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File: 60758ea7a26f9a0⋯.png (384.45 KB, 610x1051, 610:1051, D9CB444E-AFA1-44BF-9947-A7….png)


Capitalism is a failure. There is no way you can claim the free market rewards innovation or hard work.


if we removed giving money to celebrities would capitalism be ok?


Yeah but dude the job creators like piss jobs and it trickles down



>$154,000 per month

IIRC Patreon has various loopholes you can do to claim rewards without actually playing. Anyways shit thread OP, take it to /leftytrash/


Imagine paying an average of $64 a month for an internet cam girl to cosplay and stick her tongue out.

She doesn’t even do nudity. She just cosplays and sticks her tongue out, and dudes pay out a hefty price for that.


Remember that no matter how hard you're forced to wagecuck for porky you will never be as big a cuck as camwhore paypigs.


Trickle Down Economics: When the elite piss on your head from a great height and it trickles down your neck.


> free market rewards innovation or hard work.

of course it does

the competitors with the best competitive edge prosper while suckers go bankrupt. Just how it shall be

but of course the problem happens when govt comes in and wants to regulate the business. And guess who sends his lobbyists to congress to make the law tailored to his own needs? of course, the fat cats who are already established in the game

they use regulation to make competing against them hard for newcomers so they can never be shaken from their throne



and this is the exact point why we are fucked

men today are so pathetic, they pay a prostitute and don't even fuck her

Imagine how pathetic you have to be



I know right, if not for lobbying all big companies would collapse overnight and we'd live in small business utopia.


File: 33edb44fab6490f⋯.jpg (18.28 KB, 347x331, 347:331, sakal-1.jpg)

why the fuck do people pay this amount of money to see a fucking NON NUDE image of a corny bitch that does anime faces?

you can see a shit ton of free porn with hotter chicks for free

according to the capitalist system she has more value and is doing more service for society than a doctor who went through 10 years of meritocratic bullshit and probably still hasn't paid his student debt in order to get the chance of qualifying as a doctor


File: 00e76dac8edc37a⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 480x258, 80:43, giphy (5).gif)


You're getting close but you've got it flipped around. "Rewards" and profit which you think are necessary to motivate people actually reduce productivity and innovation. As seen in any corporate environment, the surest path to financial security and career advancement is to reduce the productivity of your co-workers, thereby – and paradoxically – making yourself more valuable to your capitalist masters. "Fail upwards."

And it can also be the case that corporations, through their monopolistic practices which they use to subvert political authority (bourgeois democracy serves the interest of the bourgeoisie: of capital), can reduce technological innovation to keep out competitors. Which is the reason we don't have high-speed rail lines in America because of the interests of the oil companies and airlines.

In any case, there is a more fundamental problem of capitalism's wage system – which alienates people from the product of their labor – in that it saps people of the love and enjoyment in their activities. You start out in a career, if you're lucky, doing something you enjoy; but in the process become alienated from that until it's just another "job" and then you need to see a therapist.


File: b8dc668ace43808⋯.jpg (45 KB, 960x526, 480:263, b8dc668ace438084490a459f90….jpg)

File: c29ce8a2c7c9be2⋯.jpg (134.82 KB, 957x960, 319:320, c29ce8a2c7c9be288bb9f26e33….jpg)

File: 8aca28b1665a07c⋯.jpg (119.51 KB, 734x960, 367:480, 8aca28b1665a07cfe1e17bae2e….jpg)

File: a1e15cbe6c4d44d⋯.jpg (90.95 KB, 960x860, 48:43, a1e15cbe6c4d44d361bc851896….jpg)

File: a39a970f86968db⋯.png (923.02 KB, 1280x1163, 1280:1163, Murray_Rothbard_on_Childre….png)


Yeah, the government is so bad that if everybody just woke up instantly and realized how good the free market is, they'd stop paying taxes and start paying companies instead.

Also we need to privatize the borders.



Can someone give me a good argument why this is bad?

Other than you not being attractive enough to make this kind of money



propertarianism is pretty based tbh



Imagine all of that but also consider that her patreon only sets are available for free on exhentai lol


File: dc7cc2274094e51⋯.png (308.42 KB, 565x657, 565:657, 2gsjgna1uruvUuS7ndh9YqVwYG….png)

File: f0f89fd224653c2⋯.png (268.87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, k0n1996rgbgy.png)

File: 535fc944f02b9bc⋯.jpg (85.13 KB, 800x440, 20:11, gadsde.jpg)



we must distribute the sexual desires of the masses so everyone has an income based on patreon gibs


What if we all just started whoring ourselves out on Patreon and donated the money to the local org?




I will do this, let's do this. I'll starve myself to be a sexier twink than Belle delphine.


are there patreon whores but instead of cute girl it's a guy with a huge dick?



I've already been partially starving for the last month so I'm ready to go. Just another example of capitalism sowing the seeds of its own destruction



If Malcolm X were alive today he would have been a camwhore


Tbh she didn't even play Minecraft with Pyrocynical.


File: e602ef1e55ea910⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 825x464, 825:464, dkr-bane.jpg)


Of course.

The essence of Capitalism is monopolization, which means the elimination of competition and by extension innovation. "Marketing" is how capital suppresses opposition to its own consolidation.



Oh man I haven't seen fragility like this in a long time. Man the fuck up, pussy.



i would expect the guy that can't get laid to be the most hurt in this thread



>he he let me compound the male crisis by flippantly dismissing it.

Good, good, you're doing the work of the alt right for them. Making the left seem even more hostile to young men's interests just makes it weaker.

Can't have monogamy, then those incels might actually get something they want out of your movement.

You forgot to add that these young men can just get with a chick with a dick. That's not hostile to heterosexuality since they're women and thinking otherwise is just spooked right?. Hahaha



Lurk more before you post, faggot.



War with men.



Why is it such aboutsolute glass cannons are meant to be the saviour of "Western masculinity". People like you wouldn't last five minutes in a rugby changing room.


Bruv I'm calling him a pussy because he is being one, he is victimising himself over something that doesn't exist: unless the mandatory 3 boyfriend and cuck laws are a thing. Like legit I've lived my whole life in rugby clubs up and down the country and all the shit that happened 40 years ago still happens today: there is no "war on masculinity", and if that is the only thing you cling to as an ideology you can fuck off while the rest of us live our lives.



>All my critics are incels.

I notice you're not actually refuting anything I said about the left, curious.

Oh wait, does me not getting laid invalidate all my arguments?

Why isn't the opposite true though?. Somehow the collapse of the USSR doesn't invalidate communism, or the fact that most of the left consist of poor people doesn't invalidate their opinions on the economy, but not getting laid does.

If I didn't know any better I'd say you just cherry pick what invalidates an opinion.



>leftists criminalize masculinity, monogamy and heterosexuality.

not us

>Label any guy that chafes an incel terrorist

>can't get laid

>did something a terrorist would do

>not an incel terrorist

>Wonder why legions of young men are thirsty self destructive cucks desperate for external validation from an actual feminine woman and not some chick with a dick or an androgynous angry hamplanet that views any beta Male’s action as rape.

just get laid, that incel that killed himself was cute

>inb4 we’re not liberal

not true, read marx

okay i adressed your points



Nobody actually cares that you're a virgin, you just happened to piss people off by displaying a retarded /r9k/-tier understanding of leftism.

"u r ackhually LIBERALS" is so old by now that it made me instantly disregard your opinions forever



>Come in here claiming leftists criminalize masculinity, monogamy and heterosexuality.

>Expect not to get shitposts in response

Maybe its because your coming here being a disingenuous, dishonest prick. In what way are leftists doing any of those things?


File: 46783fa4b9970ec⋯.jpg (95.5 KB, 640x458, 320:229, 15112208128080.jpg)


>leftists criminalize masculinity, monogamy and heterosexuality.



>not us

Yes it is, look at all the communists faggots here baffled by the male hetro alienation in OPs post.

You feminists like you commies could be so blindsided by something that has been going on a long time.

>>did something a terrorist would do

>>not an incel terrorist

Wait so if someone is complaining about the same things you are you're culpable for their actions. Lol that'd make commies terrorists a million times over. Somehow I don't get the impression you see yourselves that way.



>some ancient poster is representative of modern leftists.

First, do you know where you are? Second, not everyone on this board is American.



>Just FYI, I take care of my mom, and helped raise my siblings. Oh but since I'm skinny and not good at sportsball your movement is just gonna be hostile to me. Lol, do you communists ever listen to yourself?

I never called you a NEET? And good on you for raising your family and helping your mother: still not a reason to blame your problems on some random thot.


Okay top tier burger detected

>See OPs post, you think all those paypigs are well adjusted rugby players that are getting female affection like you. She doesn't even do nudes, so it's not sexual in the carnal sense, the role she's playing for these guys is loving girlfriend.

And you know what? I don't give a shit. It doesn't impact my life whatsoever. Honestly why do you devote energy to this? Like legit think about it, what impact does her existence have on most of the human population? Fucking nothing.


File: 152fd4853b6b2f2⋯.png (79.89 KB, 196x200, 49:50, Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at ….png)


this kid is a millionaire and i can't even find a temp job



>Just FYI, I take care of my mom, and helped raise my siblings. Oh but since I'm skinny and not good at sportsball your movement is just gonna be hostile to me. Lol, do you communists ever listen to yourself?

He's not calling you a pussy for being skinny and not playing sportsball, he's calling you a pussy for having a fragile victim mentality, like all of the other "victim leftists" on reddit have.


>Prove me wrong commie. This very thread is proof how hostile you are to young men. All this fainted confusion about the young guys paying the woman to pretend she's a warm loving woman, weird how you people with no education can intuitively know what's going on but people who've supposedly read Marx are just thrown for a total loop, couldn't be that you're all just being disingenuous like the liberals you sat at every turn you're not. I'm sure you'll put yourself to sleep at night by telling yourself all those paypigs were Jordanson Petersen fans.

We are well aware of alienation, and we bring it up all the time. That doesn't stop the idea patreon twitch camwhores being literally one of the stupidest things to emerge from capitalism. Capitalism has a lot of stupid thing that are profitable, this is just one of them.



Where are the marxists, /pol/??



>I didn't, read my posts, I mostly blame feminists and their enablers like you commies.

>their enablers like you commies.

You're fucking retarded. Communists have literally zero political power in the west, how the fuck could we "enable" feminists even if we wanted to you faggot.

>B-but muh liberals

Learn what fucking words mean before you type them you nigger.



>quite prominent within our culture.




>The Anti male feminist cognitive dissonance runs deep here. Nigga why the fuck did he bring up sportsball, especially fucking rugby, if not to attack my athleticism.

This is what people mean when they say "fragile". He was saying that dudes go around fucking girls all the time, and that culture of masculinity still exists. He wasn't pointing at you in particular, unless you yourself aren't engaged in that kind of culture and are "offended" by it in some way.


>No they're quite prominent within our culture. That aside you all slavishly support feminism

Prove it


File: 7f33f18d9b40ea3⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 3256x2808, 407:351, 7f33f18d9b40ea35f2c1431d7c….jpg)


>Hitler was a socialist





Why do you think we make a big deal out of Corbyn and Sanders for being even close to getting elected? you couldn't be farther from the truth.



Do you even know what liberalism is, bro?



He was being facetious with that one


>You know what else is a cornerstone of liberalism, meritocracy, which you guys push with your anti male bullshit.

What the fuck do you mean by "meritocracy" here? Because liberals and communists have very different ideas of what constitutes "merit".



Reword this into something comprehensible.



>social media


we shit on discord all the time, people here spergout because they think it will take their data, you are still confusing us with liberals

>the dirtbag left

i don't watch those faggots but they don't like idpol either


>Hitler called himself a socialist so he's a socialist.

I'm glad this is the level of debate you are willing to have, goodbye.



What the fuck are you even talking about? You're so incoherent you sound like an angry 15 year old



>The dirt bag left

>Weird Twitter

>There's shit tons of discord left channels.

So fucking nobody then.

>Look at all you shit heads attacking me personally instead of refuting my critique of you

You didn't fucking post any "critiques", you just came here posting a bunch of disingenuous bullshit we don't believe, and got shit for it.

>How many of you assholes mock shit like what's in OPs post, or even the popularity of Petersen while never coming to conclusions that don't just lay All the blame on men themselves.

We don't. OP's post literally blames capitalism for stupid shit like this, and other posts in this thread do the same. People are mocking you because you came here posting a bunch of stupid accusatory shit and so you got some in exchange.


>incels getting mad at this cosplaying slut

lmfao what does this have to do with capitalism? whose labor is she exploiting? pretty girls wont exist under communism?


It's funny how leftists can see the failures of capitalism but not the failures of communism



anon you're drunk


File: c5bbd23541b4a50⋯.png (232.77 KB, 462x1080, 77:180, c5bbd23541b4a50308f5e633fa….png)

File: 236c7e9bfe7868f⋯.png (11.5 KB, 311x447, 311:447, PF.05.10.2017_CE.europe-07….png)

File: e701c3fe7d4911c⋯.jpg (54.52 KB, 700x697, 700:697, 7572406517aa97ba64bc2c0e66….jpg)

File: 427467bd3aa4217⋯.jpg (37.76 KB, 421x250, 421:250, GDP Growth.jpg)





But zhis ish preshishely today's ideology at itsh puresht! We want Chocolate laxative and so on and so on



Is there any market for like, gay ahego or something? Because I can stick my tongue out and look moderately attractive.


not her (?) fault she makes the money

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