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File: d663e65958c958b⋯.png (379.87 KB, 526x349, 526:349, ClipboardImage.png)


Why didn't the world's premier global capitalist power devolve into Fascism near the end of its reign?



It was slow and it didn't really go down hard anyway.


This is a really good question considering the general line is that fascism is capitalism in decay. The same could be said of France. It does seem like historically the situation has been that fascism is the capitalism of secondary powers in decay; Germany, Italy, Spain. Even Argentina and Brazil fit the bill better than Britian or France.



the wealth of the british elite is held in off-shore trust funds. the recent brexit populism is an attempt to align the general public in domestic domination. Fascism is about money, so the state must be protected through things like brexit and so on and so on. watch video.



The French did technically do Vichy.



Southern France isn't really "France" though. Completely different material conditions and culture.


I mean places like Rhodesia and South Africa didn't exactly have progressive governments



In the end the French found good reason for rejecting it after experiencing it through the Germans.


It feels like the British had every reason to establish a more reactionary and centralized state to maintain their supremacy over the globe though, if not for being bankrupted by the war.



That seems like an arbitrary way to draw the line tho. Like saying in the US the South or New England or California arent "really the US", just totally depends on how you're choosing to think of the whole which is necessarily going to be composed of contradictory parts since nation-states are in no way fundamental. And France to a certain degree accepting fascism under Nazi occupation isn't nearly comparable to the liberal democratic country of France itself falling to internal fascist movements.



>This is a really good question considering the general line is that fascism is capitalism in decay

It's actually an astoundingly stupid question. Can you think of a single good reason for the United Kingdom to start imitating the Reich just a few short years after spending so much blood and treasure to defeat it? What would they gain from politically isolating themselves like that exactly? Can you think of a single reason why the bourgeois state would find that necessary in a post-WWII environment?

>It does seem like historically the situation has been that fascism is the capitalism of secondary powers in decay; Germany

Germany is not a secondary power. It is the foremost nation in Europe. It had and maintains a notable advantage in wealth and population over Britain and France. It could be said once that Britain was the senior maritime power but that advantage has since faded substantially as both nations now have pitiful fleets.

We ought to just ban the term "fascism" from all discussion seeing as how it turns otherwise reasonable communists into raving lunatics.


File: a5d7680f1efd717⋯.png (235.9 KB, 389x364, 389:364, ClipboardImage.png)


It obviously had no reason after the war but why did it reject fascist movements during the pre-war era?



>It's actually an astoundingly stupid question. Can you think of a single good reason for the United Kingdom to start imitating the Reich just a few short years after spending so much blood and treasure to defeat it?

Who said that British fascism would be "imitating the Reich"? In the material sense of hyper-austerity probably but the ideological direction, which is all fascists care about, would be different enough that they would likely see it as some restoration of imperial dignity whereas for Germany it was a different kind of irredentism and ugly stepchild pathology (in its aesthetic direction I mean, obv that wasn't the historical reason only it's ideological instantiation)

>Germany is not a secondary power. It is the foremost nation in Europe. It had and maintains a notable advantage in wealth and population over Britain and France.

While that latter part may be true (I can't say I know) that doesn't mean they were a primary power, and hadn't they been consistently vying for a similar status as Britian and France and been beat down a few times?


The UK was largely able to tie itself to the rising and growing US allowing them to move power to a near ally instead of forced to hold it at gunpoint against their own.


Fascism was a large movement in the UK???

At all levels of government you had out fascist or sympathizers. As high as the crown.



>It obviously had no reason after the war but why did it reject fascist movements during the pre-war era?

<sent 6000 policemen to protect 2000 fascist marchers

Wewest of wew.



Eh not really, the entire Vichy regime came to power because people like Petain felt France was dying because "da joos and gommunists", and he effectively seized power during the fall of France so he could create a French Fascist regime.



For two main reasons, 1) there was no "COMMUNIST THREAT" due to the unique nature of the british left, and 2) 1930s fascism relied on ethnonationalism, something that just doesn't work in the UK because it is basically impossible to argue there is a volk or anything of that nature. Also Britain had a relatively stable political climate so that was also a factor.


That doesn't make it a large movement.


That really doesn't make sense in the context of the interwar years: Britain was nowhere near decline at that point.


After 2020 not before, need communist memos all over the place. get them printed cheap in china and stick them everywhere. all over DC too.>>2864090

>ng that just doesn't work in the UK because it is basically impossible to argue there is a volk or anything of that nature.

of course there is a folk. the native people of london have been decimated, who had a complete culture and regional dialects within the city. the UK government has attacked the people of london far more than any terrorist.



>of course there is a folk. the native people of london have been decimated, who had a complete culture and regional dialects within the city. the UK government has attacked the people of london far more than any terrorist.

Right you daft polyp bint, for starters we are talking about the 1930s you dolt. Secondly, please tell me: what colour hair does a briton have? What colour eyes? What is his height, his build, his brow? Ethnic politics cannot work in these isles because there is no British, heck no English, ethnicity. Even the celtic nations have no united ethnicity: Scotland has Inglin, Lallanders, Gaels, and Norsemen: Wales has Britons, Norsement, and Saxons also. A concept of a volk cannot be born, because it hasn't existed since the time of the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes.


Why would the British have to go fascist? They already had genocide and concentration camps.



>fascism is when you're racist and you kill people


File: 5124bbe4e6ece1f⋯.jpeg (5.15 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ado.jpeg)


what a simpleton, everybody knows fascism is when you listen to j*zz



This is a good point and why the word fascism is a tool of the capitalists. Capitalists arguably cause more damage than fascists yet fascists are supposedly the "worst". Every time someone utters "fascist", a heated debate ensues on its definition and no one is left satisfied except the people who benefit off the distraction. Hopefully, in a socialist world, capitalist will have the same connotations as fascist.



Brexit has cost the UK 66 billion dollars so not really sure about that.



Fascism isn't just capitalism in decay…its the capitalist reaction to conditions which could facilitate a socialist takeover.

Leon Trotsky said it best: "The gigantic growth of Not Socialism is an expression of two factors: a deep social crisis, throwing the petty bourgeois masses off balance, and the lack of a revolutionary party that would be regarded by the masses of the people as an acknowledged revolutionary leader. If the communist Party is the party of revolutionary hope, then fascism, as a mass movement, is the party of counter-revolutionary despair. When revolutionary hope embraces the whole proletarian mass, it inevitably pulls behind it on the road of revolution considerable and growing sections of the petty bourgeoisie. Precisely in this sphere the election revealed the opposite picture: counter-revolutionary despair embraced the petty bourgeois mass with such a force that it drew behind it many sections of the proletariat….

Fascism in Germany has become a real danger, as an acute expression of the helpless position of the bourgeois regime, the conservative role of the social democracy in this regime, and the accumulated powerlessness of the Communist Party to abolish it. Whoever denies this is either blind or a braggart….

The danger acquires particular acuteness in connection with the question of the tempo of development, which does not depend upon us alone. The malarial character of the political curve revealed by the election speaks for the fact that the tempo of development of the national crisis may turn out to be very speedy. In other words, the course of events in the very near future may resurrect in Germany, on a new historical plane, the old tragic contradiction between the maturity of a revolutionary situation, on the one hand, and the weakness and strategical impotence of the revolutionary party, on the other. This must be said clearly, openly and, above all, in time."–Trotsky, 1930



so social democracy failed again?






Also, it kinda did later with Thatcher


The British Empire ended in the same way a catipillar "dies" when it becomes a butterfly.



>not fascist



Good post, this makes a lot of sense.


The British capitalist class wasn't really threatened by its decay. They just turned into an Americanized globalist kind of bourgie.



the public pay for the governments debts - the rich do not even pay taxes, so it is no problem.



Well they couldn’t, Rhodesia was once on it’s way to becoming a first world nation, and you could argue it already was, but once they implemented a more “progressive” government the entire country became totally fucking fucked big time mate, and what once was the “bread basket of Africa” was suddenly crying for food. An authoritarian government isn’t pleasant, but a nation run by literal fucking retards is probably worse, and in hindsight, they probably should have kept things as they were.



Nice apartheid apologia that forgets how Rhodesia was absolutely awfully run because it had a ruling class of inbred retards.



It’s a shame really, Mosley was probably the best politician Britain ever produced, he was not motivated by money or status, he genuinely just wanted the UK to be a better place, and they threw him in prison for it, they knew he couldn’t be bought, corrupted, or deluded, and thus the elite used their oldest trick, they called him a traitor, loon, and discredited him forever. A real fucking shame.



>He couldn't be bought

Lol like how he cucked out for wealthy industrialists with his New Party?



And yet it was infinitely better than modern day Zimbabwe, which was run into the ground, but I suppose everyone in Zimbabwe is a trillionaire so that’s something, right?



Got to pay for those slick custom uniforms somehow, and besides, if he cared about money he would not have continued campaigning after his prison release, and subsequent discrediting, because he most certainly wasn’t getting money from anyone.



Gonna need citation on that: considering regimes that govern well don't tend to get overthrown in violent rebellions.



<What about that time he literally changed his principles because of money

>"Erhm well he needed black uniforms you see…"

What an utter cuck you are.



It wasn’t “violently overthrown” it gave into British sanctions, and pressure just like South Africa, the blacks fought the regime because they had no political power within it, which isn’t nice, but with our position here in the future, we can clearly see that it was probably for the best, and it was an infinitely better place to live in, even for the blacks themselves, and the place was literally a dictatorship after the blacks took over, but obviously according to you, it doesn’t matter how badly a nation is run just so long as it isn’t run by whites. You seriously think socialists haven’t taken money from shady characters, and organisations? You would have to be a naive fucking idiot if that were the case, and why don’t you give a source on Mosley taking donations? And what makes you think he wouldn’t fuck those same industrialists in the ass if he came to power? He wouldn’t need their money, and they would have to suck up to him.


Because capitalism is the best economic system, and it being somehow connected to fascism is nonsense.



Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I just realized the answer to this question today

The reason why Britain didn't devolve into Fascism as it's power waned is probably because its Colonialism and extraction from the developing world didn't actually end. British Colonialism merely transitioned into neo-colonialism under the auspices of the IMF and World bank, institutions that the UK has a lot of power in.



This is simply untrue tbh, the IMF & WB were implements of the rising power of the US to finally kill the financial dominance of the british empire. The entire Bretton-Woods system was an attempt to replace the pound as the currency of trade (should be noted that Keynes originally wanted a neutral currency of trade rather than it being the US dollar). Also by the time of the IMF and WB British colonialism had been declining for a long time.

Should be worth noting that the UK's influence in international institutions only goes as far as words, the 1970s IMF terms are a great example of this,


The British Empire never collapsed, it just changed its name to the British Commonwealth—SO PC~~!!!

Great Britain still reigns, it just does it through corporations and the US and NATO.

With that said, now that the US has returned under the queen's throne as a loyal dog, the US and the Commonwealth will rise together and fall together. So, when they devolve into tyranny, we will devolve into tyranny.



Neoliberalist global imperialism serves capitalist interests far better than Fascism or Nationalism could ever hope to.

Also anglos are naturally more individualistic culturally and lean toward mercantilism and capitalism over collective unity, whether it be socialist unity or nationalist.



Fascism as practiced in Germany or Italy committed petty imperialism at best.

It was also more motivated by historical territory grievances and political differences while capitalist imperialism is purely driven by the desire to exploit for profit.

Look at capitalist conservatives like ben shapiro, they constantly scapegoat both communism and fascism as being the prime example of evil while capitalism has objectively caused more exploitation than both.



Australia actually was almost Democratic-Fascist in the 50s then the rest of the labour party killed of Calwell so that shit failed unfortunately


File: b78bf3edd16b991⋯.jpg (63.4 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, Image1 [0].jpg)

File: 2422d2285c0345b⋯.jpg (57.7 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, Image0 [2].jpg)

File: 2ca6a43f4c79541⋯.jpg (82.19 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, Image2.jpg)


Not according to PragerU.

We need Oliver Cromwell back.


Fascism is the antidote to fun, but the British are already hopelessly gay.


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>fascism is capitalism in decay

Incorrect. Fascism is feudalism in renewal.

>One 'leader' or king who is dictator

>Economy, military, media, etc completely subservient to leader "OR ELSE!"

>Obsession with rank and purity of blood

>Everyone expected to blindly submit to anyone above them

>Rewards given out based on loyalty not merit

>Advancement based on constant infighting and conniving

Fascism is not half the edgy new ideology people make it out to be. Rather it is a throwback to literally one of the oldest forms of government.



>Fascism is feudalism in renewal

no that's capitalism



Remove the obsession with blood, (which was a Nazi thing not fascist) and your description could easily be used to describe every socialist nation that ever existed.



Yeah, Fascism only comes up in Feudal places that have been raped by Capitalism.

Such as Germany, Romania, Italy, The South (CSA).



>Feudalism is capitalism

This is a pretty shit take though.


I'm sorry, but UK is home to Combat 18, O9A, BNP, Northwest Front, and etc.



Not so much feudal places, but capitalist states which lag behind.

Germany was one of the 3 most advanced capitalist countries in 1914, behind only Great Britain and the USA. In Germany fascism arose as a result of the failure of German imperialist ambitions to become the world hegemon in the First World War. Nazism was Hitler's attempt to achieve Manifest Destiny and a colonial empire in Eastern Europe.



lol Mosley said something similar about the Tudors.



Will USA become Fascist due to failure to stay world hegemon in World War III with China?


Fascism is more of a movement of territorialization in response to the schizoiding and melting cultural effects of global capital. Britain was aided into global capital post-war by the Marshall Plan.



This is an idealist explanation. Why would a country revert to absolute authority? To protect against revolutionary movement (I.E capitalism in decay), not bc of an ideological connection to the monarchy or whatever.



No one wanted bolsheviks and social upheaval.



Wrong. Capitalism-in-decay is a regression to pre-bourgeouis defaults. Capitalism doesn't decay into Communism, it accelerates into it.



Because it didn't devolve, it retreated, regrouped, and rebranded. Anglo-capitalism never devolved or even lost strength, in fact it's the exact opposite. It's never been more imperialistic.


The superprofits from imperialist exploitation allowed the British bourgeoisie to offer concessions to the British working class which effectively prevented a fascist reaction to socialist sentiment. Similiar thing with the US.





>It's never been more imperialistic.

Last time I checked India isn't run by a colonial administration anymore…



Except this didn't occur in the 1930s, at the height of fascism. In-fact the British government's failure to do this, the so-called "homes for heroes", was a driving movement behind the death of the liberal party.


Unlike Germany at the time, British empire never developed into bourgeois democracy in terms of social structure. Also notions of autarky, hypernationalism etc. were direct contradictions to the economic system that British were operation upon.

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