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File: 94288856b57ac87⋯.gif (15.12 KB, 344x273, 344:273, testosterone_344_273_23983.gif)


Do you think that trans feminization is a consequence of late capitalism. Considering our lives in heavily industrialized society has declined our testosterone rates drastically, wouldn't it be that trans people are a byproduct of capitalism





This isn't a thread against trans people tbh. They're still members of the proletariat therfore I consider them our allies. I'm just trying to discuss the feminizating force of capitalism




sage this shit



Well, it all has to do with submission. Feminisation of men is a natural hormonal reaction to the state of submission, similarly to how some other species change their features and phenotype depending on their place in social hierarchy, or the state of their socium.



Guess we can't have an intellectual discussion on the internet without people going apeshit



How do we combat this anon



Well, it's all comes down to the economic struggle, and struggle in general in person.



I'm pretty sure this is mostly just a byproduct of obesity.

Also post this to one of the million gender threads.



Not that I've studied it or anything but I think the trend in OP's pic can be explained by obesity.



Wow I didn't know obesity could lower testosterone




Well now you know it. You're now less ignorant than yesterday but still more than tomorrow hopefully.

It makes me laugh to see American conservative complain about the ebil librul stopping men from being men when the culprits was their beloved burgers all along!


Who even cares? Embrace the soy, faggot.



strict binary gender roles are part of capitalist opresion and making human beings into machines for producing wealth and new ganerations of wage slaves for the bourgeoise you dumbasses, just look how the state and capital tries to fuck over trans/gender non-conforming people all the time

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