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File: 245f2fe98630e79⋯.jpg (111.22 KB, 629x793, 629:793, 245f2fe98630e79a29a0e7907f….jpg)


How do I help my friend? He's admittedly a Marxist but unironically believes:

>DPRK is a "fascist regime"

>Iraq War was justified because Saddam was a "fascist".

>Stalin killed 999999999 trillion people

>Christopher Hitchens was the smartest person of all time

>Trump is literally a Russian KGB agent

>CNN is a progressive news outlet

Is there any hope for him? He generally has the right intuitive understanding of things like class relations.


File: e925eaf367cc796⋯.jpg (488.36 KB, 2897x1188, 2897:1188, e925eaf367cc7963b3b048a930….jpg)

He's litterally a Radlib, there is no hope for him.



haven't seen that flag in a long time…



>He's admittedly a Marxist

Prove it



Claims to be a Marxist and like Lenin. Even has a photo of Lenin in his room.



sounds like a LARPer more than an actual marxist if that's the case. tell him to actually read Lenin, because slandering Stalin, the DPRK, and shilling for imperialism isn't something Lenin would have promoted that's for fucking sure.




>🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧CNN🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 is great

Tell your friend to stop being such a jew



>He's admittedly a Marxist

He is not, tho.


You help him with Doctor Michael Parenti.


Just show him evidence, that is if you have it. Maybe you're brainwashed just as much as him.


>DPRK is a "fascist regime"

That's not a very thorough analysis, but I'm not a fan of the DPRK either.

>Iraq War was justified because Saddam was a "fascist".

>Stalin killed 999999999 trillion people

>Christopher Hitchens was the smartest person of all time

>Trump is literally a Russian KGB agent

>CNN is a progressive news outlet

Holy fuck.

Link him to some decent left-wing programs that are easy to get into. Jimmy Dore, Chapo, Michael Brooks, Richard D. Wolff… That'll probably get some of this nonsense out of his head.


I'm curious about what exaclty is a Marxist according to your friend.



no. Give him doctor michael parenti



>Michael Brooks

You're talking about the man who sits there gleefully whilst Seder spouts half of that shit listed, if anything it's by listening to people like Brooks he arrived at some of those retard positions.




>believes that nonsense

He's going through a phase and will become a neocon/neolib just like daddy Hitch.



>i used to be a hardcore marxist, i even had a lenin poster in my wall.




brooks is seders knob goblin minion. always riding his cock. i hate him so much. i swear a few weeks back he tried to imply capitalism in the usa wasnt approximately corporatist. like, what the fuck? what a dumbass

seder is a good left journalist but hes embraced nihilism and capitalist reformism, no matter how much he pays his compliments to radlib ideas and talks about corporate evils, he gets angry at dore for being an extreme idiot, which is lmao the proletarian base, extreme and uninterested in theory, idiots. like some enlightened saviors with ivy league education theyre gonna show proles the way. condescension if ever i saw it. brooks is in step with his benefactors, and seder is his benefactor. so his benefactors are seder's benefactors, who have and will always be the corporatists at MSNBC who keep seders audience from going to the chapo or dore thinking. they hold the leash. it helps normalize MSNBC as having some veneer of journalistic integrity for the genuinely leftist audience that craves truth and reason. if you give them the compromised version they eat it up so as not to confront the nightmarish bullshit going on. brooks and sam talking about some antiwar shit makes them feel good, just like any socialist org that doesnt do real advocacy and focus on results, its a torture chamber for lazy fucks who underestimate the sheer horror, incompetence of it all



Chapo was just a narco, stop sprending his cuck ideology.



what did he mean by this?????????

chapo trap house is a joke name jesus christ so sensitive


This is just my guess – because I was one of these people – but I think he calls himself a Marxist because Hitchens would (and was at one point), and he's trying to emulate Hitchens as a role model. Being a "Marxist" has an air of sophistication and a history to it and so on. He sounds pretty young, and Hitchens had a strong appeal to young would-be adventurers out there. Hitchens had a really patented style where he'd name-drop all the famous people he knew and would hang out with in the mountains above Beirut and blah blah blah. It's romantic.

The good news is that I became actually interested in Marx later. He should know Hitchens' last words on his deathbed were "Capitalism. Downfall" (scribbled on a piece of paper).


Yeah some of the democratic socialists I think are productive in this regard. Encourage him.


it must be rough to hang around someome so bluepilled. i find it funny when "marxists" have never actually read marx.




Have you watched Michael Brooks' own show? You should try it. It's really good. His latest episode is a discussion with prof. Wolff about Antonio Gramsci.



i will try to watch it- at your recommendation- all the way through one of these days, gladly. i watch seder from time to time, enough to get a read on his ideas. brooks i mostly know through seder. be aware that i will come back and hold you to your endorsement of him if it isn't "really good."



I used to believe most of that. I just sort of gradually grew out of it as I got more interested in Marx beyond the most basic concepts. From what you tell, he sounds like "Marx was right im his diagnosis, but wrong in his perscription" kinda guy. I'd say if you want to persuade him, then it's probably best if you don't so much "defend", say, Stalin but rather point out to him where those numbers come from and why much of it is bullshit. Introduce him to Zizek. Yes, he's revisionist but very good at helping you think "dangerously" (besides his opinions on Robespierre have convinced me he's a critical crypto-Stalinist). In the end, I went from "Stalin killed billions and drank infant blood" to reading "Foundations of Leninism" in just a few weeks.



>He's admittedly a Marxist

no he's not, he's fucking retarded. buy him some books and make him read.




I've given him some of Parenti's books, but he "hasn't got around to reading them".






>don't so much "defend", say, Stalin but rather point out to him where those numbers come from and why much of it is bullshit

I tried this, but we always reach an impasse. I point out that his sources are disinfo psyops - he responds with "everything I say you just dismiss as propaganda, so what's the point of having this discussion".


File: defa2b3c683a104⋯.png (9.6 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 701eb2.png)

>TFW guys like your friend make up the majority of the """left""" in the united states.



I've watched one and I've heard him guest on a few podcasts, he's actually not all that offensive; however I've heard him spout awful takes on Imperialism & Foreign policy, and he has a woeful understanding of how the Democratic party functions, believing in some kind of transformation of it. He's self-admittedly a "new" socialist, which is incredibly suspicious, when you consider that he worked for Seder before all this, who is objectively a Sheepdog. His complicity in Seder being a Bourgeois Media shill and his overall alienating attitude to regular people makes me think that he's an opportunist at best, like Peter Coffin, and at worst, is explicitly positioning himself as the "Socialist" co-host of Seder as part of a wider strategy to undermine the wave of post-2016 interest in Leftism in the US. Honestly with the amount of actually good left content coming out, I don't particularly feel a need to listen to him given these reservations.



He literally said that he supports U.S troops in Syria to ‘protect muh Kurds’, he also constantly shits on Maduro because ‘muh authoritarianism’, supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, not to mention his general disdain for Maoism and the DPRK.

Fuck the contrarian first-worldist faggot.



Do you just say they're disinfo or do you provide proof? If you do, tgen he's just being dishonest, then there's no point. Hammer him with sources and if he keeps deflecting, point out to him how his opinions and beliefs are not based on fact. Corner him and force him to either yield or lash out. You might not be friends anymore, but you've left a mark. If you believe him to be an honest, truth seeking kind of person, then the seeds will grow.



kurds is a very arguable position, position on maduro is shit, hillary clinton is shit.



but he's right



Is that you Jack?


File: 41f857c6e4b21ed⋯.jpeg (70.3 KB, 499x807, 499:807, cuba dprk.jpeg)


Tell him to watch Parenti lectures and actually read Lenin.

What does he think of Cuba?




Yeah, he really likes Hitchens a lot. I had a similar phase around age 16 but I grew out of it eventually.


He likes Cuba and ironically enough, Mao.



Stalin as being like a Robespierre-like guy is probably the most accurate comparison.




'the point is making you realize what you think is knowledge is garbage propaganda you retard. if you cant stand being proven wrong, stop calling yourself a marxist and discussing politics you idiot'



Saddam was a fascist you literal coon. he was gassing kurds left and right



which doesnt justify us invasion in any way you fucking retard



also not mentionning empty US promises is the reason kurds got gassed in the first place


just show him unruhe videos



he probably still believes that amerikkan propaganda accurately depicts history and believes in the simplified "utopian" version that amerikkkan propaganda depicts

I know it was similar with me, I also first started thinking, that socialism being utopian in praxis, isn't a very good argument against it and then went on to get more educated on it

just encourage and help him get educated



Perfect. Plan is for us to drink a few beers and watch this on TV. Parenti is just the best so hopefully it should make a difference.


File: 2efb6968f5bcde8⋯.webm (9.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2015 cuban delegation vis….webm)


>sees through the false capitalist propaganda against Cuba but not the lies against the DPRK, even when Cuba itself sees through these lies

Dumb, but unfortunately a very common error.

>sees through the false capitalist propaganda against Mao but not the lies against Stalin

the fuck

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