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File: 13d2652b881a52d⋯.jpg (87.73 KB, 638x479, 638:479, international-investment-i….jpg)


Are international investments into socialist country good or bad? Please no hardcore communism, situation is like Russia, which has some socialism from USSR left.

Also my first post here. Hello from Russian Federation.


File: 5b08714c4773fdc⋯.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x341, 600:341, gddfd.jpg)


>which has some socialism from USSR left.



retirement and free healthcare are not enough? stop hardcore cummunisming my thread


Please at list give me some links or books about globalist investments and socialism

thanks for attention comrades


this is hardcore communizing board товарищ we only do the hardest communisms here



The closest I can think of Yugoslavia.


what are you talking about



pros and cons of international corporations building factories in foreign countries from socialist point of view



>state pensions are socialism

okay guys, socialism achieved, pack it up



Didn't Putin raise the retirement age again just recently?


Cons - they basically steal the jobs of the small sellers/producers; a lot of corruption is involved in getting those corporations to start business in a certain country, including tax cuts.. do you think a country's government would just allow a corporation to come there without some benefits for the politicians? There is a thing called undercutting of prices, another strategy you might see in big supermarkets, for example. Producers of goods inside the country are forced to drastically lower their prices. The country's economy rarely gains anything, all the profits go abroad, and so on. Just read on the internet. Also, this is not my socialist POV, just things I've observed here neutrally.

Pros - more choice, I guess. Though I've heard quality in Western and Eastern Europe of the same products is very different, for example.



He did raise it, also 8ch is blocked, although half assed so I can still browse here.

Thanks for detailed reply.



>pros and cons of international corporations building factories in foreign countries from socialist point of view

well capitalism has to progress for the material conditions to be right for socialism



Do you know why they blocked 8ch? That site is so minor, I'm actually surprised they'd go to such lengths.



anti semetism is allowed


Debt investments may be acceptable because they can be paid off. I'd still question why you'd need to do it.

Under no circumstances should foreign equity investments be allowed. The whole point of socialism is social ownership of the means of production. If we allow foreigners to own it, then it's no better than domestic capitalists owning it.



Loans from the IMF turned the entirety of Romania into one giant gilded age company town, where the entire economy was geared towards exploiting the people to pay of international lenders. International investment is poison for socialism when not coming from another socialist nation.



That’s not even social democracy.



Every communist country sought international investments except ultra-left Albania.

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