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File: 58a8b3ae313511a⋯.jpg (32.98 KB, 529x364, 529:364, Capture.JPG)


Hello comrades, I'm the first generation immigrant of Albanian Parents who were sternly against Hoxha's regime stating that they had to wait in line for food, however they said that he was great in terms of educating the masses and building roads and schools, but he was too repressive.

What is your opinion?

Hoxha greatest achievements:

>An electrification campaign was begun in 1960 and the entire nation was expected to have electricity by 1985. Instead, it achieved this on 25 October 1970, making it the first nation with complete electrification in the world.

>In 1960 we had one doctor per every 3,360 inhabitants, in 1978 we had one doctor per every 687 inhabitants

> the average life expectancy in our country has risen, from about 38 years in 1938 to 69 years by 1978.

> Illiteracy, which was 90–95% in rural areas in 1939 went down to 30% by 1950 and by 1985 it was equal to that of a Western country.

>Malaria, the most widespread disease. was successfully fought through advances in health care, the use of DDT, and through the draining of swamplands. From 1965 to 1985, no cases of malaria were reported, whereas previously Albania had the greatest number of infected patients in Europe.

>In 1978, 15.1 times as many females attended eight-year schools as had done so in 1938 and 175.7 times as many females attended secondary schools. By 1978, 101.9 times as many women attended higher schools as in 1957.

Like fair enough he had killed up to 25,000 political opponents, didn't have free trials for people, disallowed freedom of speech against the government and had forced labour camps and all the rest of it.

What else did he fail doing though? The Bunkers was a bit autismo but i guess i could see why an isolationist Albania would want some form of defence against chemical weapons.

Tell me your opinion on Hoxha!



>Like fair enough he had killed up to 25,000 political opponents

Lmao, and Stalin nearly 800,000, those of which we have no way of knowing how many were innocents and how many actually deserved it. Either way, it doesn't really matter that much, he did a lot that improved life in Albania but later on (just like Mao) he had such a godawful foreign policy it fucking hurts. Definitely went full retard later on in his life.



>Tell me your opinion on Hoxha!

I have no opinion. There is nothing in particular about Albania. Whether or not Hoxja fucked up, he did not create anything that can be classified as a 'miracle' or a breakthrough in politics and theory.



I am unfamiliar with Hoxhas foreign Policy, I know they were isolationist and didnt have any major trading partners after China severed ties with them, however didn't they have a trade surplus in 1982? $290 million exported vs $280 million imported if i remember correctly.

If you could go into more detail about his foreign policy i'd appreciate it though.



He was basically just a guy who never "de-Stalinized" his country. In practice that meant silliness like prohibiting jazz and rock music. The Albanian policy of "self-reliance" was also a failure, with the government obliged in 1990 to revoke an article from the 1976 Constitution prohibiting the "granting of concessions to, and the creation of, foreign economic and financial companies and other institutions or ones formed jointly with bourgeois and revisionist capitalist monopolies and states, as well as obtaining credits from them."


>he did not create anything that can be classified as a 'miracle' or a breakthrough in politics and theory.

Well most leaders of socialist countries weren't really theorists, and many had their writings ghostwritten for them (like Khrushchev and Brezhnev.) Stalin and Mao were among the exceptions and actually had to confront questions that never really bothered the bulk of other socialist leaders, who could just look toward the USSR and/or China for guidance.


File: bde3eb47a7fb9cd⋯.png (110.74 KB, 600x333, 200:111, bde3eb47a7fb9cde138c78698f….png)

He is so based and cringe at the same time that I want Albanian sks naow.



Basically I'm referring to the stance Hoxha took against the USSR after Stalin died. Yeah, we all here agree Kruschev fucked up badly and is one of the main reasons the Soviet Union fell to revisionism but his whole "social imperialist" dogshit is so stupid. To Hoxha, Cuba, the eastern block, etc were just soviet puppets, and the USSR itself was just as imperialist as the US. If someone could post that quote about the cubans fighting in Angola being "mercenaries of the soviet empire" or some shit like that, that'd be really appreciated. Maybe you might agree with Hoxha's stance, but idk personally I find it retarded, regardless of the USSR being revisionist and state capitalist or not.


>muh body count

I'm honestly getting beyond tired of this borderline moralism. Motherfuckers die by the thousands daily across the 1st world due to not getting medical treatment or housing, and people have the nerve to bitch about a meager 25,000 political opponents across fucking decades.

Fuck that and fuck you.



There's a big possibility a substantial amount of them might have been innocent.


File: 3afecb1651ef484⋯.jpg (303.15 KB, 425x793, 425:793, enver hoxha on cuba and an….jpg)

File: f2973564776b7c7⋯.png (661.1 KB, 2164x960, 541:240, enver hoxha on dprk.png)

File: fb6e45ab918d08b⋯.webm (1.1 MB, 480x360, 4:3, DPRK marx lenin portraits.webm)

File: 32ba2d507b4f59e⋯.png (997.22 KB, 640x808, 80:101, ethiopia white terror.png)


There is another quote about how not having enough Marx and Lenin portraits makes a country revisionist.

Also worth noting that Hoxhaist rebels in Ethiopia were used by the imperialists to destroy the Marxist-Leninist government of Mengistu Haile Mariam. They took over and immediately became liberals.


File: 9d585d1b4714018⋯.png (55.45 KB, 612x445, 612:445, getfiscal.png)


File: ec32e738a4c553f⋯.jpg (73.07 KB, 153x240, 51:80, 0c2b1e649b34856c3f9245cfd6….jpg)

Hoxha made Albania a modern sovereign country. Before socialism, Albania had been occupied for 99% of its history, and when WWII came it had been turned into a colony for Italian fascism. Hoxha led the fight against fascism and defeated them by 1944, and then was elected democratically and led the construction of socialism. I don't agree with everything he did, especially in his last decade, but just reading Hoxha's meme quotes and dismissing him as a lunatic is retarded.

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