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File: c36474651396d9d⋯.jpg (43.04 KB, 453x600, 151:200, Kh._Choibalsan_around_1925.jpg)


What's the /leftypol/ stance of Khorloogiin Choibalsan, the famous "Mongolian Stalin". Is there stuff I can learn about him?


he was kinda based


File: 066bbc80c889927⋯.pdf (12.07 MB, History of MPR.pdf)

Soviet book on history of the Mongolian People's Republic


I hope I can be as handsome as he is when I'm 50.


>persecuted Buddhists so much they almost went extinct in Mongolia

Based. Buddhists and other Eastern religions get way to easy a pass from western leftists. They're just as reactionary if not more so than the abrahamic religions and deserve just as much scrutiny in a revolutionary scenario


I legit didn't even know who this nigga was before this thread



I don't think Buddhism is that bad. Obviously it has some reactionary sects, but I've found actual Buddhist practice incredibly helpful.



You're a naive liberal if you don't think Buddhism is as bad as other religions. By that I don't even means religion as such should be abolished either just that there's just as much opportunity that has been taken just as much as western religion to put extremely counterrevolutionary ideas into people's heada. Japan is one of the most atheistic countries in the world but is still extremely classcucked and it's largely due to Buddhism's lasting ideological influence



I'm not a liberal. I've been a communist involved the best I can in the class struggle for 12+ years. Every leftist you don't like isn't automatically a liberal.

I do think religions are problematic, but I don't think Buddhism is more of a problem than Abrahamic religions. The dharma has helped me even if I don't subscribe to the more spiritual aspects of the religion. That isn't to say it isn't a problem. The way it was used in Tibet and Southeast Asia to maintain political power is a great example of how much of a shitshow the religion is.

I don't think the influence of Buddhism is to blame for Japan's worst problems. The structure of their political system, adherence to authority, and a history of extreme patriarchy have more relevance. Hell, Shintoism and its obsession with the Imperial family is much more of a problem if we are focusing on religion in Japan. Of course even Shinto as a whole can't be blamed for that as it isn't uniform in its practices across the country.



>Mongolian Stalin

so, Stalin?



>the influence of Buddhism is to blame for Japan's worst problems.

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Japan's reactionary feudal system was in place long before Buddhism came to Japan.


Mongolia was an independent republic, not part of the USSR.



>Mongolia was an independent republic, not part of the USSR.




I don't get it



I still don't get the joke



you deserve love



Thank you




He was implying Stalin was Mongolian, probably something relating to Russians/Georgians being Mongol rape babies.

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