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File: e02011173093c71⋯.jpg (231.36 KB, 1068x1170, 178:195, IMG_20190417_122018.jpg)


So basically the logical extreme of idpol is fascism or is this tranny just retarded or something?



>is this tranny just retarded or something?

Well, she's a fascist, so yes.


Id-pol is not a thing, it is a liberal pergorative used to maintain the bourgiesie "right" of certain groups to alienate oppressed people.



Idpol may be a scam but a successful one. Talk to any "leftist" these days and they're completely brainwashed by it. They're only talking points are minority and LGBTqstr rights

>but muh minorities



From my experience, they mostly talk about free healthcare and free college.



You mean they talk about lgbt+ and feminism but you don't like it. It is true that these causes have been appropriated by liberals but the problem with that is they're not taking the lgbt+ and feminist struggle far enough, they're settling for bougeiois concessions. Issues of gender and feminism can never be solved in capitalism because it's private property that causes them.



Most leftists I talk to are pretty frustrated with both the SJW boogeyman, political correctness and idpol in general, ackhcually



Talk to any right-winger these days and they're completely brainwashed by it. Their only talking points are muslims, nigg*rs, degenerates, illegals, sjws, feminists, cop haters.

>but muh venezuela


File: 33bf36ff2cd0c6e⋯.jpg (657.95 KB, 1079x1779, 1079:1779, Screenshot_20190417-062041….jpg)

its always funny to see rightist who whine about civility, use idpol.



kill all leftist niggers



Trans aren't people. Marx would have had them shot on sight.



Pretty much everywhere if you're in Europe. Don't know about America, but IMO, most of the obnoxious idpol shit and hopeless liberalism that right-wingers associate with the 'left' seems to come from the US.



Niggers aren't people either you leftist piece of cucking shit.



>I just don't think their issues matter above everyone else that's all.

Exactly. They are soaking up all the attention. Meanwhile the bosses are still in charge.



>If you wanna cut your dick off for attention

Shit like this is just so fucking dumb. I agree with everything else you said, but why is it so difficult to understand that there may be other reasons for gender disphoria than attention seeking?



Wow, inciting violence? This is not cool. Your a coward hiding behind anonymity who hates peacfull patriots and how bout dem apples.



The irony is that the far-right are the most monkey-like of all, right down to the tribe mentality, the retard-rage, the lack of intelligence and the looks.

For humanity to progress, the far-right must finally become civilized, which is a burden we all must bear.



>the far-right must finally become civilized

What are you going to do to help achieve that?



Lol I'm serious.



Listen here boy. I live in a tent sometimes and post from the wifi, but I always have a rifle ready to snipe a leftist. I find them and tag them like it's hunting season. Sometimes I like like to tie them to trees and leave town so I don't get lynched, but it is fun.

(nice larp fantasy)



Educate and agitate. Once they realize you can explain politics without retarded conspiracy theories, they begin to doubt their /pol/ """redpills"""



Some of those redpills are true though.



things like the joos and your fake race science?




Jews are smart and are overrepresented everywhere in politics. It is only natural they would be overrepresented in communism too.

>fake race science

What did you mean by this?



Even if you focus solely on economic issues, the right always end up using idpol as a Scapegoating to save porky through fearmongering.



you can say the same thing about the other demographic dominantly represented in media.



Never seen a single of their "redpills" who weren't either horribly over-simplified, schizophrenic or just false. If they accurately observe something that's true, they generally derive retarded conclusions from it.

They're the most right when they """discover""" truths that are actually just common sense which any polsci or history undergrad could explain without resorting to conspiracy theories. Anti-semetism is system critique for brainlets



Reactionaries are often closer to the truth, but they too have an agenda.




Reactionaries. They are fans of "good for me but not for thee". The father of neo-reaction had communist parents and grandparents.



I don't know, they don't want inmigration but supports/defends a system that creates it.


>it's leftist because he's a nig!1!!1

The depth of this ideology cannot even reach my ankles.


File: 3c058ce528fe233⋯.mp4 (890.39 KB, 400x400, 1:1, soy_zombies.mp4)



> Is this tranny just retarded or something?

<Is this fire just hot or something?



>I wouldn't put LGBT rights on the same level as feminism

why don't you make a hierarchy of "identity levels", so we know what identities you support more than others. that would really help the discussion. /s




more evidence that anti-trans posters are the worst posters and closet reactionaries.


File: 850cde539f1c360⋯.jpg (70.49 KB, 1200x1065, 80:71, 850cde539f1c360ad87caa03d2….jpg)


Okay this is the other side of the coin of idpol.



In what world do people care about them? You take the most devoted marxist and even he'll tell you how much of a tumor the outrage crowd is.

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