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File: 3bb48272400a07a⋯.jpg (278.71 KB, 522x1030, 261:515, 3bb48272400a07a22a2ad58e63….jpg)


How would work a perfect socialist system ? let's create it!

I start with internet databases regarding distribution of goods and food, obviously everything runs on free software.


i don't think i can swallow that last pill, too big, size of a thumb


File: 840c7258e42a507⋯.gif (7.96 KB, 220x203, 220:203, tenor.gif)


I got one that's the right size.


Everything automated running on renewables. Most of society dedicated to education



Full automation, mass genocide of entire lower class and 3/4ths to 4/5ths of middle class, introduction of eugenic programs with goal of eliminating violent and heirarchal characteristics, destruction of gender classifications, destruction of work all together. After use of eugenic programs for some length, creation of an AI system no longer reliant on human use. Eventual destruction of humans altogether…….profit.




>genocide the working class.




Destroys the working class of "trivial" jobs that automation could replace. There would be the formation a new working class of researchers and specialized jobs. More of a fun mind theory than a practical one…although genocide isn't really fun.




Socialism is the movement of the working class in class struggle against the bourgeoisie.


I name this system of cybernetics, Gnu-Socialism.



So the working class can only be and will only always be farm workers, factory workers, industrial jobs. The working class can be redefined friend. Industrial jobs won't be worth shit if things are automated.


File: 1c4d799f6703de4⋯.jpg (71.45 KB, 500x570, 50:57, 1c4d799f6703de4da02137dfb7….jpg)

nobody of you guys talked about farming, transportation, technology, cars.

if you don't know how to build socialism, how can you convince somebody to become socialist?


File: d569698c532b36f⋯.png (396.4 KB, 1269x597, 423:199, d569698c532b36fdf6419d4549….png)


We're just going to bore them with technical details. I don't think the layman could listen to Paul Cockshott on Stochastic processes of money exchanges or the general progress of technology much less the minutia of a specific tool in a industry that will improve under socialism.



For me it was looking at the alternatives. Open their eyes to how sad the free market truly is and remind them of the horrors of fascism and maybe you'll have a socialist on your side. Hell, even converting them to a socdem at first is better than nothing. They can eventually come around, at least.



Nationalize natural monopolies within a market system (mineral resources and heavy industry). Use the profits to pay pensions and run the state. Then pass legislation encouraging workplace democracy. Easy.



No one wants to talk about farming, transportation, technology, cars, ect.

I would know. I love talking about these things and no one gives a shit.



We've actually had entire threads on these things, you can just look in the archive and ctrl-F for any one of them. The problem is they always devolve into what you would expect. Literally try to bring up the topic of housing, you'll have an entire thread of people arguing circularly about what's more efficient.






DeLeon's Syndicalism with CyberSyn characteristics.

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