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File: 6e91e43b3c043fa⋯.jpg (450.85 KB, 2277x1281, 759:427, 442802545.jpg)


Is crack responsible for destroying the black marxists revolutionary and class conscious movements?

if it wasnt for crack do you think black people would be more revolutionary


Sure, I guess it could be seen as kind of like bread and circuses but darker and more forced. It's as a method of suppressing proles as having them work long days; so they won't be able to compose themselves for revolt.


I think i've read the CIA wasn't that influential in the crack problem, either way yes a lot of leftist groups got fucked over in the 60s and got replaced by the media with the less radical hippie movement


I doubt it. Revolutionary and class conscious movements have become dormant all over the world.





It's kind of an oversimplification but yeah, pretty much






is that what they put on it? man i knew there was something on that crack



No, racist cops are responsible for killing and imprisoning them. The crack was just an excuse.



Read about the Ferguson activists getting murdered, COINTELPRO shit still going strong.



personally I think consumerism did but that doesn't negate the effects of crack.

Black americans are one of the groups most susceptible to consumerism and consumer culture- especially when it comes to focusing on brands, status, etc.

I also think a lot of the class sentiment was nullified when capitalism became intersectional as well, now that there are black CEOs and a large wing of capitalist culture caters to black interests even 'activist' blacks don't really care about their class interests.

Also things like trayvon, michael brown etc which caused rioting were intentionally stoked by the capitalist media with extensive coverage to redirect the black community's outrage at whites and low-level authorities instead of the class power structure.



>if it wasnt for crack do you think black people would be more revolutionary

The US gov would just have used another method to destroy the black liberation movement.


Are opiates, powder cocaine, heroin, and meth responsible for destroying the white marxists revolutionary and class conscious movements?


File: db59b7e5a3aa805⋯.jpg (65.85 KB, 600x404, 150:101, PCP.jpg)

File: 1c5f3ba06b72f3d⋯.jpg (19.72 KB, 200x282, 100:141, bpalembaluid.jpg)



>The US gov would just have used another method to destroy the black liberation movement.

There is a better meme, which is PCP commonly known as "Angel Dust" "Wet" or "Embalming Fluid." That shit will fuck up your mind. The 28 days later zombie who needs 60 bullets before they go down is probably a total meme, but I think doing that shit gives people some extreme form of PTSD from the people I know who've done it. I can't say for sure though because I've never tried it.



Man, i wonder if the stuff about militias are true.



This reminds me of some dudes who posted on 420chan about how they fucked their lives up by becoming addicted to a PCP analog.

>3-MeO-PCP destroyed my life, psychosis ain't fun and I haven't been the same since. I had insane 1-2 years with it and being manic and all was fucking fun but in the end it was the most horrible experience of my life. Still miss it but probably wouldn't even enjoy it anymore.

>I will second 3-Meo-PCP ruining my life as well. If you do research it appears to happen more frequently with this disso than others, and for a reason. Shit is extremely addictive if you have an addictive personality, the only road this will lead you down is to extreme mania and possible psychosis. I thought I had a pretty firm grasp on myself until I delved too deep into this drug. Sorry for the blog post but I wanted to give my perspective.

>had a full psychotic break on 3-meo-pcp combined with 4-aco-dmt. was a classic one, ran around naked in the streets screaming and pleasuring myself. thankfully my friendly view towards cops sober led me to be extremely cooperative and friendly with them when they showed up. i think the outcome of those breaks rests entirely on the state of your mind and how you think about things throughout your day, so its really important to better yourself in that regard or youll end up getting tasered and put in jail instead of a friendly ride to the psych ward and no charges.

>I slowly dismantled my really great life and lost all my friends over the course of ~1.5 years using 3-Meow- taking more and more of it every day to cope with the anxiety and depression arising from the realization that id recently done even more cray cray shit and ruined my already ruined life even more. I became a total psychotic recluse and didn't go outside for months- pretty much lived inside my VR headset for a while. Eventually I tried to quit cold turkey and on the 3rd or 4th day must have went even more psychotic from the withdrawal, became totally convinced I would spend the rest of my life in a padded cell as a famous phineas cage style case study and that people were coming to take me away right then and there- so in a panic I ran a bath and sliced my wrists open in a half assed attempt to escape. I woke up in a crimson tub with my bones visible and managed to crawl to the phone and call an ambulance and naturally was ironically taken away to a psych ward where they brought me back with ability. I've since managed to repair most of the major damage I did to my life but it took a long ass time and I don't fuck with that shit no mo

<That sounds terrible. What is that shit, why did you start taking it? What is the high like, what were the good times like, and how does it compare to other disso's?

>I started taking it because MXE was banned and it's one of the closest (though still can't even begin to compare) things. There were no good times really, it's a discordant sort of pleasure that you'd probably have to be a bit of an edgelord to appreciate. A big part of me enjoys being miserable and the misery/insanity of being hooked on a PCP analogue probably substituted as an identity for a while. The mania made me believe that I could accomplish/be absolutely anything and I would compulsively redose once that feeling started to fade.After the initial /dis/ induced event that fucked my whole shit up and made me lose my home and dozens of friends in one swoop I went completely insane. When I'm on /dis/ my brain interprets pretty much any little event as a synchronicity of biblical significance so coming down and realizing that what actually happened is that I made a fool of myself and fucked my whole shit up was too traumatic for me to wrap my mind around- like the universe itself hated me so much that it played a sadistic trick on me. After I'd passed that event horizon I was pretty much taking it because if I wasn't manic and playing out some absolutely absurd fantasy in my head about who I might still be able to become I was curled up in the fetal position painfully hyper-aware of how badly I screwed myself and was so suicidally depressed and terrified that it was manifesting as physical stabbing pains in my stomach and electric shocks throughout my entire body. After a couple of months the mania even mostly went away but I couldn't get out of bed and doing more lines was the only thing I could do to make the stabbing sensation stop. 3-meo in my perception is the devil in powdered form



Not quite though that was part of the reason. In the 1960s Black rights and anti-Vietnam war movements, despite being peaceful were so effective that the US government under Reagan decided to change things to prevent such citizen dissidence from occurring. First Marijuana was cracked down on. It was illegal long before Reagan, but the laws got harsher, (this is also when private prisons began getting popular which in turn enforced higher measures of punishment so as to get more prisoners) The main people who were targetted in this bullshit weed-excuse were leftist leaders, especially african-american ones. They were killed by cops under pretext of being crime-lords fighting back or other shit, etc. With the educated fully class conscious leaders removed, Reagan's administration found it easy to form ghettos (encouraging the thug-life 'culture' that pervades African-American culture of today) and creating the perfect place into which to funnel Heroin from Afghanistan (mujaheds) and Cocaine from Columbia through CIA assets. This was part of COINTELPRO and it essentially was to not only make the african-american population stupider, but to also set white and black people against each other, by presenting a semi-legitimate 'thug' image of africans to richer whites, and to give poor whites a scare in that 'they'll take your jobs'. And it worked.

This is revealed in the book Dark Alliance by whistle-blowing reporter Gary Webb, who was later found dead with 2 shotgun shells to the back of the head. It was ruled a suicide.


>do hugely addictive drugs destroy working-class communities


>Have drugs been used to decimate working-class communities in various ways


>Is crack the sole reason for this

I don't think so



This, it was and continues to be COINTELPRO repression. Racial rhetoric in the US is so charged and backwards that people think Obama is evidence of racism against white people but no one acknowledges multiple black activists committing suicide with two bullets to the back of the head


No. It was used as a propaganda tool to justify imprisoning people for political motivations.

<"You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities,"

>Ehrlichman said.

<"We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did."

>Ehrlichman's comment is the first time the war on drugs has been plainly characterized as a political assault designed to help Nixon win, and keep, the White House.



It's the same thing what they did with opium to china.


File: b96441bee90ab01⋯.jpg (210.95 KB, 785x501, 785:501, pcp-names.jpg)



how does smuggling drugs make white people think black people will take their jobs?



3-MeO-PCP is not PCP and neither make you psychotic they reduce inhibitions in anyone and people who already are will act on it.

Stop spreading neo-liberal media sensationalized myths, this legitimizes rich psychopaths excusing their fucked up behavior with drugs, and the drugs are not at fault.

This is what gets even more people killed over prohibition when people blame alcohol instead of assholes for drunk driving accidents.



WTF? I didn't even say 3-meo-pcp was PCP. The other guy was the one who posted about that. I have no idea about any 3-meo because I've never read about it or remember ever hearing about it before the other dude posted.

I was talking about PCP.



They are trying Illegalize Kratom so people buy illicit painkillers instead to feed the criminal justice economy. Drug companies don't like competition.



>They are trying Illegalize Kratom so people buy illicit painkillers instead to feed the criminal justice economy. Drug companies don't like competition.

Yup. Illegalizing the sale of a prepared narcotic is one thing but illegalizing just the possession of a plant is past the point of insanity. Marijauna laws are something else. At least San Pedro, Peruvian Torch, and Opium fall in that gray zone where you can legally possess and grow the plant but not the prepared substance.


File: ecb01fc8be6edb2⋯.jpg (162.02 KB, 495x750, 33:50, rffrgtbv.jpg)


COINTERPRO and the war on drugs. The war on drugs has caused all sorts of problems one of the biggest being it indirectly fuels gangs by making illegal drug sales a business, and a dangerous one.



You misread my post. Drugs didn't make white people think black people would take their jobs, the ghettos and arrest of class-conscious leaders did. the drugs were just for increasing criminality and degrading african americans to being 'thugs' and 'gangstas' who would also get jobs poor white people want because of diversity hires.



Man that stuff is pretty great. I would just dump 10 grams into my coffee every morning for years. Even got over the "chewing on a tea bag" taste.



>10 grams into my coffee

I assume you could barely taste the coffee at that point?



I drank it out of a big ole thermos. Would sip out of it all day while at work. Since the pain I was using it for finally dissipated, I dont have the need to drink it anymore. Was really easy to quit.



>Was really easy to quit.

That's interesting. I've heard some people really struggle to quit it. I drink it every now and then just because I like the feeling, I'm not using it against pain or as a way to get off opiates. It seems pretty easy to slip into a habit of drinking it every day to me.



Yeah, I used kratom to help get off opiates. Going through that probably warped my perspective of the ease of getting off it. It wasn't nearly as demanding or mean as opiates but it was noticeable.


File: 2ac6ec3f7cb0e18⋯.jpg (41.93 KB, 259x400, 259:400, lrgpic18.jpg)


Good post.

The Black Panthers emerged in California in the 1960s as a way to defend black neighborhoods in a more structured way against the police and white gangs (that worked together) which were carrying out attacks as desegregation was underway. The LAPD was also recruiting military veterans from the Deep South and using them to attack blacks. The BPP coupled their self-defense practices with Marxist-oriented labor organizing because at the time most blacks could get jobs on (segregated) factory shop floors.

Despite conservatives claiming the root of black America's ills lie in cultural pathology and lack of family structures, the collapse in the black family really only began occurring in the 1970s. This is because COINTELPRO destroyed the BPP, and secondly, deindustrialization as part of the "neoliberal turn" destroyed the economic base of African-Americans in the inner city. Out of that came an individualistic culture in the 1970s like blaxploitation films that often satirized revolutionary groups focused on collective action instead of the individual paper chase. But something had to fill this void and that was the gangs which originally emerged as quasi-collectivist groups like the Crips that spunoff from the BPP and served as the distribution end for crack cocaine and heroin – although the economic base in the inner city was never strong enough; the customers have always been largely white.

This has also been a boon to the national security state and Reagan's "drug war" flowed funding and military equipment to the cops, which in practice primarily serve to keep the inner cities destabilized. This destabilization and violence also further convinces suburban whites to continue supporting "tough-on-crime" policies which keeps the money flowing and the prisons full. It is even the case today that cops in major U.S. cities will feed information to the relatives of gang members killed in slayings in the hopes of provoking tit-for-tat retaliatory killings; a.k.a. a "strategy of tension."


File: 73c52a97c45cbea⋯.jpg (15.41 KB, 157x173, 157:173, dense.JPG)



How do you explain this stuff, plus the policies from the crack epidemic to someone with beliefs like "muh Autism Level" "muh gangsta culture" "muh blacks bad"

And i'm not talking about just the /pol/tards, but the so called "centrists" or "classical liberals". They also ignore the long-term effects of these events and pull the typical "but that happened a long time ago and you were born yet" or "race doesn't define you but yeah, these crime estadistics tells that you guys are bad" and straight tell you to stop bringing race.



Well I didn't come up with this on my own, it's just reading stuff about the history. I'd also recommend the film "Bastards of the Party" which explains the rise of the gangs as filling the void left by the destruction of collective action groups. But my answer to your question is: beats me. It's also a hell of a problem to rebuild this kind of collective class consciousness though because the underlying economic base was destroyed in the process. Despite all the violence and the various traps and the "you can't win" reality that is being black in America, it's my understanding African-Americans are intuitively aware of their situation.

But basically this analysis is rooted in base and superstructure, with the base (the economy) being dominant. The superstructure (culture, politics, etc.) maintains the base.

It's my impression that conservatives and going rightward from there flip that around and think culture and/or race is what determines everything. This makes "sense" and things fit things together "logically" this way, as one thing leads to another, but this just has the effect of reinforcing the existing ideology, and breaking out of that is more like a fundamental worldview shift. The reality is that the system we live in is built on contradictions. Conservatives will see police and crime as being two opposite ends of the pole rather than them being interlinked; like how the carceral state actually creates hardened criminals by jailing low-level drug offenders – they join gangs inside prisons and become addicted to heroin, which is easier to get in the prisons than on the street because all it takes is one guard to flood a prison with drugs. Many such cases!

The liberal attacks on "conspiracy theories" have probably also been counterproductive here, as it means being "informed" is to read the New York Times or something, while the right fills that void and creates a right-authoritarian subculture out of that which likewise influences mainstream politics.

You might also want to bin slavery in these discussions. A lot of liberals will just go "well, slavery is to blame." I don't know what words to use but it's like the opposite of myopic. Instead of being shortsighted it's too farsighted. It's focused on things too distant in the past and not the more recent stuff that liberals have been complicit in doing such as with the neoliberal turn that destroyed blacks' economic base. It's worth pointing out how these World Bank-approved black politicians like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker will talk about reparations for slavery while they resist even the most bare minimum social democratic policies.



I think actually that the CIA was telling the truth about how they didn't do that and that he was killed to make the Federal Government look bad. You know, how Sacramento was home to some Fashy kinda of people.



I've researched into this exstensively in the past. I read through a lot of the Kerry Comittee investigation, which was the result of the outrage over Gary Webb's articles. The CIA were definitely up to some stuff. They also blackballed the investigation and also threatened the people investigating.

Mr. North's diary entries, from the reporter's notebooks he kept in those years, noting multiple reports of drug smuggling among the contras. A Washington Post investigation published on 22 October 1994 found no evidence he had relayed these reports to the DEA or other law enforcement authorities.

Memos from North aide Robert Owen to Mr. North recounting drug-running "indiscretions" among the contras, warning that a known drug-smuggling airplane was delivering taxpayer-funded "humanitarian aid" overseen by Mr. North.

Mr. North's White House e-mails recounting his efforts to spring from prison a Honduran general who could "spill the beans" on the secret contra war, even though the Justice Department termed the Honduran a "narcoterrorist" for his involvement in cocaine smuggling and an assassination plot.

Mr. North's White House e-mails and diary entries on his personal meeting on 22 September 1986 with Noriega, following up Noriega's offer to "take care of" the Sandinista leadership if the White House would help "clean up his image."

The text of the Kerry subcommittee report. Pages 145-146 directly quote 15 North notebook entries related to drug trafficking.




This part is interesting to(from the same link)

Evidence that NSC Staff Supported Using Drug Money to Fund the Contras

In 1987, the Senate Subcommittee on Narcotics, Terrorism and International Operations, led by Senator John Kerry, launched an investigation of allegations arising from reports of contra-drug links. One of the incidents examined by the "Kerry Committee" was an effort to divert drug money from a counternarcotics operation to the contra war.

On July 28, 1988, two DEA agents testified before the House Subcommittee on Crime regarding a sting operation conducted against the Medellin Cartel. The two agents said that in 1985 Oliver North had wanted to take $1.5 million in Cartel bribe money that was carried by a DEA informant and give it to the contras. DEA officials rejected the idea.

Document 6 [90 pp. / 9.47 MB - For best results, Right click and select "Save Target As…"]

Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy, A Report Prepared by the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations of the Committtee on Foreign Relations, 100th Congress, 2d Session

The Kerry Committee report concluded that "senior U.S. policy makers were not immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contras' funding problems." (See page 41)


File: 32fbe71d42c2d63⋯.gif (11.38 KB, 624x389, 624:389, chart-SIPRI2.gif)


But to summarize. From my previous research into this topic, it seems like the CIA's main concern was how to procure funds for all the stuff they wanted to fund that congress didn't want to rather than some super well thought out plan to "destroy black america."




not only that but free employees to subsidize their supply chain


> With the educated fully class conscious leaders removed, Reagan's administration found it easy to form ghettos

This is actually what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan as well


>they didn't do that

> some Fashy kinda of people.

Isn't that how they do it though?


I don't think it's so simple.


CIA promotes drug culture and violence. I heard some rap artists are on the government payroll to glamourise a degenerate lifestyle in the black youth.


>Black people are responsible for their own lives. They are free.


“The Africans who came to this country in chains were enslaved by black Africans,” he said. “White people didn’t go into Africa and throw nets and kidnap them, they went to slave auctions in Ghana and they bought them from black African kings. So the truth is blacks were enslaved by blacks and they were liberated by whites.”


The Democratic Party controls every inner city in America, every killing field—Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis—100 percent controlled by anarchy alliances, 100 percent controlled by the Democratic Party, and have been for 50 to 100 years,” he said. “Every random school in Chicago, Detroit, that year in and year out doesn’t teach the kids yet gives lifetime tenure to the teachers, never holds them accountable, every one of them is 100 percent controlled by the Democratic racists.”



File: 7bb579d68d4a0fb⋯.jpg (73.01 KB, 870x864, 145:144, cd2011a4142694e5a5169d401b….jpg)



We're not democrats you retard



Democratic politicians in the inner city for the most part are best thought of as "compradors." Read Mao.


File: 1e04df8c9125009⋯.jpg (227.71 KB, 1171x1225, 1171:1225, prisonindustry.jpg)

So it's safe to asume that what really hurt black communities was Ronald reagan and the policies he created and that would be expanded/boosted by following presidents?

Not just the previous segregation or Cointelpro activities, but

what really hurt them for good was the war on drugs and prisons for profit?


i think the CIA murdering Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, a whole bunch of other black panthers and general black activists had more to do with it. To blame it on crack is to deny the primary reason, direct violent repression by the capitalist state. Although yes crack use definitely stops people being revolutionary and the CIA are known to have a hand in the drug trade



>How do you explain this stuff

I don't know myself. It's a real problem because on one hand I don't blame african-americans and whites for hating each-other (they've essentially been artificially set against one another) but on the other hand I can't sympathize with a nazi skinhead or black thug who murders someone of an opposite race or vandalizes a store because 'they don't know any better'.



Another thing was false-flag paper propaganda. The FBI would distribute pamphlets and mail literature purporting to be from the Panthers and the US Organization (a rival black nationalist group with more right-wing Kwanzaa-style race spookery) to try and provoke members of both organizations to shoot each other. These were pre-internet days.



It really shouldn't be about sympathy, in my view. Black thugs murder other black men more than anyone by far – drastically so. And it's not like the family of the victims sympathize with the killers. On the contrary, tit-for-tat patterns of revenge by victims' friends and relatives is a major cause of violence in the inner city, and you certainly can't rely on the police.



They tried to start a fight between the communist party and the mafia too.



>new jim crow is what really hurt black communities

>implemented immediately after old jim crow

>which started immediately after slavery




>i pretty much lived in my VR headset for a while after falling foul of bizzare chinese research chems

we cyberpunk future already now



you can be damn sure half of twitter is just the CIA



>vandalizes a store

thank you for defending porky's property

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