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File: 244c71fbf4ae0da⋯.jpg (219.02 KB, 468x702, 2:3, howcommunismworks.jpg)


What are the top 5 most class cucked countries in the world in your opinion? By this I mean nations that are so blinded by Ideology that it's hard for you to not only imagine a Communist but even a moderate Social Democratic government ruling them at any point in the near future. I'll go first

1) the USA

2) Poland

3) Ukraine

4) Japan

5) South Korea

Also use this thread to discuss general class cuckery and also how to improve conditions in severely class cucked nations


You can't imagine Bernie taking the US?


>Not having Britain at number one

Sorry OP, but we invented much of the evil in this world, we're damn sure not gonna let our working class even get close to the means



Short answer: no,

Long answer: maybe but even if he does he will capitulate to the point of being just another jimmy,Carter or Obama and an even worse Republican party,will shortly regain the reigns


I considered this but Labour, despite it's own,horrible record of imperialism and neoliberalism, is still less of a class cucked party over all than the Democrats


Les hommes qui craignent d'être cocu sont toujours cocu et n'ont pas le privilège de connaître l'événement. Vivre paranoïaque, mourir paranoïaque. Vivez dans la confiance, vivez pour toujours. Cocu est une insulte pathétique qui ne sert pas bien les gens.


Can't wait to see the kiddies of /leftypol/ who haven't been farther than 1,000 miles from their birthplace whine about the evils of all the countries the internet told them to hate.



People of multiple nations inhabit this board anon



No way a country with single payer is worse than America. We still have 30 million people with no healthcare, myself included.



Was this statement intended as a challenge to what I said? Because it contradicts nothing in my post.



So you can't even criticize your own nation as class cucked if its one " the internet taught you to hate"?



Dont get it twisted, just because the absoloute boy is at the top, the establishment labour party is deeply blairite and liberal, many of them in bed with the media class also.


Single payer and the benefits state was our version of The New Deal, a liberal program. We sacrificed infrastructure we is still severely lacking to this day for it, whereas the United States wen the other way. Ofc their infrastructure is in disrepair, but at least you have something to repair.



Peak brainletism. Not a single one of those countries belongs in the top five. It's not just a handful of countries that are worse than those you chose either, There are literally dozens in Africa and West Asia that are worse than all five of them by several orders of magnitude. And that's not even mentioning the bourgeois cesspits that are the European microstates.



Elaborate pls I don't know much about Africa



Didn't a poll in 2009 say half of Ukrainians lived better under socialism? Poland tho is a mistake.



britain has class consciousness, we just don't have any revolutionary spirit.



T'as raison.

Ce fil est désormais un fil pour les francophones, anglocucks allez-vous-en.



Might as well have just put "America" down for all 5 seeing as they are all US client states.


I also nominate my country, Azerbaijan to the list




Ça-va comrades francophone.

Vive le revolucíon populaire du tous le monde!




>no Israel in that list


File: 57fa830c3226f85⋯.png (309.76 KB, 590x350, 59:35, ClipboardImage.png)


>Britain is class-cucked.


File: 094a3223ecae5b9⋯.jpg (83.11 KB, 425x601, 425:601, health777.jpg)


Britain doesn't just have single payer (universal public insurance); it has public ownership of the medical industry. The NHS is the fourth largest employer in the world after the US Department of Defense, China's People's Liberation Army, and Walmart. It is probably the most important socialized entity in the world.



Frankly I simply don't know much about Israel. I've heard that it essentially is truly like Nazi Germany but with Jews instead of Anglo Europeans but I always thought that was an,overexaggeration



Bonne tentative, anglophone.

Vive la révolution populaire, tout le monde va être libre


File: 431166e8302284c⋯.jpg (2 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Lehi_Commemoration_in_Peta….JPG)


They also erected a statue to fascist Zionist group



The Jews are a very communal people - Jesus himself created a commune, which is from the same root word as communism. Jews have always acted very collectively, and I believe it's just in their nature. I myself am a Sephardic Jew with Spanish/Iberian roots. During WWII the largest Jewish population to be wiped out was the Sephardic tribe, all while the Ashkenazi tribe mostly escape.. If you don't know much about Jewish history, the Ashkenazis came from Romans that converted throughout the empire, or who were decedents of other Jews and mixed with Romans/Italians - that's why Jews and Italians share the same phenotype. I'm not advocating Fascism by any means, but am a historian. Hitler was deporting Jews long before concentration camps.. A lot of things are really misrepresented in history class. Stalin and Lenin were also purging Jews from the Pale of Settlement, and Russian Tsars were long before Hitler.. During the black plague, Jews got blamed because they were isolated and never contracted the deadly disease in the Pale of Settlement. I reccomend some Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, "200 Years Together." Or Josephus Flavian(who arguably was the first translator of the Hebrew bible into Greek, and also a Jewish defector during the Jewish-Roman wars) "Antiquities of The Jews" - Josephus defected from Judea and became a POW, then he gained the emperors trust and became the top adviser to the emperor and lead war campaigns against his own Jewish people - getting such a high reverence with the emperor that they changed their ruling family name to Flavian, a Romanized name that Josephus made up after defecting (his birth name was Yosef ben Matityahu)



>Hitlers own nephew fled to the U.S and changed his name

Damn sneaky Krauts


Japan should be lower than South Korea, considering the left actually semi got its shit together last election and since. Plus the Japanese Communists have always been a mainstay in elections.

Whereas South Korea pretty much any party past a certain ideological point is getting banned for Pro-NK sentiment.

I don't agree with the US being #1 either, especially in light of the last 4 years.


>Long answer: maybe but even if he does he will capitulate to the point of being just another jimmy,Carter or Obama and an even worse Republican party,will shortly regain the reigns

I mean if Biden drops out he's pretty much guaranteed the nomination, and I expect he'll get stronger as people like Warren are winnowed out and leftist support is consolidated.

He'd almost certainly be forced into compromises by political circumstance but nowhere near the degree of Carter, I mean on Foreign Policy alone I suspect he'd be to the left of Obama



>Zionism is literally global communism

Black hole is literally a pair of scissors if you dissect it enough.



>Japanese Communist have always been a mainstay in elections

I mean yaaa but the JCP is not a good communist party, there great for resisting LDP and I respect them a lot for that but from what I can tell there more or less red socdems and people only really vote for them as away to say fuck off to the government

I guess they at least preach Marxism which is nice


File: 626ffcfd1aa264a⋯.jpg (21.47 KB, 500x222, 250:111, 8f9.jpg)

Social Democracy is class cuckery




You should use those scissors to slit your wrists. Remember, down the street, not across the lane faggot.



Czech republic and Slovakia are highly class cucked, too



You don't deserve a single political thought in your smooth little brain until you ground your shit in reality. Don't worry the real world will kill you and your ideology soon enough.


1. Nigeria

2. Burkina Faso

3. Mali

4. Indonesia

5. Congo (DMC)



I moved to America, and it is a shit hole in comparison to every other western country I've been to. Suck my ass, yankee!



Ukraine wouldn't have a problem with a socialist government that is not Russia's bootlicker.



Get back in the union tovarisch


Hungary, Poland and Brazil


Kill all Jews!. Rape all Communist to Death. Tada, a Free World. Now you can be happy!.



That's Not How You Capitalize Words. Did You Drop Out Of 4th Grade?



Dont forget the baltics and latin america



By now theyre brainwashed by neoliberal propaganda by the maidan government to associate socialism with russia.



Socdem governments are more right wing economically than far right/populist governments objectively.





>getting banned for being far left even if you aren't juche gang cuz "North Korea sentiment"

Great democracy


Usa, Israel, UK, SK, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine



India should be number one. A large number of them are voting a right wing corporatist fascist party despite a majority of them being poor



They are the only ones who actively oppose the LDP. Other parties don't even contest local elections sometimes because the LDP is seen as an invincible behemoth. Too succdem though.



I know that,this is a,tad unrelated but didn't india just,legalize same sex,marriage? How tf did that happen under such a reactionary government?



>What is the Indian Diaspora?

Similarly with the Chinese, they sympathise with the bourgs and had been a source of slave and black labour.


My prejudice is that it would be East Asian countries. They absolutely work their asses off for comparatively little pay. Not sure if that's correct though.



all countries around the world are classcucked and you know it.



As an addendum: both tend to sympathise with the bourgs even if they obviously oppress them.In a way locals here do too to a certain extent. One group does it as dogma and the other ideologically. In India the caste system would be a religious dogma and as for China, in lacking a better term, a traditional dogma.

For ideological in North American and European countries it may allude to remnants of feudalism, Protestant ethos and genetic soothsaying.



Japan should be #1



I've been understanding "class cuckery" to be the tendency to defend capitalism as a virtuous economic system whilst being fucked by it.



> I myself am a Sephardic Jew with Spanish/Iberian roots. During WWII the largest Jewish population to be wiped out was the Sephardic tribe, all while the Ashkenazi tribe mostly escape..

Are you retarded? Ashkenazi in Eastern Europe were the biggest victim. Maybe sephardic suffered proportionally more as their communities in the balkans got destroyed but they survived in north africa and italy for the most part




I'm the op of this thread and one reason I didn't put south Korea and Japan along with other Asian nations at the top is because in the east and southeast at least, socialism was rather popular until the middle or the 20th century and apart from China most of the intense class cuckery that took place was essentially American imposed counter revolution to popular uprisings therefore you can directly trace the massive class cuckery to the USA and other western powers rather than purely as a natural force



1) USA

2) finland

3) britain

4) south korea

5) japan


1) USA

Self explanatory

2) Sweden

Number 1 arms exporter per capita. The most violent, imperialist nation, but they don't send their own people overseas to do the dirty work, so normies think they are peaceful.

3) Switzerland

Notorious money launderer, people support their violent, evil regime because it gives them good jobs.

4) Singapore

I used to think Singapore rigs their elections, but after meeting Singaporeans, I'm not so sure I would call it rigged. The People's Action Party plays dirty and controls the media, but they actually do have the support of the masses in Singapore.

5) Australia

Just look at the reputation Australians have on the internet as right wing shitposters. This hasn't come out of a vacuum, their society is increasingly heading right wing.













Brazil by far. We're spreading our asses to the US and all the right-wing cucks not only accept it but want it



This. Brazil is the most classcucked country in South America

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