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File: 157f58ee6c3eeeb⋯.webm (14.79 MB, 406x720, 203:360, 157f58ee6c3eeeb07922403c2….webm)


/pol/ users openly establishing friendly relationships with the FBI (provided the vids are real).

https://8ch.net/pol/res/13206129.html (more videos ITT)

This is getting really bad now, nobody here is involved in terrorism like /pol/ is, but the feds are hardcore anti-communists. It's getting really dangerous to post here.


no way to tell if it is real

probably fake


File: 67a6d0dd3ca42e8⋯.mp4 (14.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 67a6d0dd3ca42e81bcf6e08631….mp4)


If it's fake that just raises other questions IMO. But the videos do have (blurred) IDs in them, and they'd have to be pretty good actors.


>but antifa is pro-establishment



Nothing screams being pro-establishment like having the Police work with Fascist Patriot Prayer members to have sniper rifles on buildings aimed at you.



lmao polfags are such whiny babies




wait he says that?



yes and something about some uwu conservative getting attacked at some school


Use a VPN if you don't wanna be tracked

Don't post stupid shit online about violence and illegalism like a mongoloid. Cops monitor public spaces online and IRL

According to the video he reached out to the FBI initially and they wanted him to be an informant

Probably not a fake video



>Use a VPN if you don't wanna be tracked

That works for some things, but VPNs don't help much against state actors.

>Don't post stupid shit online about violence and illegalism like a mongoloid. Cops monitor public spaces online and IRL

Good thing we don't do that. However, it is literally illegal to be communist in America.


And what about calls for "revolution"? Sympathizing with the enemy states and militias? Won't get you arrested now, but they could still have your old posts archived when they go full crackdown (say in 5-15 years).

>According to the video he reached out to the FBI initially and they wanted him to be an informant

And then the FBI is going to start giving these fuckers NEETbux to spy on leftist forums all day.


Antifags hang yourself

("Conservatism is the new counter-culture!" fuck off, bud)



yourselves, bro



>Openly consulting with the FBI to own "antifa"




>>Openly consulting with the FBI to own "antifa"


nothing wrong with this

antifa is just anarkiddies anyways




this is why we need to migrate to supreme reality


To any Feds reading this thread, if socialism comes to America it won’t be because of anyone on this board or any actions on part of socialists, but because your capitalist leaders are suicidal in their retardation. Just look at how the American bourgeois handed over Industry to East-Asia, and deindustralized the Mid-west for a few pennies. Or the huge costs of rent, collage, and healthcare caused by companies scamming people. The resources to make these thing plentiful exist,but the capitalist class won’t put it to use. At some point America will have to chose between the end of Capitalism or the end of their civilization.



dont bother, those guys will never see themselves as the bad guys even if they are actively working to suppress the only movement that is aiming for a future where the environment is preserved and young people have a chance at a decent life.

They aren't moustache twirling villains, most are probably centrist normies who think america=da good gaiz and havent analysed the system more than that



they don't care, critical thinkers don't become FBI agents



this, it's all either pencilnecks that watched too much law and order growing up or all of the worst guidos they could find in New York and Jersey




They just fucking clone them there, Obama was a prototype and they are all defective to some degree.


The feds and the government fund 4chan and 8ch, they're the feds little lapdogs and weapons against communism and secretly trying to influence people to become fascist. That's been obvious for years. 4chan is essentially a fascist propaganda wing.



Honestly, as much as I want to call you crazy, you're probably correct. I've suspected this for years and if we ended up with undeniable proof that the govt influenced internet culture to create this fascist clusterfuck we have today I wouldn't even be surprised.



Well obviously, I don't think it for no reason. I mean at one point Milo Yiannopolis wanted to buy 4chan, its obviously a useful tool for them. And 4chan is openly anti-communist, any mention of stalin or anything remotely left wing outside /pol/ gets banned for politics, meanwhile nazis have free reign to post right wing politics and spam hitler and right wing propaganda everywhere. If left wingers image dump, they get banned for spamming, if right wingers go into the communism threads and flood it with stupid fucking inforgraphs for 200 posts, no-one does anything even if you report them.



I remember when 4chan was full of Anarchist stuff but then it went full Fash.



ancap =/= anarchy


>not using TOR

It's like you want to get MITM'd by cloudflare, why even worry about the feds at that point?



>being a pedophile




>I remember when 4chan was full of Anarchist stuff but then it went full Fash.

So it was always shit?


>removing smashies






>Consulting with the FBI to sell out people





My dude, I have known some ex-Feds and wannabe feds. They are the stupidest most credulous people on earth. They could justify to themselves absolutely anything. You are better off trying to win over nazis, for real.



literal boomer take


File: a38b8977289a709⋯.jpg (16.78 KB, 557x550, 557:550, a38b8977289a7090a3f2c2e008….jpg)

The retard reported a thread to the FBI and gave them all his info. That's all this was. The FBI didn't just show up randomly to him


I would call the feds if I thought one of you crazy nazi motherfuckers was going to shoot up a church too. Some really unstable people frequent these boards.



The only terrorists the feds have ever stopped were the ones they were entrapping.


I see COINTELPRO is alive and well

What an incredibly farcical repetition of history


Since where's on the subject of the FBI, what ever happened to that anon who claimed he FBI wanted to interview him about his friend?


File: a2fa2bfa0a152e7⋯.jpg (212.05 KB, 1024x1409, 1024:1409, c586997a815a4769148f1b62c7….jpg)


I have no problem helping law put a reign in on Verizon and mind control.



He committed suicide by shooting himself in the back ten times during his walk home


>>2891458 Sad but true, you can't spell boot licker without liberal.

>>2891462 you have the wrong flag on sir.



>boot licker without liberal.

It doesn't rearrange to that tho.XDD all Antifa=liberal



thread theme


thugs do this kind of sloppy legwork, whereas tough field work is done by the sharp, nihilistic stimulant addled ones



hiroshimoot probably gets backdoor bribes to sell people out, but that isnt the same as being funded. he doesnt get to send them a budgeted invoice and get paid extra for running the site. as for the stalin stuff: everything that isnt low level racist retardation and political gets banned on 4chan. its always been bad for free speech, since mods and jannies are fags and bad at what they do. you have a persecution complex. /pol/ is the norm there because most of the population is always teens, underage retards trying to be edgy. if they banned every /pol/ shitposter, there wouldnt be enough traffic to drive ad revenues. there are simple, functional explanations that have nothing to do with your gay conspiracy which reads as just as edgy as any /pol/ kiddie's conspiracy theories. hell, you can find them saying similar things about any lefty periodical's comment sections…


but they dont catch their own guys until theyve accomplished their missions, lol? nazis are their buds and assets. lefties are to be captured before they do anything effective. violence from right breeds liberal inaction, condemns violence rather than left violence which inspires people to stand up and defend themselves from reactionary attacks. the fashie always attacks the weaker opponent thus is endorsed or given tacit permission by the authorities



well, how did Moot run the 4chan servers for over a decade while running losses? and then he gets a bunch of VC for Canvas, and then hired by CIA/Google?



No like stuff about Bakurian and shit.



probably sold crossdress pics of himself to lowtax and shmorky. nah but seriously he sold peoples personal info to ad companies, duh.



He personally claimed he was running it at massive losses the whole time.


They always were. Remember that shithead in charge of /gamergatehq/?

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