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File: a20787941867c34⋯.jpg (40.63 KB, 500x542, 250:271, geje30auLm_qAJ7J2UQGmJeb55….jpg)


I'm from the rich part of the middle-east (SA, Qatar, UAE) and the working conditions for most of foreign workers straight out of 3rd world countries are horrible. What can I do knowing that the state monitors nearly everything. I'm thinking about maybe releasing tracts in their languages in some construction sites but I feel like it's really risky. Strikes and unions are illegal so I feel powerless.


Some may say don't risk it, some will say sacrifice yourself, what about organizing online?


You are powerless. But don't worry the trajectory is unsustainable our time will come comrade


It just strikes me why would a relatively wealthy person work towards endangering his own social position, clearly built on extraction of surplus from foreign workers in your country.

One might trust you, but one cannot trust your countrymen to have the same level of consciousness. The state works as your friend, even though it is against your morals. Over time, the state working as your friend will overpower your moral consciousness.

But the only thing you can do is to fund the leftist organizations in the home countries of the people that work in your country. Contact them and limit the information to not create danger for them, or for you.

Work out how much you can send without raising any suspicions, the state probably monitors bank transfers, so as long as your are at the level of the statistical noise, or done through middlemen, then your help will be really appreciated. If you send part of your exploitation and oil extraction towelhead dividend to Bangladesh, India, Indonesia unions or socialist parties, then you might absolve yourself of the guilt of living off the sweat of foreign workers.


You're incredibly based if you actually consider doing this, but just know that it's probably dangerous af. Also expect other Gulf States to fuck up any successful prole revolution.

Just remember that you won't be good for anything if you get caught, so be careful, based chad of workplace organizing.

Fuck the sheikhs



Based dubs, if you are still alive and not had a car battery attached to your genitals in some Arab prison, the best way to go about it is probably to smuggle in a decent printer/photocopier overland from Europe or Russia through Turkey, or through the port of Oman, so that it can't be traced through local regioning. AFAIK, police depts and counterintel agencies can use microprinted ink to detect the serial no of the printer in question and find you that way, if you use inkjet. Better to use a laser printer and figure out how to refill your toner yourself + paper. Rule no 1 of opsec is that the less people know what you do, the better.

TBH the workers in your area are probably illiterate af so you might be working only to cuck yourself really hard. Be careful m8


Take steps for online protection (VPN, proxies, run linux)


Is there any way at all that you could organise with other socialists? I dunno. Is socialist literature illegal where you are?



You're a chad for even considering this. I'd say don't take any unnecessary risks, and by unnecessary I mean anything that puts you in immadiate danger. Remember that organizing is slow, gradual work and no single act of courage - even if it's just distributing Marxist flyers to construction site - is worth losing a comrade in a country where there are only few, because no single act could have the sort of impact that could justify the risk.

I think publishing shit in their own language is a good idea, but I think trying to reach them (or at least some person among them, who can reach them directly) online might be the best course of action. Even then, be extremely cautious, use proxies and be ready to back out and "vanish" the moment you get a bad feeling about something.

Stay safe, anon.


The only hope for the middle East at this point is if America completely cuts the cord with Saudi Arabia and other rich gulf states and also Israel which would force an economic crisis big enough to unite Arabs in a common struggle agaonst both wahabism and zionism

This would only work of Russia didn't fuck everything up by pivoting to Saudis and Israel though which they almost certainly would if putin is still in charge



Link Class Struggle with Islamic Fundamentalism




Muammar Qaddafi - The Green Book (Jamahiriya):


Gamal Abdel Nasser - The Philosophy of the Revolution, Book One (Ba'athism):



Don't do anything until the state of the system changes such that you can expect to have a decent chance of success. There's no shame in waiting for the right moment, even if you yourself don't live to see it, you can instill these values in your family. Making small, constrained attempts in the little space a stable authoritarian state gives you won't accomplish much and subjects you to considerable risk. Bide your time, even if it takes decades. Hell you can even work towards a position of power if that's the kind of thing you can pull.

In short be a crypto-leftist, don't engage in token acts of activism and defiance when the benefit will be small and the potential punishment severe.


>tfw oil states have outlawed organized labor and don't even have bourgeois democracy but no one mentions it cause they align with western hegemony

really jingles your jangles



Only if you're a lib high on propaganda about the west supporting democracy.

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