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File: 55e3e50306e5432⋯.jpg (8.63 KB, 474x266, 237:133, th.jpg)


Where were you when thousands of college-aged Marxists learned that their hero and Jordan Peterson agreed on 99% of everything


i wasn't anywhere because this has never happened


File: ae84c1d15115e4b⋯.png (263.51 KB, 656x605, 656:605, 1555739175206.png)


No but I can tell you where Petersonfags are going into full damage control now that he is BTFO


He was agreeing with him to appease his audience and to look like the calm rational one


1 rule for life: get BTFO by Zizek



You sure about that, because I watched the entire thing just now and it looked like the biggest disagreement they had was quibbling over the definition of neo-Marxism



I'm not sure about it.

i never even watched the debate.

you're probably right.



Jordan is so vague in his words that he can agree with everyone, even mass murderers, cause he literally does agree with them when saying that they must believe in nihilism and that nihilism always leads to suicide or homicide and that nihilism is at fault and that they acted perfectly rational.

Jordan is never concise and noone can ever nail him down even when he obviously does push some agenda.

After all he is the ultimate self help guru, so he mastered the art of saying alot but saying nothing at all at the same time.


I just started watching the Peterson opening is very hard to get through. When he says he read the communist manifesto to prepare for the debate and then compares it to student papers he gave poor marks its so cringey I had to pause the video. Someone should have told him to either read kapital, or just stick to Zizek's work and I am saying this as someone who doesn't support communism or left wing ideologies in any meaningful way.



he sperged out at Frozen

he has always been an autistic cringelord



he's too stupid


File: 7cf5e1086a4d36c⋯.jpeg (20.26 KB, 375x458, 375:458, maoinator.jpeg)

The dialectics of criticism.

When liberal comedians like John Oliver criticises some of the exceptionally horrid scams in capitalism, there isn't just people saying, oh we need to stop this, there are also people who are saying, oh that's how it works, that's how you make a quick buck.

And the same goes with the portrayal of Stalin and Mao where the focus is on purges rather then socialist planning that lead to drastic rise of live expectancy.

Zizek at least tries to make material analysis when he criticises 20th century communism, Peterson is basically just a (unwitting?) crypto-Stalinist that propagates a unbelievable brutal set of instructions, that probably has little historic validity.

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