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File: 1c81a81a8c1c63a⋯.jpg (52.97 KB, 720x596, 180:149, Dascapital.jpg)


‘Overestimated herself’: German Social Democrats reject von der Leyen for EU Commission head

The Social Democratic Party, a member of Germany’s governing coalition, has issued a blistering letter arguing European Commission presidential candidate Ursula von der Leyen is unfit to lead.


UN calls on Spain to free jailed Catalan nationalist politicians

The United Nations (UN) Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) has called for the “immediate release” of four Catalan political prisoners currently in detention waiting for a verdict in the show trial mounted by the Spanish government, 20 months after they were incarcerated.


UN Visits Colombia to Review Failing Peace Accord

This week, United Nations Security Council members will visit Colombia to review the implementation of the 2016 Peace Agreement that ended the armed conflict between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the state.


Sudan's military rulers say coup attempt thwarted

Sudan’s military rulers said on Thursday that several officers had attempted a coup in an effort to undermine an agreement between the military and the opposition to share power for three years ahead of elections.


Diplomats 'perplexed' Bolsonaro wants to appoint his son ambassador to US

Brazilian diplomats have reacted with scorn and dismay to reports that Jair Bolsonaro wants to make his son Eduardo the country’s ambassador to the US, despite his lack of diplomatic experience.



China announced it will blacklist U.S. businesses selling weapons to Taiwan, a breakaway island nation over which Beijing claims sovereignty.



Putin Seeks to Lock in Parliament Control

With public support for President Vladimir Putin wilting, the Kremlin is considering changing election rules in an effort to secure its lock on parliament ahead of potentially vital decisions that could extend his rule.


Japan, South Korea fail to mend dispute with frosty meeting

Japan and South Korea failed to mend a dispute that could threaten global supplies of microchips and smartphone displays after officials met in Tokyo on Friday for a more than five-hour briefing that drew media attention for its frosty start.


Sajid Javid backs facial recognition tech, as privacy campaigners launch legal action

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid has welcomed police trials of facial recognition cameras, insisting forces must “be on top of the latest technology,” as campaigners fearing possible privacy violations launch legal action.


Billions of air pollution particles found in hearts of city dwellers

Even in the study’s youngest subject, who was three, damage could be seen in the cells of the organ’s critical pumping muscles that contained the tiny particles. The study suggests these iron-rich particles, produced by vehicles and industry, could be the underlying cause of the long-established statistical link between dirty air and heart disease.



Thank you based anon.


Big thanks dude



>Sudan's military rulers say coup attempt thwarted

Any thoughts on what's going to come out of Sudan?



They'll make it to elections then a popular president is going to be the victim of a military coup and everything returns to the status quo under the al-Bashir regime


Oprah Winfrey praised for opening her private road during Maui fire to help evacuations

Oprah Winfrey is being praised for opening her private road on Maui to help people escape a brush fire that broke out on the Hawaii island Thursday.



Alexander Acosta stepping down as Labor secretary amid scrutiny of his handling of Epstein plea deal

US Labor Secretary Alex Acosta will step down from his position, just days after holding a press conference to defend a plea deal he helped to obtain for sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as a US attorney over ten years ago.


Science offices throughout U.S. government closing under Trump at alarming rate

Donald Trump is closing science offices throughout the federal government.‘As of June, around 85 percent of all scientific posts in the federal government, including an official scientific advisor to the President, were left unfilled,’ write the editors of I F***ing Love Science blog in an op-ed this week.


As Its Drug Pricing Plans Fall Through, Trump Administration Turns To Congress To Act

The Department of Health and Human Services said it will no longer pursue a rule that would have prohibited the payment of certain rebates on drugs in Medicare Part D and Medicaid plans.


Roasting on the line: Autoworkers warn of unsafe conditions at US plants as summer heat hits

Hot, humid weather blanketed much of the central United States on Wednesday, creating miserable and often dangerous work for tens of thousands of workers at auto factories and other plants.


Trump reportedly asked aides to find a way to weaken the dollar. Experts say that would be currency manipulation, a practice the president hates.

President Donald Trump has long hammered trade partners with accusations of intentionally devaluing their currencies, a practice that can make a country's exports cheaper. But as tariff disputes weigh on the economy ahead of the 2020 elections, he appears to think the US should give it a try.



Now in his 90th year, Noam Chomsky is still blessing us with his insights. Here he is on climate change, US empire, antisemitism, Venezuela, and much more.

Now in his 90th year, Noam Chomsky is still blessing us with his insights. Here he is on climate change, US empire, antisemitism, Venezuela, and much more.


“Strategic Extremism”: How Republicans and Establishment Democrats Use Identity Politics to Divide and Rule

Until Trump came along, the Republican Party whipped up support among Evangelical Christians by appealing to “moral” issues like abortion (as if free healthcare, for instance, isn’t a moral issue). Because Trump obviously isn’t a Christian, it would have been harder to sell him to Evangelical voters were it not for his platform of Islamophobia. Trump’s cultural provocations are used as a weapon to motivate Republican voters and conceal his egregious economic policies, like Executive Order 13772 on Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System, which seeks to further liberalize damaging financial markets.Equally, in an effort to avoid core economic issues, establishment Democrats have traditionally appealed to cultural progressiveness, like gay rights.


The Guardian publishes, then censors Jewish open letter defending smeared pro-Corbyn Labour MP Chris Williamson

Britain’s leading newspaper The Guardian has censored an open letter published by prominent Jewish intellectuals, writers, and activists that defended leftist Labour Party Member of Parliament Chris Williamson from “anti-Semitism” smears.The Guardian printed, but then quickly removed the letter without explanation.Meanwhile, the paper has refused to retract a wholly discredited article that maligned journalist and political prisoner Julian Assange which has remained on the website for more than seven months. WikiLeaks says this piece is completely false, and has pledged to sue the newspaper over it.The retracted open letter was a defense of Chris Williamson emphasizing that the socialist and anti-imperialist MP “has a longer record of campaigning against racism and fascism than most of his detractors,” and “stands as we do with the oppressed rather than the oppressor.”



>animeshit OP

>all of these liberal news-sites



You could recommend some news-sites you know.



>Oprah Winfrey praised for opening her private road during Maui fire to help evacuations

First the Mendocino fire and mudslides strike her Summerland home now this maui one. I'm seeing a common denominator here. I think Oprah is an arsonist.



>I’d like you to comment on how erroneous charges of antisemitism ultimately hurt Jews

How about how it immediately hirts goyim? Why is shot only bad if a Jew is affected?




I mean let's give a parallel example:

>talk abot how false rape allegations ultimately hurt victims of rape

It would be pretty ridiculous to talk about false rape accusations primarily hurt the real victims of rape and not mention the men hurt by the false allegations.


File: b0cd0491a8149af⋯.png (434.03 KB, 1000x579, 1000:579, file-20190708-51268-tzj22g.png)

File: 9199ff1cb661254⋯.png (363.16 KB, 1000x679, 1000:679, file-20190707-51268-zcsfhl.png)


>To analyze these questions, a team of researchers led by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment spent four years collecting information on crop productivity from around the world. We focused on the top 10 global crops that provide the bulk of consumable food calories: Maize (corn), rice, wheat, soybeans, oil palm, sugarcane, barley, rapeseed (canola), cassava and sorghum. Roughly 83 percent of consumable food calories come from just these 10 sources. Other than cassava and oil palm, all are important U.S. crops.

>We found that climate change has affected yields in many places. Not all of the changes are negative: Some crop yields have increased in some locations. Overall, however, climate change is reducing global production of staples such as rice and wheat. And when we translated crop yields into consumable calories – the actual food on people’s plates – we found that climate change is already shrinking food supplies, particularly in food-insecure developing countries.

>Our study showed that climate change is reducing consumable food calories by around 1% yearly for the top 10 global crops. This may sound small, but it represents some 35 trillion calories each year. That’s enough to provide more than 50 million people with a daily diet of over 1,800 calories – the level that the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization identifies as essential to avoid food deprivation or undernourishment.


File: 1c811de61ae2d7a⋯.pdf (1.64 MB, journal.pone.0217148.pdf)


The full study for those interested.



>and not mention the men hurt by the false allegations.

because that is much more obvious and hardly worth an article.



>because that is much more obvious and hardly worth an article.

Neither was "antisemitism is antisemitic"



>because that is much more obvious and hardly worth an article

How about Judaism is antisemitic?


File: 4817055dfffcd0c⋯.gif (84.84 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1562901765514.gif)

thanks news anon


File: bad14f798b61c01⋯.jpg (45.19 KB, 362x541, 362:541, fuck you genos.jpg)



quit whining about a fucking image on an imageboard.

>all of these liberal news-sites

Do you have better suggestions that are consistently posting stuff?


If Venezuela Falls, So Does Cuba, Experts Say

With Venezuela dealing with one of the worst economic crises in its history, economists warn that Cuba’s dependency on its Latin American ally will have dire consequences.


MFW they're STILL going with the "Muh socialist Vuvzuela"

Bernie Sanders’ Trip To The Soviet Union Exposes Socialism’s Blind Spots

Bernie Sanders went all the way to the USSR but didn’t meet with the world-famous Soviet dissident living in his state — the history too many people are forgetting.


Buzzfeed launches yet another 'brilliant' article, calling 1993 Russia "the soviet union" and critisizing Bernie Sanders for not meeting a proven liar and anti-soviet right-wing scumbag.



>Trump reportedly asked aides to find a way to weaken the dollar.




>"After Chavez’s death, oil prices declined, and the Maduro government had to turn to hostile international credit markets. His government also made atrocious economic decisions and turned to harsh repression as the opposition mounted intense and often militant protest."

>His government also made atrocious economic decisions and turned to harsh repression as the opposition mounted intense and often militant protest.

Incredible… And this is supposed to be an ally and a leftist. By the way the sanctions go way back to 2014 at the least. It's amazing how they twist everything everywhere. Honestly Chomsky has lost at least for me, some of the respect I had for him, when he comes up with half-assed analysis of stuff from Venezuela. I get a more conscious and precise analysis from an old guy drinking coffee in Café Venezuela at the Bolívar square in Caracas than from Chomsky.


>I get a more conscious and precise analysis from an old guy drinking coffee in Café Venezuela at the Bolívar square in Caracas than from Chomsky.

Where may I find this analysis?



Chompsky is going to rest in the halls of Ankor when he dies lol



>Solzhenitsyn was arrested in 1945 for making jokes about Stalin in letters to a friend.

Ah yeah, talks about forming an organization to take down Stalin and restore NEP was just jokes, yeah. They even drafted a resolution, just for giggles, nothing serious.

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