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File: 52e72cb1ea4b99e⋯.jpg (42.53 KB, 720x720, 1:1, IMG_20190416_013840_600.jpg)


As some alternative to the voucher system I can't understand.

Or please send me a video or something that explains it. Everything I read about it is BIG BRAIN


There isn't a dichotomy between a voucher system and calculation in kind? Enterprise produces 20 goods that each took 5 hours to make, people can "buy" them with vouchers worth of 5 hours of labour done, etc.

Can you be more specific?


Also, Cockshott did this lecture and Q&A in FinBol's Discord yesterday, he explains his basic concept very … well … basically and doesn't dive into the maths.




The way that linear algebra works there essentially is no difference between calculation in kind and calculation in labour time. This is because you essentially express every term in terms of every other term in the system. As such when every product can be expressed in terms of labour time, energy, steel, oil, or whatever. It's just that expressing consumer goods in terms of labour-time is a pretty useful for pricing in an economy that still requires labour and some form of rationing.

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