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File: 9278fed2ea83e8a⋯.jpg (10.78 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (3).jpg)


Rather than racial affirmative action (favor blacks over whites over asians) or gender affirmative action (favor trans people over women over men) what we really need is an affirmative action based on class. When we see racial affirmative action at universities, hard-working Asian kids are turned away in favor of some middle class black kid.

What if the hiring quotas for a collective were based on the class background of an applicant? eg 80% of the people at a company have to have under $1000 in the bank, not own a car, be on food stamp, etc etc. It would provide for a much better workplace ethic if everyone's capital were determined together by the success of their collective.

Also abolish internships. Only rich kids can afford to be interns so companies that favor interns are really discriminating against middle / lower classes. Fuck trust funders, fuck kids will millionaire and billionaire parents, fuck the children of landlords and investors and attorneys and all the rest.

Basically if your family has money / connections you are completely disqualified from all kinds of universities, for government jobs, for most industries and trade schools, etc. You must disown yourself from your family and burn bridges with your class in order to participate in the new world order of proletarian forces.

This would also encourage Proletariat Population Growth because if you have enough kids to prevent yourself from really getting savings, buying property, paying off debt, etc working towards bourgeoisie status, all of your children will be raised as honest people and future Proletarian soldiers.

class warfare good


Okay, how do we start.


In brazil we have income afirmative action. But again, burger higher education model is wrong from the start.


Look at all this liberalism trying to put a band aid on a gaping wound



This sounds like some good DotP praxis.



Bandages on a cancer patients. Mods shouldn't have anchored it though



Affirmative action is just controlled opposition

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