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File: 5d31f94eb451a76⋯.png (1.99 MB, 697x8275, 697:8275, 1555539323726.png)


Have you guys ever seen this screenshot brought up? i've seen it both in here and in halfchan, it's normally ignored and have never seen it discussed here, what is your opinion on it?


Everyone who claims that certain languages are "impoverished" has no actual clue about linguistics.


yes black people cant think in the abstract. They dont worship gods, they cant understand mathematics and they dont dream either

fuck off out



Also most linguistic culturalism tends to be backwards and mostly wrong. I once had someone try to tell me that Russians are uneasy about everything because their word for security is "безопасность" (Lit. Without danger). When I pointed out that "Does that mean we don't have a concept of precarity & danger because we say "in-security" he realised it was utter bollocks.



>I studied in South Africa for a while

>I studied South African Languages

>Therefore all African thinking is the same and monolithic


Really disappointed that he didn't get into the subtleties of the indigenous concepts. That would have been fun.



Can confirm as a nonwhite; my grandparents tongue never had any of the grammatical nuances that English does, so I spend my weekends sucking on my toes and smashing car windows, I just don't know any better. :/


what's the source?

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