Asserism it was basically over as it was a tiny step to get into lenin and marx



membership that got me to question and explore*

deleted this on accident



>So uhhh can anyone tell me why radical ideologies despite being left or right always attract weird degenerate freaks?


This strikes me as liberal "Harry Potter" like political analysis.

Bad people = dysfunctional.

I've met plenty of power holding fascist sympathizers that by all outward appearances would be considered better socially adjusted than the majority of posters here, especially so called "Doomers".

Storytime, there used to be this gorgeous homeschooled blonde in my swing dance class. Oh My GAWD she was so demure and sweet. She was studying math at an undergraduate level at 15 I know because she would sometimes bring her homework to class and finish just before class started I was practically in love with this girl and her parents could not have been nicer to me. Then I found out they would hold these huge Civil War reenactment bbqs on their property, except everyone in attendance was LARPing as confederates. Since then, her family took on a whole "Get Out" vibe to me.

Anyway point being plenty of fascists are good looking at get laid. Life under capitalism isn't a poetic meritocracy.


File: 7c85a4b6cca45b5⋯.jpg (65.63 KB, 420x566, 210:283, 1531346840030.jpg)



>Nazis are white


File: bb82eafc1d695f7⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1288, 135:161, tiresom.png)


wtf is wrong with you, anon.

fuck i hate autists.


They don't, generally. Ignore the rest of these replies. It's just aspy burgers that spend to much time online. It's not really the case so much irl.



>You're not covered with self harm scars?

I have this issue, too. Do you find this unironically helps you pull girls and get girlfriends?

Not that this is a good thing because of the type of people it tends to attract, as i found out as a got a little older.



Communism is the most non-radical ideology. It is the most humane and civilized organization of society that is currently possible. Only brutal neo-liberalism and fascism are radical.



As a 32 year old "incel" who lives with his parents I feel like my body should have shut off at some point from the sheer frustration of not being able to do anything ever.




which makes it anti human, nature is what we should be striving for we are perfect yet we try to pervert and mould our minds to beleifs against nature. I blame christianity





A couple faded scars on your arm is interesting, and shows a level of emotional vulnerablity. Being covered in them is unattractive.



what the shit is /nightrun/ /nightwalk/



Going for a walk or run during the middle of the night. Its pretty comfy. Assuming you don't live in a city, there is no one else about, no activity, no noise. Just you and the night.



/doomer/ bullshit, fuck /doomer/s they suck dick



>Going for a walk … during the middle of the night

This used to be called being an alcoholic.



I used to live in a part of the city that was quiet during nights, but still in the city. I loved going out for walks in the night. There was this promenade that went past the ocean shore, and I would walk that in the silence and darkness. I remember how the moonlight would reflect off the surface. A couple of hours of just looping around. Brought propaganda stickers and posters with me that I would distribute while doing it. Good memories.



When I say distribute, I mean put up.




I hate how every-time chan people discover a new word they try to shove it into every context, if it works or no.



Not him but honestly i used to hate the word comfy but at some point i realized i don't have any word to describe a pleasant, relaxing feeling, it still sounds silly tho



But why use it so out of context so freely? I always quite liked the word but am coming to tire of it after seeing it shoved into every sentence it can not quite work in.


(especially of clothes or furnishings) providing physical ease and relaxation.

"comfortable sturdy shoes"

It's not even that hard. If comfortable doesn't fit then comfy doesn't either. I don't think i would ever hear someone irl say 'i went for a walk. it was comfortable.'



okay now i will say things are "real nice", fits like a ring eh?




I must start calling things 'real nice' now, apparently. thx matey.

It's not like there are not a ton of descriptive words to describe for example going for a walk at night though. I would personally say introspective or tranquil when referring to a nightwalk, for example. Now, i might be wearing a comfy jumper whilst i do this, but the walk itself would not become comfy.


Gonna be honest, no, I haven't.

I've always only ever seen people as having problems, perhaps some aspect of them was a problem, some way they relate to others was a problem, but I've never seen a person in and of themselves as a problem.

This is one of the biggest fundamental differences on simple worldview that I can not relate to with the internet neo-nazis and frankly I can't even comprehend it.



I mean it's literally comfy though.



What if I find nightwalks to "provide physical ease and relaxation?" Like, they're relaxing as fuck, and help me decompress, which I guess could fall under "physical ease."



No. It literally isn't. It's embarrassing how badly you people massacre the English language.


File: dace78ec9b0d66d⋯.jpg (21.76 KB, 329x289, 329:289, dickblast.jpg)


stemfags of the world unite.


More evidence that M-Ls are just communists



heh get fucked four


students need to go down to the countryside



Empty the cities



You realize nowhere in his post did that anon even imply where he was from? Retarded amerilard


File: 89f3489a4fce76e⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 406x406, 1:1, Neon_Genesis_Evangelion_En….jpg)


>she never had to use her feet until she got out of the reiquarium

>the reiquarium

I laughed way too much from this holy fuck.


File: 1d90c775423018e⋯.png (151.09 KB, 600x600, 1:1, anprim2.png)


> for we are perfect yet we try to pervert and mould our minds to beleifs against nature.



Wow, you fuckwits are so easily triggered that you have to censor r3D f@sclst


File: e3a9b1ef59ba570⋯.jpg (131.1 KB, 750x493, 750:493, e3a9b1ef59ba570c45d3aeac2e….jpg)


File: 83a6a3d3caf6ba0⋯.jpg (50.44 KB, 774x900, 43:50, 83a6a3d3caf6ba05b44e1e6315….jpg)


As a white guy that went from liberal to reactionary over the course of a few years before bouncing back to the far left. I'll try to explain it as best I can.

Alright, so take a lonely, alienated, individual. In my case, I was diagnosed with high functioning autism as a kid. I couldn't really make any friends on my own, and my parents never had the heart to actually tell me about my condition. The most I got were a few "group therapy" sessions with some kids my age, most of which were way worse than I was, but none of the lessons felt cogent to me and I didn't really understand what was happening. I found out about my diagnosis entirely by accident.

Alright, so I had that going for me, and I found out at a time when I was going through a lot of changes in life. That left me with a really terrifying degree of self-loathing and a desire to be "normal". But that's kind of besides the point.

My home life wasn't the best either. My dad can best be described as a clinical narcissist. He'd react violently whenever he was criticized or my siblings and I were being "too loud", he had no interest in any of the hobbies I expressed interest in and family outings were basically doing what he wanted to do, repetitively, ad nauseum, for 8 hours a day. My mom meanwhile was kind of smothering and such a believer in "non-violence" that she essentially trained me to be a doormat because "if someone threatens to hurt you, you should just be quiet and do what they say".

I started making a few friends in highschool, but a lot of these people were basically nerds and we were mostly shunned and sneered at by the other students. Still, it was nice actually having a friend for once.

On graduating highschool, I got essentially scammed by my family and was allowed to go to college so long as I got a degree my family thought I should get. This was definitely a divergent experience from the enclosed catholic schools I went to as a kid. Around this point I also stopped considering myself a liberal because of GamerGate and kind of fell into that alt-lite stuff like Sargon and the like.

This was also a disgustingly noxious liberal campus

The stress of my family being heavily involved in my college life, my total isolation on campus, and my experience with politics involving a lot of debates with SJWs really did get to me. More than that, it made me fucking angry.

I had a western civ prof essentially say the west invented nothing and instead stole most of its inventions from the rest of the world (even arguing certain medicines were stolen from native americans because they used herbs found in america), I had a history of art professor decry christian monks for destroying idols of pagan tribes while also reverently talking about how those tribes practiced human sacrifice and the "beautiful" religious significance of them.

I think the moment I just kind of internally snapped was when I had to take a Hispanic-American Studies class and the professor ended the semester by saying "I don't know what will happen, whether the whites will give up their power peacefully or not. That's not for me to decide."

It was like I entered into fucking bizzaro world. I had a few more classes like that, but at this point I kind of knew what to expect and began tuning that stuff out. I was isolated from most people, most of my contact with others coming from forums and cyberspace. When I tried to talk about what I experienced I was either told that I was flat out lying or met with some sneering comment of

"Awww, what's the matter, white boy can't handle being criticized? Does it hurt his fee fees? :^)"

Eventually I came to see academic and national institutions as being inherently hypocritical and "anti-white", more specifically "anti-white male". /pol/ was winning me over by how sympathetic a lot of the people on it were to what I was saying, I mean it's really nice to hear someone else thinks all these SJWs were fucking crazy. But eventually those warm first few months were kind of replaced by a seething hatred.



File: 0b228328fce0233⋯.png (193.21 KB, 665x1000, 133:200, 2aac3bd7c791ba12573dbb1fb8….png)


Once you fall into this anti-sjw stuff, you look up more shit to make you angry, or your friends start sharing more stuff about it. Next thing you know you see most "normies" as being hypocritical monsters whose politics are built off of two separate rules: one for whites and one for the "precious minorities". In one moment you'd see a Hillary supporter talk about "no matter what happens in the election we have to work hard to heal the divisions in our country and respect each other" to going into a screaming fit about those "evil angry white americans".

More than that, if you consume liberal media, you see this very open and very accepted kind of white-bashing. Adam Ruins Everything has an episode where a neighborhood is described as "unbearably white", you have the sundry MTV videos on youtube sneering that America was "never great" and talking down to white guys in this annoying, patronizing, deliberately provocative tone.

So that's when things kind of get really political. I mean you can go the race realist route like a lot of Nazis. I just came to believe that it's impossible for cultures so radically alien from one another to ever coexist peacefully and that it'd be best if everyone just had total control over their cultural enclaves and stopped trying to "force" diversity. I mean it was "clear" to me that diversity was coming exclusively at the expense of white people.

Around this time, I was still open to my views being changed. But liberals couldn't argue (instead being openly dismissive to arguments or outwardly hostile to them) and I found even Socialists and Communists didn't exactly provide a helpful counterpoint. When I talked about drives for "diversity" bringing crime and open immigration driving down wages, most communists I met said essentially "Well I don't believe in borders at all" or "its Capitalism's fault" to which I could only ask "Well you sure as hell can't seem to get rid of Capitalism, and the free movement of labor only facilitates it, so you only want to make things worse for white workers"

I was left without answers from the other side, to me the right made too much sense, and this I think is the final transformation into the far-right. Eventually you decide the other side can't argue rationally. That it's inherently hostile to you for superficial qualities. That it's whole moral dogma is based around hypocrisy and double-standards, so why not just reflect it back at them?

The libertarians, with their commitment to free speech, sure as fuck wouldn't stop SJWs from banning anything they label "hate speech". It becomes a reverse paradox of tolerance, and you become willing to justify any evil act with "well they want to do the same to me, we're just beating them to it." You cut yourself off morally and emotionally from other people, you obsess over hypocrisies in their worldview, and you come to hate them because they'd sheepishly and unthinkingly kill and maim you given the chance while demanding you "pity" them for purely superficial reasons.

Getting out of that self-destructive train of thought was one of the hardest things in my life.




>I had a western civ prof essentially say the west invented nothing and instead stole most of its inventions from the rest of the world (even arguing certain medicines were stolen from native americans because they used herbs found in america), I had a history of art professor decry christian monks for destroying idols of pagan tribes while also reverently talking about how those tribes practiced human sacrifice and the "beautiful" religious significance of them.


stay mad cracka we're coming for your wife


File: 38860ed01fea436⋯.jpg (85.71 KB, 240x285, 16:19, HNq4qGI.jpg)

>comfy job I can read at

>actually fantastic job because I barely do anything at it and get lots of free time

>basically a salaried NEET

>have social outlets like reading groups

>have savings

>day by day becoming an autodidact thanks to loads of free time

>life completely stress free

>was recently offered a paid internship and eventually a possible scholarship at my workplace

I didn't come from some prestigious background by the way, I just lucked out massively.






>realize from a young age that whites are a superior race

but china numbah won



Did you go to Reddit first or something?



>be petty-bourgeois

>realize from a young age that whites are a superior race

Fucking figures



>economy is a good indicator of racial superiority




Also how do you read Mein Kampf and come up with the idea that "Hitler was right" lmfao the whole book is just him autistically ranting about jews. No one who is not already a nazi would read the book thinking "yes this man has valid points".


How about eye queue then? My fellow chinks are still smarter than you whitey.



what makes you think communism or anarchism will get past the kind of chauvinism cloaked in left rhetoric you originally disliked?



it's a shitty book, hitler deserved to kill himself



well here we aren't precisely "SJW"



ok, just admit the gormenghast series is better than anything hitler wrote



I understand that anon, but I think that's what makes you so marginal.

As far as I can tell, leftypol is trying to straddle a line between old left brocialism and left-liberal idpol.

It was one thing for revolutionary socialists to identify the reformists and social-democrats as social-chauvinists 100 years ago, but how are you going to leverage this against liberals today?

Especially since I've seen many far-leftists argue that liberalism is finishing up on the last tasks of the bourgeois-democratic revolution, creating an unvarnished class antagonism free of race, nation, etc. Therefore, left-liberal idpol is progressive, not chauvinistic.



>for no reason

Are you from Europe or third world?

Think a little bit about why would americans in special feel that way.



>autobiographical sections, foreign and domestic policy, race, education, etc.

<implying anything of worth was in those segments either

Thanks for reminding me that he also took the time to bitch and moan about how tough his life in Germany was along with his autistic theorizing on how race was really the most important thing in life and everything else came secondary to it etc.



SIEGE was a better book than Mein Kampf in my opinion, actually read it tbh, Mein Kampf was alright and definitely is a great read but SIEGE is like electro shock therapy, seriously, I'm not even some READ SIEGE autist, it's just a good fucking book that cuts straight to the point, James Mason even lays down the basis for executing the bourgeoisie and becoming more genuinly socialist in SIEGE.


File: 41d555c2c50ba25⋯.jpg (162.31 KB, 1280x762, 640:381, varg.jpg)


>I had a history of art professor decry christian monks for destroying idols of pagan tribes while also reverently talking about how those tribes practiced human sacrifice and the "beautiful" religious significance of them




That's it?! You've left us on a cliffhanger.

How did you get out of it?



he didn't. that's the joke


Same bruv.



>same thing. Maybe the difference between the weird Right and the weird Left is that we all get laid? I lost my virginity at 14 and never had a hard time finding a decent gf when I get lonely. (one night stands are easy to set up, but unsatisfying & annoying)

I can say with absolute certainty that this is not the case.


Since we're blogposting/selfdoxxing


>White (which isnt special here tbh)


>Bullied from 4 til 14 years old and then some more

>Severe trust and self image issues

>Depressed and constant suicidal thoughts from age 12 until a year ago

>Poor social skills, though I try my best

>Too few friends

>No contact with female friends from primary school

>My few friends are also prime incel-tier

>Programming, so meet no girls

>Even my social hobby has no girls

>Dont get invited to go out or anything due to my tism and formerly turning it down a lot

>Too socially anxious to talk to new people I meet on the same day


>Soon graduating and still a kissless virgin (i dont even care about the sex I just want an equally broken gf to be less sad together)

>Break off/push away all connections I make quickly

>My few friends constantly bring up incel red pill tier fearmongering and I try to talk them out of it

>Despite rationally knowing i shouldnt care the fact that society sees me as a failure for being a single kissless virgin at my 23 years old I still fall into cycles of selfloathing, self hate and depressive episodes from time to time

>Luckily i never acted on my suicidal thoughts and limited my self harm to biting myself real hard so I have no scars or physical damage

>Increasingly realise I am completely socially isolated during holidays when there is no school, leading to weeks of being in my house with no human contact beyond doing groceries.

At least I went on 1 date with my highschool crush, right? even though she said in advance she didnt like me, and boy was she not what i thought she was



Im happy for you comrade.



I feel you OP. Back when I was 14/15, I was really into /r/tumblrinaction and similar proto-gamergate anti-SJW communities. I wasn't anti LGBT I just liked laughing at furries and otherkin and shit, mostly as a way to distract from my own problems. Luckily things improved for me before Gamergate and incel culture really took off or else I could totally see myself stuck in that pit. I'm not unattractive, but I have naturally greasy skin and hair and looking nice requires actual effort wrt hygiene and self-care; if I didn't look after myself I'd look like a pretty pathetic NEET, and that's the sort of thing that self-reinforces. I'm definitely not a "Chad" by any means but I'm certainly no incel or NEET.



Do you imagine there is any place in the world or internet where woman are saying that they almost became redical feminists, but then they started to take self-care more seriously and "dodge the bullet"?

No interest in duscussing the merits of feminism, just wondering if a similar experience is possible for a female.



that would imply being a incel is the same as being a radical feminist



There would have to be a non-retarded polar opposite radical political thing for radical feminism for women to make that comparison.

By all accounts we should be far right given our demographic, but we are far left, the complete opposite, but still fringe and extreme. I dont think there is such a thing for radical feminism, radical feminism is more of an extension of liberalism.



left wing women don't reproduce, so kinda



not due to involuntary celibacy, if there are supposedly a lot of white knight male feminists constantly wanting to hit on them i bet even they have sex



The parallel I am trying to get at is being attracted or distancing yourself from a certain gender identitarian ideology based on personal improvement and a general recognition of negative tropes associated to it. As I said, I don't want to discuss the validity of the tropes themselves.



yeah sorry, well if you want my take, which is that for the large amount of people in the world almost every single point of view is possible, yeah, probably.



I don't know about that, that always seemed like a forced meme

I do think the process of empowerment tends to entail pretty much excusing yourself from maternity





>college student



>bad at socializing

>bad at dating

>from a blood red part of my state

>STEM related field of study

>internet heavy life


these are not the nazis i worry about, the ones i worry about are the ones in the police force and those occupying seats in my parlement



>the ones in the police force and those occupying seats in my parlement

So like none of them? I used to be in a WN group and it was distinctly lacking in police officers. Plenty of military, no police.



NEET means Not Employed, in Education or Training.



You must not be a burger.



No, I am. Like if there were any cops, they were all informants.


File: 3c799e03c7e3444⋯.jpg (109.16 KB, 619x1000, 619:1000, 3c799e03c7e3444deb8f845b72….jpg)


I stopped being a liberal around gamergate, so I was primarily on 4chan. I went on reddit later to follow more gamergate stuff but I kinda stuck with 4chan and 8ch primarily.


I dunno, I don't even have much in the way of hopes that it will. But I guess I decided it's better to engage hopelessly in what is the closest thing to a correct worldview I can understand than to just hold onto a nihilistic view that was killing me.


Well it was a long story that kind of overlaps with a lot of what I said. I began working during college. It was a really nice place. Ironically enough it was super diverse. See the thing about a lot of the far-right is surface wise a lot of us were normal people or could present ourselves as normal. In a lot of ways, the diverse people I worked with, I got along swimmingly with. I honestly really liked a lot of them. Really most of my racism online was incidental and more or less an attempt to piss off the left. I fucking hated them holding minorities up on a God damn pedestal while insisting that I'm the antithesis of all that's good in the world because I'm White, Straight, and Male.

In fact I think you'd find a lot of white nationalists are, ironically enough, fairly amicable with minorities. Even some crazy ones like A. Wyatt Man, I think some /pol/lack did some investigating and found out the dude was practically surrounded by Jews in his circle of friends.

In my case I was probably one of the last people one would suspect to be a racist. I was kind of meek at first, but I got along pretty well with my coworkers after a while. Even in terms of customers I ended up getting along worse with white people than, say, Blacks. Hell I once had an elderly Muslim lady come back to me after I helped her and wished her a happy Ramadan, and she just told me "thanks", like it was a real sincere thanks 'cause I'm sure she's experienced her share of bigotry directed at her.

The people I actually viscerally hated were "leftists", and that was simply because I saw in them the most shrill and hypocritical kind of worldview. I eventually came to this weird hypocrisy of my own where I had an admiration for Islam as a very traditionalist religion that hadn't been "corrupted by the modern world" while loathing leftists for "letting the Muslims in".

It's stupid I know, I guess when you see these people as fundamentally "incomplete" persons, you kind of reach this point where it's like "Well they're just acting according to their nature, it's these God damn idiots trying to insist they can transcend it that are the problem."

Anyways, as I was living in hypocrisy, things kind of got better. Sure I was a wreck of anxiety and misery on campus and at home, but at least at work I was getting along well with people. I met my best friend there, and for the first time in my life it felt like I had someone that liked me for me, and not as some sideshow entertainment.

This kind of reflected in my online behavior too, I became a lot more patient. I even made some online friends who openly described themselves as communists because I at least was willing to admit I was wrong about "cultural marxism" when they explained how /pol/'s conspiracies were baseless bullshit.



File: 7cde9b955685ae4⋯.jpg (95.4 KB, 761x792, 761:792, 7cde9b955685ae4f548d93662f….jpg)



But actual leftist economic policies were something I couldn't accept, because I came to see them as representing something of a submission. It meant having to, I imagined, grovel at the feet of other people and metaphorically whip myself over being born white or male or whatever. I would still get overtly hostile when conversations took a turn to, for example "Well communism is the only thing that can preserve your culture anyways" It was pure emotional thinking on my part.

Still I was making progress, I was exercising more, I became more outgoing, I even got a girl's number. Things were going well.

Then one rough thing after another started happening. I failed a class I shouldn't have failed and faced what looked like another year of college at least (this later worked out, at the time I had no reason to believe so), that girl whose number I got? We had all of two dates before I wound up in the friend zone, and I was kicking myself for months after, telling myself that I was a failure, a retard, something less than human. My father took a swing at me and I had a panic attack because I've been dealing with his abusive bullshit since before I could walk. My best friend was fired. I even had my worthless NEET of a brother take a swing at me with a bat while insisting my "stupid autistic brain" just couldn't ever understand "how normal people think".

In the wake of all this I grew a lot more bitter. I had a lot less patience when I debated people. I began doing a lot of self destructive things. Shit was hitting the fan bad. It took some reading of Nietzsche, the patience of a few friends I revealed my situation to, and some personal initiative to realize that I threw my mind into a terrible void.

I was watching people around me self-destruct, I was seeing the worst and most hateful aspects of a few of them, and in others I was seeing a deep pain. Eventually I told myself that, well, all this loneliness and isolation had made me just as nasty and terrible on the inside as just a few of these people. That I hurt, sure, that I was driven to my politics because of how hurt I felt over how I was treated, but at the end of the day I wasn't "forced" or "driven" into it, and that the self-destructive nihilism of the far right was something that I was kept in only through my own desire to stay in it.

I accepted long ago, in arguing with enough left wingers, that I agree with a lot of their views on the economy and the like. And I told myself that I needed to stop being self-destructive, and the start of that was giving up a self destructive worldview I only adopted for emotional reasons.



>I eventually came to this weird hypocrisy of my own where I had an admiration for Islam as a very traditionalist religion that hadn't been "corrupted by the modern world" while loathing leftists for "letting the Muslims in".

Ha, that's actually incredibly common among reactionaries. You know, at first I thought it was just that one booklet by Evola getting popularized, but apparently it's some logical conclusion to their world view.



I used to be a suicidal virgin. I broke free from that life. I found happiness. I found purpose. Then I also found out what the very near future is going to look like. To me what I feel is worse than what I felt then. Even though I have a happier life I always know in the back of the mind any plans I make are for a future that may not exist. I want to live to be 70 and have children and watch them grow up. But I know that maybe I shouldn't. I know what the future likely holds and it's beyond fucking depressing. "I hate myself and want to die" is a much simpler concept to grapple with. It came from within me, all the internalized things that people gave me. I beat that shit back only to find I'm dealing with a much larger boss now, one that's beyond my control. I'm aware that I'm likely one of the last human beings to ever live. I know that humanity is in total denial. I know that we probably don't even do the bare minimum to try to prolong our lives and survive. I try not to think about it but there's always something to remind me. It's devastating. But I continue on…



Wasn't there some french fascist/ultrareactionary who ended up converting to islam and moving to egypt? And that burger nazi kid who converted to islam and then killed his two other nazi friends for mocking him?



>And that burger nazi kid who converted to islam and then killed his two other nazi friends for mocking him?

He actually thwarted some planned terrorist attacks in the process. The hero we didn't know we needed and whatnot.



Yeah I saw them running around and killing 50 muslims today.

We will not forget.

You 8chan incel faggots will all pay for this. No matter how hard you try with your ‘hello fellowe leftists’ we will get all of you.



I am gonna be real honest, much like how fascism is capialism in decay, fascists are people in decay. I would know, I used to be one. When I was 16 or so I started to use /pol/ after getting involved with GamerGate anti-SJW type shit and I believed the bullshit /pol/ posted, I was active in a few /pol/ and other related board communities outside.

Every single person I met in my time was fucked up, either by legitimate mental illness, alienation, personal problems, etc. Never before in my life have I met more damaged people. They were all pretty much all barely functional, and the ones that weren't still gave me bad gut feelings. I jumped in and out of communities for years, and they were all like this.

Personally, I stopped using /pol/ (and imageboards as a whole) once I decided that I just couldn't handle it anymore, the isolation was too much, talking with people but never forming any real connection because you know they're sick fucks who will treat you like shit at the first sign of vulnerability or opening up. It was during this time my ideas started to wither away, and I started to be able to attack my own personal problems head on in the process. I feel I am a lot better now, and I no longer struggle with the personal problems I do.

I feel like I aught to find a way to connect the dots of all this, but I think for every person it's different. Like my mother got invested in this stuff thanks to me convincing the holocaust was a lie, and she uses the crazy conspiracy stuff to play the victim. I personally used the "traditional masculinity" aspect of it to try and compensate for my gender dysphoria

I am curious if any other anons in the thread have any similar experience with fascism and mental health being linked. I am also curious why fascism attracts these types.

Forgive me if this post was retarded and made no sense, I just got out of bed.


You have two things they don’t: empathy and an Autism Level over 90.



>french fascist/ultrareactionary

You thinking of Rene Guenon, though he wasn't a fascist, and had nothing to with either Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany. He was as apolitical as a person could get and believed there were no political solutions to the problems facing the West and the world as a whole, the best a person could do is convert to one of the revealed religions and live as noble a life as possible. He was the founder of the Traditionalist school, and a good deal of its serious thinkers, if not most of them, were/are white Sufis.



I was and am a huge fan of Rene Guenon and I have some admiration for folks like Abdal Hakim Murad that are kind of carrying on his legacy. He has some fantastic lectures.



If you come to hate modernity and everything associated with it, eventually you see something like Islam as very anti-modern and it interests you, at least that's what happened to me.


File: 3f41dc760693590⋯.jpg (62.09 KB, 540x720, 3:4, L3HZkkF.jpg)


I think you're pretty much correct.

I think that, in an attempt to maintain western 'culture' that walls will be erected and fortified with machine guns and monitored by truck, drone, and satellite to 'protect the culture'. This will obviously change the culture in its own way, however, into something grisly, something which is driven by fear, suspicion of basically everyone, and death. For to be the other is to die in the world of tomorrow. Essentially, the future is comprised of a few highly militarized and surveilled 'green zones', where there is still some luxury for the rich and where exist 'middle class jobs' for others, and then there will be everything outside the green zone, which will likely be resource deprived and always somewhat chaotic.

There is an unwillingness in many to embrace changing culture. There is an unwillingness in many to see how bad things are and how bad they will be. This will lead to refugee camps, forced starvation of entire populaces, mass death, all on a scale (and thanks to technology, broadcast into our living rooms and offices, direct to devices in our pockets) that is hitherto unknown to human society.

This will change us, as individuals and as a species. That global terror is already here, mind you, it just isn't evenly distributed yet.

Also not sure why you'd get a ban for that. Seems weird.



not sure what banning words in france and climate change have to do with each other, you don't make much sense


File: 75b7e8d4b4a1bb0⋯.jpg (203.57 KB, 997x995, 997:995, frieza math.jpg)


Same as you OP, but I guess the difference is that we're not morons. I was even on board with gamergate early on but when /pol/ took it over and turned it into an anti-left movement I got off the train ride. It's hard to see how easily some people are manipulated into complete nonsense when given the right conditions. Does make me paranoid though, what if I fall into the same trap without realizing it? What nonsense do I believe?


File: e378953f975c39f⋯.jpg (30.54 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Nazis = Commies



File: 579a0dcdc367e2f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.66 KB, 980x691, 980:691, fuck.jpg)


this fucking commie killed half of the human population, reducing carbon emissions which is actually pretty neat



>Muh 600 million killed by Stalin


File: dff5bc06d8097d6⋯.jpg (306.55 KB, 800x583, 800:583, culturalmarxism.jpg)






>burgerville's flag has red in it

<burgerville is socialist



i cant tell if this was originally made by ben garrison or a soviet propagandist. it's dope.


File: dd4e129c12ecea2⋯.png (720.15 KB, 1401x781, 1401:781, 1dd86a54afd759acb9b9597a4d….png)

you lumpens need to read mao

send incels and neets down to the countryside



Anymore of these memes?


Yep, I'm just like you. I believe in a fair chance for the working man, and that there's two genders.

There's no place for me out there anymore.



Nah, think I'll go fishing whenever I want. Read Marx.







Yes, its very easy for white people to be pushed into this. I have a theory its even intended, that people are set up to become nazis through entertainment and media if they reject the normal default liberal sjw outlook. Nazis are just the white person identity politics, and anyone who cant be convinced to hate themselves becomes the designated cool nazis with flying saucers and advanced technology and occult magic that video games and movies have told us they were. I even am somewhat suspicious the entire argument over things like the holocaust with the fluctuating death numbers and monuments over areas that ground penetrating radar shows us have no graves is intentional to make people think the entire narrative against the nazis was a complete conspiracy to make it easier to simply identify as one.

The only real escape is to find that socialism gives you all the ammo you need against this foe. If you read some of the things lenin or stalin wrote you can see that communism has plenty of room for hating sjw and idpol as harmful to the cause.

The reason i became a socialist was mainly this, i realized i could bash the very same 'modern left' i hated, but now they couldn't call me a nazi and i did not need to try and make abstract arguments against them, or defensive ones asking them to stop bullying white people. Instead i could simply bypass all that and condemn them and allow myself to indulge in intoxicating selfrighteousness with out guilt. The fake left recoils from the real left because it exposes their fraudulence.

While some might be critical of this, saying its all out of hand that i have created a sort of pseudo-religion with lenin as a prophet and thats really not what he or marx or anyone else would have wanted, at least im not a nazi :^)

This is also why i say any attempt to recruit or convert sjws is fruitless idpol is a mind diseases, it is heresy if you will, do not associate with them because though they might seem similar to you at first they are actually just a gentler liberal attempting to appear reasonable. From first hand experience i know many 'nazis' are actually not racists, they just see it as the only alternative to being a sjw.

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