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File: e1226fbf7c0bccf⋯.png (3.48 MB, 1120x1477, 160:211, ClipboardImage.png)


In the past months I have found myself sneaking off to the liquor cabinet on an almost nightly basis to get a nightcap. It's a terrible habit, and I'm sure that if it's carried on for long enough it will result in an alcoholism that is nigh-impossible to stop. I want to nip it in the bud. Comrades, what do?


went to the free-clinic for a drinking problem and they gave me some pills to help wean off it. they give you the relief of having a drink. cheap pills too only like 30 bucks


Cognitive behavioral therapy, or find another way to get high like weed. Some people say LSD/mushrooms/mescaline/DMT help them kick the habit but I've never tried and can't confirm. There's also a pill you can take before you drink that prevents excess cravings.



What is the name of the pill? I suspect the pill itself is also addictive, isn't it?


I will be of legal weed-buying age in September, so I guess it's not a bad idea. CBT, well I've been looking to get CBT for my depression for half a year now and it seems like mental health services in my town are dried up to hell.



>What is the name of the pill? I suspect the pill itself is also addictive, isn't it?

Not them but there is actually a drug restricted under psychotropic laws that can cure addiction, it's a non-hallucinogenic form of LSD called LSDb. Dunno if it's available on the darknet.






> I suspect the pill itself is also addictive, isn't it?

nah, Oxazepam. its this >>2925240

>There's also a pill you can take before you drink that prevents excess cravings.

if anything I try to avoid drinking just to avoid taking it. only side effect i get is some nightmares when you come off it. goes away though.

couple months back I also got something to help with quitting smoking, pills work!



i think binge drinking once a month is better for your liver than having a beer a day. your liver needs recovery time



Oh, "people" did that? Guess I was wrong and becoming an alcoholic is actually a good thing.




This looks unpleasant.


People also used to treat coughs with heroin, lethargy with cocaine, and "female hysteria" with genital douching. Maybe let's not be too attached to the "ways of the past".


File: b98485a33a44c9f⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 216x270, 4:5, holloway_thomas_fuseli_hen….jpg)

Get some "babicka" brand vodka, and keep a notebook by your bed to record any interesting dreams. (Babicka contains wormwood, the mild hallucinagen also found in absinthe.) Once you have a dream record, you can rework it into short stories, artworks, or whatever you want. The artist Henry Fuseli was said to have eaten undercooked meat, to get the same effect. Stick to one nightcap only. But you do need some vices, and one nightcap is a lot better than late night Internet porn trawls or whatever



I'm looking to avoid alcoholism, not find creative ways of applying it to the making of poetry.

>one nightcap is a lot better than late night Internet porn trawls or whatever

For your information, my late night internet porn trawls have zero risk of causing me liver damage or DTs.



May or may not work for you, but I always find jacking off in bed helps tire me out and help me sleep. Worth a try eh?


Mix the pills with the vodka. Trust me. Just dont over do it.




>not jerking off 5 times/day

Pick one.


File: b84e538850aec61⋯.png (214.01 KB, 500x342, 250:171, ClipboardImage.png)



I just picked stalin flag because it reminds me most of Freddie Mercury's mustache. My fap sessions are legendary.


File: 225874c4e4fa06d⋯.jpg (118.89 KB, 700x397, 700:397, NIH_standard_drink_compari….jpg)

File: 95f62b648b0807f⋯.png (303.28 KB, 880x737, 80:67, drink-per-hour.png)


>i think binge drinking once a month is better for your liver than having a beer a day. your liver needs recovery time

all government health ministries say the opposite. the average liver can fully process the daily drink but not the occasional binge drink.

thou shalt not:

1. exceed more than two "standard drinks" of an alcoholic beverage in one day, and

2. exceed more than one "standard drink" of an alcoholic beverage within two hours




This is a benzodiazepine, it isn't even allowed to take this drug over a longer time.



People did many stupid things in the past.


replace it with a less harmful drug


The best thing is to stop eating. Look up prolonged fasting.

5-7 day fast will cure most addictions



>Unironically, apparently drinking 7–14 pints (depending on your weight) a week is actually healthier than drinking nothing at-all.

i highly doubt its consumption is "healthier" than to not drink it at all. such claims are funded by big alcohol, just like how pro-coffee studies are funded by big coffee. my guess is they're playing the stock market.






>Cure, nah. Prove whether you are or not addicted, yeah.

addiction is a spook


If you don't have a physical dependency yet I would just get rid of the alcohol. If you do you should ween off and just quit. If you don't think it is actually alcoholism yet it might be okay to drink at social occasions, but never actually keep any around the home.


just drank like five double whiskeys while watching Evangelion netflix (jihad against no flfy me to the moon)

gotta say boy do I love alcohol. you just love to drink it



Throw all of it out and take a break from drinking entirely for a few months, reset your relationship with booze

I quit drinking entirely for six months and it really helped me reassess my relationship with alcohol, I now drink far less overall and pretty much never drink at home, but instead nearly solely at social events, occasionally I'll sit down at a pub and have a beer while watching the world go by if I'm in a strange town or am waiting on the train or something but that's about the only time I ever drink on my own now




You may have a genetic predisposition towards alcoholism and may want to take Naltrexone, an opiate receptor antagonist. It blocks the pleasant and reinforcing effects of alcohol by preventing the stimulation of opioid receptors and the reduction of dopamine release in the ventral tegmental area (VTA).

Naltrexone suppresses the euphoria and pleasurable sensations of alcohol. Alcoholics no longer receive a “reward” for drinking once they are on Naltrexone and are therefore less likely to continue consumption.

There appear to be no significant dangers associated with taking Naltrexone and drinking alcohol. Naltrexone is considered to have no abuse potential and does not result in the development of physical dependence.



I despise liquor and I only tolerate beer. The draw for me is that I'm miserable and hate being sober.


It's… not mine to throw out. I'm ashamed.


I don't know how I'm getting my hands on that.



>It's… not mine to throw out. I'm ashamed.

might want to start by admitting this to the person you're stealing from



>I don't know how I'm getting my hands on that.

while Naltrexone intervenes by blocking the "good feelings" from alcohol, you can also intervene by getting your dope hit other ways. nicotine (such as from vaping) or weed will help wean you off the booze by giving you a healthier alternative.


I was addicted to weed (inb4 weed is not addictive) to the point where I felt terrible without it. Taking LSD got rid of that problem. I still smoke cigarettes sometimes which is awful.


If your miserable, get a hobby. I can't promise it will make you happy, but it will keep you thinking long enough that drinking won't be the first thing on your mind all the time.




>late night internet porn trawls have zero risk of causing me liver damage or DTs.

yah seconded the worst thing porn will do is give you a chafed dick from jacking it too hard



Or a bruised urethra.




Good thing my hand is not an abusive partner, then.


Can't believe people are recommending weed here, weed is worse than alcohol. You can cure an alcoholic, but have you ever met a pothead who smoked weed every day for one year straight? They're eternally fucked, can't even formulate a single sentence anymore.



Speaking anecdotally here (and have talked to multiple experts on the matter), but I smoked weed every day for 5 years straight, currently 4ish months sober. I'm definitely not fucked up like ex-alcoholics tend to be.

Though I would not recommend trading one addiction for another.



Alcohol is poisonous to the liver, and alcohol withdrawal is potentially fatal. Neither is true of cannabis. On balance, I'd rather fry my brain.



Quit cold turkey



Yeah weed has been shown to have many positive benefits. The only downside is smoking does increase the chance 9f lung cancer, but not even remotely close to cigarettes in that regard.



Come on, be honest with yourself, weed can lead to mental issues, I'm not gonna say it always does but definitely in some people it either accentuates their mental insecurities and problems or dulls their wits in general.


File: 680524f6868f66a⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1453893463690.jpg)

I used to do something similiar some time ago. For a few months in my life, I used to get drunk on almost daily basis from beer. There is only one way to quit daily drinking - just stop. It's that simple. subsidizing it by stuff like pills is bourgerious habit of persuading yourself that you are weak and what you do is out of your control.

Do not worry, you are not alcoholic. If you were, you'd not fall asleep before drinking everyting you have till you pass out. Find a reason why you don't want to drink daily. Then simply stop.



>Biological compulsion to do something due to dopamine is a spook

<dude lmao we're all just like, atoms and stuff, how is PHYSICS a spook lmao



question: what the fuck is a spook anymore, and who fucking cares


I switch between drinking and smoking weed for relaxation/sleep so I dont get too dependent on either. Works good for me, an eighth lasts me 2 weeks and a bottle of liquor about the same. But be sure to throw in totally sober nights every now and then to prove to yourself you dont need booze/drugs



Praising my ancestors releases dopamine in my brain. I guess I'm not spooked after all! It's just, like, a biological compulsion.



fuk off




I was demonstrating his dumb logic. Dopamine release is tied to ideology.



How do you function in society with 50 Autism Level?



How god damn stupid do you have to be to think dopamine can only be released by "biological means"?

Have you never watched a movie and had dopamine release?


anytime someone says "spook" the thread goes to shit. prove me wrong



>never actually keep any around the home.

i believe most highly in this. I was able to quit smoking/drinking cold turkey when I was living on my own. Problem is I stopped living alone from my car and got roommates who leave their alcohol and smokes around and yeah its fucked up


File: f0abe50a79a395b⋯.jpg (35.1 KB, 402x431, 402:431, 1539291199031.jpg)


Maybe my property should stop being so spooked?

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