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File: 3a04f0952555fbc⋯.jpg (103.82 KB, 772x767, 772:767, YYmSzcqMuNR5Ao8Ml8YjLqFKyn….jpg)


Excuse the low effort question, but are there any documentaries/books/podcasts/texts which refute the idea that capitalism has brought about unparalleled prosperity and that "things have never been as good as they are today"?


read the sticky


there's a factoid about the standard of living being a creation of porky groups, and the bar is so low that you can say dumb shit like "capitalism has lifted billions out of poverty".



i don't understand



the "standard of living" is a propagandistic construct to preserve and celebrate capitalism.



got anything that goes more in-depth into that?



it has tho, people are far better off living under the most brutal parts of capitalism then the best parts of feudalism, the argument you should be making is that socialism, the next stage of history, is even better



This. Capitalism has given us the world we live in now which is 1000x better then some feudal style of life. Doesn't mean it doesn't have it's problems or that sticking to it into the future is a good idea.

Early fighters for Capitalism and Liberalism against Monarchism and Feudalism are heroes. Now we just need to continue our advance to Socialism



anprims would disagree….



This is all well and good but can very easily veer off into "poor people have a refrigerator and peasants didn't therefore god bless capitalism" territory



What do you mean? It's a good thing people have fridges, but that doesn't mean having the upper class is good. God bless capitalism for ending feudalism, but damn it for creating unnecessary poverty, war and creating the conditions for a catastrophic ecological collapse.




Whoever makes this argument isn't actually saying "capitalism is good and has brought progress". They are in fact saying "capitalism is the only system that can bring progress". If we look back in history, progress has always been happening even in non-capitalist systems. Major disasters in the past have set back progress but the general trend is towards better life. Their statement is only true if we assume that capitalism is the only system that has ever existed in human history except when there were set backs. Such setbacks are obvious examples of socialism or the usefully vague "totalitarianism". This is an argument made by those who do not understand history or choose to misrepresent it.



Yes this is eaxctly what I meant!


File: 1cd4029a18d6b5f⋯.jpg (221.91 KB, 960x639, 320:213, last_uncontacted_tribes01.jpg)

File: e061678c4c0d671⋯.jpg (160.6 KB, 962x645, 962:645, 27D0056500000578-3049022-S….jpg)

File: c7659eedf32fba3⋯.jpg (99.57 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, angry-man-office-looking-l….jpg)

File: 855e008a1edfd47⋯.jpg (41 KB, 320x240, 4:3, WALL-E-humans_320.jpg)


And they'd be right. Faggots have to pay for a gym membership to build muscle that they let atrophy all day while they sit in restraints in their office cubicles breathing bacteria infested central air while regular people get to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors all day and utilize their bodies to their fullest.


Jason Hickel's work is good for specifically debunking the World Bank's claims of alleged poverty reduction:




damn wordfilter, replace the "kkk" with a "c" to access the article




completely false, pure ideology. best part of feudalism youre a lord, or even a successful artisan under a paternal lord, youre much better off than a sweat factory slave or an african miner or child soldier



read a great article on al Jazeera about the poverty definition by un and how its manipulated to lower it to make it seem capitalism get ppl out of poverty when the reverse actually happen.



File: d4d7daebeba0564⋯.jpeg (281.53 KB, 1280x850, 128:85, suck.jpeg)


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