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File: e211834658712f5⋯.png (113.31 KB, 245x283, 245:283, xez.png)


have you ever revealed your commie power level to lumpenproles? how'd it go? I'll start:

>be me, take uni history class for sheer amusement

>teacher is actual libertarian, laughably horrible lectures

>one time he starts railing about unions, talking about how unions are just trying to seize the means of production

>ask him if unions could be considered the first step in democratizing the economy

that was when I realized I revealed too much

>the professor's eyes light up and the ambient temperature in the room starts to rise rapidly

>his free market gaze focuses into a beam of hot white light

>he zaps me with his McDonald's Ocular McLaser Cannon

>ouch that fucking hurt


picture unrelated


Grew-up in a tory area, people instinctively think I am one. Few people directly know my politics outside of school mates and family (especially at uni, fuck talking politics with students). So I tend to just drop stuff like "yeah I like coops, I think we should have more democracy in the economy" and stuff like that they buy it. Very rarely reveil I'm a member of a political party, tho I get "anon you should be running things" a lot from people that don't even know my politics and that.


History is such a right-wing field. I doubt you could ever be hired as a real far-leftist.

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