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File: 918343323114eb0⋯.jpeg (25.16 KB, 400x400, 1:1, HyrAn6Zi_400x400.jpeg)


I feel that kind of isolated from the /pol/ boards on because of their whole obsession with being white and NatSoc. I can't find any libertarians anywhere since a lot of them are buying into the whole Nazi meme.

So how do we libertarians have a bigger presence on sites like 8chan, halfchan, or even Reddit? I hate the fact that we are small and our ideas aren't presented out there.


The last time there was a widespread flourishing of libertarianism was….what…nearly two centuries ago now?

I feel like hoping that it's possible to make it come around yet is like the 40-year old musician who still plays bit parts in bars and still thinks he's going to make it big eventually.



>The last time there was a widespread flourishing of libertarianism was….what…nearly two centuries ago now?

that's a myth

you don't need widespread public support of the low IQ sheeple population to be succesfull

the elite of the american revolution was libertarian and that's why USA was libertarian up untill WW1/2, where the goverment was able to use the age old instrument of wartime propagnda to get the population to support economic authoritarianism


A lot of us left. You have to understand that the people who 24/7/365 constantly post on that board, especially in an election season, where /pol/ got much more traffic AND can stomach constant political campaigns for over a year straight are different from the kinds of people who were on that site before.

I was already pretty bored around spring/early summer 2016 of the election or whenever the major republican debates were over. The people who remain excited for that constantly are just different.

It really didn't help the libertarian cause for all those retards to go on /pol/. A high influx of people with lower intelligence is detrimental to libertarians, so the board culture changed.

In the beginning lots of people on /pol/ were libertarians, but more radical in their practicality. Now a lot of them kinda reject it and those new incoming retards fail to understand why, so they think they reject all ideas in libertarianism.

There are of course those nazi/christian/traditionalist larpers who are so stupid and even reject the enlightment and want to turn back the clock 500 years and want to basically live in warhammer 40k. They should just be outright ignored.



>There are of course those nazi/christian/traditionalist larpers who are so stupid and even reject the enlightment and want to turn back the clock 500 years and want to basically live in warhammer 40k. They should just be outright ignored.

I'd like these folk more if they actually took this serious, but half of them still think fucking Mussolini was the equivalent of a medieval lord. Fucking children looking for an identity, the lot of them.


Dude, I feel alone in my libertarian ideology just in general. I don't think this is special. I mean, in the 70s the number of libertarians were so small that basically all of them passed through Rand and Rothbard's apartment at one point.

When it comes to irl, maybe once I met a libertarian, maybe two? Other than that, every political conversation is the same: "Bomb Iran" v. "Republicans want to take muh free gibs!" I don't know, I'm only in my thirties, so this might be a case of "I'm 16 and I know so much of the world," but I've given up on finding libertarians let alone hoping that enough of them would exist to overrun places like some chan or reddit clone.

I think this is why Ludwig Von Mises got so mad/depressed after escaping the Holocaust train.



Every "conservative" I know is somebody with a comfy high paying job who wants to conserve their future at everyone elses expense. They are all Donald Trumps. They are fully aware of how broken the system is and how many scams they ignore or are a part of, but they are jewish faggots so they are fine with others suffering as long as they get a free consistent ride through life. Trump won because he is every American at their core - "huh huh look at those boobs beavis huh huh. Science is gay and for nerds huh huh. I can't wait to run everything. Everything just happens immediately for me. I've never looked beyond the current week because the world works for me. Did I mention that my needs are all that matters? I am part of a secret cult of simpletons who will look the other way at anything as long as my team of psychopaths win."

No seriously, these "anti jew" conservatives are the most jewish people on earth. They are barely a step ahead from cavemen in the empathy department. Any suffering death or stupidity that occurs as a result of these cavemens ignorance doesnt matter because worrying about others is for losers.

Unfortunately for these faggots the ego bubble is about to burst. For starters, Chump is a selfish douche. He was elected by selfish douches. He wont do a thing for the selfish douches because he is a selfish douche, and the nobody on earth will give a fuck when a selfish douche cries about it. Also Trump is only here to take the fall for his elite jewish masters. He is gonna end up looking like a mega douche and lose all his fake cred he got by throwing daddies money at people.

Damn selfish greedy barbaric faggots are so dumb.



Average convo with a chump -

Trumps gonna maga


Hes gonna get our money back


Dont you have a book to read faggot?


Congrats ronald chump. You now control an army of millions of people whos best arguments are "shut up" "thats gay" and "thats dumb". You did it. America is saved.


A leader : lets fix this problem

American President: lets fix this problem for our clan of low iq loyal useful idiots, especially if it creates problems for the faggot who claimed his democrat team was better than my team. A good leader focuses on his ego like a fucking 12 year old.


File: 303f271aaf7e8f8⋯.png (233.54 KB, 986x680, 29:20, bca4c6c2eee1815a37a31f8189….png)




This is a more intellectually simulating image than those posts.



I suggest accepting that the chans are full of low-information autists and leave it at that. Right now, Ron Paul libertarians are being attacked by SFL libertarians (mostly one-sided), and the results is that libertarians are too busy memeing each other to go attract low-information folks the likes of which you'd find on chans. Rand Paul will.never be his father and you'll need another Ron Paul to break people from the NEETSoc crap.

You'll have better luck with meeting the millions of libertarians in real life at your local Liberty On The Rocks or similar venue unless you're willing to undergo a massive memetic warfare effort that will be banned by /pol/ mods at the slightest signs of it working.



Which state? I can try to hook yah up with a few contacts and go from there.



Aw did I offend the guy who wants to fuck an old man?



If you listen to a lot of unironic nazis on /pol/, most of them say they started with Ron Paul and "outgrew" libertarianism because they couldn't simply force their worldview on others. It's just trend hopping. They never believed in the principles of libertarianism in the first place. They just like le happening man blowing people the fuck out. Another big part of it is the kneejerk reaction people have to the ideology. Hitler worship still triggers normalfags like no other.

I think it will wane as soon as Dems swallow their defeat or the country turns around; I fear that won't be for decades, though. Desperate times call for desperate measures - and the desperate ideologies come crawling out of the woodwork.


>call people simpletons for reacting emotionally to their low-info politics

>get called out for making an emotional, low-info post about politics

>accuse them of being emotional, low-info simpletons

Not a good look.





Meant in reply to >>44976




Yeah, Nebraska is a hard one… Little too far east to get with the tried and true liberty lovers, but too far west to get into the major political action. Some things happening that you could look into:

ISFLC is always a good one, I won't be there this year but it's usually fun, you'll just have to get a plane ticket out to DC for a couple days, but there's typically a couple hostels where they shack people up dirt cheap: https://www.isflc.org/

There's usually an SFL regional conference in Denver and Wisconsin that'd be within driving distance.

If you're looking for something a little less "student" oriented, the LP is having a convention in Omaha October 2017. There's usually some interesting folks even at LP conventions. It looks like LOTR was trying to organize a scene in Omaha as well, but I can't find anything recent on it past a couple meetings back in the summer. If you're on the western border of Nebraska, they do meetings down in Denver twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at chopper's sports grill.

For something sooner, YAL is doing a spring summit in both Chicago and Denver which would be within relative driving distances: http://www.yaliberty.org/convention/summits

Even though LOTR isn't big in Nebraska, apparently the LP has arranged something similar with "1st Tuesdays For Liberty" that they host on the first Tuesday of every month. They host it at Library Pub 5142 N 90th St Omaha from noon to 2 PM See: https://lpne.org/calendar/

I don't know anything about them, but these guys apparently run around in Nebraska: https://www.netaxpayers.org/ They look like a bunch of tea partiers though.

I'll keep looking around for yah, bruh.

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