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I have a couple of questions concerning the function of communist parties; any input from actual members is especially welcomed, as descriptions that go beyond these points:

>What do they discuss?

>How frequent are meetings?

>Where do they meet?

>Do they have it pre-decided who's who in case they take power?

Say, certain people among them have been elected, among them, to be minister of defense, another minister of justice, of the interior, state, etc. in the event they are the ruling party.

>How do they recruit new people? Should a good socialist party have certain requirements of members, such as a basic knowledge of Marx to possibly weed out feds even possibly?



>>Where do they meet?

Burger King if you're Maoist

I'm not joking



Nice try CIA


We discuss destroying Western culture and the White race. The leadership usually passes onto the one with the most Church burnings under his/her belt. We meet during the Full Moon in the place where the moonlit river kisses the shadow cast by the trees.

Hope that helps, Mr. Definately not FBI.





t. doesn't actually go to parties, even as a socialist (lol)


Tbh the best way to build a community in a party is to have a formal meeting, then an inform session in the pub afterwards.

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