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File: f66775c198f1f30⋯.jpg (7.01 KB, 169x169, 1:1, JPEG_20190122_135506.jpg)


Hey there

So I'm a new fag so maybe im retarded and this isn't the right place for it, but check this out, fantastic example of end stage capitalism


tl;dr, JAWS is a blind accessibility screen reader that helps blind people use computers. However, developers had to shell over $800 to be able to test their software to be compatible. As in, unless developers give $800 for a license or set up some enterprise contract, they are NOT ALLOWED TO TEST THEIR SOFTWARE ON SUPPOSEDLY THE MOST USED SCREEN READER.

Freedom Scientific, the fat piece of shit organization behind this, has also monopolized the blind accessibility marketplace.

They use heavy marketing and a tight relationship with government leaders to try to maintain their market share. Their technology is so expensive that blind people have to get grants just to use them, encouraging the monopoly even further.

Yes, this is ancient history, but I'm still investigating whether or not this contract still applies and I'm currently looking into other ways they exploited the blind. Also, know that the press surrounding blind shit is practically all shilling their garbage.

If you know anyone who is blind, get their ass on NVDA Pronto. It's an open source screen reader that isn't shit and actually made by blind people and not pigs.

Pic is my reaction



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