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Are modern political parties run like NGOS?

I've been thinking about this a lot, to me, even left parties are run like NGOS, with a focus on selling the product to people rather than true democratic movements.

There's also the division of labour between the volunteers and the people earning very high salaries.


Correct, the structure of a party (the way it is organized) is important for its integrity. This is why a party like Labour (despite its flaws) is different from, say, the DNC or the SPD.



But labour is still highly NGO-ized and undemocratic though. The "lower" spheres such as local branches and constituencies, take orders from the MPS and national.

Issues like open selection of MPS, which means that it would be mandatory for MPs to be confirmed by a vote each time by there local parties, are highly popular with the so-called grassroots, but so far have failed to become policy.



Like I said, Labour isn't perfect and still suffers from "NGO-ization" but it has actual potential and has managed to drop the Third Way, while the leadership of most European social democratic parties are still compromised.



what's the third way and how does it relate to internal democracy in the party?

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