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File: 208c96bf5fa1be2⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 992x660, 248:165, oil-file-gty-ml-190422_hpE….jpg)


>“We will no longer grant exemptions,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in announcing that current sanctions waivers to the five nations would expire on May 2, clearing the way for American economic penalties against all companies or financial institutions that continue to take part in transactions linked to buying Iranian oil.

>By withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, and phasing in sanctions, the Trump administration has sought to cripple the Iranian government and weaken the power of its ruling clerics. Mr. Pompeo said Iran has earned about $50 billion annually from oil sales, accounting for as much as 40 percent of government revenues.

This is some serious shit. In 2017, trade between the EU and Iran was about 21 billion Euros. Iran is a huge trading partner with the EU. If the US is serious about this, this could have severe ramifications for US-EU relations. Not to mention the affects this could have on the global economy, as well as the horrific consequences that this will have for the Iranian people.


Why care about either the EU or Iran. Both are Liberal hellholes.



If the US has the power to do this, why not do it before?


True, this is more of a /pol/ thread.



Why dont you know the difference between effects and affects?



Iran has its unique issues (Islamic fundamentalism, high unemployment rate, high inflation rate), but it's among the countries with the highest home ownership rates. Iran is not in a finance-capitalist/neo-liberal/neo-feudal stage like the EU (and the rest of the first world). They are not ruled by bankers and transnational corporations. They have achieved total universal health coverage in recent years despite the sanctions. Their oil and gas industry is nationalized to the dismay of US/British/French corporations and military who wish to buy it up as in pre-1979 Iran. Iran has strong relations with North Korea and assisted their nuclear program with their scientists.



Iran seems based and red piled. I hope they will be able to align their economy with India, China, Cuba, Venezuela,North Korea more.



Take off that flag lmao




I know an elderly couple from Iran. The husband's brother was a devoted communist who got assassinated by the Islamist regime. The wife's sister spent over 10 years in prison for being communist, suffering terrible abuse. A lot of her relatives were assassinated as well.

It's a really tricky situation. Obviously the biggest threat to humanity everywhere is imperialism. But does that mean we should align ourselves with a regime that's killed thousands of communists?



So basically we should be *very* critical of Islamic government, but nevertheless US has no right to intervene is Iran's politics


File: de8201dee8d7726⋯.jpg (44.22 KB, 450x410, 45:41, kim il sung and khamenei.jpg)

File: 8d6f46bd53848b8⋯.jpeg (102.45 KB, 855x495, 19:11, Dc8ol5yXkAA3lCT.jpeg)


They seem more than willing to enter into an anti imperialist axis with communists like DPRK, Cuba, and PFLP.






>I knew an elderly couple from Iran who both just so happened to be communists whipped to death by the regime

Yeah dude my dad is the president of north Korea and he said he doesn't like them and hopes Trump will bomb them too



Whiter than you



Even if the anon is lying the purging of communists is a well documented fact m8



>geopolitics is like, a meme, maaaayne



US intervention won't stop the mass killing of communists.



You can be critical of Iran, it's clearly not a socialist state, it's a mixed economy with a state-capitalist sector and a national bourgeoisie which is seeking foreign investments and has therefore introduced a bit more austerity under Rouhani. They have also brutally crushed communists in the past, and still oppress them (although not as physically anymore, in general the Ayatollahs have shown some compromise, for example in the question of women in leading positions and transsexual folk), but it is mandatory for communist to oppose any economic, political or military intervention in an independent, non-aligned state that seeks to use their natural resources for development and the welfare of its people.

Gaddafi has also persecuted communists, but he was also objectively the better choice - the only anti-imperialist secular leader in the Orient who doesn't oppress communists seems to be Assad.



I forgot to say: The Tudeh Party in Iran, a communist party, is outlawed and in diaspora in Germany and Britain, however, they came out with a surprisingly nuanced and intelligent stance towards the protests in Iran that happened last year. They very well acknowledged that while some of these protests are an expression of genuine grievances amongst the people, it is very likely that these protest will be hijacked by Western imperialism. So Persian communists already admit that the situation is tricky and must be carefully analysed.


Accelerationism Gang



seem like a good way to hasten the end of the dollar. pretty dumb move tbh

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