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File: 23b720858214fd1⋯.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x1548, 69:86, 0B911C3C-2060-4910-A88E-8….jpeg)


Is he /ourcomrade/ or too bourgeois? I’ve seen his debates with Jesse Lee Peterson, Ann Coulter, Nick Fuentes, Charlie Kirk etc and he seems to know his shit. All 4 of those Nazi losers got exposed for what they are. Not even going to mention Sargon and his pathetic “individualism”, what with that posh accent of his. Fuck him.

But anyway back to Hasan.


Does he just happen to be good at debating the clowns of the mainstream right? in such case i don't think he's that impresive.



He’s also good at looking better than them. I mean compare Charlie Kirk to this guy. No challenge!


He sucks. young turks nepote, heavy on idpol, still probably good compared to the rest of the garbage on twitch though


red liberal

better than destiny at least



He’s not that heavy on idpol iirc.



I read recently that he's into dressing like a woman and fucking animals so… yes, he's totally /leftypol/ material.



>dressing like a woman

weird flex

>fucking animals

what the fuck is his problem



having sex with animals destroys anthropocentrism, promotes ecology, free love between all creatures and so on and so on. It is a vital part of the sexual revolution to establish socialism.



He is okay in popularizing socialism to young people i guess like most other BreadTube like the Sargon of Akkad of BreadTube, but personally Destiny is the much better personality for that since he viciously attacks the Right but is so weak to the Left.

But actual theory and praxis he is pretty terrible but I can't begrudge too much for that since BreadTube isn't that spectacular in those aspects anyway.



>fucking animals




Destiny is a pedophile and doesn’t have the optics Hasan does



Eh, he said sorry for that whole photo sharing thing, but yeah he's kind of a scumbag, like when he said youtube animators should stop complaining about how hard their job is.



Destiny is peak bourgeois



destiny has zero relation to the proletariat. he just focuses on woke gamer issues.



He should focus on his impeding grave like all other liberals.



now, you see dumb commie, destiny has racked up 200 hours on fortnite, so how can you compete with his combat skills?



When I gauge his eyes out and carve out his skull for my personal collection, you’ll see. Also it’s Minecraft



>I read

Right wing slander is not a reliable source though.

Anyway, Hasan is totally anti-ML, completely useless to the communist movement.


>Destiny is a pedophile

Source: your ass.



Off yourself


File: 9e0cdc52ee8b1e6⋯.jpg (21.07 KB, 474x384, 79:64, no u.jpg)


he's super hot



he kinda looks like old joe stalin in OP's pic


If he doesn't leave tyt soon he's going to get sucked into their corporate buyout and turn into a neoliberal

Also his heads in the right place but he still spouts a lot of of liberal bullshit related to idpol or guns or whatever. He's like a younger, more coherent and more attractive jimmy dore


He's a fucking retard, emblematic of the American "left" that arose around bernie.



Too stupid. Good looks go a long way, as does nepotism (i.e. uncle Cenk).



Destiny may be retarded but he is not those things


Aren't all streamers petite-bourgois?


dunking on righties is just a moneymaker for him

he uses commie trappings but from what little of his opinions I've heard he's not even a socdem but a neoliberal



>a bourg narcissistic consumerist trend hoping fashion victim liberal larping as lefty

no thank you

people like these love to larp as cool, young, hip and lefty in order to appeal to liberal college freshmen, art hoes and brooklyn hipsters. they take themselves as a brand. their looks and social media presence is their business model. i call them "political social media influencers".

his dressing is a joke too. look at his tryhard outfits, those are embarrassing. he is not a teenager anymore. wearing combat double sole docs(these are popular in goth culture) with skinny stripped joggers(fuccboi alert) tucked in, lmao cringe. he is looking like a discount hip skinhead arthoe version of 16 y/o hypebeasts.

in reality fashion is just blind consumerism to mask the insecurities of masses.


File: 3368edab1d63c00⋯.png (861.6 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


he's not super by the books but I fuck with him heavy.

Not for any particular stances of his but because he's a chad making absolute waves on Twitch and other social platforms, that are otherwise dominated by smooth brained jontron/pewdiepie tier chuds, in the name of socialism. No shit, he's not gonna read theory on stream but he's more of a gateway that the left is in desperate need of these days to connect with the budding youth.

So in short, good optics.



Go back to reddit



God that was hard to read, kys liberal.


He was too cowardly to defend the DPRK on stream or at least point out the genocidal imperialistic sanctions they are a target of, rather he only said "lol we just can't know anything 'bout them man loool"

Made me sit through many minutes of his boring as fuck stream to get my answer too.



I'd go down on him without a moment's hesitation regardless



>He’s also good at looking better than them

Hello Hasan


Hasan is based tbh. I’m amazed at how he eviscerates Nazis like Ann Coulter, Nick Fuentes and Jesse Lee Peterson whenever he debates those morons. Not only that, but he’s tall, fit and stylish. Also reminds me of…hm………. Stalin?



pretty much this.

He sucks at debates though.



>Destiny is a pedophile

No….that's a stupid right-winger meme

Honestly, he's probably about as left as Jimmy Dore at this point, and basically social democrat.

He's a shitty reformist, but he's also soooo close to getting it sometimes.

If the pressure on him keeps up he'll be a market socialist within a year…..probably.

vid related




he goes pretty hard even when on tyt

ive seen some clips of him on twitch advocating for landlord genocide and saying free healthcare on the back of the third world is not enough. like others have said hes light on theory but his heart is in the right place.




why would someone tall, fit, and stylish remind you of stalin?

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