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File: 64280dccf09d239⋯.jpg (326.79 KB, 2048x1193, 2048:1193, 1554947806430.jpg)


>watch zizek vs peterson debate

>realise I'm actually a Zizekian and not a marxist

I guess I should leave this board now


>you are… a weird marxist


If you genuinely believe there is a difference between the two, then the board, its common intellect, and its posters would be better by your leaving




lol, you and the rest of this board just want to torture dialectics until you can rationalize your white spooks.



….Marx was a Junghegelianer….



historical materialism is a materialist extrapolation of Hegels phenomenonology.





all marxists are hegelians but not all hegelians are not marxists retard




>are not marxists

are marxists


File: 409c3cd2664f497⋯.jpeg (27.47 KB, 420x346, 210:173, centapudle.jpeg)

Peterson just attacked a strawan of Marxism. So it's pointless.

But Zizek also made some foolish concessions, like we share 98% of genetic material with some monkeys, but we also share 50% generic material with bananas, and can hence directly dismiss the proposal that there can be a simply quantitative relation. There doesn't even seem to be a simple correlation with genetics and politics, ie political views aren't heritable.

He also is worried the wrong way about genetic modification and their potential for control, like you could engineer slaves happy to be enslaved. That's literately the same kind of magical thinking that is mocked in the story where the farmer is trying to wean the mule off food. It's un-delialectical thinking with regards to domestication of animals, people didn't just domesticate animals, this was a mutual process, humans were changed as much as by animals husbandry as the animals were. The only way to actually create a human slave-subspecies is to genetically engineer a dependency for a substance, and who ever controls that substance, controls that human slave-subspecies (technically a disease based on a deficiency, that requires treatment with supplements) Which isn't going to last very long because the premise of having the ability for genetic manipulation negates the perpetuation of genetic control, precisely because genetic manipulation will reduce the level of how determinate human nature can be.

There is a capitalist reason against genetic engineering, and that is because genetically engineered health will basically kill the perpetual cash-cow of big pharma. Basically it's genetic cures as one time cost, versus continuous cost of perpetual treatment.

There is a spiritual reason against genetic engineering too. Spirituality is in large parts about coping mechanisms for the contradiction between the will for survival and the knowledge of certain death, and for quite a lot of people this contradiction is solved via a notion that a part of them lives on in their off-spring, where basically their linage is immortal. And to them genetic engineering will seem like attempting to take away that immortality, because genetic engineering will dissolve linages.

Obviously giving capitalists the ability to shape the development of advanced technology, is a zizekian light in the tunnel that turns out as a train coming the other way. But his demand for just regulating this, is not sufficient, it's not radical enough, there ought be no attempts to bend human biology to better serve the needs of privatized interests in capitalism, which roughly translates into creating a biological basis for class division, where class struggle turns into a struggle between different species. The demand that ought to be advanced is that this technology is to be directed towards benefiting individuals with better health or nicer ascetic features etc , and collective benefits like resilience against biologenic weapons (assuming you want to share the air) and efforts should be directed towards reducing health care costs. And maybe one can tolerate some frivolities like fucking up pets.


fuck dialectics

fuck Hegelians

Marxist promoted Historical Materialism

Boog Boy Engels perverted it into DiaMat (hiss)

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