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File: ae8205e99a1d44a⋯.jpg (211.25 KB, 1045x865, 209:173, 48e4dd3efbfc05fc67c9ce9c75….jpg)



>Poland invades and seizes land that was originally Belarusian during a time of civil war

<"muh amazing patriotic polish forces saving Europe once again from the EVIL EASTERN MONGREL HORDES, lol get btfo Russian commies hahahahaha Poland underdogs wins again!!!!!"

>USSR retakes those same lands 20 years later with forces that include Belarusians

>"WTF, those evil fucking GENOCIDAL Russians are taking RIGHTFUL polish clay and working with the Nazi's, how could they do this, those are OUR lands, those fucking AGGRESSORS, we didn't do NUFFIN, literally worse than the Nazi's, Poland didn't even have camps, muh Katyn, MUH KATYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Don't even have a "holodomor" to milk against the USSR, and yet once again Polish "nationalists" prove themselves more obnoxious than Ukrainian ones online. And worst yet, you have channels like this that get Polish view-bucks from it.


Should the Polish nation be abolished? Serious question.




Spooked and cringe-pilled.



Unironically yes. It's an nationality that is deeply reactionary.


File: dc0a33ca9d238d3⋯.jpg (28.41 KB, 480x406, 240:203, 16299203 1338258356225815 ….jpg)

Reminder that the officers at Katyn deserved it regardless of who eliminated them.

>Millions of Poles were killed in German death camps throughout the war, and with considerably less sustained outcry from the London government.

>Indeed, only that very month the Germans were annihilating some 50000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto rebellion, and far less was heard from London on this matter.

>Katyn was an infinitely more sensitive issue because the men killed there, as Polish underground leader Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski described them, 'had been the elite of the Polish nation . . .,' that is to say, the friends and family of the exiles in London.

>Whoever destroyed the officers at Katyn had taken a step towards implementing a social revolution in Poland

>, and on the basis of class solidarity, the London Poles felt one officer was worth many Jews or peasants.

- Gabriel Kolko, The Politics of War: The World and United States Foreign Policy, 1943–1945. (1968) p. 105.


File: fcf9d6dac2543f0⋯.png (985.26 KB, 1178x1080, 589:540, ClipboardImage.png)


Poland has repeatedly been a double-agent between Germany and Russia throughout history. Switching sides constantly.

They're full of neo-nazis today too, and the communist movement there is physically suppressed, especially when they try to stop the Polish Government from destroying the monuments to Soviet liberators. Modern Russia is also being an ass, pretending to put up a tough front but also conceding the bullshit about Katyn that the Nazis spun and not actually doing anything about the desecration of Soviet War Memorials and graves.

- https://thesanghakommune.org/2018/08/18/liam-neeson-supports-polish-neo-nazism-and-us-anti-intellectualism/

- https://www.newsweek.com/poland-plans-removal-500-soviet-monuments-442661

This Polish shit-storm in terms of socialism has been around since the beginning, even Rosa Luxembourg spoke about it

- https://www.marxists.org/archive/luxemburg/1896/07/polish-question.htm

Lastly I provide this

The Case of the 16 Poles and the Plot for War on the USSR


To paraphrase Churchill, Poland often has people who are brave and honorable and are usually led by scoundrels. (I would cite the exact quote but it's somewhere Yuri Muhin's book on the Katyn massacre which is quite large.


File: 23d151b8763e34d⋯.png (29.41 KB, 930x788, 465:394, poland_ww2.png)

File: 3b44b9a00910605⋯.jpg (390.53 KB, 1200x2260, 60:113, poland.jpg)


Yes. Poland, Ukraine and the Baltics are ruled by fascists and should never have been given nationality.


Here is a higher rez version,

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