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File: 9293e1c526178f1⋯.jpg (115.49 KB, 400x322, 200:161, 9293e1c526178f1899b3b87e1c….jpg)


I've heard that Fascism is an extension or "decayed" state of capitalism, and it makes sense to me on a surface level but I'm hoping someone can explain it in-depth.

pic unrel


there was civil unrest in italy so mussolini teamed up with the bourgeois establishment to retain their power through an ideology called fascism. fascism is characterised by nationalism and other reactionary attitudes.

that's all i know.


File: 3fd86f927252c4c⋯.pdf (10.35 MB, Fascism and Social Revolut….pdf)

Read Palme Dutt.

>Under certain special historical conditions the progress of the bourgeois, imperialist, reactionary offensive assumes the form of Fascism. These conditions are: instability of capitalist relationships ; the existence of considerable declassed social elements, the pauperisation of broad strata of the urban petit-bourgeoisie and of the intelligentsia; discontent among the rural petit-bourgeoisie, and, finally, the constant menace of mass proletarian action. In order to stabilise and perpetuate its rule the bourgeoisie is compelled to an increasing degree to abandon the parliamentary system in favour of the fascist system, which is independent of inter-party arrangements and combinations. The Fascist system is a system of direct dictatorship, ideologically masked by the " national idea " and representation of the " professions " (in reality, representation of the various groups of the ruling class). It is a system that resorts to a peculiar form of social demagogy (anti-Semitism, occasional sorties against usurer's capital and gestures of impatience with the parliamentary "talking shop") in order to utilise the discontent of the petit-bourgeois, the intellectual and other strata of society; and to corruption through the building up of a compact and well-paid hierarchy of Fascist units, a party apparatus and a bureaucracy. At the same time, Fascism strives to permeate the working class by recruiting the most backward strata of the workers to its ranks, by playing upon their discontent, by taking advantage of the inaction of Social Democracy, etc. The principal aim of Fascism is to destroy the revolutionary labour vanguard, i.e., the Communist sections and leading units of the proletariat. The combination of social demagogy, corruption and active White terror, in conjunction with extreme imperialist aggression in the sphere of foreign politics, are the characteristic features of Fascism. In periods of acute crisis for the bourgeoisie, Fascism resorts to anti-capitalist phraseology, but, after it has established itself at the helm of State, it casts aside its anti-capitalist rattle, and discloses itself as a terrorist dictatorship of big capital.


File: e8608406f60359b⋯.jpg (53.22 KB, 850x400, 17:8, fascism-quotes-3.jpg)

Fascism doesn't need to invoke any racist psued shit to be fascist (according to both the right and left), it just needs to centralize power in the capitalists hands completely .


Capitalism normally exploits people as much as it can get away with under "democracy." When shit hits the fan and profits get too low, the government goes tyrannical on behalf of profit, so the workers can be exploited more. That's the short of it.




Still, I hate those early mussolini quotes defining fascism. They make brainlets define fascism only by the strict set of characteristics deined by mussolini and not the actual similarities between XX century fascist regimes.



pretty sure that quote isn't even real



It's from Giovanni Gentile


Fascism wasn't really a bourgeois movement. Of course Hitler had to suck some porky cock to get by every now-and-again, but after the first few years the influence of finance over the regime greatly diminished. And the war totally removed it with private industry, though still existing, becoming largely subjected to the party's mandates.

The bourgeoisie largely hated fascism, which is why they had it destroyed. It was actually a middle-class movement led by social rejects from varied walks of life. They wanted to rule but were adamant their order should appear different than the established one. So they adopted paganism, occultism, some Roman imagery and all kind of bullshit to hide the fact that they basically just created a less efficient form of capitalism. Their view of economics was laughably primitive. The nazis had all the economic sense of a nomadic horse-warrior. They could not conceive of any way to make of a profit other than plunder, so they raped Europe and burned their own nations to the ground. In retrospect, it's almost funny.

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