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File: 11217cfbe034f58⋯.jpg (147.84 KB, 1000x711, 1000:711, Mario_with_his_Hammer.png.jpg)


As workers at companies from Kickstarter to Gimlet to Vox vote to unionize, and as traditional labor organizers call on game devs and others to organize, Silicon Valley is a lot more friendly to pro-labor policies than ever before.

That's partly because tech companies can be terrible places to work, and party because their leaders keep trying to pad their quarterly numbers by selling some truly evil shit to some truly evil organizations, governments and people.

And as monopoly has set in, tech workers are finding libertarian market-oriented pitches less and less convincing, as they see their potential for launching their own startup or for switching to a disruptive new entrant dwindling.

The whole thing has made Silicon Valley ripe for the new, resurgent socialist movement in America, as technies sign up to join the Demcratic Socialists of America and begin to identify as socialists themselves.

“I think there's a quiet group of people who are willing to speak about it to each other,” Areeb Ahmad, who works at an ad tech company in New York City, told Salon. “But I think there is also a second group of people who maybe are open to those ideas. But I think the word [socialism] still has a lot of stigma.”

Ahmad said he was drawn to democratic socialism partly because he is a first-generation immigrant, and partly because he works in the digital advertising field, which is dominated by two megaliths, Facebook and Google.

“Being that roughly 85 percent of the ad marketplace at this point are those two companies, and it's basically impossible to look at that ecosystem and not think those two companies are monopolies, and to not want to do something about that, and to say, ‘Hey, there are all these people who have concerns about privacy,’” he said.

“Not very many, even Democrats, talk about that,” he said. “And I think the libertarian trend that led to this. I think that thinking was what led to companies being like: 'Hey, Google should be as big as they can be.’”


are we talking actual socialism or just want burgers think socialism is



Either would be pretty impressive, but good question.


None of this is socialism though.

the union aspect is just a way for already high paid programmers to get higher pay checks

democratic socialism in the US is just code for social democracy


Libertarian economic orthodoxy

There is a kind of mindset where you are very good at solving technical problems in ways nobody has thought of before, and you take the leap and see social problems too as something that can just be fixed, if you are willing to try an unconventional solution. This tends also to go with a fair amount of contempt for government-based (vs. private tech based) solutions, and also contempt for mainstream politicians and political parties who are still trying to solve social problems with more established methods and with all the messiness of getting to a political consensus.

The problems are, most techies are not geniuses at social engineering, they don’t see the downsides or unintended consequences of their schemes, and people are messy and tend not to like techno-elites running their lives. Also big corporations are totally self-serving, while government is at least putatively serving the public, and sometimes succeeds at that.


File: b08b0ef25e48e39⋯.jpeg (89.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1826353d7c98441da3c116a1f….jpeg)


I’m glad that there’s finally some pushback against the Libertarian economic orthodoxy component, but what’s really happening isn’t growing support for socialism per se but for Scandinavian-style mixed-economy social democracy.

The discourse in America has just been debased to the point where things like workers’ calls for unionisation or their refusing to work on projects for unscrupulous clients somehow fall under a broad category of (implied radical) “socialism”.

I wonder what digital strike-breaking is going to look like?



There's nothing subversive about unions, and there hasn't been since the Wagner act.


File: e5a7c198a8de5c5⋯.jpg (146.54 KB, 500x730, 50:73, 1393903662562.jpg)

>skilled worker unionism and signing up for SuccDems that shill for Demorats means socialism is growing



>nothing good ever happens we should all kill ourselves


>one of the most reactionary-prone industries is at least using the word "union" and considering organizing

>Phil Greaves-tier puritans autistically screech about techies not discussing immediate overthrow of class relations

Every time.



the labour aristocracy are bad.

Silicon Valley is the worst. the worst on earth, perhaps the worst in history.



Gonna have to convince me that they're worse than landlords.



I mean Silicon Valley in a geographic and cultural sense. If landlords are the worst social class, Silicon Valley landlords (there surely cannot be a more vile combination of words in the English language.) are the worst of landlords. Silicon Valley culture and the californian ideology are poisons carried from California to the ends of the earth via copper and fibre optic wire until they deposit themselves in your bedroom, corroding all it touches.



Labour aristocracy is a meme concert, industrial unionism is the only solution: that means organising all employees regardless of pay scale.



labour aristocracy is a meme when applied to "but british workers have shoes!"

it's not a meme when applied to the bay area.

unionism spreading to the middle class is most desirable when you have a strong base of working class unionism to build upon. a strong push from the upper-middle without a strong grounding at the bottom is a route to misery.

of course, all roads may lead to misery.




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