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File: 08464510b329dd7⋯.png (468.88 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, 084.png)


Is transtrenderism a threat to leftism? It should be considered one because most modern leftist movements are now being taken over by transtrenders and made all about their fake issues.


what will win:

>a few idpol twitter accounts


<the march of history

there is no major threat to leftism greater than the CIA, calm yo tits.




wtf is transtrenderism?



it's basically like gayism


take it to the damn containment thread



it's a derogatory term created by tumblr to identify someone who claims to be transgender but actually doesn't suffer from dysphoria and has no plans to 'transition'.

it was used a bunch to describe milo stuart and riley dennis, who actually turned out to be transgender, as it were. it is kinda a dead meme at this point tbh.



Its a term INSPIRED by tumblr

Transtrenders call themselves whatever bullshit "gender" in an effort to be edgy n have no forms of dysphoria nor do they even have the hormonal/genetic smilaries of dickgirls n cuntboys

Example: when trannies first take hrt (hormone therapy) they submit a blood test prior. In the resulta of the test ot states that they either have under half the hormones of their assigned gender or twice the hormones that are opposite of the assigned gender



that blood test thing sounds like essentialism. spooky.


Go to the fucking containment thread.

Mods why haven't you deleted this shit?


File: 733bbcbffe2b879⋯.png (431.26 KB, 707x1082, 707:1082, hideri.png)


Actually, my favorite are people who claim to be "queer". Trendy hipster dipshits who want to be "trans", but in some completely undefinable way. It's been enlightening seeing how many women think "masculinity" is when you have short hair and wear a hoodie.

Why is the latest liberal trend trying to LGBT?


IDpol is a threat to leftism



Sexual disorders, like any other product of capitalist alienation, are hardly a threat to leftism itself as is the main problem – capitalism.


File: 8fbb28393ee6a7f⋯.jpg (65.34 KB, 726x1101, 242:367, 6ffbadcbefb540689dffb5e0d8….jpg)


>enlightening seeing how many women think "masculinity" is when you have short hair and wear a hoodie.

>implying that's not the best


File: ce710622cfb595d⋯.jpg (370.64 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, d10a0b0341b94325e495f26ae2….jpg)



it literally doesnt matter, might as well ask if a certain flavor of toothpaste is a "threat to leftism"



I’m not saying that the look is bad, I’m saying that some women seem to think that dressing like that makes you at least partially man somehow.


Dishonesty is a threat to both transgenderism and leftism, but honest transgenderism is not a threat to leftism. Integrity matters foremost of all; the foundation of progress is the expulsion of corrupted slaves and inquisitors loyally obedient to the broken sociopathy of their ancestors.


File: 2bbb60973892599⋯.jpg (711.13 KB, 2302x3000, 1151:1500, 1553701707233.jpg)


>t. butt hurt post-op tranny that isn't getting as much sympathy as before because a bunch of failsons are muscling in his scam.

Transgenderism is a literal spook. 4th wave feminists are just using you to make women as disposable as men.

When everyone is a woman, or can be, there will be no women. Society will not make special considerations for the sex that can make babies. You'll be thrown into the meat grinder just like men, and your children will not "be yours" since there's not "biological women". You children will just be considered a product of society.

It's going to be hilarious to see the backlash from women against transgendered men, the very people that pushed this bullshit in the first place, when women realize that transgendered men will literally make them all men as far as society goes.


File: 4163da15ebc3547⋯.jpg (11.54 KB, 245x255, 49:51, 473414531d851b5a79bc5d6680….jpg)


Lol, no, toothpaste isn't trying to subvert strong societal considerations for women.




>Material reality is spooky.


It's what most transgendered men are. Just failed normalfags that realize the only way penis havers can get any external validation from society without having to prove themselves is to become a woman.



>Implying that trans queer theory spouters aren't the CIA

Hello reddit.


Don't we have a containment thread for this crap?


File: 3628ecfcf7a0b31⋯.jpg (58.69 KB, 501x486, 167:162, ck2 humbled before allah s….jpg)

as a trans woman on mones I have to say that transtrenders aren't really a thing. the only people I've met who could fit that description are rich white queers who are more likely closeted than anything else.


the only purpose of blood tests is to make sure you don't overdose on estrogen or w/e


this thread is par for the /leftypol/ course, sadly


There is something to the concept, in a sense; people who are legitimately trans, but not because of need to be another gender, but out of the need for transgression and subversion. It's not a "new" trend either, as it's born out of a nihilist culture of transgression for it's own sake that arose in the '60, and also gave birth to change cultures and the alt-right in a sense.

I don't think there's a reason to worry about it though. Those who're in it for the gender couldn't do anything else and those who're in it for the transgression are harmless unlike their right-wing counterparts. Once transgenderism becomes normalized you'll see a lot less of them, so fight for trans rights and they won't be a threat at all.




essentialism is not simply an acceptance of material reality, it is an ontological position, and is full of contradictions and problems.


Who gives a fuck what someone identifies as? As long as they're willing to fight and work towards a socialist society everything else doesn't fucking matter. You're whining about useless garbage. Fuck you.

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