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File: 68b6892e3011849⋯.jpg (105.92 KB, 774x834, 129:139, 12c22ddc784fd5a5b5aff9f6eb….jpg)


Where do you read news? How do you deal with most mainstream news being propaganda with wanting reliable info?






>Where do you read news?

A cursory read to based NewsAnon 3.0 threads, but lately I'm not even clicking on any link. Plus, I check a few twitter profiles. And my guilty pleasure: a look once in a while at the Roo's YT channel.

To be honest though, I'm not very much into "news" lately. I mean, I'd rather watch documentaries, read books or longer articles to get a deeper understanding of less but more important topics than exert myself following a ton of stuff that's basically smoke and mirrors and no one will remember one week from now.

My only tv source is France 24 in French. I mean, it's the only tv channel I watch on an actual telly - mainly because it's the only foreign one on terrestrial tv here in Wopistan. And it's pretty rubbish: basically French govt propaganda (Muh-cron) but many of the newsreaders are quite qt.

On the internet, I sometimes watch Al Jazeera, CGTN and RT - English versions. I used to watch them on the actual telly when I lived in Bongistan. Ah, and sometimes I catch BBC News at 10 or ITV if I remember and that dodgy website works…

>How do you deal with most mainstream news being propaganda with wanting reliable info?

Well, as I said, I just skip most of the MSM rubbish and look somewhere else.



Most based trots around, even if their take on every existing union being scabs could be somewhat thermonuclear. And defending Paedo-Polanski was too much even if all the MeToo circus deserves to be criticised.


Usually ignore the "news" - just filling up your brain with trash (regardless of which site you get it from). You'd need to curate 95% of it for any of it to be useful. Would rather read actual big articles analyzing some issues in depth.


Mostly i get my news from jungewelt.de and unsere-zeit.de. I also read from time to time china daily.



What do you think about Neues Deutschland?


RT and Drudge Report

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