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File: 20f1af1bae6c72d⋯.jpg (321.29 KB, 2041x2048, 2041:2048, anime evangelion tagme ziz….jpg)


In honor of Red Lobster™ vs Cocaine, feel free to ask any questions (in good faith) about what Zizek mentions, or socialist thought in general. Please read the FAQ first, as this answers the obvious questions.

Also, post any infographics and entry level images/memes that might help newcomers navigate the space. Please contain the autism. Short articles, explanations, etc are preferred as some might not be willing to read 10k pages upfront.


File: b46011dc19dd069⋯.jpg (78.92 KB, 720x600, 6:5, feudalism then now.jpg)

File: 64fd4fb2bfbc341⋯.png (169.74 KB, 1365x393, 455:131, feudalism is better.png)

Recomended series to have a very basic grasp on Adam Smith's ideas which are foundational capitalist analysis (and surprisingly leftist in many ways): http://www.rationalrevolution.net/articles/capitalism_economy.htm


File: 524d13745cedc4f⋯.png (26.12 KB, 540x321, 180:107, ada34f1a95ec78291c2de7438d….png)

File: 5d8f3eb10681160⋯.jpg (40.72 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 5d8f3eb106811604a0eb5aa74c….jpg)

File: e3aa9ada4f67362⋯.jpg (70.98 KB, 850x400, 17:8, d1c40d66911e9dec7ab44dd41a….jpg)

File: dab0131942f79c6⋯.png (126.6 KB, 500x1173, 500:1173, everybody-in-russa-of-soli….png)

File: 9a98b2820a668a7⋯.png (577.45 KB, 1080x1361, 1080:1361, 9a98b2820a668a7ef163db200f….png)


Adam smith was never "laissez faire", and the "invisible hand" is his way of saying that the "free" market enslaves the country that promotes "laissez-faire" economics.


File: 80b007d81a883d8⋯.jpg (257.04 KB, 1584x1089, 16:11, tagme vaporwave score-0 ra….jpg)

It's not a substitute of course (and I haven't read it myself), but the wikipedia has a not-so-long summary of Capital Volume 1, making it very low effort and entry-level. As Zizek said in the debate, the fundamental critique/analysis of capitalism made by Marx is very spot on.



File: fc04b7187450615⋯.pdf (3.3 MB, Capital-Volume-I.pdf)

If you *are* interested in reading Capital, there's a good playlist on youtube made by the marxist that Zizek mentions in the debate, David Harvey. His reading on Capital has some issues, but you can follow along and make your own conclusions without any problem.


Attatched, Vol 1 of Capital.


File: f708579ff13b385⋯.jpeg (236.72 KB, 1663x1080, 1663:1080, tagme vaporwave score-0 r….jpeg)

On identity politics by a great and accessible philosopher, Mark Fisher:


Do note that we have a lot of retards on the board that don't understand the core anti-idpol stance of /leftypol/ (and socialism in general, viz. unironic nazbols) so you will read shitposters and nazis/ex-nazis post stupidity.


File: c075d35eed6755e⋯.png (126.74 KB, 1176x552, 49:23, 63680f10208ce2a302750a7426….png)

File: facfdf9f753ea06⋯.png (150.87 KB, 1060x599, 1060:599, jhgkjk.png)

File: 0293c25b409f848⋯.png (46.68 KB, 1275x324, 425:108, File (hide ) - 7ad7dc18b10….png)


pic related


i already asked this in the main thread but i think it's an important topic to discuss. zizek says that marx didn't understand social power. what exactly zizek means by this i can't quite recall but it was more apparent what he meant during the live watching of the debate with the prior context of the conversation.

either way, it's relevant to discuss whether or not marx had a good grasp on social power as related to non-economic factors.


Some of these are reports from the other thread but fuck it

Zizek on Political Correctness being Totalitarian



Michael Parenti on identity politics being a neoliberal con is a good one


More Michael Parenti on idpol


Michael Parenti on Globalism


Jimmy Dore on IdPol and Neoliberalism




Jimmy Dore on Marxism,





Why Cultural Marxism is Actually "Cultural" Capitalism


Chris hedges on pornography




The way I interpreted it is that Marx didn't have an analysis of the problems of governing socialism. The kind of stuff Cockshott tries to tackle basically.

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