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File: 54af9133b13d8bf⋯.jpg (52.1 KB, 605x591, 605:591, image.jpg)


So how about the troubles part 2, lads? Whether you be a Provo or like the Official IRA, Ireland needs a true socialist republic. Someone on here said that Turkey will be the first worker's state in the 21st century, but what if we did that in Ireland?


Tbh the only way a Troubles 2: Shamrock Boogaloo will be successful is if it takes advantage of this Brexit dumpster fire.


does the IRA even still exist in any organised way


File: 245f2fe98630e79⋯.jpeg (111.22 KB, 629x793, 629:793, 0540420B-7211-4981-BF3C-5….jpeg)


>Someone on here said that Turkey will be the first worker's state in the 21st century

Which fucking moron said that?



To be fair I heard there's a town there that has a communist mayor and operates on such-based principles; wouldn't be surprised if Erdogan causes more and more people to go this direction.



>one town

it's a good result but let's not sing La Internationale just yet



There *is* a Communist party getting elected.


File: 0af7a77c755ce1d⋯.png (200.33 KB, 500x855, 100:171, republic-of-ireland-121711….png)

Lads anyone here from Ireland? I'm from the North, want to meet some comrades and start doing political shit.



The Provisionals? From what I know the Army Council still exists, as does some of the Internal Security Unit, with some weapons that weren't decommissioned. That said, you're talking about dozens of people rather than the thousands that used to be involved.

The Dissidents have all basically coalesced into a single organisation (which the press call the 'New IRA'), but they'd be lucky to have over 100 members involved, and are riddled with spies and informers. The best they can do at the moment is the occasional car bomb, kneecapping of drug dealers or letter bombings that are more focused on garnering publicity than doing anything.

The Officials have been defunct for decades, with the last successor group winding up operations in Newry in the late 2000s. The Workers Party is very keen to downplay their role these days.

The INLA seem to have gotten rid of their guns, mostly sent their cadre into electoral politics in an attempt to build the IRSP back up again.



I'm not from Ireland, but I'm sure international brigades and volunteers would show up and help out if they were needed. Hell, even I'd go over. That place is my bloodline.



>there’s a town somewhere guys with a communist mayor

Wow, world communism soon



>muh blood

Fuck off /pol/


No deal Brexit will result in a 32 county Ireland, it'll just be bourgeois. For now.



>talk about previous family members




File: ae89fd5fe983e44⋯.jpg (149.84 KB, 600x419, 600:419, liverpool1913.jpg)

Fucks sake, we have this same thread every couple of days.

Ok, so long story short The Troubles were shit and often dove into random killing off civilians by the socdem "eire nua" PIRA type cunts and only people like Sands and Connolly are remebered well.

The end.



I'm a Belfastard. Would be class to meet some actual comrades rather than the radlibs in South Bel :L



Join the Communist Party Ireland!





Used to live in Belfast. Apparently either the WPI or CPI are the best to be involved with at the moment, or IRSP if you don't mind being on a GCHQ watchlist.



Nice my ma's from Belfast but I'm from the North Coast we should get in touch!

add me on kik: mjm917



Let's have some fun lads. Help us fix the tricolour!




The troubles are over, and I highly doubt they would start again, Catholics, and prods are getting less, and less hostile to each other, and the Irish population in Northern Ireland continues to rise, eventually a referendum will be held, and it will unite with the south peacefully, prods might actually start something if that happens, but it would be way down the line, and I don’t think they would even care anymore.



What’s wrong with Éire nua? Having the island slightly decentralised as to prevent Leinster, and more specifically Dublin from getting all the attention, and resources is a must, today every province is practically forgotten, and fucking scumbag politicians only care about Dublin, and it’s surroundings.



The provos have pretty much dissolved, and they were the most powerful, and effective IRA group, the rest are either just gangs that larp as the IRA to scare away competition, and some diehards that refused to give up, I would say the largest organisation is the new IRA, but they haven’t been very effective, and I guarantee their filled with informants.



> Éire nua

Still succdem


I'm from county mayo we need sinn fien in government, leo varadkar and the rest are Angela Merkels puppets they dont care about the ordinary irish person ,fuck Europe I'm proud to be Irish and a proud republican chucaigh are la



Sinn Fein is almost as bad, if you ever get talking to their higher ups, you start to get the idea that they don’t give a shit about Irish people. Most of their voters are boomers, and ra heads, but the newer members of the party, and especially some of the higher ups are concerned with fucking meme issues, some bitch tried to talk to me about patriarchy, and xenophobia, and I’m just thinking to myself, “get ta fuck” this place has been invaded, and occupied, and the only reason the republic, and the IRA exists is due to xenophobia, If we weren’t then this land would be fill of nothing, but prods, and the empire would still hold this place, I want to get rid of the EU, and I want a party that genuinely cares about the Irish people, and I want the Irish people to make our own decisions rather than some dickheads in Belgium or scumbag Dublin politicians deciding the fate of everywhere, but every major party on the island sucks them off constantly, even Sinn Fein, and the only parties that don’t are the National party, and irexit, but irexit is a one policy party which will inevitably fail, and the national party do care about Ireland, but they are basically nobodies, and I don’t see them getting very big, at least not any time soon.



The National Party is the most likely to make changes. Even though they call themselves 'right wing' and 'oppose' communism, really they are dealing a blow to the modern corrupt establishment and their economics is pretty left wing.


File: d6bf6052980f995⋯.jpg (85.6 KB, 529x731, 529:731, james-connolly-720688(2).jpg)



>National Party



At it's heart, the Éire nua program is an anti-communist corporatist one drawn up in opposition to the Marxist turn in the 1960s IRA.

It's actually pretty right wing, which is why 32CSM is more wary of describing itself as Socialist than the RIRA or Provisional SF.



I would still like to see something similar to it, just to prevent the current situation from continuing, when the government looks at Ireland, they don’t see Munster, Leinster, Ulster, and Connaught, they see Dublin, and it’s surroundings. I would love the idea of each province having a bit more autonomy over itself, and to spread the wealth around instead of focusing it into a single city.



I don’t care what they call themselves, as long as they actually care about the people of Ireland rather than the money of bankers, corporations, and foreign nations. The media, aside from a few hit pieces, has been trying to essentially ignore them, and praying they just die out, but I’ve heard they finally registered even though the government was trying to give them hassle, and their support is growing, they seem pretty good all round, and they will actually pursue unification unlike the other fucking coward parties that plague this island, my only complaint would be Barrett’s obsession with Catholicism, but that’s not really a problem, and it’s only really him.



I don't even know what to say to this. I'm /pol/ because I want to bring socialism to my ancestor's country after hundreds of years of occupation, slavery, bloodshed, and pillaging? So identifying as anything other than socialist is bad only because fascists love to fetishize and glorify their ethnicity and race?


File: 595bccd49598f62⋯.jpg (96.86 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 731c18c12ba30b99a503c92a09….jpg)


support them and their struggle because of anti-imperialism, don't support them just because your great grandma four times removed got duffed up by an irishman. kin ell, man



I agree with you 100% NP Abú!



The National Party highly admire James Connolly and have said on multiple occasions he is one of them.


File: a77668ec928c3d5⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1405x809, 1405:809, 1542234160447.png)

Since when did Irish /leftypol/ like the National Party? Fuckin Based and Redpilled


United Ireland will be part of the liberal capitalist United States of Europe. Communism is dead. You may get Britain though, and turn it into a Third World agrarian shithole.



wow fucking good for them, imagine not denouncing one of the 1916 leaders truly an incredible display of socialist principles



>United Ireland will be part of the liberal capitalist United States of Europe.

I think I just threw up in my mouth



Not worth a shite to me. Only an independent Irish united Ireland is worth anything. I don't care too much how socialist or capitalist it is because that always changes, but what they are doing to Ireland is irreversible.






Exactly 100% this, except for Irexit. Irexit has their place as opposition but not good for anything else, they are not true solution in the end.


File: 594aae4b0362d59⋯.gif (10.94 KB, 601x409, 601:409, 1514841544028.gif)

File: 731d1e799e2dc0b⋯.jpg (87.03 KB, 1129x480, 1129:480, TheFutureIsGreen.jpg)

File: ff7b6b096a3ef9e⋯.png (66.94 KB, 511x512, 511:512, 1524252847223.png)


Norn in a Socialist UK under Corbyn > 32 County Neoliberal Republic. Prove me wrong

Made by Prodbol gang.


Some woman got shot yesterday, what's it all about?



Well the fact she was shot shows that it wasn't just collateral but likely a directed attack.



Incorrect. Rioting in Derry, republicans threw petrol bombs at police, it seems that Republicans began to fire at the police, shooting a 29 year old journalist in the process, it was collateral most likely.



They don't just 'not denounce' him, the highly admire and honour him. Stop acting like you know what you are talking about here.



National Party is a neo-Nazi organization and the only people it'd be able to attract are people who don't know anything about Irish culture or Irish history other than "I'm white and from Ireland."


File: ac3f9bd557fb038⋯.jpeg (30.22 KB, 474x267, 158:89, RefugeezWillCum.jpeg)


You must be a member of Anti-Racism Network


So it appears this group Saoradh are now the political wing of the New IRA.



I'm a second generation immigrant. I think I'm more likely to join an anti-imperialist struggle in THAT country than in some other country I have no "connection" to.



File: a4ca7952f98c768⋯.jpg (23.19 KB, 640x343, 640:343, w8duorlvyas21.jpg)

Are the National Party the modern Ailtirí?



Apparently any party that gives a shit about it’s people, and doesn’t sell them out for money, and political power are considered Nazis, if you were Irish you would know every party on this island is composed of pure scum, and they all deserve to be drowned in a fucking bog for their crimes, except NP, and a few smaller ones, the only people that would vote for NP would be men, and women that care about Ireland’s land, people, history, culture, and language. They are actually trying to preserve all these things that Irish people have fought to protect since the Viking invasions, and I’m sure as fuck not going to give it away just because some traitors, and foreign cunts tell me to, also nobody in Europe calls themselves white, that’s an American meme term because nobody knows what those creatures are at this point, Europe has various separate ethnic groups, and an Irish man, and an English man are not the same just because you can’t tell the difference.



They are the closest thing we have today, and NP has already talked about reviving the language hard, unlike those shitheads in Dublin who want to get rid of it, because they wouldn’t be able to understand the orders from their English masters easily.



I hate the way they use their children for this shit, it’s like a vegetarian dog, you know who’s making the decision.



Changed 'Trump Maga!' into 'I pump again'

say thank you



thank you


File: 3b40ddf3e502feb⋯.png (532.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cold_pockets.png)


Burger here and I had no idea why ireland was separated until a few weeks ago. Question: why can't unionists just fuck off back to England if they want to be british so bad? Seems like a lot of trouble for little benefit.



For the same reason the Boer people in South Africa don’t want to leave or the Turks in Cyprus, they’ve been there for a very long time, and they consider that land to be their land, a stubborn child will intentionally do things that don’t benefit themselves just to spite you, and while they might have a better time in Britain they instead prefer to spite the Irish, most of the younger generation don’t care anymore, and just live there because it’s their home, and they know nothing else, the Irish population is rising anyway, and soon the place will be reunited, any that want to leave will do it by then, and the rest will just accept it.



>why can't unionists just fuck off back to England if they want to be british so bad? Seems like a lot of trouble for little benefit.

Why don't white yanks fuck off back to England and leave the country back to Mexico and the red Indians?

Ulster prods have been in Ireland for longer than Yanks have been in the US.





File: 0a306c593737256⋯.webm (6.62 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Official IRA Song 🇮🇪.webm)


File: 5c73ca9a7552d1f⋯.jpeg (95.09 KB, 300x359, 300:359, 7162239F-8507-48C5-AF5F-0….jpeg)


The Irish Republican movement is an MI5 front.


The whole issue is ultimately irrelevant in terms of achieving communism excepting that some cells and factions of the IRA are aligned to socialist parties and movements. The ideal situation would have peace between the two communities by having them raised to a great class consciousness. They define themselves by culture and religion rather than by their rightful class fraternity. Get a "loyalist" and a "Republican" in the same room. Remove their religion (which is merely nominal most of the time anyway) and their loyalty to abstract "cultures" then you just have two working class men. We need to point that out to them. The conflict only benefits capitalists who would distract the people of Ireland with nebulous concepts such as nationalism.

They need to be awoken to the real struggle and it isn't about some line on a map.


Why are the republican parties in Norn Iron so pro-EU? If your whole objective is to unify with with Eire, surely you'd welcome the pretext for a border poll and escaping the UK promptly. Yet all the republican politicians seem intent on decrying Brexit.


File: 8b5281f387f2c7e⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 620x330, 62:33, image.jpg)


They're just a bunch of social democrats.On an unrelated note, didn't an actual socialist union backed by Connolly's grandson get in norns goverment?


File: 7aedf54d6397978⋯.jpg (14.43 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ZZuxifj2_400x400.jpg)

>>2895018 (me)

Also, is Labour good over there?



Irish Labour is shit.



How so?



Fully-cocked Blairite cuckouts. They sold-out to Fine Gael in 2011 and rightly suffered because of it.

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