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File: 354ad5223def08f⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 1071x7332, 357:2444, Screenshot_2019-04-21 Notr….jpg)


Paris, France - Holding signs that read "What about the poor?" and chanting "Justice for all," France's yellow vest protesters, ignoring the displays of unity by the French political class in the wake of the Notre Dame fire, marched through the streets of Paris and other cities on Saturday, vowing to persevere in what they called "Ultimatum 2".

"These [protests] are very important for social justice," said Jean-Baptiste Redde at the Saturday protest on Republique Square in central Paris. "We have to help the poor, the disabled people, those who don't have roofs to live under. It's important to hold on."

Hundreds were arrested and dozens injured as violence broke out between demonstrators and police.

The French capital quickly became the epicentre of Saturday's violence, with 9,000 protesters reported in Paris alone, according to the French Ministry of the Interior, and police sealed off entire sections of the city.

While the protests started out peacefully, almost with a carnival-like atmosphere, violence erupted as thousands of demonstrators approached the Place de la Republique.

People threw rocks at police who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.



File: d63bb1e6cc51f96⋯.jpg (26.38 KB, 333x500, 333:500, Peasants_3French_Best.jpg)

Notre Dame is for rich tourists

We poor humble french folk get dirty looks when we try to get in, if we can afford the entrance fee


Let zem eat cake!

"Cake or death?" That's a pretty easy question. Anyone could answer that.

"Cake or death?"

"Eh, cake please."

"Very well! Give him cake!"

"Oh, thanks very much. It's very nice."

"You! Cake or death?"

“Uh, cake for me, too, please."

"Very well! Give him cake, too! We're gonna run out of cake at this rate. You! Cake or death?"

"Uh, death, please. No, cake! Cake! Cake, sorry. Sorry…"

"You said death first, uh-uh, death first!"

"Well, I meant cake!"


crossposting from leftytrash

Last year, a devastating fire hit the Brazilian National Museum. Almost every damn thing was destroyed. Not only invaluable, but downright irreplaceable material was lost. Artifacts from now-extinct tribes, preserved extinct animals, a massive art collection, and the list goes on and on. The loss was incalculable, and infinitely more than Notre Dame's surprisingly few victimized pieces, not just to Brazil but to mankind. Art and culture lost forever.

The ensuing donations reached about 1.1 million HUEbux. The day after Notre Dame's fire, a Brazilian porky, the widow of a billionaire banker whose name was synonymous with an old, nationwide corruption scandal, donated 88 million.

That's third world porkies for you. They hate their own countries, plain and simple, and have a permanent chip on their shoulders for having been born where they did. They have zero interest in actually developing their nations, both materially and out of sheer spite. Recall again that only 7 capitalist countries developed during the 20th century, and none so far in this one, and of those 7, 4 neighbored communist countries.

And since he's devoid of anything that can be interpreted as a good, Bolsonaro sent his wishes to France early during the fire itself, using a ready-made catchphrase straight out of Trump's Twitter. When our national heritage went up in flames, during his campaign, he took 4 days before finally saying, and I quote: "It's already done, it already burned! What do you want me to do?"



We'll always have the pictures as well as the replicas

"historical value" is an illusion



>the displays of unity by the French political class

did a fascist write this?



>pictures are the same as the original



Comprador bourg are the most disgusting lifeform there is.

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