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this is why the libertarian party is such a fucking joke

no talking points, they just spew nonsensical ideology that has no relevance to modern society

on the other hand they make up 17~23% of the voter base, so why is it that they have literally zero official libertarians in office?


They end up voting R anyway.

Real power is in the think tanks they run with sketchy money, easy access to the incestuous halls of congress there.



>this is why the libertarian party is such a fucking joke

Because all the backers of the Libertarian movement prefer to fund think tanks that influence the GOP. Plus the American electoral system makes it near impossible for third parties to win.



Who doesn't want to abolish parking meters though


One of the fun contradictions in the Libertarian Party is between guys like that Reilly 2020 dude and the stick-up-their-ass wannabe titans of industry. See this video of their last convention when an enormous, fat bearded man stripped to his undies on stage and danced while these suit jabronis in the crowd were outraged at the mockery of their beloved Libertarian Party:



libertarians who associate with the libertarian party are the most autistic libertarians in my experience


The Libertarian Party is the most White party in existence.


Cantwell is right though, you need to be prepared to shoot mailmen if you don't want Fascism.


Because they are idealists who spout platitudes like "good ideas don't require force" without a hint of understanding why that's pants-on-head retarded.



But I like my mailman.



Fucking Fascist


File: 2dca1dc340a3549⋯.jpeg (302.34 KB, 750x739, 750:739, 5D8FC7D4-9DB1-409B-8970-0….jpeg)


He likes guns though

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