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File: 2bac23521b9484c⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1164x656, 291:164, AntiChinaMan.png)


New video out by America Uncovered that covers tax evasion.

Make sure to brigade the comments as corporate shills are out in full force:



Can we get a webm? It might get removed if it gets shilled hard enough.


This guy is weird. I've seen him shit both on US and China. He seemed somewhat sympathetic to Venezuela tho.



I believe this is a production of New Tang Dynasty Television, which is owned by the Falun Gong.



or just a webm without reason attached to it.

Simply, would someone be able and willing to provide the masses here a webm format of this video?



Falun Gong are third-campists.


File: a0bd188bc33934a⋯.png (155.68 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, soviet kyoko.png)

There's something that I don't think I've seen mentioned here before but which really fascinates me. Have you ever considered how capitalism would not be able to function if all existing laws were actually followed? If all worker, tenant, environmental, consumer protection etc. etc. were 100% enforced then no business would be able to operate. See how much larger wage theft is than burglary. See how eminent domain is used to expropiate people to make place for a highway, but landlords aren't expropiated to create affordable housing.

And then you notice how "legality" plays a role in ideology. Left-wing capitalists (social democrats and liberals) are very concerned about this. They want capitalists to play by the rules, even though the system requires constant transgression to function. Meanwhile more openly reactionary capitalists fearmonger about the dangers of increased regulation, perhaps because they're aware that even if won't really change anything and they will keep transgressing the new rules, it still creates a shift in ideas in the popular consciousness of the importance of regulation over capitalist anarchy.


File: 20280cc601c9ec4⋯.gif (754.72 KB, 420x314, 210:157, popcorn.gif)


>Falun Gong is going after America as well now

Hoo boy, I wonder what this is all about.


File: ace4205f33746d1⋯.png (145.34 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1554563659697.png)


can i get a quick rundown on falun gong



the state is a tool of the bourgeoisie to protect their interests. laws are made to control the proletariat. i find it funny when liberals advocate for some radical legalistic position in making capitalism 'fair'.



Weird reactionary cult that gets organ harvested by China


File: f50b649f8319992⋯.png (25.1 KB, 330x329, 330:329, Falun_Gong_Logo.svg.png)


>Major personality cult

>Don't believe in evolution

>Think heaven is segregated and that the only way mixed-race people can go there is if the cult leader personally intervenes

>Believe that ancient Chinese medicine > Western science

>Ancient kang empires existed millions of years ago in Africa

>General pseudoscience

>Publishes The Epoch Times, a newspaper whose primary function is to shit on the PRC

All according to their own interviews/speeches/etc. Cursed source but look at the references section:



Rich people see taxes as slavegeld, but they don’t dwell in a society that impoverishes them. They create their own miseries and live in fear of submission only because they have completed their own shackles first. The rich evade taxes because of failed imaginations and an inability to see their own interest in the prosperity of others. Societies are more stable and pleasant when theft is regulated via taxation and the proceeds of theft are distributed with oversight. Many of the problems in this world can be resolved by people who believe they can be resolved; many that cannot be directly resolved can be ammeliorated by a dispassionate force reallocating resources away. Government performs both functions in a comprehensible manner.

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