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File: 5b06d41517fa96a⋯.jpg (213.95 KB, 800x537, 800:537, soviet-union.jpg)


How did democracy work in the Soviet Union after Stalin? As far as I know, Stalin purged oppositing factions from the party, but what happened after? Specially after the "de-Stalinization"? Did Soviet democracy return to its former glory?



File: dedfc640b42de35⋯.jpg (29.54 KB, 431x533, 431:533, nvwx9fb0kbl21.jpg)


Wasn't the Soviet parliament just a rubber stamp for decisions made in the politburo? It doesn't seem like there was much freedom in regards to selection of candidates.


Even if the claim that "There was no democracy in the Soviet union" was true there is literally the same or less amount of democracy in capitalist countries (depending on which country we're talking about) In the USA the last 3 presidents were, in order-selected by the Supreme Court, selected by the banking industry, selected by the electoral college. Voting in the USA is disenfranchised and gerrymandered to such a degree that it pretty much guarantees most congressional elections will be a foregone conclusion and even if there is massive voter turnout to counter this it's been proven that voting machines can be rigged to change your vote and so on. Even if you live in a slightly more democratic country the ruling class still decides what is and isn't possible. Look at how Brexit is being handled and the immediate corruption of the 5 Star Movement in Italy. Look at Syriza in Greece or Duterte in the Philippines giving into us imperialism despite winning partially because of his isolationist promises.

And what of Soviet nations that transitioned to capitalism in the late 20th century? Where is all the democracy in Russia or the Ukraine?

Democracy under capitalism is just as mythological as it supposedly was in the USSR.




sometimes even leftists forget that western countries operate as dictatorships of the bourgeoisie.



This. When it comes to soviet democracy, suddenly capitalists are armed with razor-sharp critiques of how it is lacking and rigged and a lot of power is entrenched and can't be dislodged through democratic means etc. but are completely unable to apply this same critique to capitalist democracy. Soviet democracy was lacking in the same way as capitalist democracy and I wish we'd stop falling for this idiotic idea that liberal democracy is more democratic.

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