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File: 51e595a8684f18d⋯.jpg (26.03 KB, 620x330, 62:33, image.jpg)


This is a repost. Hadn't given attention anymore to the thread, this time around I've put a throwaway gmail-account in there. Here it is again:

Hi /leftypol/,

I write for a student paper of a university in The Netherlands and I wanted to interview some people about this platform, its history, its content, how it has influenced the 'internet-left', the people that visit it and also how you yourself found out about /leftypol/.

Throwaway Gmail-account: leftyquestions@gmail.com

Please send me in your mail (except if you want to keep certain things private, I'd understand):

- First name/alias/nickname

- Gender

- Occupation

- Ideology

- How you came to know this site

Just some basic information so I know what kind of questions I can ask. Of course bc of privacy reasons I fully understand if you want to keep certain things hidden/if you also use a throwaway acc.

Thank you very much in advance!



Hello FBI. How's your day?


There is nothing to be gained from doing this.


Most likely it's really a student wanker. But it makes little practical difference. Students come to left groups and basically monitor you and write down everything for some idiotic study project. And this information goes to the state apparatus, whether the student is aware of that or not. Never underestimate how utterly retarded/careless students in the humanities can get:


>From Millbank to Quebec, via Athens, Tunis, Suez, Oakland, Barcelona and countless other places 1, the crowd has confronted the forces of the state with varying degrees of success and failure, of non-violent and violent tactics, over the last couple of years. Ostensibly these outbreaks of class war have been supported and encouraged by the “libertarian communist” section of the supposed movement against capitalism, including those publishing extreme anti-state and anti-commodity theory. So when, in January 2011, the TPTG 2, a small Greek group, discovered that John Drury, a significant “theoretician” and long-standing member of the self-styled anti-state communist group Aufheben, had been helping the cops with a divide and rule strategy for the very same crowds that this group ostensibly wanted to contribute to radicalising, they were shocked and sent out, to their English speaking friends in London and elsewhere, requests for some strategy of how to deal with this information.



Expected to get something like this. I wouldn't know how I could prove I'm not FBi but I'm not.


Dude, it's just a really small student paper and I'm writing a small article for it (1000-1500 words). It couldn't even be called a 'study'.


I will not publish any information about you if you don't want me to. You can just send an alias and how you came to know the site.


Alt right groups hate you all the same FBI, but they are way more likely to smoke your kids since not all FBI agents are white. Why don't you do something about them?


dacht het niet vriend


File: f021fc6850299fd⋯.jpg (244.52 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_7476.JPG)

Here proof that I'm not an FBI-agent

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